Fifth Edition Collation

Fifth Edition is a core set with 165 commons, 132 uncommons, 132 rares, and four variations of each standard basic land. There are English printings from both the USA and Belgium.

Fifth Edition was sold in 15 card booster packs and 60 card starter decks. Booster boxes had 36 packs and deck boxes had 10 decks.

US Pack Anatomy

US Fifth Edition uses sequential collation with 10 × 11 sheets (although the exact configuration of the uncommon and rare sheets is unknown). Packs have back-facing cards with common-uncommon-rare ordering. Basic lands do not appear in booster packs.

11 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare

Starter decks have 60 cards including 3 rares, 9 uncommons, 26 commons, 22 basic lands, and a rulebook. The rulebook is front-facing at the front of the pack but the cards are back-facing. The ordering is rare-land-uncommon-land-common with lands split into 12 and 10. Decks have an outer seal but no inner seal.

3 Rares12 Lands9 Uncommons10 Lands26 CommonsRulebook

Commons are divided into three runs each with 55 distinct cards called A, B, and C. Booster packs contain 4 of one group, then 3 or 4 of the next group, then 4 or 3 of the last group. The groups can be ordered A-B-C, B-C-A, or C-A-B. In observed cases, 4-4-3 occurs 2/3 of the time, but there is not enough evidence to be very confident of this result. Starter decks begin with 8 or 9 A commons and can be followed by either B-C-B-C or C-B-C-B. Observed counts are 8-5-4-4-5, 9-3-4-5-5, and 9-4-4-5-4. (Grouping B and C, these are 8-9-9, 9-8-9, and 9-9-8.) The B and C runs that aren't contiguous in the packs are also not contiguous in terms of collation.

Common Runs

Each run contains 55 cards each two times (filling up a sheet). I haven't been able to completely reconstruct the A run. The B run has been reconstructed from pack openings. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Giant GrowthHoly StrengthHill GiantRemove SoulDrain LifeScaled WurmCircle of Protection: BlackHill GiantBrainstormTerror
Llanowar ElvesCircle of Protection: GreenErrantryHomarid WarriorTerrorScaled WurmHealing SalveErrantryUnstable MutationTorture
Craw WurmHealing SalveGiant StrengthHomarid WarriorTortureGiant GrowthCircle of Protection: BlackSabretooth TigerBrainstormHowl from Beyond
Durkwood BoarsHoly StrengthAmbush PartyCounterspellDrain LifeCraw WurmCircle of Protection: RedAmbush PartyUnstable MutationPestilence
Durkwood BoarsCircle of Protection: RedSabretooth TigerCounterspellHowl from BeyondLlanowar ElvesCircle of Protection: GreenGiant StrengthRemove SoulPestilence
Clay StatueBenalish HeroBrothers of FireRay of CommandUnholy StrengthCat WarriorsClay StatueIncinerateProdigal SorcererUnholy Strength
Scavenger FolkMesa PegasusAshnod's TransmograntRay of CommandKjeldoran DeadPradesh GypsiesDisenchantBrothers of FireBarbed SextantNecrite
Scavenger FolkMesa FalconFireballPortentKrovikan FetishGrapeshot CatapultMesa FalconDisintegrateDark MazeKrovikan Fetish
Grizzly BearsAshnod's TransmograntFireballDark MazeBattering RamPradesh GypsiesD'Avenant ArcherDisintegratePortentMindstab Thrull
War MammothD'Avenant ArcherIncinerateBarbed SextantMindstab ThrullCat WarriorsDisenchantGrapeshot CatapultFloodKjeldoran Dead
War MammothMesa PegasusFlareFloodBattering RamGrizzly BearsBenalish HeroFlareProdigal SorcererNecrite

The C run has been reconstructed from pack openings. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Touch of DeathRegenerationSea SerpentBrassclaw OrcsHealInitiates of the Ebon HandNature's LoreMemory LapseDwarven SoldierSamite Healer
Initiates of the Ebon HandLey DruidUpdraftMountain GoatHealErg RaidersGiant SpiderSpell BlastPanicIcatian Scout
Vampire BatsLey DruidSea SerpentPanicSamite HealerVampire BatsCarapaceKrovikan SorcererDwarven WarriorsAysen Bureaucrats
FearRegenerationDandânMountain GoatAysen BureaucratsTouch of DeathNature's LoreDandânShatterIcatian Scout
WeaknessGiant SpiderKrovikan SorcererShatterPearled UnicornFearScryb SpritesSpell BlastDwarven WarriorsRepentant Blacksmith
WeaknessScryb SpritesUpdraftDwarven SoldierPearled UnicornErg RaidersCarapaceMemory LapseBrassclaw OrcsRepentant Blacksmith
Dark RitualZephyr FalconShield WallStream of LifeHurloon MinotaurBog ImpLabyrinth MinotaurDivine OfferingTranquilityHurloon Minotaur
Lost SoulFlightDivine OfferingStream of LifeOrcish FarmerDrudge SkeletonsLabyrinth MinotaurDeath WardTranquilityBird Maiden
Bog ImpUnsummonShield BearerHungry MistBlood LustMind RavelZephyr FalconDeath WardIronroot TreefolkGoblin War Drums
Lost SoulGaseous FormPikemenHungry MistGoblin War DrumsDrudge SkeletonsUnsummonShield WallShanodin DryadsBird Maiden
Mind RavelFlightPikemenShanodin DryadsOrcish FarmerDark RitualGaseous FormShield BearerIronroot TreefolkBlood Lust

Belgian Pack Anatomy

Belgian Fifth Edition uses striped collation with 10 × 11 sheets for the commons and probably 12 × 11 sheets for the uncommons and rares. Packs have back-facing cards with uncommon-rare-common ordering. Basic lands do not appear in booster packs.

3 Uncommons1 Rare11 Commons

Starter decks have 60 cards including 3 rares, 9 uncommons, 26 commons, 22 basic lands, and a rulebook. Cards are front-facing with land-rare-uncommon-common ordering. The rulebook is backwards between the uncommons and commons. Decks have an inner and outer seal.

22 Lands3 Rares9 UncommonsRulebook26 Commons

Commons are divided into two sheets called A and B. Sheet A has 55 distinct cards each appearing twice and sheet B has 110 cards each appearing once. Booster packs contain 3-4 cards from A followed by 7-8 cards from B. Mathematically, 2/3 of packs should have a 4-7 split and 1/3 should have 3-8. For starter decks, the situation is similar. Only 9-17 packs have been observed, but 8-18 packs should also exist. Mathematically, 2/3 of packs should have a 9-17 split and 1/3 should have an 8-18 split.

Commons Sheets

I haven't gathered enough data to reconstruct either common sheet (although I'm close to completing the B sheet), but in most cases, the sheet that a card is on can be easily determined (if the card has been observed).

A Commons

  1. Alabaster Potion
  2. Amulet of Kroog
  3. Armor of Faith
  4. Aurochs
  5. Bog Rats
  6. Boomerang
  7. Brainwash
  8. Circle of Protection: Blue
  9. Cloak of Confusion
  10. Death Speakers
  11. Firebreathing
  12. Fog
  13. Force Spike
  14. Foxfire
  15. Frozen Shade
  16. Ghazbán Ogre
  17. Goblin Digging Team
  18. Goblin Hero
  19. Hipparion
  20. Imposing Visage
  21. Ironclaw Orcs
  22. Marsh Viper
  23. Merfolk of the Pearl Trident
  24. Mons's Goblin Raiders
  25. Murk Dwellers
  26. Orcish Conscripts
  27. Paralyze
  28. Phantasmal Terrain
  29. Pit Scorpion
  30. Prismatic Ward
  31. Psychic Venom
  32. Raise Dead
  33. Reef Pirates
  34. Shrink
  35. Soul Barrier
  36. Stone Rain
  37. Tarpan
  38. The Brute
  39. Tundra Wolves
  40. Urza's Mine
  41. Urza's Tower
  42. Urza's Power Plant
  43. Urza's Tower
  44. Venom
  45. Vodalian Soldiers
  46. Wall of Spears
  47. Wild Growth

B Commons

  1. Ashnod's Transmogrant
  2. Barbed Sextant
  3. Battering Ram
  4. Benalish Hero
  5. Bird Maiden
  6. Blood Lust
  7. Bog Imp
  8. Brainstorm
  9. Brassclaw Orcs
  10. Brothers of Fire
  11. Carapace
  12. Circle of Protection: Black
  13. Circle of Protection: Green
  14. Clay Statue
  15. Counterspell
  16. Craw Wurm
  17. D'Avenant Archer
  18. Dark Maze
  19. Dark Ritual
  20. Death Ward
  21. Disenchant
  22. Disintegrate
  23. Divine Offering
  24. Drain Life
  25. Drudge Skeletons
  26. Durkwood Boars
  27. Dwarven Soldier
  28. Dwarven Warriors
  29. Erg Raiders
  30. Errantry
  31. Fear
  32. Fireball
  33. Flare
  34. Flight
  35. Flight
  36. Flood
  37. Giant Growth
  38. Giant Spider
  39. Giant Strength
  40. Goblin War Drums
  41. Grizzly Bears
  42. Heal
  43. Healing Salve
  44. Hill Giant
  45. Holy Strength
  46. Homarid Warrior
  47. Howl from Beyond
  48. Hurloon Minotaur
  49. Icatian Scout
  50. Incinerate
  51. Initiates of the Ebon Hand
  52. Ironroot Treefolk
  53. Kjeldoran Dead
  54. Krovikan Fetish
  55. Labyrinth Minotaur
  56. Llanowar Elves
  57. Lost Soul
  58. Memory Lapse
  59. Mesa Pegasus
  60. Mind Ravel
  61. Mindstab Thrull
  62. Mountain Goat
  63. Nature's Lore
  64. Necrite
  65. Orcish Farmer
  66. Panic
  67. Pearled Unicorn
  68. Pikemen
  69. Portent
  70. Pradesh Gypsies
  71. Prodigal Sorcerer
  72. Ray of Command
  73. Regeneration
  74. Remove Soul
  75. Repentant Blacksmith
  76. Sabretooth Tiger
  77. Samite Healer
  78. Scaled Wurm
  79. Scavenger Folk
  80. Scryb Sprites
  81. Shanodin Dryads
  82. Shatter
  83. Shield Bearer
  84. Shield Wall
  85. Spell Blast
  86. Stream of Life
  87. Terror
  88. Torture
  89. Touch of Death
  90. Tranquility
  91. Unstable Mutation
  92. Unsummon
  93. Updraft
  94. Vampire Bats
  95. War Mammoth
  96. Weakness