Mirrodin Besieged Collation

Mirrodin Besieged is a small set with 60 commons, 40 uncommons, 35 rares, 10 mythic rares, and two variations of each standard basic land. Besides the lands, this is the normal size for a small set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 67 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA and Belgium.

Mirrodin Besieged was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

There are also prerelease boxes that contain 18 "Mirran Faction" packs containing only Mirran cards and 18 "Phyrexian Faction" packs containing only Phyrexian cards.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation. Collation is non-standard to support separated Mirran and Phyrexian print runs.

Packs are back-facing and have 10 commons followed by 3 uncommons, a rare, an ad card, and a basic land. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the land, displacing a common.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Ad Card1 Land
10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Ad Card1 Land1 Foil

The commons are printed on two sheets. One sheet forms the A run with each of the 30 Mirran commons appearing four times, and the other forms the B run with each of the 30 Phyrexian commons appearing four times. Packs contain 5 A commons followed by 5 B commons. A foil can displace a common from either run.

The uncommons are also printed on two sheets, each of which is divided into two runs. The A and B runs contain Mirran cards and the C and D runs contain Phyrexian cards. The A and C runs each have 11 cards each appearing six times, and the B and D runs each have 9 cards each appearing six times. Packs contain one card from three runs (in alphabetic order of run names). Assuming all uncommons appear with equal frenquency, each of A and C should be left out 7/40 of the time, and each of B and D should be left out 13/40 of the time.

The rares are printed on two sheets as well. Again, there is a Mirran sheet (A), and a Phyrexian sheet (B). Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas (the only card besides the basic lands not to have a Mirran or Phyrexian watermark) appears on both sheets. The Mirran sheet has 18 rares and 4 mythic rares. Each mythic rare appears three times and each rare appears 6 times except for Victory's Herald which only appears 5 times (and is thus short-printed). There is additionally one copy of Tezzeret. (This accounts for 120 slots on the sheet.) The Phyrexian sheet has 17 rares and 5 mythic rares. Each mythic rare appears three times and each rare appears 6 times except for Psychosis Crawler which appears 7 times (and is thus over-printed). There are additionally two copies of Tezzeret (for a total of three copies across the two sheets). (This also accounts for 120 slots on the sheet.)

Earlier sources conflict as to the exact make-ups of the rare sheets (and the configuration I have presented is also different). The original map from JustMe[2] and the map published by Ross Edwards[3] (based on JustMe's map) have the sixth copy of Victory's Herald on the Mirran sheet. JustMe's map agrees with mine as to the make-up of the Phyrexian Sheet, but Ross Edwards adds a copy of Phyrexian Rebirth so that it is also over-printed; but this means both sheets now use 121 slots whereas JustMe's are imbalanced. (My sheets are also balanced, and though I think there is some motivation for the sheets being balanced, it is not a completely safe assumption.) In any case, I can't account for the cards added by either map.

Besides the two variations of each basic land with the Mirrodin Besieged expansion symbol, there are also two Scars of Mirrodin variations for each land that can appear in Mirrodin Besieged boosters; these are Plains (232), Plains (233), Island (235), Island (236), Swamp (240), Swamp (241), Mountain (242), Mountain (243), Forest (248), and Forest (249). Because of repetition of the land sheet, it is hard to confirm the full sheet layout, but probably most variations appear six times, and there is one card, probably Scars of Mirrodin Plains (233), that appears seven times. However, there is an error on the sheet where most copies of Mirrodin Besieged Island (148) are replaced with Scars of Mirrodin Island (235). Probably, Mirrodin Besieged Island (148) only appears once on the sheet. (However, note that this Island isn't rare in practice as it also appears in New Phyrexia boosters where it is not short-printed.)

Prerelease faction packs use the same print runs. A faction pack will contain 10 commons from the matching common run. Then, it will have 3 uncommons made up of 2+1 or 1+2 from A and B or C and D as appropriate for the given faction. Then, it will contain a rare from the faction's sheet. Ad cards and lands are the same as for normal packs. I believe foils are also the same as normal packs (meaning that Phyrexian foils may appear in Mirran packs and vice versa).

Common Runs[1]

The A common run consists of 30 different Mirran cards each appearing four times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Master's CallCopper CarapaceFangren MarauderHexplate GolemArdent RecruitCrushTurn the TideLeonin SkyhunterBladed SentinelOgre ResisterSpin Engine
Mirran MettleGust-SkimmerRally the ForcesMaster's CallFrantic SalvageKoth's CourierMirran SpyBlisterstick ShamanTraining DroneTangle MantisBurn the Impure
Hexplate GolemTurn the TideCopper CarapaceLoxodon PartisanConcussive BoltGust-SkimmerFrantic SalvageOgre ResisterKuldotha RingleaderMirran SpyTraining Drone
Quicksilver GeyserSpin EngineRally the ForcesTangle MantisArdent RecruitConcussive BoltDivine OfferingGust-SkimmerCrushBlisterstick ShamanLoxodon Partisan
Quicksilver GeyserRazorfield RhinoFangren MarauderBladed SentinelSpire SerpentGnathosaurMaster's CallMirran MettleBurn the ImpureKoth's CourierCopper Carapace
Mirran SpyArdent RecruitShriekhornDivine OfferingTraining DroneFangren MarauderKuldotha RingleaderFrantic SalvageRazorfield RhinoBurn the ImpureOgre Resister
Tangle MantisSpire SerpentMaster's CallBladed SentinelTurn the TideShriekhornCrushKuldotha RingleaderLeonin SkyhunterSpin EngineKoth's Courier
Divine OfferingMirran MettleGnathosaurMirran SpyHexplate GolemConcussive BoltRazorfield RhinoTurn the TideLoxodon PartisanBladed SentinelRally the Forces
Blisterstick ShamanDivine OfferingCrushFangren MarauderSpire SerpentSpin EngineGnathosaurShriekhornQuicksilver GeyserArdent RecruitCopper Carapace
Ogre ResisterLeonin SkyhunterRally the ForcesFrantic SalvageTangle MantisRazorfield RhinoHexplate GolemGnathosaurKoth's CourierQuicksilver GeyserMirran Mettle
Training DroneConcussive BoltKuldotha RingleaderLoxodon PartisanBurn the ImpureLeonin SkyhunterShriekhornSpire SerpentGust-SkimmerBlisterstick Shaman

The B common run consists of 30 different Phyrexian cards each appearing four times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Phyrexian RagerHorrifying RevelationPistus StrikeRusted SlasherSpread the SicknessVivisectionViridian EmissaryTangle HulkPriests of NornPhyrexian DigesterSteel Sabotage
Glissa's CourierFlensermiteVirulent WoundDross RipperFuel for the CauseBlightwidowPhyrexian RagerRusted SlasherBanishment DecreeRot WolfFlayer Husk
VivisectionPhyresisPhyrexian DigesterScourge ServantTangle HulkFuel for the CauseViridian EmissaryTine ShrikeMorbid PlunderGlissa's CourierIchor Wellspring
Serum RakerFlayer HuskFlensermiteUnnatural PredationCaustic HoundDross RipperPriests of NornVivisectionPistus StrikeMorbid PlunderMyr Sire
Banishment DecreeBlightwidowTangle HulkOculusVirulent WoundGlissa's CourierDross RipperHorrifying RevelationScourge ServantUnnatural PredationSteel Sabotage
Rusted SlasherTine ShrikePistus StrikePhyrexian DigesterSpread the SicknessOculusBlightwidowPhyresisIchor WellspringPhyrexian RagerCaustic Hound
Priests of NornFuel for the CauseGlissa's CourierFlayer HuskTangle HulkSteel SabotageFlensermiteViridian EmissaryHorrifying RevelationSpread the SicknessTine Shrike
Caustic HoundPhyresisMyr SireUnnatural PredationPriests of NornSerum RakerVirulent WoundRot WolfFuel for the CauseIchor WellspringScourge Servant
Morbid PlunderBlightwidowTine ShrikeMyr SireHorrifying RevelationSteel SabotageDross RipperPhyresisRot WolfOculusPhyrexian Rager
Flayer HuskSpread the SicknessViridian EmissaryBanishment DecreeCaustic HoundVivisectionMyr SireSerum RakerPistus StrikeFlensermiteMorbid Plunder
Unnatural PredationRusted SlasherPhyrexian DigesterVirulent WoundBanishment DecreeScourge ServantOculusIchor WellspringRot WolfSerum Raker

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 11 different Mirran cards each appearing six times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Lumengrid GargoyleGoblin WardriverMelira's KeepersLeonin Relic-WarderAccorder PaladinTreasure MageKuldotha FlamefiendPeace StriderNeurok CommandoViridian ClawSphere of the Suns
Lumengrid GargoyleAccorder PaladinNeurok CommandoGoblin WardriverTreasure MageViridian ClawMelira's KeepersKuldotha FlamefiendSphere of the SunsLeonin Relic-WarderPeace Strider
Lumengrid GargoyleLeonin Relic-WarderViridian ClawPeace StriderGoblin WardriverSphere of the SunsTreasure MageKuldotha FlamefiendMelira's KeepersNeurok CommandoAccorder Paladin
Lumengrid GargoyleLeonin Relic-WarderKuldotha FlamefiendViridian ClawGoblin WardriverAccorder PaladinPeace StriderSphere of the SunsMelira's KeepersTreasure MageNeurok Commando
Lumengrid GargoyleKuldotha FlamefiendGoblin WardriverPeace StriderMelira's KeepersNeurok CommandoLeonin Relic-WarderViridian ClawAccorder PaladinSphere of the SunsTreasure Mage
Lumengrid GargoyleViridian ClawPeace StriderTreasure MageLeonin Relic-WarderGoblin WardriverSphere of the SunsNeurok CommandoKuldotha FlamefiendAccorder PaladinMelira's Keepers

The B uncommon run consists of 9 different Mirran cards each appearing six times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Silverskin ArmorBrass SquireLead the StampedeSignal PestSpiraling DuelistVedalken InfuserKemba's LegionGo for the ThroatPiston SledgeLead the StampedeVedalken Infuser
Silverskin ArmorLead the StampedeSpiraling DuelistKemba's LegionPiston SledgeBrass SquireSignal PestVedalken InfuserGo for the ThroatPiston SledgeBrass Squire
Silverskin ArmorSpiraling DuelistPiston SledgeSignal PestGo for the ThroatLead the StampedeKemba's LegionBrass SquireVedalken InfuserSpiraling DuelistSignal Pest
Silverskin ArmorVedalken InfuserBrass SquireKemba's LegionLead the StampedeGo for the ThroatSignal PestPiston SledgeSpiraling DuelistGo for the ThroatSilverskin Armor
Piston SledgeKemba's LegionSignal PestSilverskin ArmorBrass SquireKemba's LegionGo for the ThroatLead the StampedeSpiraling DuelistVedalken Infuser

The C uncommon run consists of 11 different Phyrexian cards each appearing six times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Choking FumesNested GhoulVedalken AnatomistPlague MyrSkinwingViridian CorrupterPhyrexian JuggernautPlaguemaw BeastStrandwalkerInto the CoreFlesh-Eater Imp
Choking FumesNested GhoulPlaguemaw BeastVedalken AnatomistSkinwingFlesh-Eater ImpPlague MyrViridian CorrupterStrandwalkerPhyrexian JuggernautInto the Core
Choking FumesPlaguemaw BeastSkinwingPlague MyrStrandwalkerInto the CoreNested GhoulVedalken AnatomistFlesh-Eater ImpViridian CorrupterPhyrexian Juggernaut
Choking FumesVedalken AnatomistPlague MyrPhyrexian JuggernautNested GhoulSkinwingViridian CorrupterInto the CorePlaguemaw BeastFlesh-Eater ImpStrandwalker
Choking FumesSkinwingStrandwalkerNested GhoulFlesh-Eater ImpPhyrexian JuggernautPlaguemaw BeastPlague MyrInto the CoreVedalken AnatomistViridian Corrupter
Choking FumesFlesh-Eater ImpInto the CoreSkinwingPhyrexian JuggernautVedalken AnatomistStrandwalkerPlaguemaw BeastViridian CorrupterNested GhoulPlague Myr

The D uncommon run consists of 9 different Phyrexian cards each appearing six times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Gruesome EncoreSeptic RatsCore ProwlerGore VassalGruesome EncoreMetallic MasteryCore ProwlerPierce StriderQuilled SlagwurmMortarpodCorrupted Conscience
Gruesome EncoreMetallic MasteryQuilled SlagwurmGore VassalMortarpodCorrupted ConscienceCore ProwlerPierce StriderSeptic RatsQuilled SlagwurmCorrupted Conscience
Gruesome EncoreQuilled SlagwurmMortarpodCore ProwlerSeptic RatsMetallic MasteryGore VassalCorrupted ConsciencePierce StriderSeptic RatsMetallic Mastery
Gruesome EncoreMortarpodSeptic RatsGore VassalPierce StriderQuilled SlagwurmCore ProwlerMetallic MasteryCorrupted ConscienceMortarpodGore Vassal
Gruesome EncoreCorrupted ConscienceMetallic MasteryCore ProwlerQuilled SlagwurmPierce StriderGore VassalSeptic RatsMortarpodPierce Strider

Rare Runs[2][3]

The A rare run contains 18 Mirran rares each printed six times except for Victory's Herald which is printed five times, and 4 Mirran mythic rares each printed three times, plus one copy of Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Knowledge PoolTitan ForgeThopter AssemblyGalvanothSword of Feast and FamineSlagstormContested War ZoneSangromancerBlue Sun's ZenithShimmer MyrDarksteel Plate
Victory's HeraldMyr TurbineMyr WelderWhite Sun's ZenithSword of Feast and FamineContested War ZoneMirran CrusaderGalvanothSangromancerThrun, the Last TrollKnowledge Pool
Hellkite IgniterWhite Sun's ZenithSlagstormDarksteel PlateContested War ZoneMyr WelderShimmer MyrVictory's HeraldHero of Oxid RidgeSangromancerRed Sun's Zenith
Mirran CrusaderCryptoplasmKnowledge PoolDarksteel PlateMyr WelderGalvanothVictory's HeraldThrun, the Last TrollSlagstormTitan ForgeMirran Crusader
SangromancerWhite Sun's ZenithBlue Sun's ZenithMyr TurbineHero of Oxid RidgeGalvanothCryptoplasmContested War ZoneRed Sun's ZenithDarksteel PlateSword of Feast and Famine
Titan ForgeVictory's HeraldMyr WelderSangromancerHellkite IgniterBlue Sun's ZenithGalvanothThrun, the Last TrollDarksteel PlateHero of Oxid RidgeRed Sun's Zenith
Thopter AssemblySlagstormCryptoplasmMyr TurbineWhite Sun's ZenithTitan ForgeMyr WelderBlue Sun's ZenithContested War ZoneHellkite IgniterThopter Assembly
Mirran CrusaderKnowledge PoolRed Sun's ZenithHero of BladeholdShimmer MyrGalvanothWhite Sun's ZenithCryptoplasmMyr TurbineContested War ZoneThopter Assembly
Tezzeret, Agent of BolasSlagstormKnowledge PoolShimmer MyrHellkite IgniterMyr WelderHero of BladeholdTitan ForgeSangromancerMyr TurbineThopter Assembly
White Sun's ZenithKnowledge PoolBlue Sun's ZenithRed Sun's ZenithCryptoplasmShimmer MyrTitan ForgeHellkite IgniterHero of BladeholdMirran CrusaderSlagstorm
Thopter AssemblyBlue Sun's ZenithCryptoplasmDarksteel PlateMyr TurbineRed Sun's ZenithShimmer MyrMirran CrusaderHellkite IgniterVictory's Herald

The B rare run contains 17 Phyrexian rares each printed six times except for Psychosis Crawler which is printed seven times, and 5 Phyrexian mythic rares each printed three times, plus two copies of Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Decimator WebSpine of Ish SahGreen Sun's ZenithBonehoardMitotic ManipulationMassacre WurmDistant MemoriesPhyrexian HydraMirrorworksBlack Sun's ZenithMagnetic Mine
Praetor's CounselPhyrexian VatmotherPhyrexian RevokerPhyrexian RebirthCreeping CorrosionPsychosis CrawlerConsecrated SphinxPhyrexian CrusaderBonehoardMirrorworksMitotic Manipulation
Black Sun's ZenithGreen Sun's ZenithPhyrexian RebirthPhyrexian VatmotherDecimator WebPsychosis CrawlerGlissa, the TraitorPhyrexian RevokerDistant MemoriesSpine of Ish SahCreeping Corrosion
Inkmoth NexusMassacre WurmGreen Sun's ZenithMagnetic MineDecimator WebPhyrexian RebirthMirrorworksDistant MemoriesPhyrexian CrusaderBlightsteel ColossusPhyrexian Hydra
Inkmoth NexusBlack Sun's ZenithPsychosis CrawlerPhyrexian RevokerCreeping CorrosionBonehoardDistant MemoriesMitotic ManipulationBlightsteel ColossusDecimator WebPhyrexian Crusader
Phyrexian RebirthInkmoth NexusPsychosis CrawlerGreen Sun's ZenithPhyrexian VatmotherCreeping CorrosionMirrorworksConsecrated SphinxGlissa, the TraitorBlack Sun's ZenithSpine of Ish Sah
Magnetic MinePhyrexian CrusaderInkmoth NexusGreen Sun's ZenithPhyrexian RevokerDecimator WebMitotic ManipulationPhyrexian HydraPhyrexian VatmotherBonehoardGlissa, the Traitor
Phyrexian CrusaderMassacre WurmPhyrexian RebirthSpine of Ish SahMirrorworksPhyrexian RevokerPhyrexian HydraCreeping CorrosionMagnetic MineDistant MemoriesPhyrexian Vatmother
Psychosis CrawlerPraetor's CounselPhyrexian CrusaderSpine of Ish SahBonehoardInkmoth NexusMirrorworksPsychosis CrawlerMitotic ManipulationGreen Sun's ZenithTezzeret, Agent of Bolas
Phyrexian HydraPhyrexian RebirthMagnetic MineConsecrated SphinxSpine of Ish SahPhyrexian RevokerBlack Sun's ZenithCreeping CorrosionDecimator WebDistant MemoriesTezzeret, Agent of Bolas
BonehoardPhyrexian HydraMagnetic MineMitotic ManipulationInkmoth NexusBlightsteel ColossusPraetor's CounselPsychosis CrawlerPhyrexian VatmotherBlack Sun's Zenith

Land Run

It is hard to confirm the land run because the pattern repeats over the sheet, but I think this run is probably correct. Each land appears six times except for Scars of Mirrodin Plains (233) which appears seven times, and Mirrodin Besieged Island (148) which appears only once with the other places in the pattern where it would appear replaced by Island (235) (which thus appears 11 times). The choice of first card is to put the extra Plains in the last slot (which is consistent with at least one observed transposition).

Plains (146)Island (235)Swamp (150)Mountain (242)Forest (154)Plains (147)Island (148)Swamp (240)Mountain (152)Forest (248)Plains (233)
Island (149)Swamp (241)Mountain (153)Forest (249)Plains (232)Island (236)Swamp (151)Mountain (243)Forest (155)Plains (146)Island (235)
Swamp (150)Mountain (242)Forest (154)Plains (147)Island (235)Swamp (240)Mountain (152)Forest (248)Plains (233)Island (149)Swamp (241)
Mountain (153)Forest (249)Plains (232)Island (236)Swamp (151)Mountain (243)Forest (155)Plains (146)Island (235)Swamp (150)Mountain (242)
Forest (154)Plains (147)Island (235)Swamp (240)Mountain (152)Forest (248)Plains (233)Island (149)Swamp (241)Mountain (153)Forest (249)
Plains (232)Island (236)Swamp (151)Mountain (243)Forest (155)Plains (146)Island (235)Swamp (150)Mountain (242)Forest (154)Plains (147)
Island (235)Swamp (240)Mountain (152)Forest (248)Plains (233)Island (149)Swamp (241)Mountain (153)Forest (249)Plains (232)Island (236)
Swamp (151)Mountain (243)Forest (155)Plains (146)Island (235)Swamp (150)Mountain (242)Forest (154)Plains (147)Island (235)Swamp (240)
Mountain (152)Forest (248)Plains (233)Island (149)Swamp (241)Mountain (153)Forest (249)Plains (232)Island (236)Swamp (151)Mountain (243)
Forest (155)Plains (146)Island (235)Swamp (150)Mountain (242)Forest (154)Plains (147)Island (235)Swamp (240)Mountain (152)Forest (248)
Plains (233)Island (149)Swamp (241)Mountain (153)Forest (249)Plains (232)Island (236)Swamp (151)Mountain (243)Forest (155)Plains (233)

Token Run

Most of the marketing cards in this set have a token or tip on the front face. They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary. Some of the tokens are from Scars of Mirrodin, printed with the expansion symbol of that set, but not all of those tokens appear here.

Poison CounterBattle Cry Tip CardMetalcraft and Imprint Tip CardPoison CounterThopterGermMyrLiving Weapon Tip CardZombieGermGerm
MyrGolemGermMyrPoison CounterInfect Tip CardGermProliferate Tip CardPoison CounterBattle Cry Tip CardMetalcraft and Imprint Tip Card
Living Weapon Tip CardMyrPoison CounterGermZombiePoison CounterThopterGermMyrPoison CounterCat
Infect Tip CardProliferate Tip CardPoison CounterMyrGermLiving Weapon Tip CardPoison CounterGermMetalcraft and Imprint Tip CardSoldierPoison Counter
MyrBattle Cry Tip CardGolemPoison CounterInfect Tip CardGermZombiePoison CounterLiving Weapon Tip CardGermMyr
CatGermBattle Cry Tip CardProliferate Tip CardPoison CounterMyrGermMetalcraft and Imprint Tip CardInfect Tip CardPoison CounterLiving Weapon Tip Card
GermSoldierZombieBattle Cry Tip CardGermPoison CounterMyrThopterGermProliferate Tip CardPoison Counter
Metalcraft and Imprint Tip CardGermMyrPoison CounterBattle Cry Tip CardGermLiving Weapon Tip CardPoison CounterMyrInfect Tip CardZombie
Poison CounterCatGermSoldierPoison CounterBattle Cry Tip CardThopterMyrPoison CounterLiving Weapon Tip CardGerm
Proliferate Tip CardPoison CounterInfect Tip CardGermMetalcraft and Imprint Tip CardZombiePoison CounterBattle Cry Tip CardGermMyrHorror
GermSoldierPoison CounterInfect Tip CardMyrProliferate Tip CardCatPoison CounterBattle Cry Tip CardGermGerm

Token Rarity
HorrorHorror × 1GolemGolem × 2CatCat × 4
SoldierSoldier × 4ThopterThopter × 4Metalcraft and Imprint Tip CardMetalcraft and Imprint Tip Card × 6
Proliferate Tip CardProliferate Tip Card × 6ZombieZombie × 6Infect Tip CardInfect Tip Card × 7
Living Weapon Tip CardLiving Weapon Tip Card × 7Battle Cry Tip CardBattle Cry Tip Card × 9MyrMyr × 15
GermGerm × 25Poison CounterPoison Counter × 25

[1] The common runs for US Mirrodin Besieged were originally posted by Medussa on the MTG Salvation forums. (A have chosen different starting points for the runs, and chosen to resolve a few transpositions differently in the Phyrexian run.)

[2] The rare runs for US Mirrodin Besieged were originally posted by JustMe on the MTG Salvations forums. The posts by JustMe no longer exist, but the results are still available, e.g. here. (My take on the runs is a bit different as noted above.)

[3] The rare runs for US Mirrodin Besieged were also posted by Ross Edwards as a "digital module" supplementing the Black Book series. (This take on the runs is a bit different from mine or JustMe's as noted above.)