Mirage Collation

Mirage is a large set with 110 commons, 110 uncommons, 110 rares, and four variations of each standard basic land. This is smaller than previous large sets (due to a change of the print sheet size), but this size goes on to be normal for a large set. The set was printed in the USA and Belgium.

Mirage was sold in 15 card booster packs. Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with 10 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing and contain 11 commons, 1 rare, and 3 uncommons (in that order). Basic lands do not appear in booster packs.

11 Commons1 Rare3 Uncommons

Starter decks have 3 rares, 9 uncommons, 26 commons, and 22 basic lands. There are at least two orderings I've observed. In both cases, cards I've seen are back-facing (but in general this tends to be inconsistent). In one case, lands are first, then rares, uncommons, and commons. In the other case, commons and lands are reversed. The rulebook is always at the end (facing outwards). Decks have an outer seal, but no inner seal.

22 Lands9 Uncommons3 Rares26 CommonsRulebook
26 Commons9 Uncommons3 Rares22 LandsRulebook

There are four common runs. Two, A and B, have 30 cards (each twice) and two, C and D, have 25 cards (again, each twice). Each pack contains 6 commons from A and B followed by 5 from B and C. The A and B commons can be in A-B order or B-A order. Either way, the split will be either 3-3 or 4-2. (Empirically, a very rough estimate of the 4-2 rate is 1/3.) The C and D commons can also be in either order independently of the ordering of A and B. (It is possible that these ordering are correlated in the same box, but I haven't seen a booster box opening.) Their split will be 3-2 or 2-3.

Starter decks are a bit messier. They can be split either 15 from A and B and 11 from C and D, or 13 and 13. Mathematically, the 15-11 split should happen 13/22 of the time. If there are 15 A and B, they will be split 7-8 or 8-7. If there are 13 A and B cards, the split will be 6-7 or 7-6. Likewise, 11 C and D will be split 5-6 or 6-5 and 13 C and D will be split 6-7 or 7-6. Like booster packs, A and B can appear in either order, and so can C and D. In the cases I've observed these orders are correlated (always A and D first or B and C first), but it's possible this is just due to small sample size. (Within the same box, at least, they are probably correlated.) In land-first starters, C and D come first. In land-last starters, A and B come first.

Note that there is apparent symmetry between A and B and between C and D, so the labels here are arbitrary.

There is a picture of the rare sheet. [1]

Common Runs

Run A contains 30 cards each twice. Cards are in a repeating color pattern of white, black, green, red, blue. It is probably printed on the same sheet as either C or D. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Village ElderGoblin Elite InfantryCloak of InvisibilityCivic GuildmageSkulking GhostGibbering HyenasChaos CharmBay FalconBenevolent UnicornRestless Dead
Uktabi FaerieViashino WarriorMerfolk RaidersEkundu GriffinEbony CharmGibbering HyenasGoblin TinkererCloak of InvisibilityMtenda HerderSkulking Ghost
Sabertooth CobraKaervek's TorchMerfolk RaidersBenevolent UnicornCadaverous KnightTranquil DomainGoblin Elite InfantrySea ScryerEkundu GriffinSewer Rats
Uktabi FaerieGoblin TinkererPower SinkMtenda HerderFetid HorrorSabertooth CobraKaervek's TorchAzimaet DrakeZhalfirin KnightRestless Dead
Tranquil DomainArmorer GuildmageBay FalconFemeref HealerSewer RatsCrash of RhinosChaos CharmSea ScryerCivic GuildmageCadaverous Knight
Village ElderViashino WarriorAzimaet DrakeFemeref HealerEbony CharmCrash of RhinosArmorer GuildmagePower SinkZhalfirin KnightFetid Horror

Run B also contains 30 cards each twice. Cards are in a repeating color pattern of white, black, green, red, blue. It is probably printed on the same sheet as either C or D. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Rampant GrowthBurning Shield AskariJoltDivine OfferingDark BanishingRegenerationLightning ReflexesBoomerangFemeref ScoutsSoulshriek
Seedling CharmBlistering BarrierSoarWard of LightsChoking SandsSandstormBurning Shield AskariMemory LapseRitual of SteelBone Harvest
Giant MantisFlareSapphire CharmFemeref ScoutsDrain LifeSandstormBlistering BarrierBoomerangDisempowerDark Banishing
Rampant GrowthFlareSandbar CrocodileRitual of SteelChoking SandsStalking TigerIncinerateJoltDisempowerDirtwater Wraith
Seedling CharmBuilder's BaneSandbar CrocodileWard of LightsDrain LifeGiant MantisIncinerateMemory LapseHealing SalveSoulshriek
Stalking TigerLightning ReflexesSapphire CharmDivine OfferingDirtwater WraithRegenerationBuilder's BaneSoarHealing SalveBone Harvest

Run C contains 25 cards each twice. Cards are in a repeating color pattern of white, black, green, red, blue. It is probably printed on the same sheet as either A or B. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Wild ElephantFirebreathingTeferi's CurseTeremko GriffinShadow GuildmageJolrael's CentaurEkundu CyclopsShaper GuildmagePrismatic CircleEnfeeblement
Wall of RootsFirebreathingKukemssa SerpentDisenchantShadow GuildmageJungle WurmEkundu CyclopsThirstPrismatic CircleUrborg Panther
Granger GuildmageRaging SpiritShaper GuildmageTeremko GriffinBinding AgonyJungle WurmSearing Spear AskariThirstIvory CharmGravebane Zombie
Wall of RootsAgilityTeferi's CurseNoble ElephantBinding AgonyJolrael's CentaurRaging SpiritDream CacheDisenchantGravebane Zombie
Wild ElephantAgilityKukemssa SerpentNoble ElephantEnfeeblementGranger GuildmageSearing Spear AskariDream CacheIvory CharmUrborg Panther

Run D contains 25 cards each twice. Cards are in a repeating color pattern of white, black, green, red, blue. It is probably printed on the same sheet as either A or B. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Serene HeartPyric SalamanderReality RippleWall of ResistanceBreathstealerArmor of ThornsSpitting EarthMerfolk SeerFemeref KnightFeral Shadow
FogDwarven NomadRay of CommandAlarumGrave ServitudeMtenda LionStone RainDream FighterPacifismFeral Shadow
Quirion ElvesPyric SalamanderMerfolk SeerDazzling BeautyDark RitualMtenda LionDwarven NomadReality RippleAlarumWall of Corpses
Quirion ElvesSpitting EarthTeferi's DrakePacifismBreathstealerSerene HeartTalruum MinotaurRay of CommandFemeref KnightDark Ritual
FogStone RainTeferi's DrakeWall of ResistanceGrave ServitudeArmor of ThornsTalruum MinotaurDream FighterDazzling BeautyWall of Corpses

Rare Sheet

The rare sheet contains each rare once.

Harbinger of NightSeeds of InnocenceZirilan of the ClawSoul EchoLeering GargoyleForbidden CryptEthereal ChampionGrim FeastPaupers' CageWarping Wurm
ChaosphereFrenetic EfreetPolymorphSpectral GuardianCadaverous BloomTombstone StairwellHivis of the ScaleGrinning TotemReparationsTeferi's Imp
Shallow GravePhyrexian DreadnoughtDivine RetributionEmberwilde CaliphAshen PowderUktabi WildcatsMangara's TomeFlashAuspicious AncestorTeferi's Isle
Spirit of the NightShimmerIllicit AuctionDiscordant SpiritBone MaskInfernal ContractRashida ScalebaneCircle of DespairBrushwaggCursed Totem
Purraj of UrborgUnfulfilled DesiresSunwebBarreling AttackAsmira, Holy AvengerEnergy VortexVentifact BottleMindbender SporesRazor PendulumAncestral Memories
Emberwilde DjinnCarrionSacred MesaPurgatoryZuberi, Golden FeatherForsaken WastesTelim'TorBenthic DjinnPsychic TransferAcidic Dagger
Rock BasiliskFinal FortuneAfiya GroveKukemssa PiratesAmber PrisonHall of GemstoneVolcanic DragonPrismatic LacePreferred SelectionNull Chamber
Misers' CageBazaar of WondersCatacomb DragonLion's Eye DiamondSubterranean SpiritCelestial DawnTeeka's DragonEarly HarvestPearl DragonNatural Balance
Torrent of LavaJungle PatrolPhyrexian TributePolitical TrickeryCanopy DragonTelim'Tor's EdictSawback ManticorePhyrexian TributeMist DragonLure of Prey
Amulet of UnmakingMaroJabari's InfluenceWellspringAbyssal HunterWaiting in the WeedsTaniwhaShauku, EndbringerReckless EmbermageYare
Energy BoltTainted SpecterCycle of LifeCrimson HellkiteMalignant GrowthHakim, LoreweaverReflect DamageSidar JabariHammer of BogardanDaring Apprentice

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses striped collation with 10 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing and contain 3 uncommons, 1 rare, and 11 commons (in that order). Basic lands do not appear in booster packs.

3 Uncommons1 Rare11 Commons

Starter decks have inconsistent ordering. They contain 3 rares, 9 uncommons, 26 commons, and 22 basic lands in addition to a rulebook. Ordering can be inconsistent. Observed decks are front-facing. There are two main ordering types. Some packs have lands and uncommons, then rares and commons. In other packs, the uncommons and rares are switched. In both cases the rulebook is between the rares and uncommons. Decks both an outer seal and an inner seal.

22 Lands9 UncommonsRulebook3 Rares26 Commons
22 Lands3 RaresRulebook9 Uncommons26 Commons

There are pictures of the common and uncommon sheets. [2]

Common Sheet

There is a single sheet that prints each common once.

Cadaverous KnightChaos CharmDream FighterDisenchantGiant MantisBinding AgonyGoblin TinkererMerfolk RaidersFemeref HealerRegeneration
Kukemssa SerpentWall of ResistanceRampant GrowthUrborg PantherTalruum MinotaurShaper GuildmageHealing SalveArmor of ThornsBreathstealerGoblin Elite Infantry
Sabertooth CobraSkulking GhostIncinerateDream CacheAlarumCrash of RhinosFeral ShadowBuilder's BaneTeferi's DrakeFemeref Knight
Spitting EarthMerfolk SeerWard of LightsTranquil DomainFetid HorrorDwarven NomadSea ScryerPacifismSerene HeartEbony Charm
Prismatic CircleUktabi FaerieSewer RatsBlistering BarrierJoltIvory CharmStalking TigerGrave ServitudeViashino WarriorAzimaet Drake
Bone HarvestFlareSandbar CrocodileTeremko GriffinWild ElephantDirtwater WraithStone RainCloak of InvisibilityEkundu GriffinGranger Guildmage
Bay FalconDivine OfferingGibbering HyenasSoulshriekLightning ReflexesBoomerangFemeref ScoutsWall of RootsChoking SandsKaervek's Torch
FogEnfeeblementBurning Shield AskariMemory LapseNoble ElephantSandstormGravebane ZombieSearing Spear AskariTeferi's CurseDisempower
Pyric SalamanderPower SinkZhalfirin KnightJolrael's CentaurShadow GuildmageEkundu CyclopsSapphire CharmDazzling BeautyMtenda LionWall of Corpses
Mtenda HerderQuirion ElvesDrain LifeRaging SpiritThirstRitual of SteelVillage ElderDark RitualArmorer GuildmageRay of Command
Reality RippleCivic GuildmageSeedling CharmRestless DeadFirebreathingSoarBenevolent UnicornJungle WurmDark BanishingAgility

Uncommon Sheet

There is a single sheet that prints each uncommon card once.

Harbor GuardianBurning Palm EfreetMind BendMountain ValleyNettletooth DjinnPrismatic BoonBasalt GolemMeddleMelesse SpiritFire Diamond
Mana PrismUnyaro GriffinCharcoal DiamondDread SpecterAleatoryHarmattan EfreetBlinding LightShauku's MinionCrypt CobraConsuming Ferocity
Femeref ArchersNocturnal RaidFlame ElementalMind HarnessPatagia GolemDecompositionSoul RendWildfire EmissaryFlood PlainZhalfirin Commander
SiroccoSavage TwisterLead GolemSuperior NumbersWithering BoonWindreaper FalconCrystal GolemFavorable DestinyRoots of LifeChariot of the Sun
Vigilant MartyrMoss DiamondBad RiverHazerider DrakeTidal WaveMangara's BlessingWorldly TutorZombie MobZebra UnicornEther Well
Jungle TrollCinder CloudFloodgateAfterlifeKaroo MeerkatIgneous GolemSpatial BindingSuq'Ata FirewalkerSky DiamondFallow Earth
Horrible HordesShadowbaneDeliriumRavenous VampireBlind FuryCerulean WyvernIlluminationKaervek's PurgeMire ShadeVolcanic Geyser
Unseen WalkerStuporCrimson RocGrasslandsSand GolemBarbed FoliageTelim'Tor's DartsDwarven MinerDissipateErsatz Gnomes
Goblin ScoutsUnerring SlingMtenda GriffinUnyaro Bee StingKaervek's HexGoblin SoothsayerRadiant EssenceIron Tusk ElephantHaunting ApparitionReign of Terror
Crystal VeinForatogBarbed-Back WurmVitalizing CascadeVaporous DjinnMangara's EquityTropical StormPainful MemoriesReign of ChaosWave Elemental
Mystical TutorPhyrexian VaultSealed FateBlighted ShamanMarble DiamondCoral FightersEnlightened TutorLocust SwarmRocky Tar PitElixir of Vitality

[1] There is a picture of the US rare sheet on the Gamepedia wiki.

[2] User mmgun has posted pictures of the Belgian common and uncommon sheets on the Magic Librarities Forum.