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Poison and Emblems Tip Card

Rules Tip: Poison

Typically, counters let you keep track of something on a permanent. There’s one kind of counter a player can get, though … but you don’t want any! These are poison counters, and you get them if a creature with infect deals damage to you, or if a spell or ability gives you one.

You’ll need a way to track the number of poison counters you have. As soon as you get a tenth poison counter, you lose the game no matter what your life total is.

Rules Tip: Emblems

Some planeswalkers wield magic so powerful that it leaves a lasting effect on the game. These planeswalkers create emblems. An emblem is a new kind of object you can have. Each one has an ability that works for the rest of the game. Emblems aren’t cards, tokens, or permanents, so nothing can remove them or otherwise affect them.

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