Core Set 2019 Collation

Core Set 2019 is a core set with 101 normal commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares, one mythic double-faced card, four variations of each standard basic land, and ten extra non-basic tap-lands lands that can replace basic lands in boosters. Besides the double-faced card and the tap-lands, this is the normal size for a large set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 67 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA and Belgium.

Core Set 2019 was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

USA Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with C1/C2 common collation.

Packs have back-facing cards with common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a land and ad card. If there is a foil, it will displace a common and appear after the rare. If there is a double-faced card, it will replace the rare. (Unlike Ixalan, the foil will appear after the double-faced card if both appear in the same pack). The card in the land slot may be a basic land, a tap-land (which can appear only in this slot), or a checklist card. If a double-faced card is in the pack, there will also be a checklist. (I'm not sure yet if this is also true for a foil double-faced card.)

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card

Packs are evenly split between C1 commons and C2 commons. C1 packs will contain 2×A + 2×B + 6×C or 3×A + 2×B + 5×C. C2 packs will contains 4×A + 2×B + 4×C or 4×A + 3×B + 3×C or 4×A + 4×B + 2×C.


When a foil appears in a pack, it will displace a common card. The common foil sheet includes the 20 basic land variations each one in addition to each common. The rares and mythic rares are also printed on the same sheet with each rare appearing twice. The extra common tap-lands appear on a separate sheet.

Common foils appear only in C2 packs and displace an A common. Uncommon foils can appear both in C1 and C2 packs (at equal rates) and displace B commons. Rare foils appear only in C2 packs and displace a C2 common. Tap-land foils appear only in C1 packs and displace a C1 common. Common foils appear 1 in every 8 packs. The uncommon, rare, and tap-land rates are not known exactly. I also haven't checked double-faced foils yet.

As normal, uncommons are split into equal A and B runs with one or two A cards and one or two B cards appearing in each pack.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. These cards are white, blue, and red (appearing in that order). The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Sure StrikeMighty LeapOmenspeakerGoblin InstigatorLoxodon Line BreakerDisperseTrumpet BlastRevitalizeFrilled Sea SerpentLava AxeKnight of the Tusk
Gearsmith ProdigyCatalyst ElementalRustwing FalconTolarian ScholarAct of TreasonKnight's PledgeUncomfortable ChillGoblin MotivatorDaybreak ChaplainScholar of StarsTormenting Voice
Oreskos SwiftclawDivinationGoblin InstigatorDwarven PriestDwindleFire ElementalLoxodon Line BreakerFrilled Sea SerpentTrumpet BlastTrusty PackbeastOmenspeaker
Lava AxeInspired ChargeAnticipateHostile MinotaurKnight of the TuskTolarian ScholarOnakke OgreMighty LeapCancelSure StrikeRevitalize
Uncomfortable ChillCatalyst ElementalRustwing FalconDisperseGoblin MotivatorTrusty PackbeastGearsmith ProdigyFire ElementalOreskos SwiftclawDivinationAct of Treason
Daybreak ChaplainScholar of StarsTormenting VoiceDwarven PriestCancelHostile MinotaurKnight's PledgeAnticipateOnakke OgreInspired ChargeDwindle

The B common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The cards alternate between black and green. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Bristling BoarHired BladeHighland GameBogstomperPlummetTwo-Headed ZombieTalons of WildwoodMacabre WaltzElvish RejuvenatorInfernal ScarringGiant Spider
Doomed DissenterDaggerback BasiliskDuressOakenformEpicure of BloodTitanic GrowthInfectious HorrorHighland GameTwo-Headed ZombieRhox OracleMacabre Waltz
Elvish RejuvenatorChild of NightBristling BoarBogstomperGreenwood SentinelHired BladeTalons of WildwoodDuressPlummetMind RotDaggerback Basilisk
Infernal ScarringOakenformDoomed DissenterRhox OracleInfectious HorrorGiant SpiderEpicure of BloodBristling BoarChild of NightTitanic GrowthHired Blade
Highland GameBogstomperGreenwood SentinelTwo-Headed ZombieElvish RejuvenatorMacabre WaltzTalons of WildwoodInfernal ScarringPlummetMind RotDaggerback Basilisk
DuressGiant SpiderEpicure of BloodTitanic GrowthInfectious HorrorOakenformDoomed DissenterRhox OracleChild of NightGreenwood SentinelMind Rot

The C1 common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus Field Creeper, the short-printed common. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Field CreeperAviation PioneerViashino PyromancerRabid BiteSovereign's BiteHavoc DevilsThornhide WolvesGallant CavalrySkeleton ArcherWall of MistTake Vengeance
Root SnareElectrifyWalking CorpseSnapping DrakeGearsmith GuardianDruid of the CowlSmeltLich's CaressGallant CavalrySkyscannerSalvager of Secrets
Sovereign's BiteBoggart BruteWall of MistRabid BiteManalithAbnormal EnduranceGhostformAngel of the DawnAviation PioneerGearsmith GuardianHavoc Devils
Invoke the DivineSkeleton ArcherThornhide WolvesPegasus CourserSmeltDruid of the CowlSkyscannerSnapping DrakeLich's CaressManalithTake Vengeance
GhostformElectrifyWalking CorpseAngel of the DawnViashino PyromancerSalvager of SecretsRoot SnareAbnormal EnduranceBoggart BruteInvoke the DivinePegasus Courser

The C2 common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times plus Field Creeper, the short-printed common. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Field CreeperColossal DreadmawEssence ScatterNaturalizeStrangling SporesMarauder's AxeShockTotally LostCentaur CourserVampire NeonateAven Wind Mage
Explosive ApparatusLuminous BondsSkymarch BloodletterWall of VinesSparktongue DragonVampire NeonateStar-Crowned StagEssence ScatterStrangling SporesCrash ThroughColossal Dreadmaw
Marauder's AxeCavalry DrillmasterShockNaturalizeLuminous BondsVampire NeonateAven Wind MageStar-Crowned StagCentaur CourserCrash ThroughSkymarch Bloodletter
Explosive ApparatusCavalry DrillmasterSparktongue DragonWall of VinesLuminous BondsMarauder's AxeEssence ScatterNaturalizeStrangling SporesTotally LostColossal Dreadmaw
Explosive ApparatusShockStar-Crowned StagTotally LostCentaur CourserCrash ThroughAven Wind MageCavalry DrillmasterSparktongue DragonWall of VinesSkymarch Bloodletter

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Bone to AshAjani's WelcomeBlanchwood ArmorSuspicious BookcaseVolley VeteranRise from the GravePsychic CorrosionRogue's GlovesGhastbark TwinsRavenous HarpyDiamond Mare
Aethershield ArtificerThudSkilled AnimatorArcane EncyclopediaVine MareBlood DivinationReliquary TowerDoublecastShield MareMillstoneGift of Paradise
Rupture SpireStitcher's SupplierInferno HellionDruid of HornsMake a StandNightmare's ThirstDragon EggFountain of RenewalReclamation SageAether TunnelRise from the Grave
Fiery FinishAjani's WelcomeRecollectAegis of the HeavensSuspicious BookcaseBone to AshTectonic RiftBlanchwood ArmorNovice KnightVolley VeteranGhastbark Twins
Rogue's GlovesReliquary TowerAethershield ArtificerGhirapur GuideLightning MareBlood DivinationPsychic CorrosionLeonin VanguardGift of ParadiseDoublecastSkilled Animator
RecollectThudDiamond MareDragon EggMake a StandDruid of HornsRavenous HarpyInferno HellionMillstoneShield MareNightmare's Thirst
Volley VeteranAjani's WelcomeReclamation SageAegis of the HeavensArcane EncyclopediaRupture SpireStitcher's SupplierAether TunnelVine MareFiery FinishNovice Knight
Rise from the GraveReliquary TowerGhirapur GuideDoublecastFountain of RenewalMake a StandTectonic RiftBone to AshBlanchwood ArmorLightning MareBlood Divination
Druid of HornsPsychic CorrosionRogue's GlovesDragon EggGhastbark TwinsAethershield ArtificerSkilled AnimatorInferno HellionReclamation SageSuspicious BookcaseShield Mare
Ravenous HarpyThudDiamond MareVine MareLightning MareLeonin VanguardStitcher's SupplierGift of ParadiseArcane EncyclopediaRupture SpireAegis of the Heavens
Nightmare's ThirstTectonic RiftRecollectAether TunnelMillstoneNovice KnightGhirapur GuideFiery FinishFountain of RenewalLeonin Vanguard

The B uncommon run also consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Regal BloodlordDeparted DeckhandGuttersnipeEnigma DrakeVampire SovereignDryad GreenseekerSwitcherooDraconic DisciplePlague MareMeteor GolemPsychic Symbiont
Siegebreaker GiantSurge MareSkyrider PatrolVigilant BalothGravediggerExclusion MageBrawl-Bash OgreHieromancer's CageDiregraf GhoulAerial EngineerMurder
Gargoyle SentinelSatyr EnchanterSiftReassembling SkeletonSleepVolcanic DragonHeroic ReinforcementsFell SpecterMirror ImagePoison-Tip ArcherDeclare Dominance
Plague MareHorizon ScholarRegal BloodlordGuttersnipeVampire SovereignColossal MajestyDraconic DiscipleLightning StrikeSwitcherooAjani's PridemateGravedigger
Enigma DrakeDryad GreenseekerSurge MareDiregraf GhoulPsychic SymbiontSiegebreaker GiantMeteor GolemSkyrider PatrolFell SpecterDeparted DeckhandHerald of Faith
Satyr EnchanterKnightly ValorVolcanic DragonBrawl-Bash OgreMurderExclusion MageMilitia BuglerHieromancer's CageHeroic ReinforcementsGargoyle SentinelLightning Strike
SwitcherooPoison-Tip ArcherPlague MareAjani's PridemateSleepAerial EngineerVigilant BalothHorizon ScholarDraconic DiscipleColossal MajestyVampire Sovereign
Enigma DrakeDeparted DeckhandKnightly ValorRegal BloodlordHerald of FaithReassembling SkeletonSiftDeclare DominanceMeteor GolemDiregraf GhoulPsychic Symbiont
Militia BuglerMirror ImageSkyrider PatrolGuttersnipeGravediggerDryad GreenseekerBrawl-Bash OgreSurge MareHeroic ReinforcementsHieromancer's CageExclusion Mage
Siegebreaker GiantPoison-Tip ArcherAjani's PridemateSleepFell SpecterVigilant BalothSiftKnightly ValorGargoyle SentinelMurderColossal Majesty
Satyr EnchanterHorizon ScholarVolcanic DragonDeclare DominanceReassembling SkeletonAerial EngineerHerald of FaithMirror ImageMilitia BuglerLightning Strike

Token Run

All of the marketing cards in Core Set 2019 have a token or emblem on the front face. They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times.

Elf WarriorDragon (9)Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants EmblemOxAngelKnightSoldierZombieBatThopterDragon (10)
KnightGoblinCatZombieVivien Reid EmblemThopterAvatarKnightBeastDragon (10)Zombie
GoblinThopterKnightElf WarriorBatSoldierZombieDragon (10)ThopterKnightOx
GoblinCatZombieDragon (9)KnightThopterAngelBatSoldierZombieKnight
GoblinThopterDragon (10)Tezzeret, Artifice Master EmblemAjani, Adversary of Tyrants EmblemZombieKnightElf WarriorThopterCatZombie
BatKnightGoblinThopterDragon (10)SoldierOxKnightDragon (9)ZombieThopter
AngelGoblinKnightBatDragon (10)SoldierThopterVivien Reid EmblemKnightCatZombie
GoblinThopterElf WarriorBatKnightBeastZombieSoldierThopterAngelKnight
GoblinAvatarZombieDragon (10)ThopterCatKnightOxGoblinZombieSoldier
BatKnightThopterDragon (10)Dragon (9)ZombieTezzeret, Artifice Master EmblemKnightGoblinThopterSoldier
ZombieBeastCatKnightBatThopterDragon (10)ZombieGoblinKnightThopter

Token Rarity
Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants EmblemAjani, Adversary of Tyrants Emblem × 2AvatarAvatar × 2Tezzeret, Artifice Master EmblemTezzeret, Artifice Master Emblem × 2
Vivien Reid EmblemVivien Reid Emblem × 2BeastBeast × 3AngelAngel × 4
Dragon (9)Dragon × 4Elf WarriorElf Warrior × 4OxOx × 4
CatCat × 6BatBat × 8SoldierSoldier × 8
Dragon (10)Dragon × 9GoblinGoblin × 11ZombieZombie × 16
ThopterThopter × 17KnightKnight × 19

Foil Rare Sheet

There is a picture of the foil rare sheet available. [1] Each rare card appears twice, and each mythic rare card appears once. (The double-faced card doesn't appear on the sheet.)

Demanding DragonSpit FlameSai, Master ThopteristTezzeret, Artifice MasterElvish ClancallerAlpine MoonFraying OmnipotenceDjinn of WishesChaos WandMistcallerMentor of the Meek
Dismissive PyromancerCleansing NovaSupreme PhantomBone DragonGigantosaurusBanefireGraveyard MarshalAjani, Adversary of TyrantsDesecrated TombMystic ArchaeologistRemorseful Cleric
Goblin TrashmasterIsolateWindreader SphinxLiliana, Untouched by DeathGoreclaw, Terror of Qal SismaDetection TowerInfernal ReckoningThorn LieutenantDragon's HoardOne with the MachineSuncleanser
Lathliss, Dragon QueenLena, Selfless ChampionDeath BaronApex of PowerHungering HydraDark-Dweller OracleIsareth the AwakenerVivien's InvocationMagistrate's ScepterPatient RebuildingValiant Knight
Sarkhan's UnsealingFraying OmnipotenceDemon of CatastrophesSarkhan, FirebloodPelakka WurmMetamorphic AlterationLiliana's ContractOmniscienceSigiled Sword of ValeronAlpine MoonCleansing Nova
Mentor of the MeekGraveyard MarshalChaos WandScapeshiftMistcallerProdigious GrowthDemanding DragonOpen the GravesTransmogrifying WandBanefireIsolate
Remorseful ClericInfernal ReckoningDesecrated TombVivien ReidMystic ArchaeologistRunic ArmasaurDismissive PyromancerPhylactery LichElvish ClancallerDark-Dweller OracleLena, Selfless Champion
SuncleanserIsareth the AwakenerDragon's HoardArcades, the StrategistOne with the MachineThorn LieutenantGoblin TrashmasterCrucible of WorldsGigantosaurusAmulet of SafekeepingSai, Master Thopterist
Valiant KnightLiliana's ContractMagistrate's ScepterChromium, the MutablePatient RebuildingVivien's InvocationLathliss, Dragon QueenLeonin WarleaderGoreclaw, Terror of Qal SismaDetection TowerSupreme Phantom
Prodigious GrowthOpen the GravesSigiled Sword of ValeronPalladia-Mors, the RuinerAjani's Last StandDjinn of WishesSarkhan's UnsealingResplendent AngelHungering HydraDeath BaronWindreader Sphinx
Runic ArmasaurPhylactery LichSpit FlameVaevictis Asmadi, the DireAjani's Last StandMetamorphic AlterationTransmogrifying WandLeonin WarleaderPelakka WurmDemon of CatastrophesAmulet of Safekeeping

[1] A picture of the US foil rare sheet is on WorthPoint (archiving an eBay listing).