Nemesis Collation

Nemesis is a small set with 55 commons, 44 uncommons, and 44 rares. These numbers are normal for a small set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 100 cards. The set was printed in Belgium. The existence of USA-printed Nemesis is unknown. [1]

Nemesis was sold in 15 card booster packs. Booster boxes have 36 packs.

Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses striped collation with 10 × 11 sheets and 12 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing and contain 3 uncommons, 1 rare, and 11 commons (in that order). Foil cards are inserted only between stripes (in other words, after a card on the left side of the sheet before moving all the way back to the right), displacing a card of the same rarity.

3 Uncommons1 Rare11 Commons

Common Sheet

There is a single 10 × 11 common sheet that contains each common card twice. It has been reconstructed by observing pack openings. The top row presented here is chosen to prevent blue cards for appearing next to each other on the sheet.

Vicious HungerReverent SilenceFlowstone WallAir BladderLashknifeSpineless ThugMossdogLaccolith RigDazeLightbringer
Flowstone CrusherCloudskateFanatical DevotionPhyrexian DriverBlastodermFlame RiftTrickster MageDefender en-VecPlague WitchSkyshroud Claim
Netter en-DalStronghold DisciplineSkyshroud RidgebackFlowstone StrikeSeal of RemovalSilkenfist FighterRathi IntimidatorReverent SilenceLaccolith WhelpRootwater Commando
Seal of StrengthMogg ToadyOraxidToppleSpiteful BullyTreetop BracersFlowstone CrusherAir BladderDefiant FalconSpineless Thug
Accumulated KnowledgeLawbringerBelbe's PercherSkyshroud SentinelSeal of FireWandering EyeLashknifeStronghold DisciplineBlastodermLaccolith Rig
Seal of CleansingVicious HungerBola WarriorInfiltrateSkyshroud CutterNetter en-DalSeal of DoomMogg ToadyCloudskateFog Patch
Parallax DementiaSneaky HomunculusSeal of StrengthLightbringerDownhill ChargeMind SwordsTrickster MageSkyshroud RidgebackToppleFlowstone Strike
MossdogOff BalanceLaccolith GruntPhyrexian DriverDazeHarvest MageSeal of CleansingFlame RiftSpiteful BullyWandering Eye
Flowstone WallPlague WitchSeal of RemovalTreetop BracersDefiant FalconLaccolith WhelpParallax DementiaOraxidSkyshroud SentinelOff Balance
InfiltrateSkyshroud ClaimDefender en-VecSeal of FireRathi IntimidatorAccumulated KnowledgeSkyshroud CutterFanatical DevotionLaccolith GruntMind Swords
Silkenfist FighterBola WarriorBelbe's PercherRootwater CommandoFog PatchLawbringerDownhill ChargeSeal of DoomSneaky HomunculusHarvest Mage

Uncommon Sheet

There is a single 12 × 11 uncommon sheet that contains each uncommon card three times. It has been reconstructed by observing pack openings. The top row presented here is chosen to prevent blue cards for appearing next to each other on the sheet.

Rusting GolemMassacreRefreshing RainArc MageRejuvenation ChamberStronghold BiologistSilkenfist OrderMassacreWild MammothFlowstone ArmorLaccolith WarriorStronghold Biologist
Defiant VanguardViselingBattlefield PercherStampede DriverMogg SalvageFlint GolemJolting MerfolkDefiant VanguardCarrion WallWoodripperViselingFlowstone Surge
SubmergeChieftain en-DalBelbe's ArmorPhyrexian ProwlerWild MammothRuptureRacklingDominateNoble StandRathi FiendStampede DriverTerrain Generator
Mogg AlarmEnsnareAngelic FavorFlowstone ThopterRathi FiendRefreshing RainMogg AlarmSivvi's RuseStronghold BiologistBelbe's ArmorDark TriumphNesting Wurm
Voice of TruthLaccolith WarriorAnimate LandMind SlashFlowstone ArmorStronghold ZeppelinChieftain en-DalLaccolith WarriorCoiling WoodwormMind SlashRusting GolemJolting Merfolk
Ancient HydraNoble StandCarrion WallStronghold MachinistStampede DriverRejuvenation ChamberAncient HydraSubmergeBattlefield PercherSilkenfist OrderWild MammothFlowstone Thopter
Rejuvenation ChamberStronghold ZeppelinArc MageSivvi's RuseDark TriumphWoodripperBelbe's ArmorVoice of TruthFlowstone SurgeStronghold MachinistMassacreRefreshing Rain
Defiant VanguardMogg SalvageDominateBattlefield PercherNesting WurmNoble StandArc MageTerrain GeneratorJolting MerfolkCarrion WallCoiling WoodwormAngelic Favor
RuptureFlint GolemSilkenfist OrderAnimate LandPhyrexian ProwlerRacklingDominateMogg AlarmFlowstone ThopterEnsnarePhyrexian ProwlerAnimate Land
Voice of TruthFlowstone SurgeTerrain GeneratorEnsnareCoiling WoodwormRathi FiendRusting GolemAngelic FavorRuptureFlint GolemStronghold ZeppelinDark Triumph
WoodripperStronghold MachinistAncient HydraFlowstone ArmorChieftain en-DalSubmergeMind SlashViselingNesting WurmMogg SalvageRacklingSivvi's Ruse

[1] The "Compilation of Manufacture Information for MTG Products" thread on the Magic Librarities Forum lists US-printed Nemesis as uncertain. I also did not find any during my research.