Magic 2013 Collation

Magic 2013 is a core set with 101 commons, 60 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares, and four variations of each standard basic land. This is the normal size for a large set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 67 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA.

Magic 2013 was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with C1/C2 common collation.

Packs are back-facing and have 10 commons followed by 3 uncommons, a rare, an ad card, and a basic land. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the land, displacing a common.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Ad Card1 Land
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Ad Card1 Land1 Foil

Packs are evenly split between C1 commons and C2 commons. C1 packs have 3 A cards, 1-2 B, and 5-6 C. C2 packs have 3-4 A cards, 2-4 B, and 3-4 C.


When a foil appears in a pack, it will displace a common card. Common foils displace A commons and mostly appear in C1 packs. Uncommon foils displace B commons (which can result in a pack with no B commons). Rare foils displace C2 commons.

Uncommons are printed on one sheet with each card appearing twice (and one filler). This is divided into a 66-card A run (with 33 different cards each appearing twice) and a 54-card B run (with 27 different cards each appearing twice). Packs can have either 2 A cards followed by 1 B card, or 1 A card followed by 2 B cards. Since the runs are unbalanced, 2 A cards should mathematically happen 13/20 of the time.

Rare are printed in four runs across two sheets. (The labels of rare runs are not as easy to agree upon since they aren't really ordered within packs, but I've chosen labels based on their arrangements on the sheets.) The A and C runs each have 66 cards mostly filled by 16 different rare cards each appearing four times. This leaves two slots left for each of these runs which are taken up by Staff of Nin. The B and D runs each have 55 cards. The B run is mostly filled by 13 different rare cards each appearing four times, and the D run is mostly filled by 15 different mythic rare cards each appearing twice and 6 different rare cards each appearing four times. This leaves three slots in the B run and one slot in the D run which are taken up by Void Stalker. The A and B runs are the top and bottom halves of one sheet and the C and D runs are the top and bottom halves of another sheet. The likelihood of getting a card from a particular run is chosen to make sure all rare cards have the same rarity, (so 6/22 chance for A, 5/22 for B, 6/22 for C, 5/22 for D).

Common Runs[1]

Picture of both common sheets are available. [2]

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. This is the top half of the A / C1 common sheet.

Dark FavorRanger's PathRummaging GoblinCaptain's CallNegateMind RotPillarfield OxUnsummonPlummetTrumpet BlastLiliana's Shade
Guardian LionsVedalken EntrancerVolcanic StrengthFarseekWild GuessDisentombGuardians of AkrasaNegateKindled FuryTitanic GrowthChandra's Fury
Mind RotSafe PassageArchaeomancerRummaging GoblinFogSilvercoat LionBloodhunter BatDisentombMind SculptDownpourNaturalize
Pillarfield OxSafe PassageLiliana's ShadeHarbor SerpentKindled FuryRanger's PathSilvercoat LionMogg FlunkiesUnsummonServant of NefaroxTrumpet Blast
FogShow of ValorVedalken EntrancerWild GuessDark FavorCaptain's CallNaturalizeChandra's FuryMind SculptFarseekServant of Nefarox
Guardian LionsVolcanic StrengthDownpourPlummetShow of ValorBloodhunter BatTitanic GrowthArchaeomancerGuardians of AkrasaMogg FlunkiesHarbor Serpent

The B common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. This is the top half of the B / C2 common sheet.

Essence DrainWarclamp MastiffIndexSearing SpearMerfolk of the Pearl TridentMurderPrey UponDivine FavorKraken HatchlingFire ElementalMark of the Vampire
Centaur CourserBladetusk BoarGlorious ChargeWarclamp MastiffSign in BloodMerfolk of the Pearl TridentIndexEssence DrainEraseFire ElementalSearing Spear
Deadly RecluseHydrosurgeMark of the VampireDivine FavorSentinel SpiderTurn to SlagAngel's MercyKraken HatchlingEssence DrainCentaur CourserWatercourser
Fire ElementalWarclamp MastiffDeadly RecluseSign in BloodEraseIndexMurderTurn to SlagHydrosurgeGlorious ChargeSentinel Spider
WatercourserMark of the VampirePrey UponAngel's MercySearing SpearCentaur CourserMerfolk of the Pearl TridentBladetusk BoarDivine FavorSign in BloodSentinel Spider
HydrosurgeEraseTurn to SlagPrey UponGlorious ChargeMurderWatercourserKraken HatchlingBladetusk BoarDeadly RecluseAngel's Mercy

The C1 common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus Evolving Wilds, the short-printed common. This is the bottom half of the A / C1 common sheet.

Timberpack WolfCrippling BlightGoblin Battle JesterVile RebirthTricks of the TradeAven SquireVastwood GorgerArbor ElfReckless BruteGiant ScorpionScroll Thief
Attended KnightDuressYeva's ForcemageSpiked BalothWall of FireDivinationWar FalconZombie GoliathTimberpack WolfCanyon MinotaurGiant Scorpion
Wind DrakeAjani's SunstrikerPrimal HuntbeastWelkin TernKrenko's CommandBloodthrone VampireEvolving WildsArbor ElfGriffin ProtectorDivinationReckless Brute
Zombie GoliathYeva's ForcemageCrippling BlightWar FalconKrenko's CommandTricks of the TradeSpiked BalothGoblin Battle JesterAjani's SunstrikerDuressWelkin Tern
Vastwood GorgerVile RebirthCanyon MinotaurAven SquireWind DrakePrimal HuntbeastAttended KnightWall of FireBloodthrone VampireScroll ThiefGriffin Protector

The C2 common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times plus Evolving Wilds, the short-printed common. This is the bottom half of the B / C2 common sheet.

EncrustPacifismBountiful HarvestRavenous RatsFaerie InvadersGoblin ArsonistDivine VerdictBattleflight EagleSerpent's GiftDuty-Bound DeadSmelt
Dragon HatchlingPacifismTormented SoulElvish VisionaryEssence ScatterWalking CorpseGoblin ArsonistBountiful HarvestFaerie InvadersEvolving WildsEncrust
Ravenous RatsSmeltBond BeetleTormented SoulDivine VerdictCraterizePacifismElvish VisionarySerpent's GiftWalking CorpseBattleflight Eagle
Dragon HatchlingDuty-Bound DeadEncrustBond BeetleFaerie InvadersCraterizeRavenous RatsEssence ScatterSerpent's GiftBountiful HarvestSmelt
Tormented SoulDuty-Bound DeadGoblin ArsonistBattleflight EagleBond BeetleDivine VerdictWalking CorpseElvish VisionaryCraterizeEssence ScatterDragon Hatchling

Uncommon Runs

A picture of the uncommon sheet is available. [2]

The A uncommon run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. This is the top half of the uncommon sheet.

Acidic SlimeCrusader of OdricJayemdae TomeChronomatonBlood ReckoningTalrand's InvocationRancorCrimson MuckwaderRing of KaloniaAngelic BenedictionKnight of Infamy
Augur of BolasGarruk's PackleaderRing of XathridFurnace WhelpWar Priest of ThuneVeilborn GhoulSleepDuskdale WurmTalrand's InvocationCrimson MuckwaderHarbor Bandit
ChronomatonRing of KaloniaRain of BladesRoaring PrimadoxTorch FiendVeilborn GhoulRing of XathridRing of ThuneCrusader of OdricRancorSleep
Duskmantle ProwlerJayemdae TomeMark of MutinyArctic AvenHealer of the PrideDuskdale WurmRing of ValkasKnight of InfamySwitcherooTorch FiendWar Priest of Thune
Gem of BecomingDuskmantle ProwlerAcidic SlimeArctic AvenMindclaw ShamanHealer of the PrideRing of ValkasRing of Evos IsleRoaring PrimadoxBlood ReckoningFurnace Whelp
Angelic BenedictionGem of BecomingRing of ThuneGarruk's PackleaderSwitcherooMindclaw ShamanRain of BladesRing of Evos IsleAugur of BolasHarbor BanditMark of Mutiny

The B uncommon run also consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. This is the bottom half of the uncommon sheet. (There is one filler space in the bottom right corner of the sheet that contains an extra copy of Knight of Glory.)

Volcanic GeyserRise from the GraveRewindPrimal ClayFlinthoof BoarKitesailSerra AngelCower in FearJace's PhantasmFlames of the FirebrandFungal Sprouting
Tormod's CryptClock of OmensRise from the GraveFog BankKnight of GloryVolcanic GeyserReviveKitesailVampire NighthawkCourtly ProvocateurSerra Angel
Oblivion RingMwonvuli Beast TrackerCleaver RiotCower in FearElixir of ImmortalityFog BankReliquary TowerKnight of GloryReviveVampire NighthawkArms Dealer
Phyrexian HulkCourtly ProvocateurPrized ElephantPrimal ClayPublic ExecutionCleaver RiotFlinthoof BoarTormod's CryptRewindClock of OmensFlames of the Firebrand
Reliquary TowerFungal SproutingElixir of ImmortalityJace's PhantasmOblivion RingArms DealerPublic ExecutionPrized ElephantPhyrexian HulkMwonvuli Beast Tracker

Rare Runs

Picture of both rare sheets are available. [2]

The A rare run consists of 16 different rare cards each appearing four times plus two copies of Staff of Nin. (The other copies of Staff of Nin are in the C run.) This is the top half of the first rare sheet.

Intrepid HeroStormtide LeviathanBoundless RealmsRootbound CragFaith's RewardTouch of the EternalDisciple of BolasRhox FaithmenderCloneSunpetal GroveFervor
Shimian SpecterStaff of NinHamletback GoliathTalrand, Sky SummonerFaith's RewardXathrid GorgonDisciple of BolasRootbound CragIntrepid HeroThragtuskClone
Stormtide LeviathanSunpetal GroveHamletback GoliathBoundless RealmsFervorRhox FaithmenderShimian SpecterXathrid GorgonTouch of the EternalThragtuskTalrand, Sky Summoner
Rootbound CragCloneDisciple of BolasIntrepid HeroFervorHamletback GoliathStormtide LeviathanShimian SpecterFaith's RewardBoundless RealmsSunpetal Grove
Talrand, Sky SummonerTouch of the EternalRootbound CragThragtuskRhox FaithmenderIntrepid HeroXathrid GorgonCloneFervorFaith's RewardStormtide Leviathan
Staff of NinBoundless RealmsShimian SpecterTouch of the EternalRhox FaithmenderSunpetal GroveDisciple of BolasThragtuskHamletback GoliathXathrid GorgonTalrand, Sky Summoner

The B rare run consists of 13 different rare cards each appearing four times plus three copies of Void Stalker. (The other copy of Void Stalker is in the D run.) This is the bottom half of the first rare sheet.

Planar CleansingSlumbering DragonQuirion DryadTrading PostSpelltwineElvish ArchdruidVoid StalkerFirewing PhoenixDrowned CatacombRedirectStuffy Doll
Dragonskull SummitQuirion DryadElvish ArchdruidTrading PostMutilateSpelltwineSlumbering DragonNefarox, Overlord of GrixisDragonskull SummitRedirectFirewing Phoenix
Stuffy DollMutilateVoid StalkerPlanar CleansingQuirion DryadDrowned CatacombNefarox, Overlord of GrixisFirewing PhoenixSpelltwineRedirectSlumbering Dragon
Dragonskull SummitMutilateQuirion DryadStuffy DollElvish ArchdruidFirewing PhoenixPlanar CleansingNefarox, Overlord of GrixisTrading PostVoid StalkerSlumbering Dragon
Drowned CatacombStuffy DollSpelltwinePlanar CleansingDragonskull SummitTrading PostRedirectNefarox, Overlord of GrixisElvish ArchdruidMutilateDrowned Catacomb

The C rare run consists of 16 different rare cards each appearing four times plus two copies of Staff of Nin. (The other copies of Staff of Nin are in the A run.) This is the top half of the second rare sheet.

Serra AvengerMaster of the Pearl TridentCathedral of WarDiabolic RevelationOdric, Master TacticianGilded LotusSilklash SpiderHellion CrucibleWit's EndSphinx of UthuunSerra Avenger
Staff of NinGlacial FortressCathedral of WarMagmaquakeDiabolic RevelationYeva, Nature's HeraldMaster of the Pearl TridentKrenko, Mob BossHellion CrucibleSphinx of UthuunSands of Delirium
Gilded LotusPredatory RampageMagmaquakeMaster of the Pearl TridentOdric, Master TacticianCathedral of WarWit's EndSilklash SpiderGlacial FortressSands of DeliriumSerra Avenger
Yeva, Nature's HeraldKrenko, Mob BossDiabolic RevelationPredatory RampageHellion CrucibleGilded LotusWit's EndMaster of the Pearl TridentSilklash SpiderMagmaquakeOdric, Master Tactician
Predatory RampageSands of DeliriumCathedral of WarSphinx of UthuunGilded LotusYeva, Nature's HeraldWit's EndSerra AvengerPredatory RampageKrenko, Mob BossSands of Delirium
Hellion CrucibleYeva, Nature's HeraldGlacial FortressSphinx of UthuunOdric, Master TacticianSilklash SpiderDiabolic RevelationStaff of NinKrenko, Mob BossGlacial FortressMagmaquake

The D rare run consists of 6 different rare cards each appearing four times plus 15 different mythic rare cards each appearing twice plus one copy of Void Stalker. (The other copies of Void Stalker are in the B run.) This is the bottom half of the second rare sheet.

ReverberatePhylactery LichPrimordial HydraDoor to NothingnessCaptain of the WatchSublime ArchangelChandra, the FirebrandVampire NocturnusGround SealAjani, Caller of the PrideLiliana of the Dark Realms
Battle of WitsReverberatePrimordial HydraAkroma's MemorialDoor to NothingnessPhylactery LichJace, Memory AdeptWorldfireGarruk, Primal HunterCaptain of the WatchNicol Bolas, Planeswalker
Battle of WitsVampire NocturnusReverberateAjani, Caller of the PrideDoor to NothingnessGround SealOmniscienceChandra, the FirebrandAkroma's MemorialCaptain of the WatchElderscale Wurm
Phylactery LichNicol Bolas, PlaneswalkerThundermaw HellkiteBattle of WitsSublime ArchangelGround SealVoid StalkerDoor to NothingnessReverberateSerra AvatarGarruk, Primal Hunter
Phylactery LichOmniscienceThundermaw HellkiteCaptain of the WatchBattle of WitsGround SealLiliana of the Dark RealmsElderscale WurmWorldfireSerra AvatarJace, Memory Adept

Token Run

Most of the marketing cards in Magic 2013 have a token, tip, or emblem on the front face. In addition, there is a card that has an advertisement for Magic Duels on the front face. (The front has an ESRB rating and the back has PEGI.) They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Deck Proportions Tip CardDuels 2013 Ad CardGoblinSoldierDrakeDuels 2013 Ad CardHellionSaprolingCasual Formats Tip CardExalted Tip CardBolas Tip Card
Booster Draft Tip CardDuels 2013 Ad CardEmpty Library Tip CardGoblinLimited Tip CardSoldierZombieCatDefeating Planeswalkers Tip CardDrakeDeck Construction Tip Card
Liliana of the Dark Realms EmblemDuels 2013 Ad CardBolas Tip CardSaprolingWurmZombieGoblinDrakeBooster Draft Tip CardCommander Tip CardDeck Proportions Tip Card
Ajani Tip CardDuels 2013 Ad CardDefeating Planeswalkers Tip CardCatGoblinGoatBolas Tip CardExalted Tip CardDeck Construction Tip CardCasual Formats Tip CardExpansion Symbol Tip Card
Empty Library Tip CardDuels 2013 Ad CardSoldierHellionDeck Proportions Tip CardWurmCommander Tip CardDefeating Planeswalkers Tip CardBolas Tip CardZombieGoblin
SoldierDuels 2013 Ad CardAjani Tip CardDrakeSaprolingExalted Tip CardUsing Planeswalkers Tip CardGoblinExpansion Symbol Tip CardBeastEmpty Library Tip Card
GoblinDuels 2013 Ad CardExalted Tip CardDefeating Planeswalkers Tip CardCasual Formats Tip CardDrakeSoldierDeck Construction Tip CardGoblinGoatLimited Tip Card
BeastDuels 2013 Ad CardSaprolingBolas Tip CardUsing Planeswalkers Tip CardSoldierDeck Construction Tip CardSoldierAjani Tip CardGoblinBooster Draft Tip Card
SaprolingDuels 2013 Ad CardCommander Tip CardGoatExalted Tip CardSoldierLimited Tip CardZombieSoldierDeck Proportions Tip CardUsing Planeswalkers Tip Card
GoblinDuels 2013 Ad CardExpansion Symbol Tip CardAjani Tip CardEmpty Library Tip CardCommander Tip CardBeastGoblinSaprolingSoldierDrake
Casual Formats Tip CardDuels 2013 Ad CardGoatBooster Draft Tip CardSoldierLimited Tip CardExpansion Symbol Tip CardUsing Planeswalkers Tip CardGoblinZombieSoldier

Token Rarity
Liliana of the Dark Realms EmblemLiliana of the Dark Realms Emblem × 1CatCat × 2HellionHellion × 2
WurmWurm × 2BeastBeast × 3Ajani Tip CardAjani Tip Card × 4
Booster Draft Tip CardBooster Draft Tip Card × 4Casual Formats Tip CardCasual Formats Tip Card × 4Commander Tip CardCommander Tip Card × 4
Deck Construction Tip CardDeck Construction Tip Card × 4Deck Proportions Tip CardDeck Proportions Tip Card × 4Defeating Planeswalkers Tip CardDefeating Planeswalkers Tip Card × 4
Empty Library Tip CardEmpty Library Tip Card × 4Expansion Symbol Tip CardExpansion Symbol Tip Card × 4GoatGoat × 4
Limited Tip CardLimited Tip Card × 4Using Planeswalkers Tip CardUsing Planeswalkers Tip Card × 4Bolas Tip CardBolas Tip Card × 5
Exalted Tip CardExalted Tip Card × 5ZombieZombie × 5DrakeDrake × 6
SaprolingSaproling × 6Duels 2013 Ad CardDuels 2013 Ad Card × 12GoblinGoblin × 12
SoldierSoldier × 12

Foil Uncommon Sheet

There was a picture of the foil uncommon sheet available, but I don't have a link for it. Each uncommon card appears twice. The extra copy of Crusader of Odric is presumed to be a filler.

Rain of BladesDuskdale WurmHarbor BanditReliquary TowerRing of XathridRing of Evos IsleMwonvuli Beast TrackerKnight of InfamyCrusader of OdricArctic AvenClock of Omens
Arms DealerRoaring PrimadoxRewindCower in FearRing of ThuneTalrand's InvocationWar Priest of ThuneReviveFurnace WhelpJace's PhantasmRing of Evos Isle
SwitcherooRise from the GraveFungal SproutingAngelic BenedictionGem of BecomingCrimson MuckwaderRewindBlood ReckoningAugur of BolasPrized ElephantRing of Valkas
RancorMindclaw ShamanArctic AvenPrimal ClayOblivion RingVeilborn GhoulAcidic SlimeTorch FiendPhyrexian HulkGem of BecomingSerra Angel
Vampire NighthawkDuskdale WurmCleaver RiotSwitcherooRing of ValkasClock of OmensDuskmantle ProwlerArms DealerKnight of GloryMwonvuli Beast TrackerJace's Phantasm
KitesailMindclaw ShamanKnight of InfamyPrized ElephantSleepRing of ThuneMark of MutinyRancorCourtly ProvocateurRain of BladesJayemdae Tome
Harbor BanditFlames of the FirebrandAugur of BolasRoaring PrimadoxElixir of ImmortalityTalrand's InvocationVeilborn GhoulCleaver RiotHealer of the PrideRevivePrimal Clay
Torch FiendCower in FearReliquary TowerKnight of GloryFlinthoof BoarTormod's CryptElixir of ImmortalityPublic ExecutionFurnace WhelpHealer of the PrideGarruk's Packleader
Fog BankChronomatonFlames of the FirebrandAngelic BenedictionRise from the GraveAcidic SlimePhyrexian HulkVolcanic GeyserWar Priest of ThuneRing of XathridCourtly Provocateur
Blood ReckoningFungal SproutingMark of MutinyCrusader of OdricRing of KaloniaKitesailVampire NighthawkFog BankFlinthoof BoarOblivion RingVolcanic Geyser
Tormod's CryptJayemdae TomeDuskmantle ProwlerSleepGarruk's PackleaderSerra AngelRing of KaloniaCrimson MuckwaderPublic ExecutionChronomatonCrusader of Odric

Foil Rare Sheet

There was a picture of the foil rare sheet available, but I don't have a link for it. Each rare card appears twice, and each mythic rare card appears once.

Elderscale WurmThundermaw HellkiteCaptain of the WatchPlanar CleansingMutilateJace, Memory AdeptYeva, Nature's HeraldSlumbering DragonDoor to NothingnessFaith's RewardDragonskull Summit
SpelltwineGarruk, Primal HunterFirewing PhoenixPhylactery LichTrading PostSerra AvengerOmnisciencePredatory RampageRootbound CragReverberateXathrid Gorgon
Door to NothingnessVoid StalkerThragtuskHellion CrucibleChandra, the FirebrandMutilateStaff of NinOdric, Master TacticianSpelltwineHamletback GoliathGround Seal
Disciple of BolasGilded LotusIntrepid HeroMaster of the Pearl TridentKrenko, Mob BossSunpetal GroveShimian SpecterQuirion DryadSublime ArchangelStormtide LeviathanReverberate
Trading PostGlacial FortressGround SealTouch of the EternalVoid StalkerXathrid GorgonMagmaquakeDragonskull SummitYeva, Nature's HeraldRedirectSunpetal Grove
Disciple of BolasCathedral of WarFervorSilklash SpiderTalrand, Sky SummonerAkroma's MemorialWit's EndOdric, Master TacticianKrenko, Mob BossRootbound CragClone
Boundless RealmsDiabolic RevelationHellion CrucibleFervorRhox FaithmenderBattle of WitsPredatory RampageFaith's RewardNefarox, Overlord of GrixisDrowned CatacombGilded Lotus
MagmaquakeStormtide LeviathanPrimordial HydraLiliana of the Dark RealmsAjani, Caller of the PrideSerra AvengerCathedral of WarSands of DeliriumSilklash SpiderSphinx of UthuunCaptain of the Watch
Hamletback GoliathPhylactery LichIntrepid HeroElvish ArchdruidBattle of WitsTouch of the EternalStuffy DollShimian SpecterSlumbering DragonThragtuskMaster of the Pearl Trident
Planar CleansingDrowned CatacombNicol Bolas, PlaneswalkerGlacial FortressWit's EndBoundless RealmsRedirectSands of DeliriumWorldfireSerra AvatarDiabolic Revelation
Quirion DryadCloneStaff of NinRhox FaithmenderVampire NocturnusElvish ArchdruidFirewing PhoenixSphinx of UthuunStuffy DollNefarox, Overlord of GrixisTalrand, Sky Summoner

[1] The common runs for US Magic 2013 were originally posted by Medussa on the MTG Salvation forums.

[2] A set of US Magic 2013 sheets featuring both common sheets, the uncommon sheet, and both rare sheets was posted in the Uncut Sheet facebook group by Brian Nocenti.