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Proliferate Tip Card

Rules Tip: Proliferate

Proliferate is the latest Phyrexian innovation. This keyword action allows the Phyrexians to spread their infection—and their war—across the plane of Mirrodin.

To proliferate, look at each player and permanent that has a counter. This could be a poison counter, a −1/−1 counter, a charge counter, or any other kind! For each player or permanent you find, you may give it an additional counter of a kind it’s already got. (If a permanent has two different kinds of counters on it, it gets just one more.) Each choice is made individually, so you’ll give extra counters only to the players and permanents you want to.

Although this Phyrexian weapon is perfect for spreading poison and disease, you can also use it to add extra charge counters to your Mirran artifacts, loyalty counters to your planeswalkers, level counters to your Rise of the Eldrazi™ levelers, and many more options!

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