Dragons of Tarkir Collation

Dragons of Tarkir is a large set with 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares, and three variations of each standard basic land. This is the normal size for a large set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 67 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA and Belgium.

Dragons of Tarkir was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with C1/C2 common collation.

Packs are back-facing and have 10 commons followed by 3 uncommons, a rare, a basic land, and an ad card. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the rare, displacing a common.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card

Packs are evenly split between C1 commons and C2 commons. C1 packs have 2-3 A cards, 2 B, and 4-5 C. C2 packs have 4 A cards, 2-4 B, and 2-4 C.


When a foil appears in a pack, it will displace a common card. Common foils displace A commons and only appear in C1 packs. Uncommon foils displace B commons. Rare foils displace C2 commons.

Uncommons are split into four runs: A, B, C, and D. A and B contain 22 distinct cards each three times, and C and D contain 18 distinct cards each three times. Packs contain one card from any three of the four runs. A uncommons always appear before B which appear before C which appear before D. Mathematically, A and B should appear in 33/40 of packs, and C and D should appear in 27/40 of packs. (Therefore e.g. packs with just B, C, and D should appear 7/40 times.) These rates are plausible.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. The cards are alternating white, black, and red. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Sibsig IcebreakersMagmatic ChasmCenter SoulCoat with VenomKolaghan StormsingerStudent of OjutaiShambling GoblinImpact TremorsGlaring AegisQarsi SadistLose Calm
Champion of ArashinGravepurgeDragon FodderAven TacticianMind RotMagmatic ChasmResupplyHand of SilumgarHardened BerserkerTerritorial RocMarsh Hulk
Kindled FurySandstorm ChargerSibsig IcebreakersScreamreach BrawlerLightwalkerWandering TombshellVolcanic RushDromoka WarriorCoat with VenomKolaghan AspirantDromoka Dunecaster
Dutiful AttendantImpact TremorsStudent of OjutaiKolaghan SkirmisherKolaghan StormsingerCenter SoulQarsi SadistSabertooth OutriderChampion of ArashinShambling GoblinDragon Fodder
Glaring AegisMarsh HulkLose CalmTerritorial RocMind RotKindled FuryAven TacticianHand of SilumgarScreamreach BrawlerResupplyGravepurge
Hardened BerserkerSandstorm ChargerKolaghan SkirmisherKolaghan AspirantLightwalkerDutiful AttendantVolcanic RushDromoka WarriorWandering TombshellSabertooth OutriderDromoka Dunecaster

The B common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The cards are alternating blue and green. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Palace FamiliarSandsteppe ScavengerUpdraft ElementalGlade WatcherMonastery LoremasterColossodon YearlingGurmag DrownerConifer StriderAnticipateAtarka BeastbreakerMystic Meditation
Tread UponNegateDragon-Scarred BearZephyr ScribeSheltered AerieContradictPinion FeastSidisi's FaithfulServant of the ScaleDirgur NemesisDragon-Scarred Bear
Palace FamiliarConifer StriderMystic MeditationAinok ArtilleristUpdraft ElementalAtarka BeastbreakerAnticipateSandsteppe ScavengerNegateTread UponContradict
Glade WatcherGurmag DrownerColossodon YearlingDirgur NemesisSheltered AerieMonastery LoremasterServant of the ScaleSidisi's FaithfulAinok ArtilleristZephyr ScribePinion Feast
Mystic MeditationSandsteppe ScavengerPalace FamiliarAtarka BeastbreakerGurmag DrownerTread UponUpdraft ElementalDragon-Scarred BearAnticipateColossodon YearlingNegate
Glade WatcherDirgur NemesisServant of the ScaleContradictAinok ArtilleristMonastery LoremasterConifer StriderSidisi's FaithfulSheltered AerieZephyr ScribePinion Feast

The C1 common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus Fate Forgotten, the short-printed common. Cards appear in black, blue, white, green, red order with colorless cards (or Fate Forgotten) appearing after the red card every other time. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Reduce in StatureDragon's Eye SentryGuardian Shield-BearerSarkhan's RageVial of DragonfireButcher's GleeOjutai InterceptorHerald of DromokaSegmented KrotiqTail SlashDefeat
Reduce in StatureEnduring VictoryEpic ConfrontationTormenting VoiceKeeper of the LensReckless ImpElusive SpellfistArtful ManeuverAerie BowmastersVandalizeFoul-Tongue Shriek
Ojutai InterceptorDragon's Eye SentryRevealing WindSarkhan's RageVial of DragonfireButcher's GleeGlintPacifismGuardian Shield-BearerAtarka EfreetFlatten
Elusive SpellfistHerald of DromokaAerie BowmastersTormenting VoiceKeeper of the LensReckless ImpAncient CarpEnduring VictorySegmented KrotiqTail SlashDefeat
GlintArtful ManeuverRevealing WindVandalizeFate ForgottenFlattenAncient CarpPacifismEpic ConfrontationAtarka EfreetFoul-Tongue Shriek

The C2 common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times plus Fate Forgotten, the short-printed common. It cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Sprinting WarbruteStampeding Elk HerdAncestral StatueDuressMisthoof KirinOjutai's BreathSpidersilk NetTwin BoltTaigam's StrikeSilumgar ButcherEvolving Wilds
Sandcrafter MageDuressShape the SandsOjutai's SummonsAncestral StatueSprinting WarbruteNaturalizeSilumgar ButcherShape the SandsOjutai's BreathCustodian of the Trove
Summit ProwlerStampeding Elk HerdSpidersilk NetVulturous AvenMisthoof KirinOjutai's SummonsEvolving WildsTwin BoltNaturalizeDuressAncestral Statue
Sandcrafter MageOjutai's BreathSprinting WarbruteStampeding Elk HerdCustodian of the TroveVulturous AvenFate ForgottenMisthoof KirinTaigam's StrikeSummit ProwlerSpidersilk Net
Twin BoltVulturous AvenShape the SandsOjutai's SummonsEvolving WildsSummit ProwlerNaturalizeSilumgar ButcherCustodian of the TroveSandcrafter MageTaigam's Strike

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Enduring ScalelordGate SmasherDisplay of DominanceSight Beyond SightRuthless DeathfangBattle MasterySarkhan's TriumphDance of the SkywiseSwift WarkiteKolaghan MonumentSilumgar's Scorn
Scion of UginLearn from the PastUkud CobraDromoka CaptainPress the AdvantageCunning BreezedancerVirulent PlagueAtarka PummelerInspiring CallRakshasa GravecallerDisplay of Dominance
Echoes of the Kin TreeSarkhan's TriumphSwift WarkiteSight Beyond SightBattle MasteryKolaghan MonumentEnduring ScalelordGate SmasherDance of the SkywiseSilumgar's ScornCunning Breezedancer
Inspiring CallPress the AdvantageDisplay of DominanceRuthless DeathfangScion of UginGate SmasherUkud CobraRakshasa GravecallerDromoka CaptainEchoes of the Kin TreeAtarka Pummeler
Learn from the PastRuthless DeathfangSilumgar's ScornDance of the SkywiseSarkhan's TriumphKolaghan MonumentVirulent PlagueSight Beyond SightEnduring ScalelordBattle MasterySwift Warkite
Atarka PummelerLearn from the PastUkud CobraCunning BreezedancerInspiring CallScion of UginVirulent PlagueRakshasa GravecallerPress the AdvantageDromoka CaptainEchoes of the Kin Tree

The B uncommon run also consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. It contains alternating red and green cards (plus Savage Ventmaw in place of a green card). The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Seismic RuptureSalt Road QuartermastersWarbringerExplosive VegetationRoastCircle of EldersRending VolleySavage VentmawLightning BerserkerHerdchaser DragonStormcrag Elemental
Ainok SurvivalistDraconic RoarSight of the ScalelordsStormwing DragonDromoka's GiftSeismic RuptureScaleguard SentinelsWarbringerLurking ArynxDragonlord's ServantSalt Road Ambushers
Kolaghan ForerunnersSalt Road QuartermastersQal Sisma BehemothExplosive VegetationLightning BerserkerHerdchaser DragonStormwing DragonSavage VentmawDraconic RoarCircle of EldersDragonlord's Servant
Sight of the ScalelordsRoastAinok SurvivalistRending VolleyDromoka's GiftSeismic RuptureScaleguard SentinelsQal Sisma BehemothSalt Road AmbushersStormcrag ElementalExplosive Vegetation
Kolaghan ForerunnersLurking ArynxWarbringerSalt Road QuartermastersLightning BerserkerLurking ArynxStormcrag ElementalSavage VentmawRoastCircle of EldersRending Volley
Herdchaser DragonStormwing DragonAinok SurvivalistKolaghan ForerunnersSight of the ScalelordsDragonlord's ServantSalt Road AmbushersDraconic RoarScaleguard SentinelsQal Sisma BehemothDromoka's Gift

The C uncommon run also consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times. It contains alternating white and blue cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Orator of OjutaiSilumgar Spell-EaterScale BlessingSkywise TeachingsSilkwrapVoid SquallStrongarm MonkGudul LurkerSurge of RighteousnessSilumgar SorcererShieldhide Dragon
Encase in IceGraceblade ArtisanSkywise TeachingsSilkwrapQarsi DeceiverGreat Teacher's DecreeYouthful ScholarDragon HunterSilumgar SorcererScale BlessingBelltoll Dragon
Surge of RighteousnessSilumgar Spell-EaterOrator of OjutaiVoid SquallShieldhide DragonGudul LurkerStrongarm MonkEncase in IceGraceblade ArtisanYouthful ScholarGreat Teacher's Decree
Belltoll DragonScale BlessingSkywise TeachingsOrator of OjutaiQarsi DeceiverSilkwrapVoid SquallDragon HunterSilumgar SorcererSurge of RighteousnessGudul Lurker
Strongarm MonkSilumgar Spell-EaterShieldhide DragonBelltoll DragonGraceblade ArtisanEncase in IceGreat Teacher's DecreeYouthful ScholarDragon HunterQarsi Deceiver

The D uncommon run also consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times. It contains mostly black and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Acid-Spewer DragonSilumgar MonumentMinister of PainAtarka MonumentSelf-Inflicted WoundTapestry of the AgesUltimate PriceStormrider RigFoul-Tongue InvocationAven SunstrikerDeadly Wanderings
Death WindBlood-Chin RagerDragonloft IdolAmbuscade ShamanDromoka MonumentMarang River SkeletonOjutai MonumentUltimate PriceSilumgar MonumentAcid-Spewer DragonDeath Wind
Minister of PainAven SunstrikerFoul-Tongue InvocationTapestry of the AgesDeadly WanderingsStormrider RigSelf-Inflicted WoundDromoka MonumentAmbuscade ShamanAtarka MonumentAcid-Spewer Dragon
Ojutai MonumentBlood-Chin RagerDragonloft IdolMarang River SkeletonSilumgar MonumentMinister of PainTapestry of the AgesFoul-Tongue InvocationStormrider RigDeadly WanderingsUltimate Price
Self-Inflicted WoundAven SunstrikerBlood-Chin RagerAtarka MonumentDeath WindDromoka MonumentAmbuscade ShamanOjutai MonumentMarang River SkeletonDragonloft Idol

Token Run

Most of the marketing cards in Dragons of Tarkir have a token, tip, or emblem on the front face. In addition, there is a card that has an advertisement for Magic 2015 on the front face. (The front has an ESRB rating and the back has PEGI, so I'm not aware of any region differences.) They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Djinn MonkDragonMagic 2015 Ad CardGoblinMorphSilumgar Tip CardDjinn MonkSilumgar Tip CardZombieMorphAtarka Tip Card
Sarkhan Tip CardDjinn MonkMagic 2015 Ad CardMorphGoblinDjinn MonkMorphUgin Tip CardMorphAtarka Tip CardNarset Tip Card
ZombieMorphMagic 2015 Ad CardWarriorDjinn MonkGoblinMorphOjutai Tip CardSarkhan Tip CardDragonMorph
Djinn MonkGoblinMagic 2015 Ad CardMorphZombieDjinn MonkMorphMagic 2015 Ad CardGoblinKolaghan Tip CardMorph
Dromoka Tip CardUgin Tip CardMagic 2015 Ad CardDjinn MonkMorphSarkhan Tip CardZombie HorrorMorphKolaghan Tip CardGoblinDjinn Monk
Ojutai Tip CardMorphMagic 2015 Ad CardZombieAtarka Tip CardNarset Tip CardSilumgar Tip CardNarset Transcendent EmblemMorphDjinn MonkGoblin
Ugin Tip CardKolaghan Tip CardMagic 2015 Ad CardMorphSarkhan Tip CardDjinn MonkWarriorDjinn MonkNarset Tip CardOjutai Tip CardDromoka Tip Card
GoblinZombieMagic 2015 Ad CardMorphUgin Tip CardMorphZombieDjinn MonkDragonSarkhan Tip CardMorph
Silumgar Tip CardGoblinMagic 2015 Ad CardZombie HorrorNarset Tip CardMorphDjinn MonkGoblinDjinn MonkUgin Tip CardWarrior
MorphOjutai Tip CardMagic 2015 Ad CardDjinn MonkDragonMorphDromoka Tip CardZombieSarkhan Tip CardDjinn MonkGoblin
WarriorDromoka Tip CardMagic 2015 Ad CardMorphDjinn MonkKolaghan Tip CardGoblinMorphAtarka Tip CardNarset Tip CardZombie Horror

Token Rarity
Narset Transcendent EmblemNarset Transcendent Emblem × 1Zombie HorrorZombie Horror × 3Atarka Tip CardAtarka Tip Card × 4
DragonDragon × 4Dromoka Tip CardDromoka Tip Card × 4Kolaghan Tip CardKolaghan Tip Card × 4
Ojutai Tip CardOjutai Tip Card × 4Silumgar Tip CardSilumgar Tip Card × 4WarriorWarrior × 4
Narset Tip CardNarset Tip Card × 5Ugin Tip CardUgin Tip Card × 5Sarkhan Tip CardSarkhan Tip Card × 6
ZombieZombie × 7GoblinGoblin × 12Magic 2015 Ad CardMagic 2015 Ad Card × 12
Djinn MonkDjinn Monk × 18MorphMorph × 24

Foil Common Sheet

There is a picture of the foil common sheet available. [1] Each common card and each basic land variation appears once. The extra copies of Swamp (256) are presumed to be fillers.

Island (254)Center SoulCoat with VenomZephyr ScribeImpact TremorsRevealing WindCustodian of the TroveSwamp (258)Shambling GoblinSidisi's FaithfulTail Slash
Aerie BowmastersChampion of ArashinDefeatMountain (261)Kindled FuryPinion FeastEvolving WildsMisthoof KirinSibsig IcebreakersTaigam's StrikeForest (262)
Ainok ArtilleristDragon's Eye SentryDuressReduce in StatureKolaghan AspirantSegmented KrotiqPlains (251)PacifismSilumgar ButcherUpdraft ElementalTread Upon
Atarka BeastbreakerDromoka DunecasterDutiful AttendantPlains (250)Kolaghan StormsingerSandsteppe ScavengerVial of DragonfireResupplyVulturous AvenContradictIsland (255)
Colossodon YearlingDromoka WarriorFlattenElusive SpellfistLose CalmServant of the ScaleAncestral StatueSandcrafter MageSwamp (257)Dirgur NemesisSabertooth Outrider
Conifer StriderEnduring VictoryFoul-Tongue ShriekGlintMagmatic ChasmShape the SandsMountain (259)Sandstorm ChargerMarsh HulkOjutai's BreathSarkhan's Rage
Dragon-Scarred BearFate ForgottenGravepurgeGurmag DrownerForest (264)Sheltered AerieSpidersilk NetStudent of OjutaiMind RotOjutai's SummonsScreamreach Brawler
Epic ConfrontationPlains (252)Hand of SilumgarMonastery LoremasterTormenting VoiceStampeding Elk HerdAtarka EfreetTerritorial RocIsland (253)Palace FamiliarSprinting Warbrute
Glade WatcherGlaring AegisKolaghan SkirmisherMystic MeditationTwin BoltSwamp (256)Keeper of the LensAncient CarpQarsi SadistArtful ManeuverSummit Prowler
Guardian Shield-BearerHerald of DromokaMountain (260)NegateVandalizeWandering TombshellDragon FodderAnticipateReckless ImpAven TacticianForest (263)
NaturalizeLightwalkerButcher's GleeOjutai InterceptorVolcanic RushHardened BerserkerSwamp (256)Swamp (256)Swamp (256)Swamp (256)Swamp (256)

Foil Uncommon Sheet

There is a picture of the foil uncommon sheet available. [1] Each uncommon card appears once. The extra copies of Sarkhan's Triumph are presumed to be fillers.

Aven SunstrikerQarsi DeceiverBlood-Chin RagerDragonlord's ServantCircle of EldersCunning BreezedancerAtarka MonumentShieldhide DragonUkud CobraSeismic RuptureSalt Road Ambushers
Battle MasterySight Beyond SightDeadly WanderingsKolaghan ForerunnersDisplay of DominanceEnduring ScalelordDromoka MonumentSilkwrapUltimate PriceStormcrag ElementalPress the Advantage
Dragon HunterSilumgar SorcererDeath WindLightning BerserkerDromoka's GiftRuthless DeathfangDragonloft IdolStrongarm MonkVirulent PlagueStormwing DragonSalt Road Quartermasters
Dromoka CaptainSilumgar Spell-EaterFoul-Tongue InvocationQal Sisma BehemothExplosive VegetationSavage VentmawGate SmasherSurge of RighteousnessAtarka PummelerWarbringerScaleguard Sentinels
Echoes of the Kin TreeSilumgar's ScornMarang River SkeletonRending VolleyHerdchaser DragonSwift WarkiteKolaghan MonumentBelltoll DragonDraconic RoarAinok SurvivalistSight of the Scalelords
Graceblade ArtisanSkywise TeachingsMinister of PainRoastInspiring CallAcid-Spewer DragonOjutai MonumentDance of the SkywiseScion of UginGudul LurkerStormrider Rig
Great Teacher's DecreeVoid SquallRakshasa GravecallerSarkhan's TriumphLurking ArynxAmbuscade ShamanSilumgar MonumentEncase in IceScale BlessingLearn from the PastTapestry of the Ages
Orator of OjutaiYouthful ScholarSelf-Inflicted WoundSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's Triumph
Sarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's Triumph
Sarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's Triumph
Sarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's TriumphSarkhan's Triumph

Foil Rare Sheet

There is a picture of the foil rare sheet available. [2] Each rare card appears twice, and each mythic rare card appears once.

Dragon WhispererDen ProtectorRadiant PurgeArashin SovereignGleam of AuthorityAnafenza, Kin-Tree SpiritHedonist's TroveAssault FormationDragonlord AtarkaBlessed ReincarnationSurrak, the Hunt Caller
Icefall RegentCorpseweftPitiless HordeAtarka's CommandHidden DragonslayerOjutai ExemplarsSecure the WastesAvatar of the ResoluteDromoka's CommandDamnable PactArashin Foremost
Illusory GainsProfaner of the DeadDragonlord KolaghanBoltwing MarauderMyth RealizedFoe-Razer RegentHaven of the Spirit DragonCollected CompanyHarbinger of the HuntDeathbringer RegentRisen Executioner
Living LoreBlood-Chin FanaticCrater ElementalDromoka's CommandProfound JourneyCommune with LavaSidisi, Undead VizierDragonlord SilumgarKolaghan's CommandFoul RenewalDragonlord's Prerogative
Mirror MockerySunscorch RegentDragon TempestHarbinger of the HuntShorecrasher ElementalZurgo BellstrikerCorpseweftVolcanic VisionNecromaster DragonBerserkers' OnslaughtIcefall Regent
Obscuring AetherSarkhan UnbrokenIre ShamanKolaghan's CommandStratus DancerDen ProtectorAnafenza, Kin-Tree SpiritSunbringer's TouchOjutai's CommandDeathmist RaptorIllusory Gains
Silumgar AssassinAssault FormationThunderbreak RegentNecromaster DragonGleam of AuthoritySurrak, the Hunt CallerDragonlord DromokaRadiant PurgePristine SkywiseHedonist's TroveLiving Lore
Haven of the Spirit DragonAvatar of the ResoluteDragonlord's PrerogativeClone LegionHidden DragonslayerBlessed ReincarnationDamnable PactArashin ForemostSilumgar's CommandCrater ElementalMirror Mockery
Dragonlord OjutaiCollected CompanyPitiless HordeOjutai's CommandMyth RealizedSecure the WastesDeathbringer RegentProfaner of the DeadDescent of the DragonsDragon TempestBoltwing Marauder
Sidisi, Undead VizierCommune with LavaSunscorch RegentPristine SkywiseProfound JourneyNarset TranscendentFoul RenewalSunbringer's TouchArashin SovereignIre ShamanBlood-Chin Fanatic
Volcanic VisionStratus DancerShaman of Forgotten WaysSilumgar's CommandZurgo BellstrikerObscuring AetherBerserkers' OnslaughtSilumgar AssassinAtarka's CommandThunderbreak RegentFoe-Razer Regent

[1] Pictures of the foil US common sheet and foil US uncommon sheet were posted in the Uncut Sheet facebook group by Derek Johnson.

[2] A picture of the foil US rare sheet was posted in the Misprints facebook group by Tee Thebeau.