Revised Edition Collation

Revised Edition (also known as Third Edition) is a core set with 75 commons, 95 uncommons, 121 rares, and three variations of each standard basic land. The printing was done in Belgium.

Revised Edition was sold in 15 card booster packs and 60 card starter decks. Booster boxes had 36 packs and deck boxes had 10 decks.

Pack Anatomy

Revised Edition uses striped collation with 11 × 11 sheets. Packs have back-facing cards with uncommon-rare-common ordering. Basic lands appear on the common and uncommon print sheets, so they can take the place of a common or uncommon card.

3 Uncommons1 Rare11 Commons

Starter decks have 60 cards. They can have either 2 or 3 rares. (Those with 2 rares are presumed to be from earlier print runs as this matches earlier sets and those with 3 rares are presumed to be from later print runs as this matches later sets.) Different orderings have also been observed, and cards may be front-facing or back-facing. Additional inconsistencies may also exist. A 2-rare starter is accompanied by 13 uncommons, 45 commons, and a rulebook with common-rare-uncommon ordering. The rulebook may be inserted between the commons and rares. A 3-rare starter is accompanied by 12 uncommons, 45 commons, and a rulebook. Two formats have been observed. There are common-rare-uncommon decks and uncommon-rare-common decks both with the rulebook between the rares and uncommons.

45 CommonsRulebook2 Rares13 Uncommons
45 Commons3 RaresRulebook12 Uncommons
12 UncommonsRulebook3 Rares45 Commons

Pictures of all three Revised sheets exist. [1] The sheet layouts are similar to those from Beta and Unlimited. Cards that were removed have, of course, been replaced. There is also a little bit of other shifting of cards. The overall land distribution remains the same except for the removal of the rare Islands (which leaves Islands being slightly short printed, although replacing an uncommon with a rare in the starters slightly mitigates this).

Common Sheet

There is a single sheet that prints each common card once. The remaining spaces are filled by basic lands. The sheet layout is very similar to the Beta and Unlimited sheets.

Swamp (A)Howl from BeyondMountain (A)Lightning BoltForest (C)Giant SpiderPlains (C)Death WardUnsummonIsland (C)Sea Serpent
Erg RaidersSwamp (B)Frozen ShadeSwamp (A)Mountain (B)ShatterHill GiantWar MammothWall of WoodForest (C)Giant Growth
Mountain (C)Circle of Protection: BlackPlains (B)Benalish HeroIsland (A)Unstable MutationPower SinkFearSwamp (C)Plague RatsDark Ritual
Kird ApeMountain (A)Prodigal SorcererAtogLlanowar ElvesScryb SpritesForest (A)Plains (B)Guardian AngelCircle of Protection: BluePlains (C)
Power LeakRed Elemental BlastIsland (B)JumpUnholy StrengthDrudge SkeletonsSwamp (A)Mountain (B)Mons's Goblin RaidersFireballMountain (C)
TranquilityIronroot TreefolkForest (B)Wild GrowthPlains (C)Healing SalveMountain (B)ReconstructionIsland (B)Grizzly BearsCreature Bond
ParalyzeTerrorSwamp (B)Scathe ZombiesFirebreathingDwarven WarriorsCircle of Protection: RedForest (A)Stream of LifeIsland (A)Forest (C)
Holy ArmorPlains (A)Mesa PegasusCircle of Protection: WhiteSpell BlastIsland (B)Merfolk of the Pearl TridentSwamp (C)PestilenceSwamp (B)Holy Strength
Mountain (C)Hurloon MinotaurDisintegrateMountain (A)RegenerationForest (A)Shanodin DryadsPearled UnicornPlains (B)DisenchantRaise Dead
Island (B)Phantasmal TerrainBlue Elemental BlastIsland (A)Drain LifeWeaknessSwamp (C)EarthbindMountain (A)FlightStone Rain
FogForest (C)Craw WurmForest (B)Samite HealerPlains (A)Circle of Protection: GreenIsland (C)Psychic VenomGray OgreIsland (C)

Uncommon Sheet

There is a single sheet that prints each uncommon card once. The remaining spaces are filled by basic lands. The sheet layout is very similar to the Beta and Unlimited sheets.

Swamp (A)Nettling ImpDemonic TutorMountain (A)Stone GiantOrcish OriflammeRod of RuinDesert TwisterLibrary of LengWhite KnightBlack Ward
Control MagicFeedbackThrone of BoneAnimate DeadWall of BoneSwamp (A)DeathgripBurrowingLiving WallMountain (A)Keldon Warlord
Instill EnergyThicket BasiliskForest (A)CastleIvory CupPlains (B)Swords to PlowsharesLifetapIsland (C)Steal ArtifactCounterspell
Swamp (B)Sengir VampireEvil PresenceEarth ElementalMountain (B)Iron StarWall of StoneOrnithopterHurricaneTsunamiForest (B)
LureObsianus GolemWhite WardConversionPlains (A)The RackCloneAnimate ArtifactSwamp (B)Bog WraithSimulacrum
Orcish ArtilleryFlashfiresBasalt MonolithForest (A)Wall of IceCrumbleConservatorSerra AngelPlains (A)Reverse PolaritySol Ring
Air ElementalIsland (B)Wall of AirSwamp (B)GloomScavenging GhoulSacrificeSoul NetWall of FireFire ElementalMountain (C)
Forest (B)Ley DruidRegrowthBlue WardBrass ManPlains (B)LanceWater ElementalWall of WaterGlasses of UrzaUthden Troll
TunnelMountain (C)Dragon WhelpWooden SphereForest (A)LifeforceWanderlustPlains (A)Celestial PrismWall of SwordsResurrection
Red WardSiren's CallPhantom MonsterBlack ViseCursed LandBlack KnightSwamp (A)Hypnotic SpecterDwarven WeaponsmithMountain (B)Goblin Balloon Brigade
ShatterstormChannelForest (C)Wall of BramblesJuggernautKarmaPlains (C)Green WardCrystal RodPhantasmal ForcesEnergy Flux

Rare Sheet

There is a single sheet that prints each rare card once. The sheet layout is very similar to the Beta and Unlimited sheets.

Winter OrbNightmareJade MonolithManabarbsDancing ScimitarElvish ArchersSunglasses of UrzaAnimate WallTundraSleight of MindBottle of Suleiman
LifelaceSavannahRighteousnessSerendib EfreetAladdin's LampBad MoonFlying CarpetMagnetic MountainFungusaurNorthern PaladinMagical Hack
Contract from BelowEye for an EyeEbony HorseDisrupting ScepterLord of the PitMana FlareTaigaTitania's SongCrusadeMana ShortBirds of Paradise
Mishra's War MachineCockatriceBadlandsGranite GargoyleJandor's SaddlebagsTimber WolvesMeekstoneSavannah LionsVesuvan DoppelgangerSorceress QueenArmageddon Clock
ChaoslaceThe HiveLord of AtlantisWarp ArtifactRoc of Kher RidgesForce of NatureFarmsteadMahamoti DjinnVolcanic IslandVolcanic EruptionRocket Launcher
El-HajjâjZombie MasterAnkh of MishraTropical IslandDeathlaceSmokeGaea's LiegePrimal ClayBalancePirate ShipIsland Sanctuary
Jandor's RingDemonic AttorneyHowling MineBayouForkGoblin KingIvory TowerLiving LandsOnuletPersonal IncarnationThoughtlace
BlessingDemonic HordesScrublandEarthquakeHelm of ChatzukVerduran EnchantressPurelaceKormus BellCopy ArtifactClockwork BeastSedge Troll
Jayemdae TomeShivan DragonNevinyrral's DiskRoyal AssassinMijae DjinnPlateauLiving ArtifactAladdin's RingReverse DamageDrain PowerDragon Engine
Will-o'-the-WispMillstoneKudzuMana VaultIsland Fish JasconiusNether ShadowRock HydraFastbondBraingeyserVeteran BodyguardStasis
WebPower SurgeMind TwistWrath of GodUnderground SeaDingus EggDarkpactHurkyl's RecallAspect of WolfWheel of FortuneArmageddon

Summer Magic

Another rare printing of Revised exists with significant printing differences (most famously, a Hurricane with a blue frame). This printing is called Summer Magic or "Edgar". I haven't been able to find any information about collation of this product.

[1] The "Compilation of Uncut Sheets" thread on the Magic Librarities Forum has pictures of all three sheets.