Modern Masters 2015 Collation

Modern Masters 2015 is a large set with 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, and 15 mythic rares. This is the normal size for a large set of this era. Every pack contains a foil card. The set was printed in the USA.

Modern Masters 2015 was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 24 packs. Notably, the English printing uses recyclable paperboard booster packaging, but the collation is the same even for non-English boosters using the traditional booster packaging.

Pack Anatomy

This set uses sequential collation in a novel configuration.

Packs have back-facing cards with common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a foil card. The ad card is at the beginning, and is reversed (so the ad side is visible rather than the token side).

1 Ad Card10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil

There are four common runs: A, B, C, and D. The A and C runs have 22 distinct cards each repeated five times. The B run has 39 cards each repeated three times, and the D run has 18 cards each repeated six times. Packs have 2-3 A cards followed by 3-4 B cards, 2-3 C cards, and 1-2 D cards. Packs can be 2+4+2+2, 2+4+3+1, 3+3+2+2, or 3+4+2+1. (I believe 2+3+3+2 and 3+3+3+1 will never occur.) Assuming all commons are equally likely, these pack types should occur respectively at 65/101, 18/101, 14/101, and 4/101. (These are empirically plausible.)


There are two uncommon runs, A and B, each with 40 different cards appearing three times each. Half of packs have two A cards followed by a B, and half have one A card followed by two B cards.

There are five foil sheets: a common sheet, two uncommons sheets that match the non-foil uncommon sheets, a rare sheet, and a mythic sheet. I didn't have enough data to fully calculate the foil collation pattern, but it seems likely that the overall rarity breakdown is the same as contemporary masters sets: commons appear 5/7 of the time, uncommons appear 3/14 of the time, and rares (or mythic rares) appear 1/14 of the time. (This matches pretty well empirically.) Because the rares and mythics are on separate sheets, the mythic rate is probably 1/8 (certainly not 15/121).

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing five times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Burst LightningNest InvaderCopper CarapaceMana LeakScatter the SeedsTribal FlamesSunlanceScion of the WildSomber HoverguardSkyreach MantaSmokebraider
Matca RiotersBlinding SouleaterArrestNest InvaderBurst LightningMana LeakGlint Hawk IdolGorehorn MinotaursKozilek's PredatorThrummingbirdBlood Ogre
Nameless InversionRampant GrowthCopper CarapaceTribal FlamesThief of HopeScatter the SeedsThrummingbirdNameless InversionBlood OgreKozilek's PredatorBlinding Souleater
ArrestMatca RiotersBurst LightningSkyreach MantaNest InvaderGlint Hawk IdolTribal FlamesScion of the WildSunlanceThief of HopeSmokebraider
Mana LeakCopper CarapaceScatter the SeedsGorehorn MinotaursSomber HoverguardRampant GrowthSkyreach MantaSmokebraiderThief of HopeScion of the WildArrest
Tribal FlamesKozilek's PredatorCopper CarapaceScatter the SeedsThrummingbirdBurst LightningBlinding SouleaterSomber HoverguardSunlanceMatca RiotersBlood Ogre
Mana LeakNameless InversionNest InvaderGorehorn MinotaursGlint Hawk IdolRampant GrowthMana LeakArrestKozilek's PredatorNameless InversionCopper Carapace
Burst LightningMatca RiotersBlinding SouleaterBlood OgreNest InvaderSomber HoverguardSkyreach MantaRampant GrowthGorehorn MinotaursSunlanceThief of Hope
Scatter the SeedsThrummingbirdSmokebraiderGlint Hawk IdolScion of the WildTribal FlamesNameless InversionSunlanceRampant GrowthBlood OgreSkyreach Manta
Scion of the WildArrestSomber HoverguardGorehorn MinotaursBlinding SouleaterThrummingbirdKozilek's PredatorThief of HopeSmokebraiderMatca RiotersGlint Hawk Idol

The B common run consists of 39 different cards each appearing three times. The cards alternate between white, black, and blue. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Scuttling DeathFaerie MechanistApostle's BlessingInstill InfectionVapor SnagKami of Ancient LawBone SplintersSteady ProgressCourt HomunculusDuskhunter BatAethersnipe
Skyhunter SkirmisherBloodthrone VampireTelling TimeMoonlit StriderVampire LaceratorCloud ElementalRaise the AlarmShrivelNarcolepsyMighty LeapGrim Affliction
RepealConclave PhalanxWaking NightmareWings of Velis VelWaxmane BakuPlagued RusalkaThoughtcastFortifyDeath DeniedVigean GraftmageTerashi's Grasp
Sickle RipperStoic RebuttalOtherworldly JourneyGhostly ChangelingHelium SquirterSunspear ShikariBloodthrone VampireAethersnipeRaise the AlarmShrivelRepeal
Apostle's BlessingWaking NightmareVigean GraftmageFortifyDeath DeniedWings of Velis VelCourt HomunculusSickle RipperCloud ElementalMoonlit StriderInstill Infection
Vapor SnagTerashi's GraspScuttling DeathStoic RebuttalKami of Ancient LawPlagued RusalkaNarcolepsyOtherworldly JourneyBone SplintersTelling TimeWaxmane Baku
Grim AfflictionHelium SquirterConclave PhalanxDuskhunter BatFaerie MechanistMighty LeapGhostly ChangelingThoughtcastSunspear ShikariVampire LaceratorSteady Progress
Skyhunter SkirmisherGhostly ChangelingVigean GraftmageOtherworldly JourneyGrim AfflictionTelling TimeSunspear ShikariInstill InfectionStoic RebuttalKami of Ancient LawSickle Ripper
Wings of Velis VelMighty LeapDuskhunter BatThoughtcastWaxmane BakuVampire LaceratorAethersnipeRaise the AlarmScuttling DeathRepealSkyhunter Skirmisher
ShrivelHelium SquirterCourt HomunculusWaking NightmareFaerie MechanistApostle's BlessingDeath DeniedSteady ProgressConclave PhalanxPlagued RusalkaNarcolepsy
FortifyBloodthrone VampireVapor SnagMoonlit StriderBone SplintersCloud ElementalTerashi's Grasp

The C common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing five times. The cards alternate between red and green. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Note that the two copies of Smash to Smithereens in the last row are close enough to appear in the same pack.

Sylvan BountyFiery FallAquastrand SpiderGoblin War PaintKavu PrimarchBlades of Velis VelTukatongue ThallidDragonsoul KnightCommune with NatureWrap in FlamesSimic Initiate
Soulbright FlamekinPlummetBrute ForceThriveGoblin FireslingerGnarlid PackViashino SlaughtermasterSundering VitaeInner-Flame IgniterVines of VastwoodBlades of Velis Vel
Tukatongue ThallidWrap in FlamesKavu PrimarchSoulbright FlamekinAquastrand SpiderDragonsoul KnightSundering VitaeViashino SlaughtermasterVines of VastwoodGoblin War PaintGnarlid Pack
Goblin FireslingerThriveInner-Flame IgniterSimic InitiateFiery FallSylvan BountySmash to SmithereensCommune with NatureBrute ForcePlummetFiery Fall
Kavu PrimarchViashino SlaughtermasterThriveBrute ForcePlummetSoulbright FlamekinCommune with NatureBlades of Velis VelSylvan BountySmash to SmithereensTukatongue Thallid
Wrap in FlamesSimic InitiateGoblin FireslingerAquastrand SpiderInner-Flame IgniterSundering VitaeDragonsoul KnightVines of VastwoodGoblin War PaintGnarlid PackGoblin Fireslinger
Aquastrand SpiderSoulbright FlamekinSylvan BountySmash to SmithereensTukatongue ThallidGoblin War PaintGnarlid PackBrute ForceSimic InitiateInner-Flame IgniterPlummet
Viashino SlaughtermasterVines of VastwoodFiery FallCommune with NatureBlades of Velis VelThriveWrap in FlamesKavu PrimarchDragonsoul KnightSundering VitaeGoblin War Paint
ThriveBlades of Velis VelCommune with NatureInner-Flame IgniterSundering VitaeWrap in FlamesVines of VastwoodDragonsoul KnightKavu PrimarchSoulbright FlamekinAquastrand Spider
Fiery FallSylvan BountyViashino SlaughtermasterPlummetBrute ForceGnarlid PackGoblin FireslingerTukatongue ThallidSmash to SmithereensSimic InitiateSmash to Smithereens

The D common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing six times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Rusted RelicKitesailEvolving WildsFrogmiteDread DroneSphere of the SunsFlayer HuskAlloy MyrGut ShotMyr EnforcerKitesail
CathodionDarksteel CitadelSickleslicerUlamog's CrusherRuned ServitorRusted RelicWayfarer's BaubleSign in BloodGust-SkimmerMyr EnforcerEvolving Wilds
Wayfarer's BaubleRuned ServitorCathodionSign in BloodSickleslicerDarksteel CitadelFrogmiteUlamog's CrusherAlloy MyrDread DroneRusted Relic
Gust-SkimmerSphere of the SunsGut ShotFlayer HuskKitesailEvolving WildsSphere of the SunsSickleslicerFlayer HuskSign in BloodWayfarer's Bauble
Gut ShotFrogmiteGust-SkimmerAlloy MyrDarksteel CitadelMyr EnforcerUlamog's CrusherRusted RelicCathodionRuned ServitorDread Drone
KitesailSickleslicerDread DroneMyr EnforcerGut ShotFlayer HuskDarksteel CitadelCathodionSign in BloodKitesailWayfarer's Bauble
Sphere of the SunsUlamog's CrusherFrogmiteRusted RelicAlloy MyrEvolving WildsRuned ServitorGust-SkimmerDread DroneSickleslicerFrogmite
Evolving WildsKitesailWayfarer's BaubleRusted RelicCathodionUlamog's CrusherAlloy MyrDarksteel CitadelRuned ServitorSphere of the SunsGust-Skimmer
Gut ShotSign in BloodFlayer HuskMyr EnforcerAlloy MyrUlamog's CrusherGust-SkimmerSickleslicerRuned ServitorEvolving WildsWayfarer's Bauble
Dread DroneCathodionGut ShotMyr EnforcerFrogmiteSphere of the SunsDarksteel CitadelFlayer HuskSign in Blood

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. This matches one of the foil uncommon sheets (although I can't confirm the alignment is the same, that is assumed). [1] The order of the run is reverse relative to the sheet. (The filler card image is not a scan.)

Hikari, Twilight GuardianDaggerclaw ImpTezzeret's GambitSkarrgan FirebirdGruul TurfRoot-Kin AllyDeathmarkKor DuelistWorldheart PhoenixQumuloxGolgari Rot Farm
Devouring GreedCombustOverwhelmEldrazi TempleFlashfreezeCelestial PurgeReassembling SkeletonArtisan of KozilekDimir AqueductMutagenic GrowthWater Servant
Izzet BoilerworksScavenger DrakeExpedition MapTaj-Nar SwordsmithBloodshot TraineeKarplusan StriderBoros GarrisonRemandSpread the SicknessDispatchIncandescent Soulstoke
Cytoplast Root-KinAzorius ChanceryStormblood BerserkerVampire OutcastsNovijen SagesMyrsmithAlgae GharialScavenger DrakeIzzet BoilerworksBloodshot TraineeDispatch
Golgari Rot FarmReassembling SkeletonOverwhelmDimir AqueductWorldheart PhoenixNovijen SagesDevouring GreedHikari, Twilight GuardianExpedition MapAlgae GharialQumulox
Daggerclaw ImpCelestial PurgeArtisan of KozilekIncandescent SoulstokeKarplusan StriderKor DuelistAzorius ChanceryTezzeret's GambitSkarrgan FirebirdSpread the SicknessGruul Turf
Root-Kin AllyFlashfreezeTaj-Nar SwordsmithBoros GarrisonCombustVampire OutcastsCytoplast Root-KinEldrazi TempleWater ServantMyrsmithDeathmark
Stormblood BerserkerMutagenic GrowthRemandCelestial PurgeReassembling SkeletonIncandescent SoulstokeTaj-Nar SwordsmithFlashfreezeGruul TurfBloodshot TraineeHikari, Twilight Guardian
Devouring GreedQumuloxKarplusan StriderEldrazi TempleSkarrgan FirebirdDaggerclaw ImpKor DuelistRoot-Kin AllyBoros GarrisonTezzeret's GambitWorldheart Phoenix
Scavenger DrakeIzzet BoilerworksDispatchOverwhelmArtisan of KozilekWater ServantAzorius ChanceryVampire OutcastsAlgae GharialSpread the SicknessNovijen Sages
Stormblood BerserkerExpedition MapDimir AqueductMutagenic GrowthRemandMyrsmithDeathmarkCytoplast Root-KinGolgari Rot FarmCombustFiller

The B uncommon run also consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. This matches one of the foil uncommon sheets (although I can't confirm the alignment is the same, that is assumed). [1] The order of the run is reverse relative to the sheet. (The filler card image is not a scan.)

Plaxcaster FroglingPelakka WurmNecrogenesisLightning BoltEthercaste KnightSelesnya SanctuarySavage TwisterEtched OracleGlassdust HulkAir ServantVengeful Rebirth
Everflowing ChaliceDrooling GroodionCranial PlatingSigil BlessingSpectral ProcessionRestless ApparitionDismemberWrecking BallSimic Growth ChamberAgony WarpCulling Dais
Selesnya GuildmageTumble MagnetShrewd HatchlingBestial MenaceLorescale CoatlSpitebellowsHearthfire HobgoblinMulldrifterBoros SwiftbladeOrzhov BasilicaPillory of the Sleepless
MortarpodDimir GuildmageDarksteel AxeElectrolyzeOblivion RingAshenmoor GougerRakdos CarnariumSelesnya GuildmageEverflowing ChaliceNecrogenesisSpectral Procession
Drooling GroodionDarksteel AxeSavage TwisterSelesnya SanctuarySigil BlessingBestial MenaceEthercaste KnightTumble MagnetShrewd HatchlingLightning BoltPlaxcaster Frogling
Etched OracleAshenmoor GougerDismemberGlassdust HulkPelakka WurmLorescale CoatlOrzhov BasilicaBoros SwiftbladeOblivion RingWrecking BallCulling Dais
Restless ApparitionAir ServantElectrolyzeSimic Growth ChamberVengeful RebirthSpitebellowsDimir GuildmageCranial PlatingAgony WarpMulldrifterHearthfire Hobgoblin
Rakdos CarnariumPillory of the SleeplessMortarpodSelesnya GuildmageRakdos CarnariumAgony WarpEverflowing ChaliceBoros SwiftbladePelakka WurmLorescale CoatlLightning Bolt
Hearthfire HobgoblinCulling DaisSavage TwisterEtched OracleDimir GuildmageMulldrifterEthercaste KnightSelesnya SanctuaryNecrogenesisSpectral ProcessionShrewd Hatchling
Cranial PlatingElectrolyzeMortarpodPillory of the SleeplessSimic Growth ChamberGlassdust HulkBestial MenaceSigil BlessingDarksteel AxeWrecking BallSpitebellows
Restless ApparitionDismemberPlaxcaster FroglingOrzhov BasilicaDrooling GroodionAir ServantAshenmoor GougerTumble MagnetVengeful RebirthOblivion RingFiller

Token Run

All of the marketing cards in Modern Masters 2015 have a token, emblem, or tip card on the front face. They are printed on 110 card sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times.

Eldrazi Spawn (3)SoldierThrullSaprolingElephantSpiritModern Tip CardInsectGermWolfSnake
ThrullModern Tip CardFaerie RogueSaprolingEldrazi Spawn (3)SoldierMyrModern Tip CardGermEldrazi Spawn (2)Spirit
WolfThrullModern Tip CardFaerie RogueEldrazi Spawn (1)SaprolingSoldierInsectModern Tip CardSaprolingGerm
Eldrazi Spawn (2)SnakeElephantModern Tip CardFaerie RogueSaprolingThrullSoldierEldrazi Spawn (1)Modern Tip CardEldrazi Spawn (3)
WormSaprolingGermWolfModern Tip CardFaerie RogueGolemThrullSoldierInsectModern Tip Card
SpiritEldrazi Spawn (2)SaprolingGolemGermModern Tip CardFaerie RogueWormWolfSoldierThrull
Modern Tip CardEldrazi Spawn (1)Eldrazi Spawn (3)SaprolingMyrGermModern Tip CardSoldierFaerie RogueSaprolingElephant
Eldrazi Spawn (2)Modern Tip CardThrullSnakeSpiritSaprolingEldrazi Spawn (1)Modern Tip CardFaerie RogueSoldierGerm
WolfSaprolingModern Tip CardEldrazi Spawn (3)ThrullMyrSaprolingInsectModern Tip CardFaerie RogueSoldier
SaprolingGermWolfModern Tip CardEldrazi Spawn (2)ThrullSaprolingEldrazi Spawn (1)GermModern Tip CardFaerie Rogue

Token Rarity
GolemGolem × 2WormWorm × 2ElephantElephant × 3
MyrMyr × 3SnakeSnake × 3InsectInsect × 4
SpiritSpirit × 4Eldrazi Spawn (1)Eldrazi Spawn × 5Eldrazi Spawn (2)Eldrazi Spawn × 5
Eldrazi Spawn (3)Eldrazi Spawn × 5WolfWolf × 6Faerie RogueFaerie Rogue × 9
GermGerm × 9SoldierSoldier × 9ThrullThrull × 9
SaprolingSaproling × 14Modern Tip CardModern Tip Card × 18

Tokens (With Reverse Side)
  1. Eldrazi Spawn (3) // MTGO
  2. Soldier // FNM
  3. Thrull // Events
  4. Saproling // DailyMTG
  5. Elephant // Ultra PRO
  6. Spirit // Merch
  7. Modern Tip Card // Planeswalker Points
  8. Insect // Social
  9. Germ // MTGO
  10. Wolf // DailyMTG
  11. Snake // Grand Prix
  12. Thrull // Planeswalker Points
  13. Modern Tip Card // FNM
  14. Faerie Rogue // Social
  15. Saproling // DailyMTG
  16. Eldrazi Spawn (3) // Events
  17. Soldier // MTGO
  18. Myr // Ultra PRO
  19. Modern Tip Card // Merch
  20. Germ // Events
  21. Eldrazi Spawn (2) // DailyMTG
  22. Spirit // Merch
  23. Wolf // Social
  24. Thrull // FNM
  25. Modern Tip Card // Ultra PRO
  26. Faerie Rogue // DailyMTG
  27. Eldrazi Spawn (1) // Events
  28. Saproling // MTGO
  29. Soldier // Merch
  30. Insect // Grand Prix
  31. Modern Tip Card // Events
  32. Saproling // DailyMTG
  33. Germ // Social
  34. Eldrazi Spawn (2) // Planeswalker Points
  35. Snake // FNM
  36. Elephant // Ultra PRO
  37. Modern Tip Card // DailyMTG
  38. Faerie Rogue // Events
  39. Saproling // MTGO
  40. Thrull // Merch
  41. Soldier // Ultra PRO
  42. Eldrazi Spawn (1) // Events
  43. Modern Tip Card // DailyMTG
  44. Eldrazi Spawn (3) // Social
  45. Worm // Grand Prix
  46. Saproling // FNM
  47. Germ // Events
  48. Wolf // DailyMTG
  49. Modern Tip Card // Ultra PRO
  50. Faerie Rogue // MTGO
  51. Golem // Grand Prix
  52. Thrull // Merch
  53. Soldier // Events
  54. Insect // DailyMTG
  55. Modern Tip Card // Social
  56. Spirit // Planeswalker Points
  57. Eldrazi Spawn (2) // FNM
  58. Saproling // Events
  59. Golem // DailyMTG
  60. Germ // Ultra PRO
  61. Modern Tip Card // MTGO
  62. Faerie Rogue // Merch
  63. Worm // Grand Prix
  64. Wolf // Events
  65. Soldier // DailyMTG
  66. Thrull // Social
  67. Modern Tip Card // Ultra PRO
  68. Eldrazi Spawn (1) // FNM
  69. Eldrazi Spawn (3) // Events
  70. Saproling // DailyMTG
  71. Myr // Ultra PRO
  72. Germ // Merch
  73. Modern Tip Card // Ultra PRO
  74. Soldier // Events
  75. Faerie Rogue // Grand Prix
  76. Saproling // DailyMTG
  77. Elephant // MTGO
  78. Eldrazi Spawn (2) // Ultra PRO
  79. Modern Tip Card // FNM
  80. Thrull // Events
  81. Snake // Grand Prix
  82. Spirit // DailyMTG
  83. Saproling // Events
  84. Eldrazi Spawn (1) // Ultra PRO
  85. Modern Tip Card // Events
  86. Faerie Rogue // Social
  87. Soldier // DailyMTG
  88. Germ // Planeswalker Points
  89. Wolf // MTGO
  90. Saproling // FNM
  91. Modern Tip Card // Events
  92. Eldrazi Spawn (3) // Merch
  93. Thrull // DailyMTG
  94. Myr // Ultra PRO
  95. Saproling // Grand Prix
  96. Insect // Events
  97. Modern Tip Card // Social
  98. Faerie Rogue // DailyMTG
  99. Soldier // MTGO
  100. Saproling // Grand Prix
  101. Germ // FNM
  102. Wolf // Events
  103. Modern Tip Card // Ultra PRO
  104. Eldrazi Spawn (2) // DailyMTG
  105. Thrull // Merch
  106. Saproling // Grand Prix
  107. Eldrazi Spawn (1) // Events
  108. Germ // Social
  109. Modern Tip Card // DailyMTG
  110. Faerie Rogue // Ultra PRO

Foil Common Sheet

There is a picture of the foil common sheet available. [1] Each common card appears once. The order of the run is reverse relative to the sheet. (The filler card image is not a scan.)

Aquastrand SpiderFrogmiteOtherworldly JourneyBlood OgreWaking NightmareRepealRuned ServitorNest InvaderWrap in FlamesShrivelWayfarer's Bauble
Tribal FlamesTelling TimeDeath DeniedSickleslicerScion of the WildFlayer HuskCourt HomunculusFiery FallMana LeakPlummetMoonlit Strider
Evolving WildsBlinding SouleaterConclave PhalanxSign in BloodCloud ElementalSunlanceSmash to SmithereensVigean GraftmageGrim AfflictionGlint Hawk IdolTukatongue Thallid
Mighty LeapScuttling DeathKozilek's PredatorDragonsoul KnightCathodionStoic RebuttalNameless InversionTerashi's GraspSimic InitiateGut ShotSomber Hoverguard
Ghostly ChangelingFaerie MechanistViashino SlaughtermasterSkyhunter SkirmisherVapor SnagUlamog's CrusherSylvan BountySmokebraiderBone SplintersCommune with NatureRusted Relic
Darksteel CitadelSkyreach MantaDread DroneBrute ForceScatter the SeedsApostle's BlessingKitesailPlagued RusalkaThrummingbirdKami of Ancient LawInner-Flame Igniter
Vampire LaceratorWaxmane BakuGnarlid PackHelium SquirterDuskhunter BatBurst LightningSunspear ShikariVines of VastwoodMyr EnforcerMatca RiotersSickle Ripper
Soulbright FlamekinWings of Velis VelCopper CarapaceGoblin FireslingerInstill InfectionAethersnipeRampant GrowthSphere of the SunsFortifyGust-SkimmerGorehorn Minotaurs
Steady ProgressKavu PrimarchRaise the AlarmThief of HopeAlloy MyrGoblin War PaintSundering VitaeNarcolepsyBlades of Velis VelBloodthrone VampireThrive
ArrestThoughtcastFiller (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)
Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)

Foil Uncommon Sheets

The foil uncommons sheet layouts are given for the non-foil uncommon sheets. These layouts are assumed to be the same.

Foil Rare Sheets

There is a picture of the foil rare sheet available. [2] Each rare card appears twice. The order of the run is reverse relative to the sheet. (The filler card image is not a scan.)

Lodestone MyrBanefireShadowmage InfiltratorPrecursor GolemMidnight BansheeSwans of Bryn ArgollDaybreak CoronetHurkyl's RecallEtched MonstrositySpikeshot ElderMystic Snake
Profane CommandMirran CrusaderLodestone GolemAnt QueenCreakwood LiegeInexorable TideSplinter TwinEye of UginIndomitable ArchangelHorde of NotionsEndrek Sahr, Master Breeder
Argent SphinxSpellskiteAll Suns' DawnFulminator MageAll Is DustBattlegrace AngelEtched ChampionPuppeteer CliqueGhost Council of OrzhovaSurrakar SpellbladeWildfire
Blinkmoth NexusSurgical ExtractionNiv-Mizzet, the FiremindMirror EntityCryptic CommandSunforgerOverwhelming StampedeWilt-Leaf LiegeHellkite ChargerScute MobLong-Forgotten Gohei
Wolfbriar ElementalApocalypse HydraThunderblustNoble HierarchChimeric MassLeyline of SanctityNobilis of WarGuileNecroskitterLodestone GolemAnt Queen
Creakwood LiegeHurkyl's RecallEndrek Sahr, Master BreederPrecursor GolemSplinter TwinShadowmage InfiltratorMirran CrusaderSurrakar SpellbladeSpellskiteProfane CommandMystic Snake
Spikeshot ElderScute MobEye of UginMirror EntityFulminator MageInexorable TideSurgical ExtractionEtched MonstrosityBanefireWilt-Leaf LiegeNoble Hierarch
Midnight BansheeChimeric MassIndomitable ArchangelApocalypse HydraThunderblustAll Is DustLodestone MyrCryptic CommandNobilis of WarLeyline of SanctityWolfbriar Elemental
SunforgerWildfireNiv-Mizzet, the FiremindNecroskitterGuileBlinkmoth NexusBattlegrace AngelGhost Council of OrzhovaAll Suns' DawnHellkite ChargerLong-Forgotten Gohei
Puppeteer CliqueSwans of Bryn ArgollOverwhelming StampedeDaybreak CoronetEtched ChampionArgent SphinxHorde of NotionsFiller (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)
Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)Filler (Foil)

There is a picture of the foil mythic sheet available. [1] Each mythic rare card appear eight times. The order of the run is assumed to be reverse relative to the sheet. (The filler card image is not a scan.)

Primeval TitanEmrakul, the Aeons TornBitterblossomTezzeret the SeekerComet StormUlamog, the Infinite GyreElesh Norn, Grand CenobiteMox OpalTarmogoyfVendilion CliqueKarn Liberated
Dark ConfidantIona, Shield of EmeriaKiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerKozilek, Butcher of TruthVendilion CliqueBitterblossomEmrakul, the Aeons TornElesh Norn, Grand CenobiteTarmogoyfKarn LiberatedComet Storm
Dark ConfidantMox OpalKozilek, Butcher of TruthTezzeret the SeekerPrimeval TitanUlamog, the Infinite GyreIona, Shield of EmeriaKiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerVendilion CliqueBitterblossomKozilek, Butcher of Truth
Mox OpalComet StormPrimeval TitanKarn LiberatedElesh Norn, Grand CenobiteTezzeret the SeekerUlamog, the Infinite GyreTarmogoyfKiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerEmrakul, the Aeons TornDark Confidant
Iona, Shield of EmeriaTezzeret the SeekerKozilek, Butcher of TruthPrimeval TitanMox OpalComet StormIona, Shield of EmeriaKarn LiberatedBitterblossomTarmogoyfEmrakul, the Aeons Torn
Dark ConfidantElesh Norn, Grand CenobiteVendilion CliqueUlamog, the Infinite GyreKiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerIona, Shield of EmeriaKozilek, Butcher of TruthBitterblossomPrimeval TitanEmrakul, the Aeons TornTezzeret the Seeker
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerDark ConfidantUlamog, the Infinite GyreMox OpalElesh Norn, Grand CenobiteTarmogoyfKarn LiberatedComet StormVendilion CliqueIona, Shield of EmeriaKozilek, Butcher of Truth
Primeval TitanBitterblossomVendilion CliqueEmrakul, the Aeons TornComet StormMox OpalElesh Norn, Grand CenobiteKarn LiberatedDark ConfidantTarmogoyfKiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
Ulamog, the Infinite GyreTezzeret the SeekerBitterblossomPrimeval TitanKarn LiberatedIona, Shield of EmeriaVendilion CliqueEmrakul, the Aeons TornKiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerMox OpalKozilek, Butcher of Truth
Tezzeret the SeekerDark ConfidantTarmogoyfUlamog, the Infinite GyreElesh Norn, Grand CenobiteComet StormKozilek, Butcher of TruthBitterblossomPrimeval TitanIona, Shield of EmeriaEmrakul, the Aeons Torn
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerTezzeret the SeekerUlamog, the Infinite GyreMox OpalTarmogoyfComet StormDark ConfidantKarn LiberatedVendilion CliqueElesh Norn, Grand CenobiteFiller (Foil)

[1] Pictures of the foil common, uncommon, and mythic sheets were posted in the Uncut Sheet facebook group by Filippo Lietti.

[2] A picture of the foil rare sheet was posted in the Misprints facebook group by Roberto Esposito.