Magic 2015 Collation

Magic 2015 is a core set with 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares, and four variations of each standard basic land. This is the normal size for a large set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 67 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA and Belgium.

Magic 2015 was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with C1/C2 common collation.

Packs are back-facing and have 10 commons followed by 3 uncommons, a rare, a basic land, and an ad card. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the rare, displacing a common.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card

Packs are evenly split between C1 commons and C2 commons. C1 packs have 2-3 A cards, 2 B, and 4-5 C. C2 packs have 4 A cards, 2-4 B, and 2-4 C.


When a foil appears in a pack, it will displace a common card. Common foils displace A commons and only appear in C1 packs. Uncommon foils displace B commons. Rare foils displace C2 commons.

Uncommons are split into four runs: A, B, C, and D. A and B contain 22 distinct cards each three times, and C and D contain 18 distinct cards each three times. Packs contain one card from any three of the four runs. A uncommons always appear before B which appear before C which appear before D. Mathematically, A and B should appear in 33/40 of packs, and C and D should appear in 27/40 of packs. (Therefore e.g. packs with just B, C, and D should appear 7/40 times.) These rates are plausible.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. The cards are alternating white, blue, and red. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Lightning StrikeRazorfoot GriffinWelkin TernMiner's BaneEphemeral ShieldsFrost LynxHammerhandOppressive RaysCoral BarrierForge DevilTriplicate Spirits
Nimbus of the IslesLava AxeTireless MissionariesGlacial CrasherClear a PathSolemn OfferingAeronaut TinkererCrowd's FavorSungrace PegasusPeel from RealityThundering Giant
Heliod's PilgrimAmphin PathmageWall of FireMidnight GuardVoid SnareClear a PathTriplicate SpiritsGlacial CrasherLightning StrikeKinsbaile SkirmisherAeronaut Tinkerer
Forge DevilTireless MissionariesPeel from RealityInferno FistSungrace PegasusResearch AssistantThundering GiantEphemeral ShieldsCoral BarrierMiner's BaneRazorfoot Griffin
Fugitive WizardHammerhandDivine FavorNimbus of the IslesFoundry Street DenizenHeliod's PilgrimFrost LynxWall of FireOppressive RaysWelkin TernCrowd's Favor
Midnight GuardResearch AssistantLava AxeDivine FavorVoid SnareInferno FistKinsbaile SkirmisherFugitive WizardFoundry Street DenizenSolemn OfferingAmphin Pathmage

The B common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The cards are alternating green and black. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Child of NightCharging RhinoWitch's FamiliarRanger's GuileTyphoid RatsPlummetZof ShadeHunter's AmbushAccursed SpiritVineweftCovenant of Blood
Verdant HavenChild of NightTitanic GrowthCarrion CrowNaturalizeNecromancer's AssistantHunt the WeakWitch's FamiliarShaman of SpringShadowcloak VampireCharging Rhino
Accursed SpiritSiege WurmFlesh to DustVineweftTyphoid RatsVerdant HavenBlack CatPlummetCarrion CrowHunter's AmbushCovenant of Blood
Hunt the WeakAccursed SpiritShaman of SpringNecromancer's AssistantSiege WurmZof ShadeVineweftShadowcloak VampireRanger's GuileFlesh to DustPlummet
Covenant of BloodTitanic GrowthWitch's FamiliarNaturalizeBlack CatHunt the WeakZof ShadeCharging RhinoTyphoid RatsShaman of SpringChild of Night
Ranger's GuileCarrion CrowSiege WurmShadowcloak VampireHunter's AmbushBlack CatTitanic GrowthNecromancer's AssistantVerdant HavenFlesh to DustNaturalize

The C1 common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus Tyrant's Machine, the short-printed common. It contains white, blue, and red cards, and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

InvisibilityBlastfire BoltSoulmenderMind SculptTorch FiendBronze SableMeditation PuzzleStatute of DenialKrenko's EnforcerMarked by HonorHydrosurge
Generator ServantSanctified ChargeWill-Forged GolemChronostutterBorderland MarauderOreskos SwiftclawEncrustTorch FiendOrnithopterSoulmenderDivination
Generator ServantRaise the AlarmStatute of DenialTyrant's MachineKrenko's EnforcerSelfless CatharChronostutterRummaging GoblinBronze SableOreskos SwiftclawNegate
Scrapyard MongrelPillar of LightHydrosurgeGoblin RoughriderMeditation PuzzleMind SculptBlastfire BoltMarked by HonorInvisibilityBorderland MarauderRaise the Alarm
DivinationWill-Forged GolemScrapyard MongrelSelfless CatharEncrustGoblin RoughriderPillar of LightOrnithopterNegateRummaging GoblinSanctified Charge

The C2 common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times plus Tyrant's Machine, the short-printed common. It contains green, black, and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Netcaster SpiderRotfeaster MaggotInvasive SpeciesMind RotRadiant FountainSatyr WayfinderSign in BloodRuneclaw BearFestergloomUndergrowth ScavengerCrippling Blight
Evolving WildsLiving TotemUnmake the GravesCarnivorous Moss-BeastMind RotSatyr WayfinderNecrobiteElvish MysticEternal ThirstNetcaster SpiderRotfeaster Maggot
Undergrowth ScavengerSign in BloodInvasive SpeciesUnmake the GravesRuneclaw BearFestergloomCarnivorous Moss-BeastNecrobiteCrippling BlightNetcaster SpiderEternal Thirst
Living TotemSign in BloodRadiant FountainSatyr WayfinderEvolving WildsElvish MysticRotfeaster MaggotUnmake the GravesRuneclaw BearNecrobiteInvasive Species
Tyrant's MachineLiving TotemMind RotUndergrowth ScavengerRadiant FountainFestergloomElvish MysticCrippling BlightCarnivorous Moss-BeastEternal ThirstEvolving Wilds

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Tormod's CryptEnsoul ArtifactBlood HostHot SoupParagon of Fierce DefianceWall of MulchJuggernautWall of EssenceMilitary IntelligenceDarksteel CitadelUlcerate
Kird ChieftainSunblade ElfGargoyle SentinelAjani's PridemateTurn to FrogFeast on the FallenMeteoriteBrood KeeperVenom SliverDauntless River MarshalTormod's Crypt
Military IntelligenceBlood HostStaff of the Flame MagusParagon of Fierce DefianceSunblade ElfWall of EssenceHot SoupEnsoul ArtifactFeast on the FallenJuggernautAjani's Pridemate
Military IntelligenceGargoyle SentinelUlcerateBrood KeeperWall of MulchMeteoriteWall of EssenceTurn to FrogStaff of the Flame MagusFeast on the FallenKird Chieftain
JuggernautSunblade ElfAjani's PridemateDarksteel CitadelTormod's CryptEnsoul ArtifactUlcerateParagon of Fierce DefianceVenom SliverHot SoupDauntless River Marshal
Turn to FrogMeteoriteBlood HostKird ChieftainWall of MulchStaff of the Flame MagusBrood KeeperDarksteel CitadelVenom SliverGargoyle SentinelDauntless River Marshal

The B uncommon run also consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Paragon of Open GravesHeat RayRestockFirst ResponseKapsho KitefinsRoaring PrimadoxConstricting SliverParagon of Gathering MistsGravediggerShrapnel BlastBack to Nature
Boonweaver GiantJorubai Murk LurkerStaff of the Wild MagusLeeching SliverCone of FlameGather CourageSeraph of the MassesStaff of the Death MagusDiffusion SliverNightfire GiantAct on Impulse
RestockConstricting SliverStaff of the Wild MagusKapsho KitefinsLeeching SliverHeat RayRoaring PrimadoxBoonweaver GiantParagon of Gathering MistsNightfire GiantStaff of the Death Magus
Cone of FlameBack to NatureFirst ResponseJorubai Murk LurkerGravediggerHeat RayStaff of the Wild MagusParagon of Open GravesShrapnel BlastRestockSeraph of the Masses
Paragon of Gathering MistsLeeching SliverAct on ImpulseGather CourageStaff of the Death MagusConstricting SliverDiffusion SliverParagon of Open GravesCone of FlameRoaring PrimadoxFirst Response
Kapsho KitefinsGravediggerAct on ImpulseBack to NatureSeraph of the MassesJorubai Murk LurkerNightfire GiantShrapnel BlastGather CourageBoonweaver GiantDiffusion Sliver

The C uncommon run also consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Caustic TarBelligerent SliverAncient SilverbackBrawler's PlateWarden of the BeyondInto the VoidEndless ObedienceAltac BloodseekerStaff of the Sun MagusParagon of Eternal WildsParagon of New Dawns
Jace's IngenuityStab WoundStaff of the Mind MagusBelligerent SliverReclamation SageWarden of the BeyondDissipateCaustic TarFrenzied GoblinAncient SilverbackGeist of the Moors
Into the VoidStaff of the Mind MagusEndless ObedienceBelligerent SliverParagon of Eternal WildsBrawler's PlateParagon of New DawnsJace's IngenuityStab WoundStaff of the Sun MagusAltac Bloodseeker
Reclamation SageGeist of the MoorsDissipateEndless ObedienceFrenzied GoblinAncient SilverbackStaff of the Mind MagusParagon of New DawnsInto the VoidCaustic TarAltac Bloodseeker
Brawler's PlateParagon of Eternal WildsWarden of the BeyondDissipateStab WoundFrenzied GoblinReclamation SageStaff of the Sun MagusGeist of the MoorsJace's Ingenuity

The D uncommon run also consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

QuicklingProfane MementoNecrogen ScudderMight Makes RightOverwhelmDevouring LightWall of FrostWall of LimbsCircle of FlameNissa's ExpeditionBattle Mastery
QuicklingXathrid SlybladeMight Makes RightOverwhelmRogue's GlovesCongregateIllusory AngelProfane MementoWall of LimbsStoke the FlamesNissa's Expedition
Sacred ArmoryDevouring LightWall of FrostNecrogen ScudderCircle of FlameFeral IncarnationRogue's GlovesBattle MasteryIllusory AngelXathrid SlybladeProfane Memento
Stoke the FlamesOverwhelmCongregateQuicklingWall of LimbsSacred ArmoryMight Makes RightFeral IncarnationDevouring LightIllusory AngelNecrogen Scudder
Rogue's GlovesCircle of FlameNissa's ExpeditionBattle MasteryWall of FrostSacred ArmoryXathrid SlybladeStoke the FlamesFeral IncarnationCongregate

Token Run

Most of the marketing cards in Magic 2015 have a token, tip, or emblem on the front face. In addition, there is a card that has an advertisement for Duels 2015 on the front face. (The front has an ESRB rating and the back has PEGI, so I'm not aware of any region differences.) They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Treefolk WarriorZombieConvoke Tip CardSpiritDeckbuilding Tip CardPlaneswalker Tip Card (Ajani)Percentages Tip CardDuels Ad CardBeast (5)SpiritDeckbuilding Tip Card
SoldierInsectDuels Ad CardChandra Tip CardNissa Tip CardAjani Tip CardSoldierDuels Ad CardAjani Tip CardGarruk Tip CardSpirit
Liliana Tip CardGarruk, Apex Predator EmblemTreefolk WarriorBeast (9)Land MineSoldierInsectDuels Ad CardBeast (9)SoldierChandra Tip Card
Land MineSpiritDuels Ad CardLimited Tip CardPercentages Tip CardSquidConvoke Tip CardDuels Ad CardGatherer Tip CardSliverBeast (9)
SpiritLiliana Tip CardNissa Tip CardAjani Tip CardSoldierRarity Tip CardBeast (9)Duels Ad CardLiliana Tip CardInsectBeast (5)
Limited Tip CardAjani Steadfast EmblemSpiritDeckbuilding Tip CardSoldierGatherer Tip CardNissa Tip CardDuels Ad CardSquidPercentages Tip CardJace Tip Card
Chandra Tip CardSpiritDuels Ad CardSquidBeast (9)Convoke Tip CardSpiritDuels Ad CardRarity Tip CardPlaneswalker Tip Card (Ajani)Limited Tip Card
SquidDeckbuilding Tip CardChandra Tip CardDragonSpiritGarruk Tip CardPlaneswalker Tip Card (Garruk)Duels Ad CardSliverSpiritSoldier
Gatherer Tip CardJace Tip CardDuels Ad CardRarity Tip CardGarruk Tip CardSpiritConvoke Tip CardDuels Ad CardGarruk Tip CardGoblinNissa Tip Card
ZombieSoldierGatherer Tip CardPercentages Tip CardJace Tip CardLiliana Tip CardDragonDuels Ad CardSpiritPlaneswalker Tip Card (Ajani)Goblin
Beast (9)SquidRarity Tip CardSoldierPlaneswalker Tip Card (Garruk)Jace Tip CardAjani Tip CardDuels Ad CardSoldierPlaneswalker Tip Card (Garruk)Squid

Token Rarity
Ajani Steadfast EmblemAjani Steadfast Emblem × 1Garruk, Apex Predator EmblemGarruk, Apex Predator Emblem × 1Beast (5)Beast × 2
DragonDragon × 2GoblinGoblin × 2Land MineLand Mine × 2
SliverSliver × 2Treefolk WarriorTreefolk Warrior × 2ZombieZombie × 2
InsectInsect × 3Limited Tip CardLimited Tip Card × 3Planeswalker Tip Card (Ajani)Planeswalker Tip Card (Ajani) × 3
Planeswalker Tip Card (Garruk)Planeswalker Tip Card (Garruk) × 3Ajani Tip CardAjani Tip Card × 4Chandra Tip CardChandra Tip Card × 4
Convoke Tip CardConvoke Tip Card × 4Deckbuilding Tip CardDeckbuilding Tip Card × 4Garruk Tip CardGarruk Tip Card × 4
Gatherer Tip CardGatherer Tip Card × 4Jace Tip CardJace Tip Card × 4Liliana Tip CardLiliana Tip Card × 4
Nissa Tip CardNissa Tip Card × 4Percentages Tip CardPercentages Tip Card × 4Rarity Tip CardRarity Tip Card × 4
Beast (9)Beast × 6SquidSquid × 6SoldierSoldier × 10
SpiritSpirit × 12Duels Ad CardDuels Ad Card × 15

Foil Common Sheet

There is a picture of the foil common sheet available. [1] Each common card and each basic land variation appears once.

Carrion CrowInvasive SpeciesCoral BarrierSwamp (261)Clear a PathPeel from RealityFlesh to DustNimbus of the IslesNetcaster SpiderTireless MissionariesThundering Giant
Pillar of LightEternal ThirstForge DevilOppressive RaysSwamp (258)Unmake the GravesInvisibilityPlains (251)Generator ServantNecrobiteIsland (256)
Will-Forged GolemBronze SableSign in BloodFugitive WizardSwamp (260)Undergrowth ScavengerRaise the AlarmNecromancer's AssistantMiner's BaneMind SculptCrippling Blight
Solemn OfferingTyphoid RatsCarnivorous Moss-BeastVoid SnareKinsbaile SkirmisherLightning StrikeMountain (262)Accursed SpiritCrowd's FavorTitanic GrowthForest (266)
Elvish MysticWall of FireWitch's FamiliarTorch FiendSiege WurmDivinationIsland (255)PlummetFestergloomAeronaut TinkererOrnithopter
Selfless CatharLiving TotemGlacial CrasherSungrace PegasusMountain (265)ChronostutterMarked by HonorVerdant HavenInferno FistPlains (250)Midnight Guard
Borderland MarauderTriplicate SpiritsForest (267)Blastfire BoltNegateCharging RhinoResearch AssistantMountain (264)Ephemeral ShieldsGoblin RoughriderRotfeaster Maggot
Sanctified ChargeHunter's AmbushHydrosurgeMind RotForest (269)Divine FavorRummaging GoblinStatute of DenialMeditation PuzzlePlains (252)Oreskos Swiftclaw
Shaman of SpringCovenant of BloodMountain (263)EncrustRanger's GuileIsland (257)Scrapyard MongrelAmphin PathmageZof ShadeSoulmenderHunt the Weak
Radiant FountainTyrant's MachineNaturalizeFrost LynxRazorfoot GriffinEvolving WildsVineweftIsland (254)Welkin TernBlack CatHammerhand
Foundry Street DenizenSwamp (259)Runeclaw BearShadowcloak VampireHeliod's PilgrimForest (268)Satyr WayfinderKrenko's EnforcerPlains (253)Child of NightLava Axe

Foil Uncommon Sheet

There is a picture of the foil uncommon sheet available. [2] Each uncommon card appears once. The extra copies of Frenzied Goblin are presumed to be fillers.

Hot SoupGravediggerConstricting SliverOverwhelmBelligerent SliverStaff of the Flame MagusTurn to FrogBack to NatureCircle of FlameMeteoriteGeist of the Moors
Ajani's PridemateTormod's CryptShrapnel BlastNissa's ExpeditionEnsoul ArtifactStaff of the Wild MagusBlood HostBattle MasteryGargoyle SentinelDissipateReclamation Sage
Paragon of New DawnsIllusory AngelBrawler's PlateUlcerateAncient SilverbackKird ChieftainStaff of the Death MagusParagon of Gathering MistsParagon of Open GravesGather CourageBoonweaver Giant
Paragon of Fierce DefianceKapsho KitefinsParagon of Eternal WildsStaff of the Sun MagusDarksteel CitadelNecrogen ScudderWall of FrostEndless ObedienceVenom SliverFirst ResponseBrood Keeper
Profane MementoJuggernautDiffusion SliverCaustic TarRestockHeat RayWarden of the BeyondCone of FlameJace's IngenuityNightfire GiantRogue's Gloves
Wall of EssenceStab WoundJorubai Murk LurkerAct on ImpulseRoaring PrimadoxCongregateStaff of the Mind MagusXathrid SlybladeAltac BloodseekerDevouring LightFrenzied Goblin
Might Makes RightFeast on the FallenMilitary IntelligenceSunblade ElfDauntless River MarshalLeeching SliverSacred ArmoryInto the VoidWall of LimbsWall of MulchQuickling
Seraph of the MassesFeral IncarnationStoke the FlamesFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied Goblin
Frenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied Goblin
Frenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied Goblin
Frenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied GoblinFrenzied Goblin

Foil Rare Sheet

There was a picture of the foil rare sheet available. [3] Each rare card appears twice, and each mythic rare card appears once.

Hornet NestShield of the AvatarHoarding DragonShivan ReefIndulgent TormentorKalonian TwingroveResolute ArchangelMercurial PretenderGrindclockAjani SteadfastChord of Calling
Haunted Plate MailSliver HiveWaste NotAggressive MiningLife's LegacyJace, the Living GuildpactAvarice AmuletKurkesh, Onakke AncientSpirit BondsAetherspoutsSoul of New Phyrexia
Hushwing GryffJalira, Master PolymorphistAggressive MiningShield of the AvatarNecromancer's StockpileYavimaya CoastMass CalcifyGoblin KaboomistMercurial PretenderOb Nixilis, UnshackledGrindclock
Haunted Plate MailSpirit BondsBurning AngerMaster of PredicamentsPhytotitanSpectra WardStormtide LeviathanSliver HivelordSiege DragonIn Garruk's WakeScuttling Doom Engine
The Chain VeilReturn to the RanksCruel SadistHornet QueenPhyrexian RevokerKurkesh, Onakke AncientJalira, Master PolymorphistStain the MindHornet QueenMass CalcifySoul of Shandalar
Soul of ZendikarPerilous VaultWaste NotPhytotitanPolymorphist's JestAvacyn, Guardian AngelCrucible of FireLlanowar WastesOb Nixilis, UnshackledSpectra WardNissa, Worldwaker
Soul of InnistradPreeminent CaptainPolymorphist's JestLife's LegacyStormtide LeviathanNecromancer's StockpileUrborg, Tomb of YawgmothAvacyn, Guardian AngelSiege DragonYisan, the Wanderer BardPhyrexian Revoker
Goblin KaboomistIndulgent TormentorGenesis HydraGoblin RabblemasterMaster of PredicamentsSoul of TherosLiliana VessShivan ReefSoul of RavnicaIn Garruk's WakeBattlefield Forge
Scuttling Doom EngineHornet NestGoblin RabblemasterObelisk of UrdResolute ArchangelUrborg, Tomb of YawgmothHushwing GryffBattlefield ForgeChord of CallingCrucible of FireAetherspouts
Yavimaya CoastObelisk of UrdCruel SadistChandra, PyromasterCaves of KoilosStain the MindGenesis HydraHoarding DragonChasm SkulkerLlanowar WastesReturn to the Ranks
Yisan, the Wanderer BardAvarice AmuletChasm SkulkerSliver HiveBurning AngerGarruk, Apex PredatorChief EngineerKalonian TwingroveCaves of KoilosPreeminent CaptainChief Engineer

[1] A picture of the foil US common sheet is available from (based on an eBay listing).

[2] A picture of the foil US uncommon sheet was posted in the Uncut Sheet facebook group by Filippo Lietti.

[3] A picture of the foil US rare sheet was posted in the Uncut Sheet facebook group by Chris Tucker.