Innistrad: Double Feature Collation

Innistrad: Double Feature is a special product which contains every card from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and every card from Innistrad: Crimson Vow (except for basic lands). Every pack contains a foil card. The set was printed in English in the USA.

Double Feature was sold in 15 card draft booster packs. Draft booster boxes have 24 packs.

Pack Anatomy

Double Feature uses sequential collation.

Packs are front-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering. There are 8 commons followed by 4 uncommons, 2 rares, and then a final foil. The first four commons, the first two uncommons and the first rare are Midnight Hunt (MID) cards. The other non-foil cards are Crimson Vow (VOW) cards. The foil can be from either set.

4 MID Commons4 VOW Commons2 MID Uncommons2 VOW Uncommons1 MID Rare1 VOW Rare1 Foil

The Midnight Hunt commons are split into an A run, a B run, and a double-faced run. (I haven't confirmed that the B run and the double-faced run are distinct, but normally double-faced cards are on their own sheets.) The A run contains 85 cards each appearing once. The B run contains the five colorless commons. Each pack contains 3-4 A cards. If there are 3 A cards, they will be followed either by a single B card or a single double-faced card. Mathematically, 4 A packs should appear 2/5 of the time, B packs should appear 1/5 of the time, and double-faced common packs should appear 2/5 of the time. The Crimson Vow commons works the same as the Midnight Hunt commons. I'm not sure if the common pack types for Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow are correlated; all combinations have been observed except for packs with 4 Midnight Hunt A cards and a Crimson Vow B card.

Note that a few common cards appear both in Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow. These cards have two different versions in Double Feature, and the appropriate versions appear normally in their respective runs.

Common Runs

The Midnight Hunt A common run consists of 85 cards each appearing once. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Olivia's Midnight AmbushClarion CatharsTimberland GuideOtherworldly GazeFestival CrasherBladebrandRitual GuardianDuel for DominanceOrgan HoarderFamished ForagersNovice Occultist
Search Party CaptainPath to the FestivalGeistwaveBurn the AccursedDiregraf HordeCandlegrove WitchReturn to NatureStartleMoonrager's SlashNo Way OutSungold Barrage
Dawnhart RejuvenatorConsiderRaze the EffigySiege ZombieHomestead CourageMight of the Old WaysFalcon AbominationNeonate's RushDefenestrateCandletrapPlummet
Flip the SwitchAbandon the PostArrogant OutlawThraben ExorcismCandlelit CavalryDrownyard AmalgamArdent ElementalistEaten AliveHedgewitch's MaskBounding WolfDevious Cover-Up
Brimstone VandalHobbling ZombieBlessed DefiancePestilent WolfLocked in the CemeteryStolen VitalityVampire InterloperFlare of FaithTapping at the WindowShipwreck SiftersFalkenrath Perforator
Rotten ReunionGavony TrapperHarvesttide SentryComponent CollectorPack's BetrayalMorkrut BehemothGavony SilversmithEccentric FarmerSecrets of the KeyMounted DreadknightBat Whisperer
Cathar CommandoHowl of the HuntUnblinking ObserverImmolationBlood PactSoul-Guide GryffShadowbeast SightingLarder ZombieLambholt HarrierDuressUnruly Mob
Snarling Wolf (199)Stormrider SpiritVoldaren StingerCrawl from the CellarCelestus SanctifierBramble Armor (171)Revenge of the DrownedElectric Revelation

The Crimson Vow A common run consists of 85 cards each appearing once. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Undying MaliceCruel WitnessPiercing LightLightning WolfSporeback WolfPointed DiscussionScattered ThoughtsTraveling MinisterVoldaren EpicureSpore CrawlerBleed Dry
Dreadlight MonstrosityNebelgast BeguilerBlood Petal CelebrantDawnhart DiscipleVampire's KissRepository SkaabGryff RiderBelligerent GuestSheltering BoughsGrisly RitualAlchemist's Retrieval
Militia RallierBloody BetrayalMassive MightMindleech GhoulSkywarp SkaabEstwald ShieldbasherDaybreak CombatantsBramble Armor (455)Doomed DissenterStitched AssistantAdamant Will
Flame-Blessed BoltNature's EmbraceAim for the HeadWretched ThrongNurturing PresenceKessig FlamebreatherSnarling Wolf (486)Persistent SpecimenFear of DeathSigarda's ImprisonmentSure Strike
Apprentice SharpshooterGift of FangsSteelclad SpiritParish-Blade TraineeEnd the FestivitiesRural RecruitBlood FountainSerpentine AmbushSupernatural RescueAncestral AngerCrushing Canopy
Courier BatWanderlight SpiritSanctifyAbradeFlourishing HunterRot-Tide GargantuaSelhoff EntomberUnholy OfficiantReckless ImpulseWitch's WebDiregraf Scavenger
Cradle of SafetyHeron of HopeHungry RidgewolfMoldgraf MillipedeBloodcrazed SocialiteSyncopateVampire SlayerPyre SpawnWolf StrikeUnhallowed PhalanxChill of the Grave
Heron-Blessed GeistLacerate FleshMulchGluttonous GuestSyphon EssenceFierce RetributionFalkenrath CelebrantsToxic Scorpion