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Metalcraft Tip Card

Rules Tip: Metalcraft

In their fight against the Phyrexian scourge, the Mirrans have perfected the art and science of metalcraft. As an ability word, metalcraft has no hidden rules meaning. It simply calls attention to a variety of abilities that provide a benefit if you control three or more artifacts. Each metalcraft ability is different, and each one is fully explained on its card.

Many metalcraft abilities grant size bonuses or additional abilities like flying to the creatures they appear on. Ohter metalcraft abilities are triggered (they check how many artifacts you control both when they’d trigger and when they’d resolve), or are activated (and you need to control three artifacts to use them). Instants and sorceries with metalcraft abilities may have additional or upgraded effects. Best of all, artifacts with metalcraft abilities count themselves when determining how many artifacts you control, so you need only two other artifacts for those abilities to be switched on!

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