Modern Masters 2017 Collation

Modern Masters 2017 is a large set with 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, and 15 mythic rares. This is the normal size for a large set of this era. Every pack contains a foil card. The set was printed in the USA.

Modern Masters 2017 was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 24 packs.

USA Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with C1/C2 common collation.

Packs have back-facing cards with common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a foil card and ad card.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Ad Card

Packs are evenly split between C1 commons and C2 commons. C1 packs will contain 2×A + 2×B + 6×C or 3×A + 2×B + 5×C. C2 packs will contains 4×A + 2×B + 4×C or 4×A + 3×B + 3×C.


There are two uncommon runs, A and B, each with 40 different cards appearing three times each. Half of packs have two A cards followed by a B, and half have one A card followed by two B cards.

In the foil slot, commons appear 5/7 of the time, uncommons appear 3/14 of the time, and rares (or mythic rares) appear 1/14 of the time.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Call of the ConclaveDimir GuildgateDinrova HorrorSkyknight LegionnaireGrisly SpectacleSimic GuildgatePenumbra SpiderTalon TrooperKor SkyfisherGruul GuildgateMist Raven
Auger SpreeDeputy of AcquittalsAvacyn's PilgrimOrzhov GuildgateCentaur HealerSpike JesterVampire AristocratSelesnya GuildgateAethertowBurning-Tree EmissaryMagma Jet
Call of the ConclaveKathari BomberFalkenrath NobleAzorius GuildgateGround AssaultGoblin ElectromancerArachnus WebSimic GuildgateAgony WarpForbidden AlchemyChandra's Outrage
Gideon's LawkeeperPilfered PlansCentaur HealerGruul GuildgateGrisly SpectacleTalon TrooperPenumbra SpiderSkyknight LegionnaireDinrova HorrorDimir GuildgateAuger Spree
Kor SkyfisherDeputy of AcquittalsMist RavenOrzhov GuildgateAethertowSpike JesterArachnus WebKathari BomberVampire AristocratSelesnya GuildgateMagma Jet
Agony WarpGoblin ElectromancerFalkenrath NobleBurning-Tree EmissaryGideon's LawkeeperAzorius GuildgateAvacyn's PilgrimForbidden AlchemyGround AssaultPilfered PlansChandra's Outrage

The B common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The cards alternate between black and green. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Sylvan RangerGrixis SlavedriverStrength in NumbersDregscape ZombieDruid's DeliveranceGnawing ZombieSlime MoldingRecoverSeal of PrimordiumMortician BeetleDeath-Hood Cobra
Cower in FearSlaughterhornDelirium SkeinsExploreBone SplintersFists of IronwoodOgre JailbreakerHungry SprigganNight TerrorsReviveGnawing Zombie
Strength in NumbersRecoverDeath-Hood CobraMortician BeetleDruid's DeliverancePit KeeperFists of IronwoodCower in FearSlime MoldingDelirium SkeinsSylvan Ranger
Grixis SlavedriverSeal of PrimordiumBone SplintersHungry SprigganDregscape ZombieExploreOgre JailbreakerSlaughterhornNight TerrorsReviveGnawing Zombie
Strength in NumbersDelirium SkeinsDeath-Hood CobraMortician BeetleDruid's DeliveranceBone SplintersSlime MoldingPit KeeperSylvan RangerGrixis SlavedriverFists of Ironwood
Cower in FearSlaughterhornRecoverSeal of PrimordiumDregscape ZombieHungry SprigganOgre JailbreakerExploreNight TerrorsRevivePit Keeper

The C1 common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus Kor Hookmaster, the short-printed common. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Lone MissionarySea Gate OracleGolgari RotwurmShimmering GrottoHanweir LancerMomentary BlinkCrippling ChillCoiling OracleTandem LookoutDragon FodderYouthful Knight
Grasp of PhantomsRakdos GuildgateGiantbaitingMudbutton TorchrunnerKor HookmasterRewindIzzet GuildgateSundering GrowthScourge DevilPitfall TrapAugur of Bolas
Boros GuildgateGift of OrzhovaBattle-Rattle ShamanAttended KnightSea Gate OracleGolgari GuildgateGolgari RotwurmHanweir LancerLone MissionaryCrippling ChillDynacharge
Rakdos GuildgateScourge DevilYouthful KnightGrasp of PhantomsCoiling OracleBoros GuildgateDragon FodderMomentary BlinkTandem LookoutGift of OrzhovaShimmering Grotto
DynachargeAttended KnightRewindSundering GrowthGolgari GuildgateMudbutton TorchrunnerPitfall TrapAugur of BolasGiantbaitingIzzet GuildgateBattle-Rattle Shaman

The C2 common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times plus Kor Hookmaster, the short-printed common. The cards mostly alternate among red, white, and blue.

Rubblebelt MaakaGraceful ReprieveSpell PierceThunderous WrathSoul WardenMystical TeachingsMogg FlunkiesWake the ReflectionsWingcrafterScorched RusalkaSensor Splicer
Ghostly FlickerTraitorous InstinctRootborn DefensesSpire MonitorMadcap SkillsEyes in the SkiesKraken HatchlingRubblebelt MaakaSoul WardenSpell PierceMogg Flunkies
Graceful ReprieveMystical TeachingsThunderous WrathSensor SplicerWingcrafterMadcap SkillsRootborn DefensesGhostly FlickerScorched RusalkaWake the ReflectionsSpire Monitor
Traitorous InstinctEyes in the SkiesSpell PierceRubblebelt MaakaSensor SplicerKraken HatchlingMogg FlunkiesKor HookmasterMystical TeachingsScorched RusalkaSoul Warden
Ghostly FlickerThunderous WrathGraceful ReprieveSpire MonitorTraitorous InstinctRootborn DefensesWingcrafterMadcap SkillsEyes in the SkiesKraken HatchlingWake the Reflections

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Inquisition of KozilekMystic GenesisRakdos SignetSerum VisionsCarnage GladiatorOrzhov SignetAgent of MasksJungle ShrineTattermunge WitchAzorius SignetIntangible Virtue
Arcane SanctumFamiliar's RuseGruul SignetGolgari GerminationSeaside CitadelGhor-Clan RampagerIzzet SignetSin CollectorSelesnya SignetThundersong TrumpeterAncient Grudge
Wall of DenialBoros SignetBanishing StrokeUrban EvolutionSimic SignetMolten RainSedraxis SpecterDimir SignetAgent of MasksGolgari SignetTeleportal
Might of Old KrosaBronzebeak MoaOrzhov SignetSerum VisionsMistmeadow WitchRakdos SignetUrbis ProtectorWayfaring TempleCrumbling NecropolisVanish into MemoryAzorius Signet
Mystic GenesisInquisition of KozilekIzzet CharmIntangible VirtueGruul SignetTattermunge WitchSelesnya SignetFamiliar's RuseGhor-Clan RampagerIzzet SignetGolgari Germination
Dimir SignetWall of DenialBanishing StrokeSedraxis SpecterBoros SignetMolten RainThundersong TrumpeterSimic SignetSin CollectorArcane SanctumCarnage Gladiator
Ancient GrudgeUrban EvolutionAzorius SignetVanish into MemoryJungle ShrineIzzet CharmUrbis ProtectorMistmeadow WitchGolgari SignetMight of Old KrosaWayfaring Temple
Seaside CitadelAgent of MasksIzzet SignetBronzebeak MoaSerum VisionsMystic GenesisCrumbling NecropolisTattermunge WitchRakdos SignetTeleportalFamiliar's Ruse
Carnage GladiatorIntangible VirtueOrzhov SignetGhor-Clan RampagerBoros SignetInquisition of KozilekSedraxis SpecterArcane SanctumGolgari GerminationGruul SignetUrban Evolution
Ancient GrudgeIzzet CharmJungle ShrineSin CollectorSimic SignetMistmeadow WitchBanishing StrokeThundersong TrumpeterSelesnya SignetMolten RainWall of Denial
Dimir SignetUrbis ProtectorWayfaring TempleSeaside CitadelVanish into MemoryGolgari SignetBronzebeak MoaMight of Old KrosaCrumbling NecropolisTeleportal

The B uncommon run also consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Thornscape BattlemageMoroiiMaster SplicerGoblin AssaultVital SplicerGruul War ChantCorpse ConnoisseurRhox War MonkAzure MageLingering SoulsTorrent of Souls
Gaea's AnthemFlickerwispSoul RansomAbyssal SpecterPath to ExileWall of FrostUnflinching CourageSkirsdag CultistHarmonizeUnburial RitesPutrefy
Baloth Cage TrapPyroclasmCompulsive ResearchWoolly ThoctarPyrewild ShamanSprouting ThrinaxWing SplicerArachnus SpinnerSoul ManipulationGoblin AssaultSavage Lands
MoroiiVithian StingerOpportunityMaster SplicerGruul War ChantCorpse ConnoisseurSunhome GuildmageVital SplicerLingering SoulsTower GargoylePath to Exile
Entomber ExarchTerminateWall of FrostVampire NighthawkBaloth Cage TrapUnflinching CourageFlickerwispSeal of DoomAzure MagePutrefyThornscape Battlemage
Soul RansomPyrewild ShamanGaea's AnthemTorrent of SoulsOpportunitySkirsdag CultistWoolly ThoctarAbyssal SpecterRhox War MonkCompulsive ResearchHarmonize
Soul ManipulationPyroclasmUnburial RitesSprouting ThrinaxEntomber ExarchGruul War ChantVital SplicerVampire NighthawkTower GargoyleArachnus SpinnerAzure Mage
MoroiiSavage LandsGoblin AssaultCorpse ConnoisseurSoul RansomVithian StingerPutrefyWing SplicerSeal of DoomThornscape BattlemageSunhome Guildmage
Wall of FrostLingering SoulsTorrent of SoulsGaea's AnthemCompulsive ResearchTerminateAbyssal SpecterRhox War MonkFlickerwispPyroclasmSoul Manipulation
HarmonizeUnburial RitesUnflinching CourageBaloth Cage TrapPath to ExileSkirsdag CultistWoolly ThoctarEntomber ExarchArachnus SpinnerTower GargoyleOpportunity
Master SplicerSprouting ThrinaxVithian StingerSunhome GuildmageSavage LandsVampire NighthawkWing SplicerTerminatePyrewild ShamanSeal of Doom

Token Run

All of the marketing cards in Modern Masters 2017 have a token or emblem on the front face. They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times.

GoblinElementalBirdSaprolingBeast (9)DragonSoldier (3)GoblinOozeAngelSaproling
GolemZombieGoblin WarriorGoblinBeast (10)Giant WarriorSaprolingCentaurGolemElephantGoblin
Soldier (19)BirdSaprolingSpiritGolemSoldier (3)GoblinOozeSpiderSaprolingAngel
Giant WarriorGolemGoblin WarriorGoblinBeast (9)SaprolingZombieElementalSpiritGolemWurm
GoblinCentaurBirdSaprolingOozeGolemSoldier (19)GoblinDragonAngelGolem
SpiderSaprolingWurmSoldier (3)CentaurElementalGoblinZombieSpiritElephantSaproling
BirdGiant WarriorGoblin WarriorBeast (9)GolemGoblinSaprolingElephantDragonSoldier (19)Angel
WurmSpiritGolemGoblinSpiderSaprolingSoldier (3)GolemBeast (10)ZombieCentaur
GolemCentaurGoblinGiant WarriorBirdSaprolingElementalZombieGolemDragonGoblin
SpiritSaprolingSpiderGiant WarriorAngelOozeGolemBirdGoblinSaprolingGoblin Warrior
Soldier (3)Beast (10)Domri Rade EmblemGolemSoldier (19)GoblinSaprolingGiant WarriorGolemSpiritZombie

Token Rarity
Domri Rade EmblemDomri Rade Emblem × 1Beast (9)Beast × 3Beast (10)Beast × 3
ElephantElephant × 3WurmWurm × 3DragonDragon × 4
ElementalElemental × 4Goblin WarriorGoblin Warrior × 4OozeOoze × 4
Soldier (19)Soldier × 4SpiderSpider × 4AngelAngel × 5
CentaurCentaur × 5Soldier (3)Soldier × 5BirdBird × 6
Giant WarriorGiant Warrior × 6SpiritSpirit × 6ZombieZombie × 6
GoblinGoblin × 15GolemGolem × 15SaprolingSaproling × 15

Foil Common Run

The foil common run consists of each common card appearing once. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Death-Hood CobraKor SkyfisherFists of IronwoodGhostly FlickerAuger SpreeWingcrafterPilfered PlansPit KeeperBoros GuildgateExploreSylvan Ranger
Druid's DeliveranceLone MissionaryHungry SprigganGrasp of PhantomsCall of the ConclaveBone SplintersSkyknight LegionnaireRecoverDimir GuildgateMudbutton TorchrunnerAgony Warp
Madcap SkillsMomentary BlinkPenumbra SpiderKraken HatchlingCentaur HealerCower in FearSpike JesterVampire AristocratGolgari GuildgateRubblebelt MaakaMortician Beetle
Magma JetPitfall TrapReviveMist RavenCoiling OracleDelirium SkeinsTalon TrooperBattle-Rattle ShamanGruul GuildgateScorched RusalkaNight Terrors
Mogg FlunkiesRootborn DefensesSeal of PrimordiumMystical TeachingsDeputy of AcquittalsDregscape ZombieAethertowChandra's OutrageIzzet GuildgateScourge DevilOgre Jailbreaker
Attended KnightSensor SplicerSlaughterhornRewindDinrova HorrorFalkenrath NobleBurning-Tree EmissaryDragon FodderOrzhov GuildgateThunderous WrathSpire Monitor
Eyes in the SkiesSoul WardenSlime MoldingSea Gate OracleGoblin ElectromancerGnawing ZombieGiantbaitingDynachargeRakdos GuildgateTraitorous InstinctTandem Lookout
Gideon's LawkeeperWake the ReflectionsStrength in NumbersSpell PierceGolgari RotwurmGrisly SpectacleGift of OrzhovaHanweir LancerSelesnya GuildgateArachnus WebCrippling Chill
Graceful ReprieveYouthful KnightAzorius GuildgateSimic GuildgateGround AssaultGrixis SlavedriverSundering GrowthKathari BomberShimmering GrottoAvacyn's PilgrimForbidden Alchemy
Kor HookmasterAugur of Bolas