Core Set 2021 Collation

Core Set 2021 is a core set with 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares, three variations of each standard basic land, and 10 extra common lands that can replace basic lands in boosters. This is the normal size for a large set of this era (although extra common lands don't appear in every set). Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 45 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA, Belgium, and Japan.

Core Set 2021 was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

There are two different US pack formats. One, which I will call "classic" similar to previous US printings of normal large sets (for instance, Ikoria). The other is the "new" format first seen in Modern Horizons (although it has evolved somewhat, perhaps to accomodate other changes). The most obvious difference is that the new format has the rare first and commons last (compared to the reverse in classic packs).

Classic US Pack Anatomy

The classing US printing uses sequential collation with C1/C2 common collation.

Packs have back-facing cards with common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a basic land or tap land and ad card. If there is a foil, it will displace a common and appear after the rare. If there is a borderless card besides one of the borderless planeswalkers, it will appear in the foil slot.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card

Packs are evenly split between C1 commons and C2 commons. C1 packs will contain 2×A + 2×B + 6×C or 3×A + 2×B + 5×C. C2 packs will contains 4×A + 2×B + 4×C or 4×A + 3×B + 3×C or 4×A + 4×B + 2×C. Cards that have showcase variants appear in B or C2 and the showcase variant replaces one of the three copies of the card on the sheet.


When a foil appears in a pack, it will displace a common card. Common foils (including non-showcase basic lands and tap lands) displace A commons. Uncommon foils can appear in both C1 and C2 packs (probably at equal rates) and displace B commons. Rare foils displace C2 commons. Foil showcase cards displace C1 commons. Bordless non-planeswalker cards are in the showcase foil slot, also displacing C1 commons. (Probably they can not appear in the same pack as a foil.)

There are 126 cards that can appear in the common foil slot, so they don't all appear on the same sheet. I don't have information yet about their distribution.

The data is consistent with a common foil rate of 1/6 and an uncommon foil rate of 1/12.

There are two uncommon runs, A and B, each with 40 different cards appearing three times each. Half of packs have two A cards followed by a B, and half have one A card followed by two B cards. For cards that have showcase variants, one of the copies on the sheet is the showcase variant.

There are probably four rare runs. One run contains the normal version of every rare and mythic rare card except for Teferi, Master of Time (with mythic rares appearing half as often in the run). Another run contains every card except for the planeswalkers. In this run, cards with showcase versions appear only as their showcase versions. (This is different than Ikoria because the showcase rare cards do not need to be gutter cut.) The third run contains the showcase and borderless planeswalkers except for Teferi. The last run contains all the versions of Teferi. The first run apparently appears 17/26 of the time. This is slightly less than 2/3. (Some of this discrepancy may be because Teferi isn't in this run, but this doesn't fully justify it.) The reprints with borderless alternate art reprint variants (where those variants, as already noted, appear in the foil slot instead of the rare slot) don't seem to have any special treatment in this collation scheme, so their normal versions are probably equally as rare as normal cards of the same rarity. For other cards, it appears that they are all about equally likely overall when including the showcase and/or bordless versions (with mythic rare cards half as likely). For the planeswalkers, the showcase and borderless versions combined make up about 1/3 of the total copies (although this number isn't totally certain, it should be close). I don't know the breakdown between showcase and borderless. For non-planeswalkers, the showcase versions make up about 1/3 of the copies. For Teferi, everything is more speculative since his sheet has such low as-fan.

Cards in the land slot come from one sheet. Basic lands appear 1/2 of the time, each appearing 3 times on the sheet including the showcase variant which is just as common as any other basic land variation. Each of the tap lands appears 6 times on the sheet.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. These cards are white, blue, and red (appearing in that order). The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Makeshift BattalionOptIgneous CurStaunch ShieldmateKeen GlidemasterCrash ThroughAlpine WatchdogVodalian ArcanistBone Pit BruteConcordia PegasusSpined Megalodon
Goblin WizardryFeat of ResistanceFrantic InventoryBurn BrightRambunctious MuttCapture SphereOnakke OgreCelestial EnforcerLofty DenialIgneous CurValorous Steed
CancelThrill of PossibilityRevitalizeOptTurn to SlagSecure the SceneVodalian ArcanistDestructive TamperingDefiant StrikeRead the TidesHobblefiend
Alpine WatchdogLibrary LarcenistSure StrikeMakeshift BattalionFrantic InventoryCrash ThroughConcordia PegasusTome AnimaBone Pit BruteStaunch ShieldmateKeen Glidemaster
Burn BrightRambunctious MuttSpined MegalodonGoblin WizardryFeat of ResistanceLofty DenialTurn to SlagCelestial EnforcerCapture SphereThrill of PossibilityValorous Steed
Read the TidesDestructive TamperingSecure the SceneCancelHobblefiendRevitalizeLibrary LarcenistOnakke OgreDefiant StrikeTome AnimaSure Strike

The B common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The cards alternate between black and green. For cards with showcase versions, one of the three copies is the showcase version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Portcullis VineRise AgainColossal DreadmawLiliana's StewardDrowsing TyrannodonGloom SowerTitanic GrowthDeathbloom ThallidSnarespinnerAlchemist's GiftRanger's Guile
Crypt LurkerSetessan TrainingBlood GluttonTrack DownFetid ImpPridemalkinSanguine IndulgenceOrnery DilophosaurVillage RitesGarruk's Gorehorn (Showcase)Gloom Sower
Colossal DreadmawLiliana's StewardDrowsing TyrannodonDeathbloom ThallidPortcullis VineAlchemist's GiftSnarespinnerRise AgainRanger's GuileWalking CorpseTitanic Growth
Crypt LurkerTrack DownVillage RitesSetessan TrainingFetid ImpGarruk's GorehornBlood GluttonPridemalkinWalking CorpseOrnery DilophosaurAlchemist's Gift
Drowsing TyrannodonSanguine IndulgenceColossal DreadmawLiliana's Steward (Showcase)Portcullis VineGloom SowerRanger's GuileRise AgainSnarespinnerDeathbloom ThallidTitanic Growth
Village RitesSetessan TrainingBlood GluttonTrack DownCrypt LurkerPridemalkinWalking CorpseGarruk's GorehornSanguine IndulgenceOrnery DilophosaurFetid Imp

The C1 common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus Silent Dart, the short-printed common. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Masked BlackguardWarded BattlementsLlanowar VisionaryFuror of the BittenPrismitePitchburn DevilsLegion's JudgmentWishcoin CrabGale SwooperLife Goes OnDuress
Rousing ReadSkyscannerCaged ZombieSpellgorger WeirdRadiant FountainTrufflesnoutFinishing BlowShort SwordGoblin ArsonistDaybreak ChargerRookie Mistake
Mind RotScorching DragonfireForgotten SentinelWarded BattlementsFrost BreathFuror of the BittenMasked BlackguardLlanowar VisionaryPrismiteDuressLegion's Judgment
Pitchburn DevilsRun AfoulRadiant FountainRousing ReadGoblin ArsonistSkyscannerGale SwooperLife Goes OnWishcoin CrabSpellgorger WeirdCaged Zombie
Short SwordFinishing BlowRookie MistakeTrufflesnoutDaybreak ChargerMind RotForgotten SentinelScorching DragonfireSilent DartRun AfoulFrost Breath

The C2 common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times plus Silent Dart, the short-printed common. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. For cards with showcase versions, one of the three copies is the showcase version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

DubRoaming GhostlightReturn to NatureSkeleton ArcherAnointed ChoristerMistral SingerInfernal ScarringHunter's EdgeSilent DartGrasp of DarknessChandra's Magmutt (Showcase)
Swift ResponseWall of RunesSkeleton ArcherTeferi's ProtegeTurret OgreGnarled SageBasri's Acolyte (Showcase)Infernal ScarringRoaming GhostlightShockSabertooth Mauler
DubMistral SingerChandra's MagmuttReturn to NatureGrasp of DarknessTeferi's ProtegeHunter's EdgeWall of RunesSwift ResponseTurret OgreBasri's Acolyte
Gnarled SageRoaming GhostlightAnointed ChoristerSabertooth MaulerInfernal ScarringShockMistral SingerDubHunter's EdgeChandra's MagmuttSkeleton Archer
Return to NatureAnointed ChoristerBasri's AcolyteGnarled SageTurret OgreWall of RunesGrasp of DarknessTeferi's Protege (Showcase)Sabertooth MaulerShockSwift Response

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. For cards that have showcase variants, one of the copies on the sheet is the showcase variant. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Falconer AdeptSanctum of Stone FangsTempered VeteranWitch's CauldronHellkite PunisherCultivateLight of PromiseInvigorating SurgeJeskai ElderKitesail FreebooterChrome Replicator
Griffin AerieUnleash FuryVryn WingmareBad DealCanopy StalkerMeteoritePestilent HazeSkyway SniperSanctum of Shattered HeightsArchfiend's VesselPalladium Myr
Sanctum of Tranquil LightTormod's CryptIndulging PatricianRewindFungal RebirthEpitaph GolemLight of PromiseTavern SwindlerTraitorous GreedWitch's CauldronGarruk's Uprising
Tempered VeteranMiscastAlpine HoundmasterSanctum of Calm WatersInvigorating SurgeChrome ReplicatorSanctum of Stone FangsSelfless SaviorFurious RiseBad DealChandra's Pyreling (Showcase)
Obsessive StitcherFalconer AdeptExperimental OverloadUnsubstantiateSkyway SniperPalladium MyrCultivateHellkite PunisherKitesail FreebooterVryn WingmareIndulging Patrician
Jeskai ElderSanctum of Shattered HeightsRewindSelfless SaviorObsessive StitcherChandra's PyrelingMeteoriteGriffin AerieArchfiend's VesselCanopy StalkerAlpine Houndmaster
Sanctum of Stone FangsTraitorous GreedSanctum of Calm WatersGarruk's Uprising (Showcase)Tavern SwindlerUnleash FuryEpitaph GolemSanctum of Tranquil LightWitch's CauldronFungal RebirthExperimental Overload
Tormod's CryptFurious RiseUnsubstantiateFalconer AdeptCultivatePestilent HazeChrome ReplicatorTempered VeteranBad DealInvigorating SurgeSelfless Savior
MiscastHellkite PunisherJeskai ElderSanctum of Shattered HeightsIndulging PatricianLight of PromisePalladium MyrVryn WingmareRewindSkyway SniperChandra's Pyreling
Pestilent HazeGriffin AerieKitesail FreebooterTraitorous GreedAlpine HoundmasterUnleash FuryCanopy StalkerObsessive StitcherSanctum of Calm WatersMeteoriteGarruk's Uprising
MiscastSanctum of Tranquil LightArchfiend's VesselFurious RiseExperimental OverloadTormod's CryptFungal RebirthTavern SwindlerUnsubstantiateEpitaph Golem

The B uncommon run also consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. For cards that have showcase variants, one of the copies on the sheet is the showcase variant. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Watcher of the SpheresCarrion GrubTeferi's TutelageLiliana's DevoteeThrashing BrontodonTide SkimmerHeartfire ImmolatorTwinblade AssassinsQuirion DryadSoul SearGoremand
Aven GagglemasterEliminateTolarian KrakenBasri's SolidarityBattle-Rattle ShamanWaker of WavesBolt HoundEnthralling HoldWildwood ScourgeLeafkin AvengerFierce Empath
Warden of the WoodsSiege StrikerHavoc JesterSeasoned HallowbladeVolcanic GeyserRiddleformKinetic AugurLorescale CoatlFaith's FettersConclave MentorLiliana's Devotee (Showcase)
Shipwreck DowserSanctum of Fruitful HarvestHeartfire ImmolatorRain of RevelationThrashing BrontodonTeferi's TutelageSeasoned HallowbladeDire Fleet WarmongerSilversmote GhoulSoul SearAngelic Ascension
Twinblade AssassinsBurlfist OakBolt HoundTide SkimmerWatcher of the SpheresTolarian KrakenQuirion DryadAven GagglemasterCarrion GrubBasri's Solidarity (Showcase)Malefic Scythe
Enthralling HoldFierce EmpathKinetic AugurWaker of WavesWarden of the WoodsGoremandWildwood ScourgeBattle-Rattle ShamanEliminateRiddleformTwinblade Assassins
Sanctum of Fruitful HarvestHavoc JesterLeafkin AvengerFaith's FettersLiliana's DevoteeRain of RevelationVolcanic GeyserSiege StrikerMalefic ScytheTeferi's Tutelage (Showcase)Dire Fleet Warmonger
Burlfist OakHeartfire ImmolatorConclave MentorShipwreck DowserSilversmote GhoulTide SkimmerThrashing BrontodonAngelic AscensionLorescale CoatlTolarian KrakenBattle-Rattle Shaman
Quirion DryadBolt HoundBasri's SolidarityWatcher of the SpheresCarrion GrubWaker of WavesAven GagglemasterFierce EmpathSoul SearGoremandEnthralling Hold
Wildwood ScourgeKinetic AugurSeasoned HallowbladeWarden of the WoodsEliminateSiege StrikerVolcanic GeyserLeafkin AvengerSanctum of Fruitful HarvestLorescale CoatlFaith's Fetters
Silversmote GhoulRiddleformAngelic AscensionDire Fleet WarmongerRain of RevelationHavoc JesterShipwreck DowserConclave MentorMalefic ScytheBurlfist Oak

Land Run

Each basic land appears 3 times (including the showcase variants) and each tap land appears 6 times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Jungle HollowMountain (269)Dismal BackwaterForest (273)Wind-Scarred CragPlains (261)Swiftwater CliffsIsland (265)Thornwood FallsBlossoming SandsSwamp (266)
Rugged HighlandsMountain (270)Scoured BarrensForest (274)Tranquil CovePlains (Showcase)Bloodfell CavesIsland (263)Wind-Scarred CragSwamp (268)Forest (Showcase)
Jungle HollowMountain (271)Dismal BackwaterForest (272)Swiftwater CliffsSwamp (Showcase)Wind-Scarred CragPlains (262)Thornwood FallsBlossoming SandsIsland (264)
Tranquil CoveRugged HighlandsBloodfell CavesPlains (260)Jungle HollowSwamp (267)Swiftwater CliffsIsland (Showcase)Scoured BarrensMountain (269)Forest (273)
Tranquil CovePlains (261)Blossoming SandsIsland (265)Dismal BackwaterSwamp (266)Wind-Scarred CragMountain (270)Thornwood FallsRugged HighlandsForest (274)
Jungle HollowPlains (Showcase)Scoured BarrensIsland (263)Swiftwater CliffsSwamp (268)Bloodfell CavesForest (Showcase)Dismal BackwaterMountain (271)Forest (272)
Tranquil CoveSwamp (Showcase)Blossoming SandsPlains (262)Wind-Scarred CragIsland (264)Rugged HighlandsMountain (Showcase)Thornwood FallsJungle HollowPlains (260)
Dismal BackwaterSwamp (267)Scoured BarrensIsland (Showcase)Mountain (Showcase)Mountain (269)Bloodfell CavesForest (273)Swiftwater CliffsPlains (261)Bloodfell Caves
Island (265)Blossoming SandsSwamp (266)Rugged HighlandsMountain (270)Scoured BarrensForest (274)Tranquil CovePlains (Showcase)Island (263)Jungle Hollow
Swamp (268)Dismal BackwaterForest (Showcase)Swiftwater CliffsMountain (271)Wind-Scarred CragForest (272)Thornwood FallsBlossoming SandsSwamp (Showcase)Scoured Barrens
Plains (262)Rugged HighlandsIsland (264)Bloodfell CavesMountain (Showcase)Tranquil CovePlains (260)Thornwood FallsSwamp (267)Island (Showcase)

Token Run

Most of the marketing cards in Core Set 2021 have a token or emblem on the front face. In addition, there is a card that has an advertisement for MTG Arena on the front face. (The front has an ESRB rating and the back has PEGI, so I'm not aware of any region differences.) They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times.

SoldierGriffinKnightArena Ad CardTreasureLiliana, Waker of the Dead EmblemSaprolingArena Ad CardConstructSoldierArena Ad Card
KnightPirateDemonSaprolingGriffinGoblin WizardCat (11)SoldierBeastKnightArena Ad Card
ZombieSaprolingBirdGarruk, Unleashed EmblemArena Ad CardSoldierArena Ad CardKnightGoblin WizardBeastSaproling
TreasureCat (11)ZombieSoldierAngelKnightArena Ad CardDemonSaprolingGriffinBeast
SoldierGoblin WizardArena Ad CardZombieBasri Ket EmblemSaprolingConstructBirdCat (11)SoldierArena Ad Card
KnightTreasureSaprolingGriffinGoblin WizardZombieArena Ad CardSoldierAngelKnightArena Ad Card
BirdSaprolingBeastCat (11)Arena Ad CardGoblin WizardKnightWeirdZombieArena Ad CardAngel
SaprolingBirdSoldierGriffinKnightBeastArena Ad CardSaprolingGoblin WizardArena Ad CardSoldier
GriffinKnightAngelCat (11)Arena Ad CardDemonBeastZombieSoldierBirdKnight
Goblin WizardArena Ad CardSaprolingBeastAngelWeirdArena Ad CardSoldierZombieKnightGriffin
Cat (11)SaprolingGoblin WizardBeastArena Ad CardBirdPirateAngelDemonZombieArena Ad Card

Token Rarity
Basri Ket EmblemBasri Ket Emblem × 1Garruk, Unleashed EmblemGarruk, Unleashed Emblem × 1Liliana, Waker of the Dead EmblemLiliana, Waker of the Dead Emblem × 1
ConstructConstruct × 2PiratePirate × 2WeirdWeird × 2
TreasureTreasure × 3DemonDemon × 4AngelAngel × 6
BirdBird × 6Cat (11)Cat × 6GriffinGriffin × 7
BeastBeast × 8Goblin WizardGoblin Wizard × 8ZombieZombie × 8
KnightKnight × 12SaprolingSaproling × 12SoldierSoldier × 12
Arena Ad CardArena Ad Card × 20

New US Pack Anatomy

The new US printing uses sequential collation with heavily modified C1/C2 common collation.

Packs are front-facing and have an ad/token card, and a basic snow land followed by a rare, three uncommons, and ten commons. If there is a foil card, it will appear before the rare, displacing a common. If there is a borderless card besides one of the borderless planeswalkers, it will appear in the foil slot. (This is the reverse of classic US pack order.)

1 Ad Card1 Land1 Rare3 Uncommons10 Commons
1 Ad Card1 Land1 Foil1 Rare3 Uncommons9 Commons

The print runs (and probably the sheets) are the same as those for the classic US printing, except the order is reversed (possibly as a result of back cutting).

Like most C1/C2 sets (but in contrast to the new style Modern Horizons printing), C1 and C2 packs are equally likely. C1 packs normally contain 5-6 C cards followed by 2 B cards and 2-3 A cards. C2 packs normally contain 3-4 C cards followed by 2-3 B and 4 A. In C1 packs with a foil (or a borderless alternate art reprint), the only observed pack type is 5-2-2. In C2 packs with a foil, it is possible to get only 3 A cards. Observed packs are 4-2-3, 3-3-3, and 3-2-4. Foils are more likely to appear in C2 packs.

Using the 3:2 constraint between the commons sheets and the total foil rate (here assumed to be 1/3, but in reality this should be boosted by the non-foil borderless reprint rate), we can directly calculate the rate of C2 3-2-4 foil packs as 2/15 (unconditional, so 4/15 conditioned on C2). We can then use the 6:5 sheet constraint to compute the breakdown between 4 C2 and 2 B versus 3 C2 and 3 B (which may or may not be independent of foil appearance). This says 85/121 (about 70%) of such packs should have 4 C2 cards. I don't think sheet math can be used to compute the remaining rates.

For uncommons, half of packs have two A cards followed by a B, and half have one A card followed by two B cards. (This is the same as classic US, and A still comes first even though A and B are individually reversed.)

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses sequential collation with simple two-run 101 common collation.

Packs are front-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a basic land or tap land and an ad card. There are 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. If there is a foil, it will displace a common and appear after the rare. (This is a change from previous Belgian-printed sets where the foil would appear after the land.) If there is a borderless card besides one of the borderless planeswalkers, it will appear in the foil slot.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card

Each pack contains six cards from the A common run followed by four cards from the B run. Foils can displace a card from either run.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice plus Silent Dart, the short-printed common. The cards are mostly non-white. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Burn BrightCancelWalking CorpseLife Goes OnCrash ThroughRead the TidesMasked BlackguardTrufflesnoutBone Pit BruteRookie MistakeAlchemist's Gift
Gnarled SageFuror of the BittenRun AfoulOptSanguine IndulgenceOrnery DilophosaurIgneous CurWishcoin CrabSilent DartDuressTrufflesnout
Goblin WizardryKeen GlidemasterTrack DownAlchemist's GiftDrowsing TyrannodonTome AnimaVillage RitesSetessan TrainingDubFrantic InventoryGloom Sower
Titanic GrowthDestructive TamperingCapture SphereCrypt LurkerColossal DreadmawHobblefiendLibrary LarcenistInfernal ScarringDeathbloom ThallidRanger's GuileSure Strike
Lofty DenialSanguine IndulgencePridemalkinOnakke OgreWall of RunesFetid ImpSnarespinnerGoblin ArsonistKeen GlidemasterVillage RitesPortcullis Vine
Legion's JudgmentBone Pit BruteVodalian ArcanistCaged ZombieTrack DownThrill of PossibilityLofty DenialBlood GluttonRadiant FountainRun AfoulTurn to Slag
Frantic InventoryMind RotReturn to NatureDestructive TamperingCancelRise AgainGnarled SageBurn BrightWall of RunesMasked BlackguardOrnery Dilophosaur
Onakke OgreRead the TidesDeathbloom ThallidInfernal ScarringColossal DreadmawCrash ThroughSpined MegalodonDuressLife Goes OnGoblin ArsonistVodalian Arcanist
Caged ZombieSetessan TrainingFuror of the BittenWishcoin CrabWalking CorpsePortcullis VineSure StrikeLegion's JudgmentCapture SphereCrypt LurkerRanger's Guile
HobblefiendOptGloom SowerRadiant FountainSnarespinnerGoblin WizardryLibrary LarcenistMind RotTitanic GrowthThrill of PossibilityRookie Mistake
Fetid ImpPridemalkinIgneous CurTome AnimaRise AgainDrowsing TyrannodonDubTurn to SlagSpined MegalodonBlood GluttonReturn to Nature

The B common run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times plus Silent Dart, the short-printed common. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards, but more white cards than other colors. For cards that have a showcase variant, one of the three copies is the showcase version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Garruk's GorehornMakeshift BattalionDefiant StrikeTeferi's Protege (Showcase)RevitalizeTurret OgreForgotten SentinelRambunctious MuttLiliana's StewardGale SwooperRevitalize
Hunter's EdgeSpellgorger WeirdBasri's AcolyteSkyscannerMistral SingerStaunch ShieldmateLlanowar VisionaryChandra's Magmutt (Showcase)Daybreak ChargerPrismiteSabertooth Mauler
Valorous SteedAnointed ChoristerMistral SingerWarded BattlementsShockSkyscannerConcordia PegasusFrost BreathSkeleton ArcherRevitalizeWarded Battlements
Scorching DragonfireSecure the SceneForgotten SentinelRousing ReadFeat of ResistanceGrasp of DarknessShockStaunch ShieldmateShort SwordLlanowar VisionaryCelestial Enforcer
Daybreak ChargerFinishing BlowDefiant StrikeRoaming GhostlightScorching DragonfireGale SwooperPrismiteHunter's EdgeAnointed ChoristerSwift ResponseTeferi's Protege
Warded BattlementsGrasp of DarknessPitchburn DevilsValorous SteedShort SwordGarruk's GorehornBasri's AcolyteRousing ReadSkeleton ArcherSwift ResponseMakeshift Battalion
Pitchburn DevilsRambunctious MuttLlanowar VisionaryMistral SingerCelestial EnforcerFinishing BlowTurret OgreConcordia PegasusForgotten SentinelSabertooth MaulerFeat of Resistance
Teferi's ProtegeSkeleton ArcherDaybreak ChargerChandra's MagmuttSilent DartAlpine WatchdogRoaming GhostlightSwift ResponseStaunch ShieldmateLiliana's Steward (Showcase)Turret Ogre
Defiant StrikeSkyscannerGrasp of DarknessMakeshift BattalionFrost BreathGarruk's Gorehorn (Showcase)Valorous SteedShockShort SwordCelestial EnforcerRoaming Ghostlight
Liliana's StewardAlpine WatchdogSpellgorger WeirdSecure the SceneGale SwooperChandra's MagmuttConcordia PegasusFinishing BlowAlpine WatchdogSpellgorger WeirdHunter's Edge
Basri's Acolyte (Showcase)Pitchburn DevilsRousing ReadFeat of ResistanceRambunctious MuttSabertooth MaulerSecure the ScenePrismiteFrost BreathAnointed ChoristerScorching Dragonfire

Japanese Pack Anatomy

The Japanese printing uses sequential collation with (probably) 112 card sheets (which seems to be the usual for Japan). The dimensions of the sheets are not known.

Packs are front-facing starting with the ad card and a basic land or common tap land, then the rare, 3 uncommons, and 10 commons. If there is a foil, it will appear between the land and the rare, displacing a common. If there is a non-foil borderless card besides one of the borderless planeswalkers, it will appear after the rare, also displacing a common. (Probably they cannot appear in the same pack, but this isn't confirmed.)

1 Ad Card1 Land1 Rare3 Uncommons10 Commons
1 Ad Card1 Land1 Foil1 Rare3 Uncommons9 Commons
1 Ad Card1 Land1 Rare1 Borderless Reprint3 Uncommons9 Commons

There are 3 common runs: A, B, and C. A contains 27 distinct cards, and B and C each contain 37 distinct cards. Each pack gets 2 to 3 cards from A followed by 3 to 4 cards from B and 3 to 4 cards from C. This means packs are either 2-4-4, 3-3-4, or 3-4-3. The exact ratios may depend on the way foil collation works. The cards with showcase versions appear in run C where the showcase version takes up one of the card's three slots in the run.


Foils displace a common. As far as I've seen, there will still be at least 2 A commons, 3 B commons, and 3 C commons, and I have seen all three possibilities for common distribution given a foil. Non-foil borderless reprints work similarly.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing four times (which would leave 4 fillers on a 112 card sheet). The cards are mostly black. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Track DownAlchemist's GiftTurn to SlagGloom SowerVodalian ArcanistDeathbloom ThallidColossal DreadmawWalking Corpse
SkyscannerRise AgainMistral SingerCaged ZombiePrismiteFetid ImpTitanic GrowthMasked Blackguard
Short SwordCrypt LurkerFrost BreathBlood GluttonTrufflesnoutMind RotThrill of PossibilitySanguine Indulgence
Vodalian ArcanistDuressForgotten SentinelGloom SowerTrack DownVillage RitesTurn to SlagSanguine Indulgence
SkyscannerAlchemist's GiftDeathbloom ThallidPrismiteRise AgainColossal DreadmawWalking CorpseMistral Singer
Crypt LurkerTitanic GrowthCaged ZombieShort SwordMasked BlackguardTrack DownFetid ImpFrost Breath
Mind RotThrill of PossibilityBlood GluttonTrufflesnoutVillage RitesForgotten SentinelDuressTurn to Slag
Alchemist's GiftWalking CorpseVodalian ArcanistGloom SowerSkyscannerDeathbloom ThallidMistral SingerRise Again
Colossal DreadmawSanguine IndulgencePrismiteCaged ZombieTitanic GrowthCrypt LurkerShort SwordFetid Imp
Track DownBlood GluttonThrill of PossibilityMasked BlackguardMind RotTrufflesnoutVillage RitesFrost Breath
DuressForgotten SentinelGloom SowerTurn to SlagAlchemist's GiftVodalian ArcanistDeathbloom ThallidColossal Dreadmaw
Rise AgainSkyscannerWalking CorpsePrismiteCaged ZombieSanguine IndulgenceTitanic GrowthCrypt Lurker
Mistral SingerFetid ImpShort SwordMind RotTrufflesnoutMasked BlackguardFrost BreathBlood Glutton
Thrill of PossibilityVillage RitesForgotten SentinelDuress

The B common run consists of 37 different cards each appearing three times (which would leave 1 filler on a 112 card sheet). The cards are mostly white and blue. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Life Goes OnFrantic InventoryAlpine WatchdogFuror of the BittenRookie MistakeRevitalizeWarded BattlementsLofty Denial
Concordia PegasusSure StrikeRead the TidesFeat of ResistanceSilent DartTome AnimaStaunch ShieldmateReturn to Nature
Library LarcenistCelestial EnforcerInfernal ScarringWall of RunesMakeshift BattalionOnakke OgreWishcoin CrabDub
Alpine WatchdogSpined MegalodonValorous SteedLife Goes OnOptDefiant StrikeRadiant FountainKeen Glidemaster
Anointed ChoristerFuror of the BittenFrantic InventoryRambunctious MuttSecure the SceneTome AnimaFeat of ResistanceSure Strike
Capture SphereConcordia PegasusLegion's JudgmentCancelRevitalizeIgneous CurRookie MistakeWarded Battlements
Infernal ScarringRead the TidesDubOnakke OgreLibrary LarcenistMakeshift BattalionSilent DartLofty Denial
Anointed ChoristerReturn to NatureOptStaunch ShieldmateAlpine WatchdogWishcoin CrabCelestial EnforcerLife Goes On
Spined MegalodonDefiant StrikeSure StrikeWall of RunesValorous SteedCapture SphereLegion's JudgmentKeen Glidemaster
Secure the SceneFrantic InventoryFeat of ResistanceIgneous CurCancelRambunctious MuttRadiant FountainTome Anima
Concordia PegasusInfernal ScarringLibrary LarcenistRevitalizeFuror of the BittenRead the TidesWarded BattlementsSilent Dart
Rookie MistakeStaunch ShieldmateOnakke OgreLofty DenialDubMakeshift BattalionOptCelestial Enforcer
Return to NatureWishcoin CrabValorous SteedRadiant FountainCancelAnointed ChoristerKeen GlidemasterDefiant Strike
Spined MegalodonLegion's JudgmentCapture SphereSecure the SceneIgneous CurWall of RunesRambunctious Mutt

The C common run consists of 37 different cards each appearing three times (which would leave 1 filler on a 112 card sheet). The cards are mostly red and green. For cards that have showcase variants, one of the copies on the sheet is the showcase variant. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Daybreak ChargerHunter's EdgeBone Pit BruteGrasp of DarknessRanger's GuileChandra's MagmuttRoaming GhostlightGnarled Sage
Destructive TamperingSkeleton ArcherPridemalkinGoblin ArsonistLlanowar VisionaryBurn BrightSwift ResponseGarruk's Gorehorn
HobblefiendRousing ReadRun AfoulPitchburn DevilsBasri's Acolyte (Showcase)Portcullis VineSpellgorger WeirdLiliana's Steward
SnarespinnerScorching DragonfireTeferi's ProtegeOrnery DilophosaurShockSkeleton ArcherSetessan TrainingGoblin Wizardry
Gale SwooperHunter's EdgeCrash ThroughRoaming GhostlightDrowsing TyrannodonChandra's MagmuttGnarled SageGoblin Arsonist
Daybreak ChargerSabertooth MaulerDestructive TamperingGrasp of DarknessGarruk's Gorehorn (Showcase)Turret OgreRousing ReadRanger's Guile
Bone Pit BruteSwift ResponseLlanowar VisionaryHobblefiendFinishing BlowPridemalkinSpellgorger WeirdBasri's Acolyte
Run AfoulBurn BrightSkeleton ArcherSnarespinnerShockTeferi's Protege (Showcase)Portcullis VinePitchburn Devils
Liliana's StewardOrnery DilophosaurScorching DragonfireSetessan TrainingGale SwooperDestructive TamperingHunter's EdgeScorching Dragonfire
Drowsing TyrannodonCrash ThroughDaybreak ChargerGnarled SageChandra's Magmutt (Showcase)Sabertooth MaulerTurret OgreRanger's Guile
Goblin WizardryFinishing BlowLlanowar VisionaryGoblin ArsonistRoaming GhostlightPridemalkinTurret OgreGrasp of Darkness
Garruk's GorehornBone Pit BruteRousing ReadPortcullis VineHobblefiendSwift ResponseRun AfoulSpellgorger Weird
Liliana's Steward (Showcase)Sabertooth MaulerBurn BrightBasri's AcolyteSnarespinnerPitchburn DevilsTeferi's ProtegeSetessan Training
ShockGale SwooperOrnery DilophosaurCrash ThroughFinishing BlowDrowsing TyrannodonGoblin Wizardry