Dark Ascension Collation

Dark Ascension is a small set with 60 commons, 40 uncommons, 35 rares, 10 mythic rares, and 13 double-faced cards. Innistrad basic lands also appear in packs but are not considered part of the set. This is the normal size for a small set of this era with the addition of doubled-faced cards. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 67 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA and Belgium.

Dark Ascension was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation.

Packs are back-facing and have only 9 commons followed by 3 uncommons, a rare, and an ad card. The last two cards will be a double-faced card and either a basic land or a checklist. A checklist will be before the double-faced card and a basic land will be after it. If there is a foil, it will be the last card, displacing a common. (Unlike Innistrad, foil double-faced cards also displace commons.)

9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Ad Card1 Checklist1 DFC
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Ad Card1 DFC1 Land
8 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Ad Card1 Checklist1 DFC1 Foil
8 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Ad Card1 DFC1 Land1 Foil

The commons are printed on one sheet with each card appearing twice (and one filler). This is divided into a 66-card A run (with 33 distinct cards) and a 54-card B run (with 27 distinct cards). Each pack contains 5 A commons followed by 4 B commons.

Foils displace common cards. Note that foil basic lands do not appear. Foil uncommons displace B commons, and all other foils replace A commons. If we assume that all commons are equally common (which is even more credible if the two common runs are printed on the same sheet), this allows us to calculate the foil uncommon rate from the total fail rate. If we take 15/68 as the total foil rate, then the foil uncommon rate would be 67/1360.

Uncommons are printed on one sheet with each card appearing three times (and one filler). This is divided into a 66-card A run (with 22 distinct cards) and a 54-card B run (with 18 distinct cards). Packs can have either 2 A cards followed by 1 B card, or 1 A card followed by 2 B cards. Since the runs are unbalanced, 2 A cards happens 13/20 of the time.

Basic lands appear in 1/4 of packs and checklists occur in the other 3/4.

The double-faced cards are printed on one sheet. The mythic rare appears twice, the rares appear three times, the uncommons appear nine times, and the commons appear eighteen times. (This fills the sheet.) The sheet is divided into a 66-card run (with one rare, three uncommons, and two commons) and a 55-card run (with the mythics, two rares, one uncommons, and two commons).

Rarities of double-faced common, uncommon, and rare cards are very close to the corresponding rarities of normal cards. Double-faced mythics, however, and about 32% more common than normal mythics.

Common Runs [1]

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Gruesome DiscoveryScreeching SkaabNearheath StalkerCrushing VinesErdwal RipperStormbound GeistSilverclaw GriffinSpiteful ShadowsExecutioner's HoodBar the DoorThought Scour
Hunger of the HowlpackRusset WolvesBlack CatShriekgeistBurden of GuiltFaithless LootingClinging MistsExecutioner's HoodForge DevilHeadless SkaabTragic Slip
Crushing VinesSkillful LungeTorch FiendGravepurgeNephalia SeakiteWild HungerRay of RevelationHaunted FengrafTragic SlipFaithless LootingHeadless Skaab
Silverclaw GriffinShriekgeistHollowhenge BeastSpiteful ShadowsErdwal RipperBlack CatBreak of DayHunger of the HowlpackStormbound GeistScreeching SkaabFavor of the Woods
Bar the DoorForge DevilDeath's CaressRusset WolvesArtful DodgeHollowhenge BeastNephalia SeakiteRay of RevelationClinging MistsBurden of GuiltDeath's Caress
Nearheath StalkerGruesome DiscoveryThought ScourWild HungerSkillful LungeHaunted FengrafFavor of the WoodsTorch FiendArtful DodgeGravepurgeBreak of Day

The B common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Scorch the FieldsSomberwald DryadBone to AshGather the TownsfolkSightless GhoulFires of UndeathFalkenrath TorturerDawntreader ElkSanctuary CatNiblis of the MistBone to Ash
Wrack with MadnessDivinationSomberwald DryadHeavy MattockFlingSightless GhoulUlvenwald BearElgaud InquisitorNiblis of the MistHighborn GhoulSaving Grasp
Evolving WildsTalons of FalkenrathReap the SeagrafMidnight GuardUlvenwald BearUndying EvilGriptideElgaud InquisitorKessig RecluseFires of UndeathYoung Wolf
Chant of the SkifsangDawntreader ElkReap the SeagrafScorch the FieldsDivinationSanctuary CatKessig RecluseFlingMidnight GuardChant of the SkifsangHighborn Ghoul
Talons of FalkenrathGather the TownsfolkFalkenrath TorturerHeavy MattockYoung WolfEvolving WildsGriptideWrack with MadnessSaving GraspUndying Evil

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Curse of ExhaustionTracker's InstinctsPyreheart WolfWarden of the WallRelentless SkaabsAvacyn's CollarLingering SoulsHarrowing JourneyVengeful VampireGrim FloweringMarkov Warlord
Niblis of the BreathWarden of the WallCurse of ExhaustionDrogskol CaptainCurse of ThirstTracker's InstinctsDiregraf CaptainPyreheart WolfWolfhunter's QuiverTower GeistFaith's Shield
Lingering SoulsCurse of ThirstGravetiller WurmDiregraf CaptainMarkov WarlordNiblis of the BreathDeadly AllureHeckling FiendsLingering SoulsDrogskol CaptainAvacyn's Collar
Grim FloweringCurse of ExhaustionVengeful VampireGravetiller WurmHeckling FiendsTower GeistDeadly AllureAvacyn's CollarHollowhenge SpiritMarkov WarlordFaith's Shield
Gravetiller WurmRelentless SkaabsHarrowing JourneyWolfhunter's QuiverDeadly AllureHollowhenge SpiritHeckling FiendsNiblis of the BreathGrim FloweringWarden of the WallFaith's Shield
Vengeful VampireTracker's InstinctsRelentless SkaabsPyreheart WolfHarrowing JourneyDrogskol CaptainTower GeistHollowhenge SpiritDiregraf CaptainWolfhunter's QuiverCurse of Thirst

The B uncommon run also consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Blood FeudSecrets of the DeadNiblis of the UrnAltar of the LostStrangleroot GeistShattered PerceptionMystic RetrievalVillage SurvivorsSecrets of the DeadNiblis of the UrnBurning Oil
WakedancerImmerwolfChill of ForebodingVillage SurvivorsThraben HereticStrangleroot GeistSkirsdag FlayerBlood FeudGavony IronwrightMystic RetrievalFarbog Boneflinger
Altar of the LostStromkirk CaptainBriarpack AlphaBurning OilThraben HereticImmerwolfStrangleroot GeistGavony IronwrightSecrets of the DeadShattered PerceptionSkirsdag Flayer
Stromkirk CaptainWakedancerAltar of the LostBriarpack AlphaThraben HereticChill of ForebodingBlood FeudShattered PerceptionFarbog BoneflingerMystic RetrievalStromkirk Captain
Niblis of the UrnImmerwolfVillage SurvivorsBurning OilChill of ForebodingSkirsdag FlayerBriarpack AlphaGavony IronwrightWakedancerFarbog Boneflinger

Token Run

All of the marketing cards in Dark Ascension have a token, emblem, or tip on the front face. They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times. In some boxes, the sequence is reversed, so the choice of first card and the direction are both mostly arbitrary. Note that some of the tokens have the Innistrad expansion symbol, but not all Innistrad tokens can appear in Dark Ascension.

Flashback Tip CardSpiritHumanBooster Draft Tip CardHumanMorbid Tip CardSpiritDeck Proportions Tip CardHumanMikaeus Tip CardCurses Tip Card
Defeating Planeswalkers Tip CardHumanLimited Tip CardTransform Tip CardFateful Hour Tip CardHelvault Tip CardHumanUsing Planeswalkers Tip CardSpiritHumanUndying Tip Card
HumanGatherer Tip CardHumanFlashback Tip CardZombie (9)Wolf (12)SpiritZombie (8)Booster Draft Tip CardHumanHelvault Tip Card
Fateful Hour Tip CardCurses Tip CardMikaeus Tip CardHumanGatherer Tip CardUndying Tip CardWolf (12)SpiritVampireTransform Tip CardMorbid Tip Card
HumanZombie (7)SpiritHelvault Tip CardMikaeus Tip CardUsing Planeswalkers Tip CardLimited Tip CardDeck Proportions Tip CardFlashback Tip CardWolf (12)Human
Zombie (7)Booster Draft Tip CardUndying Tip CardHumanSpiritZombie (9)Fateful Hour Tip CardGatherer Tip CardMikaeus Tip CardSpiritZombie (8)
Curses Tip CardHumanTransform Tip CardSpiritHumanUsing Planeswalkers Tip CardMorbid Tip CardVampireWolf (12)Zombie (7)Deck Proportions Tip Card
Zombie (8)SpiritHumanFateful Hour Tip CardSorin, Lord of Innistrad EmblemFlashback Tip CardHumanTransform Tip CardUndying Tip CardDefeating Planeswalkers Tip CardSpirit
Zombie (9)Helvault Tip CardBooster Draft Tip CardMikaeus Tip CardLimited Tip CardHumanSpiritHumanSpiritWolf (12)Defeating Planeswalkers Tip Card
SpiritDeck Proportions Tip CardCurses Tip CardMorbid Tip CardTransform Tip CardSpiritHumanFateful Hour Tip CardZombie (7)Undying Tip CardHuman
Helvault Tip CardZombie (8)Using Planeswalkers Tip CardHumanSpiritGatherer Tip CardDefeating Planeswalkers Tip CardSpiritHumanZombie (9)Vampire

Token Rarity
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad EmblemSorin, Lord of Innistrad Emblem × 1Limited Tip CardLimited Tip Card × 3VampireVampire × 3
Booster Draft Tip CardBooster Draft Tip Card × 4Curses Tip CardCurses Tip Card × 4Deck Proportions Tip CardDeck Proportions Tip Card × 4
Defeating Planeswalkers Tip CardDefeating Planeswalkers Tip Card × 4Flashback Tip CardFlashback Tip Card × 4Gatherer Tip CardGatherer Tip Card × 4
Morbid Tip CardMorbid Tip Card × 4Using Planeswalkers Tip CardUsing Planeswalkers Tip Card × 4Zombie (7)Zombie × 4
Zombie (8)Zombie × 4Zombie (9)Zombie × 4Fateful Hour Tip CardFateful Hour Tip Card × 5
Helvault Tip CardHelvault Tip Card × 5Mikaeus Tip CardMikaeus Tip Card × 5Transform Tip CardTransform Tip Card × 5
Undying Tip CardUndying Tip Card × 5Wolf (12)Wolf × 5SpiritSpirit × 17
HumanHuman × 23

[1] The common runs for US Dark Ascension were originally posted by Medussa on the MTG Salvation forums.