Amonkhet Collation

Amonkhet is a large set with 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares, four variations of each standard basic land, and 30 masterpieces. Not counting the masterpieces, this is the normal size for a large set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 67 cards. Masterpieces have advestised odds of 1 : 1935 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA and Belgium.

Amonkhet was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with C1/C2 common collation.

Packs are back-facing and have 10 commons followed by 3 uncommons, a rare, a basic land, and an ad card. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the rare, displacing a common. (This includes masterpieces.)

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card

Packs are evenly split between C1 commons and C2 commons. C1 packs have 2-3 A cards, 2 B, and 4-5 C. C2 packs have 4 A cards, 2 or 4 B, and 2 or 4 C.


When a foil appears in a pack, it will displace a common card. Common foils displace A commons and only appear in C1 packs. Uncommon foils displace B commons. Rare foils displace C2 commons. Masterpieces displace C1 commons. Common foils appear 1 in every 8 packs. The uncommon and rare rates are not known exactly.

As normal, uncommons are split into equal A and B runs with one or two A cards followed by one or two B cards appearing in each pack.

Full art lands are apparently printed on a different sheet than the other basic lands and appear in 1 out of 4 packs.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. The cards are alternating white, blue, and red. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Nimble-Blade KhenraSparring MummyNaga OracleTormenting VoiceSupply CaravanIllusory WrappingsManticore of the GauntletWinged ShepherdEssence ScatterDesert CerodonForsake the Worldly
Seeker of InsightPathmaker InitiateRhet-Crop SpearmasterHieroglyphic IlluminationFlingMighty LeapAncient CrabMinotaur SureshotAnointer PriestTah-Crop SkirmisherBloodlust Inciter
Sacred CatCompelling ArgumentBrute StrengthCartouche of SolidarityCartouche of KnowledgeNimble-Blade KhenraFan BearerCancelThresher LizardDjeru's ResolveNaga Oracle
Cartouche of ZealSparring MummyHekma SentinelsManticore of the GauntletSupply CaravanEssence ScatterTormenting VoiceWinged ShepherdIllusory WrappingsPathmaker InitiateMighty Leap
Ancient CrabDesert CerodonForsake the WorldlyCompelling ArgumentThresher LizardRhet-Crop SpearmasterSeeker of InsightFlingAnointer PriestHieroglyphic IlluminationCartouche of Zeal
Cartouche of SolidarityCartouche of KnowledgeBrute StrengthSacred CatCancelBloodlust InciterFan BearerTah-Crop SkirmisherMinotaur SureshotDjeru's ResolveHekma Sentinels

The B common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The cards are alternating black and green. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Giant SpiderCursed MinotaurShed WeaknessDoomed DissenterOrnery KuduMiasmic MummyColossapedeScarab FeastBenefaction of RhonasPitiless VizierInitiate's Companion
Dune BeetleGreater SandwurmWander in DeathSpidery GraspBlighted BatHaze of PollenFestering MummyQuarry HaulerUnburdenShed WeaknessSoulstinger
Pouncing CheetahCursed MinotaurColossapedeScarab FeastOrnery KuduDoomed DissenterBenefaction of RhonasMiasmic MummyGiant SpiderDune BeetleInitiate's Companion
Pitiless VizierSpidery GraspBlighted BatHaze of PollenFestering MummyShed WeaknessUnburdenQuarry HaulerScarab FeastPouncing CheetahWander in Death
Greater SandwurmMiasmic MummyGiant SpiderDune BeetleOrnery KuduCursed MinotaurBenefaction of RhonasSoulstingerColossapedeDoomed DissenterInitiate's Companion
Pitiless VizierSpidery GraspBlighted BatHaze of PollenFestering MummyQuarry HaulerWander in DeathGreater SandwurmUnburdenPouncing CheetahSoulstinger

The C1 common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus Binding Mummy, the short-printed common. It cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Honed KhopeshBitterblade WarriorNef-Crop EntanglerCartouche of AmbitionShimmerscale DrakeCradle of the AccursedOashra CultivatorElectrifyPainful LessonSlither BladeIn Oketra's Name
Gust WalkerBlazing VolleyTah-Crop EliteFloodwatersGift of ParadiseWasteland ScorpionEmberhorn MinotaurThose Who ServeScribe of the MindfulSupernatural StaminaStinging Shot
Magma SprayIn Oketra's NameAven InitiatePainted BluffsBitterblade WarriorViolent ImpactBinding MummyDecision ParalysisHoned KhopeshCartouche of AmbitionNef-Crop Entangler
Oashra CultivatorShimmerscale DrakeBlazing VolleyPainful LessonEmberhorn MinotaurCradle of the AccursedFloodwatersStinging ShotWasteland ScorpionElectrifyThose Who Serve
Slither BladeGift of ParadiseTah-Crop EliteViolent ImpactPainted BluffsAven InitiateGust WalkerSupernatural StaminaMagma SprayDecision ParalysisScribe of the Mindful

The C2 common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times plus Binding Mummy, the short-printed common. It cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Dissenter's DeliveranceSplendid AgonyHyena PackHooded BrawlerLuxa River ShrineCompulsory RestRiver SerpentHorror of the Broken LandsSunscorched DesertNaga VitalistPursue Glory
Unwavering InitiateTrespasser's CurseFinal RewardWinds of RebukeBinding MummyDissenter's DeliveranceCartouche of StrengthEvolving WildsImpeccable TimingHyena PackHorror of the Broken Lands
Luxa River ShrineHooded BrawlerRiver SerpentUnwavering InitiateSunscorched DesertSplendid AgonyPursue GloryNaga VitalistTrespasser's CurseCompulsory RestWinds of Rebuke
Final RewardDissenter's DeliveranceCartouche of StrengthHyena PackImpeccable TimingLuxa River ShrineHorror of the Broken LandsEvolving WildsHooded BrawlerRiver SerpentCompulsory Rest
Sunscorched DesertSplendid AgonyPursue GloryNaga VitalistWinds of RebukeUnwavering InitiateTrespasser's CurseFinal RewardEvolving WildsCartouche of StrengthImpeccable Timing

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Time to ReflectCryptic SerpentTrial of StrengthRuthless SniperKefnet's MonumentWayward ServantConsuming FervorTrial of AmbitionSacred ExcavationKhenra CharioteerBy Force
Devoted Crop-MateGate to the AfterlifeSixth SenseNest of ScarabsBontu's MonumentEnigma DrakeTrueheart DuelistWatchful NagaRuthless SniperOnward // VictoryFlameblade Adept
Protection of the HekmaOpen into WonderEmbalmer's ToolsManglehornLord of the AccursedStart // FinishVizier of RemediesSynchronized StrikeFaith of the DevotedWayward ServantConsuming Fervor
Devoted Crop-MateLabyrinth GuardianRhonas's MonumentTrial of StrengthBone PickerKhenra CharioteerTrueheart DuelistHazoret's MonumentTrial of AmbitionEnigma DrakeWarfire Javelineer
Time to ReflectCensorKefnet's MonumentManglehornFaith of the DevotedOnward // VictoryVizier of RemediesWatchful NagaSacred ExcavationBattlefield ScavengerProtection of the Hekma
Zenith SeekerSynchronized StrikeNest of ScarabsEmbalmer's ToolsStart // FinishBy ForceCryptic SerpentTrial of StrengthBontu's MonumentTrueheart TwinsTrueheart Duelist
Labyrinth GuardianHapatra's MarkLord of the AccursedHazoret's MonumentWayward ServantFlameblade AdeptSacred ExcavationGate to the AfterlifeSixth SenseWarfire JavelineerTime to Reflect
CensorWatchful NagaBone PickerRhonas's MonumentKhenra CharioteerConsuming FervorOpen into WonderManglehornKefnet's MonumentBattlefield ScavengerDevoted Crop-Mate
Zenith SeekerHapatra's MarkNest of ScarabsEmbalmer's ToolsEnigma DrakeTrueheart TwinsCryptic SerpentFaith of the DevotedGate to the AfterlifeFlameblade AdeptProtection of the Hekma
Labyrinth GuardianSynchronized StrikeRuthless SniperBontu's MonumentOnward // VictoryBy ForceCensorLord of the AccursedHazoret's MonumentWarfire JavelineerVizier of Remedies
Zenith SeekerSixth SenseBone PickerRhonas's MonumentStart // FinishBattlefield ScavengerOpen into WonderTrial of AmbitionHapatra's MarkTrueheart Twins

The B uncommon run also consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Renewed FaithLimits of SolidarityMerciless JavelineerDefiant GreatmawWatchers of the DeadShadowstorm VizierSeraph of the SunsGalestrikeTrial of ZealDecimator BeetleExemplar of Strength
Stir the SandsGrasping DunesDestined // LeadGravediggerOketra's MonumentAhn-Crop ChampionVizier of Tumbling SandsCast OutBloodrage BrawlerHonored Crop-CaptainCrocodile of the Crossing
Vizier of DefermentAngler DrakeLay Bare the HeartShefet MonitorEdifice of AuthoritySpring // MindTrial of SolidarityLay ClaimDeem WorthyReduce // RubbleDefiant Greatmaw
Grim StriderAhn-Crop CrasherWeaver of CurrentsBaleful AmmitWatchers of the DeadMerciless JavelineerOketra's AttendantTrial of KnowledgeLimits of SolidarityAven Wind GuideScaled Behemoth
Renewed FaithGravediggerShadowstorm VizierStir the SandsAhn-Crop ChampionSeraph of the SunsGalestrikeTrial of ZealDecimator BeetleCrocodile of the CrossingVizier of Deferment
Angler DrakeHonored Crop-CaptainExemplar of StrengthOketra's MonumentDestined // LeadCast OutVizier of Tumbling SandsAhn-Crop CrasherWeaver of CurrentsShefet MonitorOketra's Attendant
Bloodrage BrawlerSpring // MindLay Bare the HeartEdifice of AuthorityAven Wind GuideTrial of SolidarityLay ClaimDeem WorthyReduce // RubbleScaled BehemothGrim Strider
Trial of KnowledgeGrasping DunesBaleful AmmitWatchers of the DeadMerciless JavelineerRenewed FaithGalestrikeLimits of SolidarityAhn-Crop ChampionDefiant GreatmawCast Out
Bloodrage BrawlerShadowstorm VizierExemplar of StrengthStir the SandsHonored Crop-CaptainOketra's AttendantVizier of Tumbling SandsTrial of ZealDecimator BeetleCrocodile of the CrossingSeraph of the Suns
GravediggerWeaver of CurrentsLay Bare the HeartOketra's MonumentDestined // LeadVizier of DefermentAngler DrakeAhn-Crop CrasherAven Wind GuideShefet MonitorGrim Strider
Lay ClaimGrasping DunesBaleful AmmitEdifice of AuthoritySpring // MindTrial of SolidarityTrial of KnowledgeDeem WorthyReduce // RubbleScaled Behemoth

Token Run

Most of the marketing cards in Amonkhet have a token on the front face. In addition, there is a card that has an advertisement for Magic Duels on the front face. (The front has a PEGI rating and the back has ESRB, so I'm not aware of any region differences.) They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

There are also punch cards that appear in 1 out of every 4 packs. These are printed on a different sheet.

BeastWarriorAngel of SanctionsCatAven Wind GuideWarriorLabyrinth GuardianZombieDuels Ad CardAven InitiateWarrior
Tah-Crop SkirmisherWurmZombieInsectWarriorZombieDuels Ad CardBeastSacred CatTrueheart DuelistWarrior
SnakeCatZombieDuels Ad CardWarriorOketra's AttendantUnwavering InitiateInsectWarriorDrakeHeart-Piercer Manticore
CatAnointer PriestZombieSacred CatWarriorTah-Crop SkirmisherDuels Ad CardUnwavering InitiateWarriorZombieHonored Hydra
CatZombieWarriorDuels Ad CardUnwavering InitiateZombieLabyrinth GuardianWarriorAven InitiateSacred CatZombie
WarriorInsectDuels Ad CardAnointer PriestWarriorZombieVizier of Many FacesBeastTah-Crop SkirmisherDuels Ad CardSacred Cat
Trueheart DuelistCatDuels Ad CardUnwavering InitiateAven InitiateDuels Ad CardWarriorAnointer PriestOketra's AttendantTah-Crop SkirmisherWarrior
WurmAven Wind GuideHippoWarriorSacred CatCatZombieDuels Ad CardAnointer PriestInsectAven Initiate
WarriorBeastZombieUnwavering InitiateWarriorSnakeSacred CatZombieTah-Crop SkirmisherWarriorInsect
DrakeCatWarriorAnointer PriestDuels Ad CardZombieAven InitiateWarriorGideon of the Trials EmblemTah-Crop SkirmisherTemmet, Vizier of Naktamun
WarriorCatGlyph KeeperUnwavering InitiateWarriorAnointer PriestInsectAven InitiateWarriorZombieDuels Ad Card

Token Rarity
Angel of SanctionsAngel of Sanctions × 1Gideon of the Trials EmblemGideon of the Trials Emblem × 1Glyph KeeperGlyph Keeper × 1
Heart-Piercer ManticoreHeart-Piercer Manticore × 1HippoHippo × 1Honored HydraHonored Hydra × 1
Temmet, Vizier of NaktamunTemmet, Vizier of Naktamun × 1Vizier of Many FacesVizier of Many Faces × 1Aven Wind GuideAven Wind Guide × 2
DrakeDrake × 2Labyrinth GuardianLabyrinth Guardian × 2Oketra's AttendantOketra's Attendant × 2
SnakeSnake × 2Trueheart DuelistTrueheart Duelist × 2WurmWurm × 2
BeastBeast × 4Anointer PriestAnointer Priest × 6Aven InitiateAven Initiate × 6
InsectInsect × 6Sacred CatSacred Cat × 6Tah-Crop SkirmisherTah-Crop Skirmisher × 6
Unwavering InitiateUnwavering Initiate × 6CatCat × 8Duels Ad CardDuels Ad Card × 12
ZombieZombie × 15WarriorWarrior × 24

Foil Common Sheet

There is a picture of the foil common sheet available. [1] Each common card and each basic land variation appear once.

Mighty LeapNaga VitalistViolent ImpactPlains (250)Slither BladeFinal RewardTah-Crop EliteDissenter's DeliveranceIsland (260)Manticore of the GauntletDecision Paralysis
Doomed DissenterWinged ShepherdCradle of the AccursedIsland (258)Bloodlust InciterHekma SentinelsDune BeetleSparring MummySwamp (252)Stinging ShotHyena Pack
River SerpentWasteland ScorpionImpeccable TimingSwamp (262)Benefaction of RhonasPursue GloryAncient CrabPainful LessonMountain (264)Anointer PriestGreater Sandwurm
Honed KhopeshTormenting VoiceShimmerscale DrakeMountain (266)Wander in DeathCompulsory RestOashra CultivatorBlazing VolleyForest (268)Hieroglyphic IlluminationUnburden
In Oketra's NameOrnery KuduElectrifyForest (267)Seeker of InsightBlighted BatDjeru's ResolveEvolving WildsPlains (257)Bitterblade WarriorCartouche of Zeal
Scribe of the MindfulMiasmic MummyGust WalkerPlains (255)Pouncing CheetahThresher LizardCancelTrespasser's CurseUnwavering InitiateSpidery GraspPathmaker Initiate
Essence ScatterSplendid AgonySupply CaravanIsland (251)Hooded BrawlerEmberhorn MinotaurTah-Crop SkirmisherCartouche of AmbitionIsland (259)Cartouche of SolidarityInitiate's Companion
FlingNaga OracleSoulstingerSwamp (263)Painted BluffsForsake the WorldlyColossapedeBrute StrengthSwamp (261)Winds of RebukeHorror of the Broken Lands
Giant SpiderNimble-Blade KhenraCartouche of KnowledgeMountain (265)Cursed MinotaurBinding MummyHaze of PollenMinotaur SureshotMountain (253)Aven InitiateFestering Mummy
Rhet-Crop SpearmasterQuarry HaulerDesert CerodonForest (254)FloodwatersScarab FeastFan BearerGift of ParadiseForest (269)Nef-Crop EntanglerCompelling Argument
Supernatural StaminaThose Who ServeShed WeaknessPlains (256)Luxa River ShrineMagma SprayIllusory WrappingsPitiless VizierSacred CatCartouche of StrengthSunscorched Desert

Foil Uncommon Sheet

There is a picture of the foil uncommon sheet available. [1] Each uncommon card appears once. The extra copies of Vizier of Deferment are presumed to be fillers.

Oketra's MonumentWarfire JavelineerAngler DrakeSynchronized StrikeNest of ScarabsAhn-Crop ChampionTrueheart DuelistVizier of Tumbling SandsGrim StriderRenewed FaithHonored Crop-Captain
Rhonas's MonumentBloodrage BrawlerLabyrinth GuardianTrial of StrengthRuthless SniperAven Wind GuideVizier of DefermentZenith SeekerLay Bare the HeartSeraph of the SunsKhenra Charioteer
Watchers of the DeadBy ForceLay ClaimWatchful NagaStir the SandsDecimator BeetleVizier of RemediesManglehornLord of the AccursedTime to ReflectMerciless Javelineer
Embalmer's ToolsConsuming FervorOpen into WonderCrocodile of the CrossingBaleful AmmitEnigma DrakeLimits of SolidarityScaled BehemothGrasping DunesTrial of SolidarityReduce // Rubble
Gate to the AfterlifeDeem WorthySacred ExcavationDefiant GreatmawBone PickerShadowstorm VizierTrial of ZealShefet MonitorStart // FinishDevoted Crop-MateDestined // Lead
Hazoret's MonumentFlameblade AdeptCensorExemplar of StrengthFaith of the DevotedWayward ServantTrueheart TwinsSixth SenseBontu's MonumentOketra's AttendantOnward // Victory
Kefnet's MonumentAhn-Crop CrasherCryptic SerpentHapatra's MarkGravediggerWeaver of CurrentsTrial of KnowledgeTrial of AmbitionEdifice of AuthorityProtection of the HekmaSpring // Mind
Cast OutBattlefield ScavengerGalestrikeVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of Deferment
Vizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of Deferment
Vizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of Deferment
Vizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of DefermentVizier of Deferment

Foil Rare Sheet

There is a picture of the foil rare sheet available. [1] Each rare card appears twice, and each mythic rare card appears once.

Pull from TomorrowRags // RichesSoul-Scar MageFetid PoolsPyramid of the PantheonAven MindcensorBounty of the LuxaBontu the GlorifiedLiliana's MasteryHeaven // EarthGlory-Bound Initiate
Curator of MysteriesHapatra, Vizier of PoisonsGlorybringerCanyon SloughGideon of the TrialsGideon's InterventionNeheb, the WorthyInsult // InjuryArchfiend of IfnirOracle's VaultAnointed Procession
Commit // MemoryKefnet the MindfulHarsh MentorCascading CataractsTemmet, Vizier of NaktamunGlyph KeeperFailure // ComplyHazoret's FavorPlague BelcherAngel of SanctionsRegal Caracal
Drake HavenChampion of RhonasHeart-Piercer ManticoreIrrigated FarmlandShadow of the GraveNew PerspectivesCombat CelebrantSweltering SunsDispossessFetid PoolsApproach of the Second Sun
Vizier of Many FacesHonored HydraInsult // InjuryRhonas the IndomitableDread WandererCommit // MemoryProwling SerpopardSoul-Scar MageNever // ReturnBounty of the LuxaDusk // Dawn
Cruel RealitySandwurm ConvergenceHazoret's FavorScattered GrovesLiliana's MasteryPull from TomorrowHarvest SeasonGlorybringerNissa, Steward of ElementsPrepare // FightAven Mindcensor
Archfiend of IfnirChanneler InitiateHarsh MentorCanyon SloughPlague BelcherAs ForetoldMouth // FeedHeart-Piercer ManticoreAnointed ProcessionPyramid of the PantheonGideon's Intervention
Shadow of the GraveProwling SerpopardGlorious EndSheltered ThicketNeheb, the WorthyCurator of MysteriesChampion of RhonasSweltering SunsGlory-Bound InitiateThrone of the God-PharaohVizier of the Menagerie
DispossessHarvest SeasonCut // RibbonsCascading CataractsRags // RichesGlyph KeeperHonored HydraOketra the TrueApproach of the Second SunIrrigated FarmlandHeaven // Earth
Never // ReturnSandwurm ConvergenceHapatra, Vizier of PoisonsScattered GrovesLiliana, Death's MajestyDrake HavenMouth // FeedPrepare // FightRegal CaracalOracle's VaultNew Perspectives
Dread WandererSamut, Voice of DissentTemmet, Vizier of NaktamunSheltered ThicketFailure // ComplyVizier of Many FacesChanneler InitiateThrone of the God-PharaohDusk // DawnHazoret the FerventCut // Ribbons

[1] Picture of all three foil US sheets were posted in the Misprints facebook group by Corrado Iozzia.