Oath of the Gatewatch Collation

Oath of the Gatewatch is a small set with 69 commons, 60 uncommons, 42 rares, 12 mythic rares, five variations of each standard basic land, and 20 expeditions. It is collated as a set with 70 commons (the usual for a small set of this era) because there are two versions of Wastes. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 67 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA and Belgium.

Oath of the Gatewatch was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation.

Packs are back-facing and have only 10 commons followed by 3 uncommons, a rare, a basic land or checklist, and an ad card. If there is a foil, it will displace a common and appear after the rare. (This includes expeditions.)

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card

There are four common runs: A, B, C1, and C2. Half of packs have A, B, and C1 and half have A, B, and C2. Run A has 22 distinct cards each printed three times, and B has 18 cards each printed three times. These are probably on the same sheet. Both C1 and C2 have the same set of 40 distinct cards. C1 is a 66 card run with 14 cards appearing three times and the rest appearing two times. C2 is a 54 card run with those 14 cards appearing once and the rest appearing two times.

C1 packs have 3 A cards followed by 2-3 B cards and 4-5 C cards. C2 packs have 3-4 A cards followed by 2-3 B cards and 4 C cards.


When a foil appears in a pack, it will displace a common card. Common foils displace C2 commons. Uncommon foils displace B commons. Rare foils displace C1 commons. I'm not sure yet about expeditions.

The uncommons are split into an A and B run each with 30 distinct cards appearing four times each. Packs have either two A uncommons followed by a B or one A uncommon followed by two B uncommons.

All three basic land variations from Battle for Zendikar can appear in packs (including as foils). The land sheet is apparently the same sheet used in Battle for Zendikar.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The cards alternate between white, blue, and red (ignoring devoid, with two exceptions for white cards appearing in the place of other colors). The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Ancient CrabExpediteSearing LightComparative AnalysisEldrazi AggressorKor ScythemasterNegateSparkmage's GambitMakindi AeronautUmara EntanglerConsuming Sinkhole
Shoulder to ShoulderAncient CrabMaw of KozilekMighty LeapAbstruse InterferenceAkoum FlameseekerDazzling ReflectionSlip Through SpaceBrute StrengthKor ScythemasterComparative Analysis
Eldrazi AggressorAffa ProtectorMighty LeapConsuming SinkholeOndu War ClericCultivator DroneExpediteMakindi AeronautAbstruse InterferenceAkoum FlameseekerSearing Light
NegateSparkmage's GambitShoulder to ShoulderSlip Through SpaceMaw of KozilekDazzling ReflectionUmara EntanglerBrute StrengthMighty LeapCultivator DroneExpedite
Ondu War ClericAncient CrabAffa ProtectorMakindi AeronautAbstruse InterferenceSparkmage's GambitKor ScythemasterComparative AnalysisEldrazi AggressorDazzling ReflectionSlip Through Space
Consuming SinkholeSearing LightNegateMaw of KozilekShoulder to ShoulderUmara EntanglerAkoum FlameseekerOndu War ClericCultivator DroneBrute StrengthAffa Protector

The B common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times. There are cards are alternating black and green (ignoring devoid). The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Canopy GorgerKozilek's TranslatorLead by ExampleCorpse ChurnNatural StateSlaughter DroneLoam LarvaUnnatural EndurancePulse of MurasaUntamed HungerVines of the Recluse
Kozilek's TranslatorSaddleback LagacCorpse ChurnCanopy GorgerSky ScourerElemental UprisingZulaport ChainmageNatural StateWitness the EndNetcaster SpiderKozilek's Shrieker
Loam LarvaSlaughter DroneLead by ExampleUntamed HungerPulse of MurasaUnnatural EnduranceVines of the RecluseZulaport ChainmageSaddleback LagacCorpse ChurnNatural State
Kozilek's TranslatorElemental UprisingSky ScourerLoam LarvaWitness the EndNetcaster SpiderSlaughter DroneCanopy GorgerKozilek's ShriekerLead by ExampleUntamed Hunger
Vines of the RecluseUnnatural EndurancePulse of MurasaZulaport ChainmageElemental UprisingSky ScourerSaddleback LagacKozilek's ShriekerNetcaster SpiderWitness the End

The C1 common run consists of 30 different cards each appearing two or three times. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Warden of GeometriesIsolation ZoneTar SnareReality HemorrhageWastes (184)Gravity NegatorBone SawScion SummonerSpawnbinder MageCinder HellionUnknown Shores
Sweep AwaySeer's LanternKor Sky ClimberOblivion StrikeBoulder SalvoHoldout SettlementBlinding DroneKozilek's PathfinderTajuru PathwardenExpedition RaptorZada's Commando
Crumbling VestigeContainment MembraneHedron CrawlerTar SnareStalking DroneCinder HellionWastes (183)Jwar Isle AvengerWarden of GeometriesSpawnbinder MageVampire Envoy
Reality HemorrhageUnknown ShoresSweep AwayBone SawTajuru PathwardenIsolation ZoneGoblin FreerunnerWastes (184)Containment MembraneSeer's LanternKor Sky Climber
Vampire EnvoyCinder HellionHoldout SettlementGravity NegatorBone SawExpedition RaptorTar SnareBoulder SalvoUnknown ShoresBlinding DroneKozilek's Pathfinder
Scion SummonerKor Sky ClimberZada's CommandoCrumbling VestigeContainment MembraneHedron CrawlerOblivion StrikeStalking DroneGoblin FreerunnerWastes (183)Jwar Isle Avenger

The C2 common run consists of 30 different cards each appearing two or three times. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Wastes (184)Containment MembraneBone SawVampire EnvoyTajuru PathwardenGoblin FreerunnerHoldout SettlementBlinding DroneKozilek's PathfinderIsolation ZoneScion Summoner
Boulder SalvoWastes (183)Sweep AwaySeer's LanternOblivion StrikeSpawnbinder MageZada's CommandoWastes (184)Jwar Isle AvengerWarden of GeometriesStalking Drone
Expedition RaptorReality HemorrhageCrumbling VestigeGravity NegatorHedron CrawlerVampire EnvoyScion SummonerHoldout SettlementBoulder SalvoBlinding DroneKozilek's Pathfinder
Spawnbinder MageOblivion StrikeGoblin FreerunnerWastes (183)Sweep AwaySeer's LanternTajuru PathwardenExpedition RaptorZada's CommandoCrumbling VestigeJwar Isle Avenger
Hedron CrawlerIsolation ZoneTar SnareCinder HellionUnknown ShoresGravity NegatorWarden of GeometriesStalking DroneKor Sky ClimberReality Hemorrhage

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 30 different cards each appearing four times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Grasp of DarknessMeandering RiverRoiling WatersKazuul's Toll CollectorHarvester TrollWalker of the WastesImmolating GlareEssence DepleterSubmerged BoneyardRoiling WatersStrider Harness
Embodiment of FuryBirthing HulkCliffhaven VampireMake a StandGrasp of DarknessTimber GorgeGrip of the RoilEmbodiment of FuryEmbodiment of InsightSpatial ContortionRelief Captain
Null CallerCinder BarrensCyclone SireChitinous CloakReckless BushwhackerBirthing HulkWalker of the WastesImmolating GlareReaver DroneSubmerged BoneyardCliffhaven Vampire
Pyromancer's AssaultSeed GuardianGrip of the RoilAllied ReinforcementsNull CallerTimber GorgeCyclone SireStrider HarnessKazuul's Toll CollectorEmbodiment of InsightSpatial Contortion
Relief CaptainEssence DepleterCinder BarrensProphet of DistortionReckless BushwhackerHarvester TrollTranquil ExpanseMake a StandGrasp of DarknessMeandering RiverGrip of the Roil
Chitinous CloakPyromancer's AssaultSeed GuardianWalker of the WastesAllied ReinforcementsReaver DroneSubmerged BoneyardRoiling WatersEmbodiment of FuryBirthing HulkTranquil Expanse
Relief CaptainEssence DepleterMeandering RiverProphet of DistortionStrider HarnessKazuul's Toll CollectorEmbodiment of InsightSpatial ContortionImmolating GlareNull CallerCinder Barrens
Cyclone SireReckless BushwhackerHarvester TrollCliffhaven VampireMake a StandGrasp of DarknessTimber GorgeRoiling WatersChitinous CloakPyromancer's AssaultSeed Guardian
Tranquil ExpanseAllied ReinforcementsReaver DroneMeandering RiverCyclone SireKazuul's Toll CollectorEmbodiment of InsightCliffhaven VampireMake a StandEssence DepleterSubmerged Boneyard
Prophet of DistortionStrider HarnessEmbodiment of FuryHarvester TrollWalker of the WastesImmolating GlareNull CallerCinder BarrensGrip of the RoilReckless BushwhackerBirthing Hulk
Spatial ContortionRelief CaptainReaver DroneTimber GorgeProphet of DistortionChitinous CloakPyromancer's AssaultSeed GuardianTranquil ExpanseAllied Reinforcements

The B uncommon run also consists of 30 different cards each appearing four times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Iona's BlessingHavoc SowerStormchaser MageDevour in FlamesRuin in Their WakeRelentless HunterFlaying TendrilsTears of ValakutWeapons TrainerNissa's JudgmentUnity of Purpose
Thought HarvesterSteppe GliderVoid GrafterVisions of BrutalityVoid ShatterBaloth NullWall of ResurgenceFlayer DroneStoneforge AcolytePress into ServiceReflector Mage
Bonds of MortalityDevour in FlamesGift of TusksMalakir SoothsayerWarping WailJoraga AuxiliaryImmobilizer EldraziRuin in Their WakeMindmelterHavoc SowerStormchaser Mage
Iona's BlessingVisions of BrutalityRelentless HunterPress into ServiceUnity of PurposeWeapons TrainerBaloth PupFlaying TendrilsReflector MageNissa's JudgmentBonds of Mortality
Thought HarvesterSteppe GliderStormchaser MageTears of ValakutNissa's JudgmentFlayer DroneMalakir SoothsayerWall of ResurgenceVoid ShatterThought HarvesterVoid Grafter
Stoneforge AcolytePress into ServiceMindmelterGift of TusksDevour in FlamesRelentless HunterBaloth PupWarping WailBaloth NullImmobilizer EldraziIona's Blessing
Havoc SowerVisions of BrutalityRuin in Their WakeFlaying TendrilsSteppe GliderWeapons TrainerUnity of PurposeNissa's JudgmentReflector MageWall of ResurgenceJoraga Auxiliary
Void ShatterMalakir SoothsayerStormchaser MageWarping WailBaloth PupFlayer DroneStoneforge AcolyteHavoc SowerVoid GrafterTears of ValakutMindmelter
Steppe GliderRuin in Their WakeJoraga AuxiliaryUnity of PurposeImmobilizer EldraziBaloth NullBonds of MortalityDevour in FlamesIona's BlessingVisions of BrutalityGift of Tusks
Press into ServiceVoid GrafterWarping WailMalakir SoothsayerFlayer DroneTears of ValakutFlaying TendrilsRelentless HunterVoid ShatterBaloth NullWall of Resurgence
Bonds of MortalityWeapons TrainerThought HarvesterStoneforge AcolyteJoraga AuxiliaryImmobilizer EldraziGift of TusksMindmelterBaloth PupReflector Mage

Token Run

Most of the marketing cards in Oath of the Gatewatch have a token or emblem on the front face. Some of the tokens are duplicates of Battle for Zendikar tokens including that expansion symbol, but not all Battle for Zendikar tokens appear here. Unusually, the Eldrazi Scion tokens with art from Battle for Zendikar have been reprinted with the new expansion symbol (perhaps due to the existence of new art alongside old art). In addition, there is a card that has an advertisement for Magic Duels on the front face. (The front has an ESRB rating and the back has PEGI, so I'm not aware of any region differences.) They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Elemental (10)ZombieKor AllyPlantElemental (9)Magic Duels Ad CardEldrazi Scion (1)AngelEldrazi Scion (3)Eldrazi Scion (2)Knight Ally
Eldrazi Scion (6)ZombieKor AllyPlantElemental (9)Eldrazi Scion (2)Eldrazi Scion (1)ZombieEldrazi Scion (3)Eldrazi Scion (2)Knight Ally
Elemental (10)ZombieEldrazi Scion (5)Eldrazi Scion (4)Eldrazi Scion (3)Magic Duels Ad CardEldrazi Scion (1)AngelEldrazi Scion (3)Eldrazi Scion (2)Knight Ally
Elemental (10)ZombieKor AllyPlantElemental (9)Magic Duels Ad CardEldrazi Scion (1)ZombieEldrazi Scion (3)Eldrazi Scion (2)Knight Ally
Eldrazi Scion (1)ZombieKor AllyPlantElemental (9)Magic Duels Ad CardEldrazi Scion (1)AngelEldrazi Scion (3)Eldrazi Scion (2)Knight Ally
Elemental (10)ZombieEldrazi Scion (5)PlantEldrazi Scion (3)Magic Duels Ad CardEldrazi Scion (1)ZombieEldrazi Scion (3)Eldrazi Scion (2)Knight Ally
Eldrazi Scion (6)ZombieKor AllyPlantElemental (9)Eldrazi Scion (2)Eldrazi Scion (1)AngelEldrazi Scion (3)Eldrazi Scion (2)Knight Ally
Elemental (10)ZombieKor AllyPlantElemental (9)Magic Duels Ad CardEldrazi Scion (1)ZombieEldrazi Scion (3)Eldrazi Scion (2)Knight Ally
Elemental (10)ZombieKor AllyEldrazi Scion (4)Elemental (9)Magic Duels Ad CardEldrazi Scion (1)ZombieEldrazi Scion (3)Eldrazi Scion (2)Knight Ally
Eldrazi Scion (1)ZombieKor AllyPlantElemental (9)Knight AllyEldrazi Scion (1)OctopusEldrazi Scion (3)Eldrazi Scion (2)Knight Ally
Elemental (10)ZombieOctopusPlantElemental (9)Magic Duels Ad CardEldrazi Scion (1)ZombieEldrazi Scion (3)Eldrazi Scion (2)Knight Ally

Token Rarity
Eldrazi Scion (4)Eldrazi Scion × 2Eldrazi Scion (5)Eldrazi Scion × 2Eldrazi Scion (6)Eldrazi Scion × 2
OctopusOctopus × 2AngelAngel × 4Elemental (10)Elemental × 7
Kor AllyKor Ally × 8Magic Duels Ad CardMagic Duels Ad Card × 8Elemental (9)Elemental × 9
PlantPlant × 9Knight AllyKnight Ally × 12Eldrazi Scion (1)Eldrazi Scion × 13
Eldrazi Scion (2)Eldrazi Scion × 13Eldrazi Scion (3)Eldrazi Scion × 13ZombieZombie × 17

Foil Common Sheet

There is a picture of the foil common sheet available. [1] Each common card and basic land variation appear once. The extra copies of Swamp are presumed to be fillers.

Plains (252)Cultivator DroneCrumbling VestigePulse of MurasaIsland (258)Makindi AeronautKozilek's PathfinderLead by ExampleSwamp (260)Akoum FlameseekerCanopy Gorger
Slaughter DroneMountain (267)Containment MembraneSaddleback LagacBone SawForest (271)Vampire EnvoyLoam LarvaSweep AwayPlains (254)Elemental Uprising
Unnatural EnduranceSpawnbinder MageIsland (255)Tajuru PathwardenHoldout SettlementZulaport ChainmageSwamp (262)Natural StateUmara EntanglerZada's CommandoMountain (269)
Witness the EndAbstruse InterferenceAffa ProtectorForest (270)Kozilek's TranslatorConsuming SinkholeNetcaster SpiderPlains (250)Kozilek's ShriekerScion SummonerSlip Through Space
Island (259)Blinding DroneDazzling ReflectionHedron CrawlerSwamp (261)Eldrazi AggressorWarden of GeometriesIsolation ZoneMountain (266)Stalking DroneAncient Crab
Boulder SalvoForest (274)Expedition RaptorUnknown ShoresMighty LeapPlains (253)Gravity NegatorKor ScythemasterGoblin FreerunnerIsland (257)Comparative Analysis
Brute StrengthSky ScourerSwamp (264)Untamed HungerOndu War ClericWastes (183)Mountain (268)Kor Sky ClimberForest (273)Corpse ChurnPlains (251)
Cinder HellionSeer's LanternJwar Isle AvengerIsland (256)Searing LightWastes (184)Maw of KozilekSwamp (263)Shoulder to ShoulderTar SnareVines of the Recluse
Mountain (265)Sparkmage's GambitNegateExpediteForest (272)Oblivion StrikeReality HemorrhageSwamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)
Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)
Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)Swamp (261)

Foil Uncommon Sheet

There is a picture of the foil uncommon sheet available. [2] Each uncommon card appears twice. The extra copy of Reckless Bushwhacker is presumed to be a filler.

Iona's BlessingVoid ShatterFlayer DronePyromancer's AssaultNull CallerTimber GorgeBirthing HulkJoraga AuxiliaryStoneforge AcolyteGrip of the RoilImmobilizer Eldrazi
Havoc SowerNissa's JudgmentMindmelterRelief CaptainGift of TusksSpatial ContortionKazuul's Toll CollectorReflector MageVisions of BrutalityEmbodiment of InsightTranquil Expanse
Make a StandCyclone SireVoid GrafterEmbodiment of FuryReaver DroneCinder BarrensBonds of MortalityRelentless HunterSteppe GliderThought HarvesterChitinous Cloak
Press into ServiceMalakir SoothsayerBaloth NullRuin in Their WakeWall of ResurgenceWarping WailProphet of DistortionStormchaser MageReckless BushwhackerFlaying TendrilsMeandering River
Harvester TrollRelief CaptainCliffhaven VampireRoiling WatersTears of ValakutSubmerged BoneyardEssence DepleterWeapons TrainerSeed GuardianIona's BlessingStrider Harness
Void ShatterKazuul's Toll CollectorJoraga AuxiliaryNull CallerBaloth PupWalker of the WastesAllied ReinforcementsUnity of PurposePyromancer's AssaultGrasp of DarknessTranquil Expanse
Nissa's JudgmentStoneforge AcolyteReflector MageCyclone SireDevour in FlamesTimber GorgeHavoc SowerFlayer DroneBirthing HulkImmolating GlareChitinous Cloak
Thought HarvesterEmbodiment of FuryRelentless HunterReaver DroneBonds of MortalitySpatial ContortionSteppe GliderMindmelterProphet of DistortionImmobilizer EldraziCinder Barrens
Grasp of DarknessEmbodiment of InsightStormchaser MageWall of ResurgenceGrip of the RoilMeandering RiverPress into ServiceVoid GrafterFlaying TendrilsHarvester TrollStrider Harness
Allied ReinforcementsGift of TusksWeapons TrainerReckless BushwhackerVisions of BrutalityWarping WailSeed GuardianBaloth NullMake a StandUnity of PurposeSubmerged Boneyard
Tears of ValakutMalakir SoothsayerRuin in Their WakeImmolating GlareRoiling WatersWalker of the WastesDevour in FlamesCliffhaven VampireEssence DepleterBaloth PupReckless Bushwhacker

Foil Rare Sheet

There was a picture of the foil rare sheet available. [3] Each rare card appears twice, and each mythic rare card appears once. The extra copies of Captain's Claws are presumed to be fillers.

Munda's VanguardEndbringerKozilek, the Great DistortionFall of the TitansRuins of Oran-RiefGladehart CavalryBearer of SilenceCall the GatewatchDeceiver of FormOath of Jace
Jori En, Ruin DiverOath of ChandraWorld BreakerDrana's ChosenEldrazi DisplacerMatter ReshaperHedron AlignmentAyli, Eternal PilgrimKozilek's ReturnWandering Fumarole
Oath of NissaRemorseless PunishmentEldrazi MimicCrush of TentaclesCaptain's ClawsEldrazi ObligatorCorrupted CrossroadsSylvan AdvocateDread DefilerStone Haven Outfitter
Reality SmasherDimensional InfiltratorGoblin Dark-DwellersNeedle SpiresVile RedeemerSifter of SkullsGeneral TazriEndbringerDeepfathom SkulkerAyli, Eternal Pilgrim
Tyrant of ValakutRuins of Oran-RiefInverter of TruthEldrazi DisplacerDeceiver of FormOverwhelming DenialJori En, Ruin DiverFall of the TitansWandering FumaroleGladehart Cavalry
Bearer of SilenceLinvala, the PreserverHedron AlignmentCaptain's ClawsOath of ChandraCorrupted CrossroadsOath of NissaDrana's ChosenCall the GatewatchThought-Knot Seer
Oath of JaceMina and Denn, WildbornHissing QuagmireNissa, Voice of ZendikarSifter of SkullsMunda's VanguardThought-Knot SeerDeepfathom SkulkerStoneforge MasterworkTyrant of Valakut
Sea Gate WreckageSylvan AdvocateOath of GideonEldrazi MimicOverwhelming DenialMina and Denn, WildbornChandra, FlamecallerNeedle SpiresZendikar ResurgentRemorseless Punishment
Stone Haven OutfitterReality SmasherStoneforge MasterworkEldrazi ObligatorSea Gate WreckageVile RedeemerDread DefilerCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's Claws
Captain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's Claws
Captain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's ClawsCaptain's Claws

[1] A picture of the foil US common sheet was posted in the Misprints facebook group by Roberto Esposito.

[2] A picture of the foil US uncommon sheet is available from Desert Bus 2017.

[3] A picture of the foil US rare sheet was available in the collection of Casey Petrillo. (This collection is no longer publicly accessible.)