Strixhaven Collation

Strixhaven is a large set with 105 commons, 80 uncommons, 69 rares (11 of which are double-faced), 21 mythic rares (5 of which are double-faced), and 63 additional cards in the Mystical Archive. This is an unusual set size influenced by special collation of lesson cards. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised rate of 33% of boosters. Draft boosters were printed in English in the US, Belgium, and Japan.

Strixhaven was sold in 15 card draft booster packs (which contain an additional ad card or double-faced card placeholder). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation.

Packs are front-facing. There are 9 commons followed by a common or rare lesson, three uncommons, a rare, a Mystical Archive card, and an ad or placeholder card. (Uncommon lessons are among the three uncommons when they appear.) If there is a foil, it will displace a (non-lesson) common and appear after the Mystical Archive card.

9 Commons1 Lesson3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Mystical Archive1 Ad or Placeholder Card
8 Commons1 Lesson3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Mystical Archive1 Foil1 Ad or Placeholder Card

There are two common runs. The A run contains 36 cards each appearing 3 times, and the B run contains 60 cards each appearing twice. (The remaining 9 commons are lessons.) Packs contain 3-4 A cards followed by 5-6 B cards. These numbers seem to remain true for packs with foils. To ensure all these commons are equally likely, 4 A packs should appear 1/4 of the time and 6 B packs 5/12 of the time (and the remaining 1/3 of packs have a foil).

The commons lessons are on a separate sheet from the rares (and mythic). The exact rate between these sheets is not known. My empirical data has 37/468 rare or mythic lessons. My guess is that rare and mythic lessons appear at the same rate as normal rares and mythics which would be an overall rate of 11/148 in this slot. (Common lessons seems to be a little bit too common.)

The uncommons are divided into an A run and a B run. Each has 40 distinct cards (where each card appears three times). Half of packs have three consecutive cards from the A run and the other half have three from the B run. (Because of the symmetry, the A and B labels are arbitrary.)

Placeholder cards appear about 15% of the time and ad cards appear otherwise. These are on different sheets.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 36 different cards each appearing three times. It contains all the multicolor and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Relic SlothMoldering KarokLorehold CampusEureka MomentBiomathematicianCampus GuideCram SessionWitherbloom CampusBlood ResearcherWitherbloom PledgemageLetter of Acceptance
Prismari PledgemageElemental MasterpieceExcavated WallRise of ExtusExhilarating ElocutionSpiteful SquadSilverquill CampusOwlin ShieldmageOggyar Battle-SeerQuandrix CampusTeach by Example
Silverquill PledgemageSpectacle MageCogwork ArchivistThrilling DiscoveryArchway CommonsNeedlethorn DrakeLorehold PledgemageSquare UpPrismari CampusQuandrix PledgemageMake Your Mark
Stonebound MentorBiblioplex AssistantRelic SlothInfuse with VitalityEureka MomentLorehold CampusBiomathematicianMoldering KarokCampus GuideWitherbloom PledgemageBlood Researcher
Witherbloom CampusCram SessionElemental MasterpieceExhilarating ElocutionExcavated WallOwlin ShieldmageLetter of AcceptancePrismari PledgemageSilverquill CampusRise of ExtusSpiteful Squad
Silverquill PledgemageNeedlethorn DrakeArchway CommonsTeach by ExampleThrilling DiscoverySpectacle MageCogwork ArchivistOggyar Battle-SeerQuandrix CampusLorehold PledgemageQuandrix Pledgemage
Biblioplex AssistantMake Your MarkStonebound MentorRelic SlothInfuse with VitalityPrismari CampusSquare UpBlood ResearcherCampus GuideEureka MomentBiomathematician
Witherbloom CampusWitherbloom PledgemageCram SessionMoldering KarokLorehold CampusOwlin ShieldmageExcavated WallExhilarating ElocutionElemental MasterpieceSilverquill CampusPrismari Pledgemage
Rise of ExtusLetter of AcceptanceSpiteful SquadTeach by ExampleThrilling DiscoveryNeedlethorn DrakeArchway CommonsOggyar Battle-SeerCogwork ArchivistSilverquill PledgemageSpectacle Mage
Quandrix CampusSquare UpStonebound MentorMake Your MarkPrismari CampusQuandrix PledgemageLorehold PledgemageBiblioplex AssistantInfuse with Vitality

The B common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice. It consists of all the mono-color cards appearing in alternating white, blue, red, green, black order. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Hunt for SpecimensStar PupilSerpentine CurveFirst Day of ClassProfessor of ZoomancyUnwilling IngredientGuiding VoiceWaterfall AerialistTome ShredderBayou GroffProfessor's Warning
Combat ProfessorArcane SubtractionEnthusiastic StudyReckless AmplimancerMage Hunters' OnslaughtStudy BreakCurateDragon's ApproachMage DuelEssence InfusionPillardrop Rescuer
Bury in BooksBlood Age GeneralLeyline InvocationCrushing DisappointmentBeaming DefianceVortex RunnerHeated DebateSpringmane CervinSpecter of the FensAgeless GuardianResculpt
Pigment StormBig PlayNovice DissectorPilgrim of the AgesPop QuizTwinscroll ShamanSpined KarokPromising DuskmageExpelBurrog BefuddlerFuming Effigy
TangletrapLeech FanaticCombat ProfessorSoothsayer AdeptPillardrop WardenScurrid ColonyArrogant PoetStonerise SpiritFrost TricksterFirst Day of ClassCharge Through
Hunt for SpecimensDefend the CampusWaterfall AerialistSudden BreakthroughBayou GroffEssence InfusionEager First-YearBury in BooksTome ShredderReckless AmplimancerMage Hunters' Onslaught
Star PupilSerpentine CurveIllustrious HistorianLeyline InvocationLash of MaliceStudy BreakRejectEnthusiastic StudyField TripUnwilling IngredientGuiding Voice
Arcane SubtractionBlood Age GeneralProfessor of ZoomancyProfessor's WarningPillardrop RescuerCurateDragon's ApproachMage DuelCrushing DisappointmentAgeless GuardianResculpt
Heated DebateBig PlayNovice DissectorBeaming DefianceVortex RunnerPigment StormTangletrapSpecter of the FensStonerise SpiritFrost TricksterFuming Effigy
Springmane CervinLeech FanaticPilgrim of the AgesPop QuizSudden BreakthroughSpined KarokPromising DuskmageExpelBurrog BefuddlerPillardrop WardenCharge Through
Arrogant PoetDefend the CampusRejectTwinscroll ShamanScurrid ColonyLash of MaliceEager First-YearSoothsayer AdeptIllustrious HistorianField Trip

The common lesson run has each of the 9 cards appearing 13 times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Introduction to ProphecyFractal SummoningElemental SummoningInkling SummoningPest SummoningIntroduction to AnnihilationEnvironmental SciencesSpirit SummoningExpanded AnatomyFractal SummoningInkling Summoning
Introduction to ProphecyElemental SummoningPest SummoningEnvironmental SciencesExpanded AnatomySpirit SummoningIntroduction to AnnihilationElemental SummoningFractal SummoningIntroduction to ProphecyInkling Summoning
Expanded AnatomyPest SummoningIntroduction to AnnihilationEnvironmental SciencesSpirit SummoningFractal SummoningElemental SummoningInkling SummoningIntroduction to ProphecyEnvironmental SciencesPest Summoning
Introduction to AnnihilationExpanded AnatomySpirit SummoningFractal SummoningIntroduction to ProphecyElemental SummoningInkling SummoningIntroduction to AnnihilationEnvironmental SciencesExpanded AnatomyPest Summoning
Spirit SummoningFractal SummoningInkling SummoningIntroduction to ProphecyElemental SummoningExpanded AnatomyEnvironmental SciencesPest SummoningIntroduction to AnnihilationFractal SummoningElemental Summoning
Introduction to ProphecySpirit SummoningInkling SummoningEnvironmental SciencesIntroduction to AnnihilationPest SummoningSpirit SummoningExpanded AnatomyFractal SummoningIntroduction to ProphecyInkling Summoning
Elemental SummoningIntroduction to AnnihilationPest SummoningEnvironmental SciencesExpanded AnatomySpirit SummoningFractal SummoningIntroduction to ProphecyInkling SummoningElemental SummoningPest Summoning
Introduction to AnnihilationEnvironmental SciencesExpanded AnatomySpirit SummoningElemental SummoningInkling SummoningIntroduction to ProphecyFractal SummoningEnvironmental SciencesPest SummoningIntroduction to Annihilation
Expanded AnatomySpirit SummoningFractal SummoningIntroduction to ProphecyInkling SummoningElemental SummoningExpanded AnatomyPest SummoningIntroduction to AnnihilationEnvironmental SciencesFractal Summoning
Spirit SummoningIntroduction to ProphecyElemental SummoningInkling SummoningPest SummoningEnvironmental SciencesSpirit SummoningIntroduction to AnnihilationExpanded AnatomyInkling SummoningFractal Summoning
Elemental SummoningIntroduction to ProphecyExpanded AnatomySpirit SummoningIntroduction to AnnihilationPest SummoningEnvironmental Sciences

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run contains 40 cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Zimone, Quandrix ProdigyClever LumimancerAether HelixKelpie GuideFlunkHumiliateGrinning IgnusAccess TunnelSilverquill ApprenticeDueling CoachStorm-Kiln Artist
Closing StatementPractical ResearchDetention VortexBrackish TrudgeWitherbloom ApprenticeIgneous InspirationDeadly BrewGo BlankMascot InterceptionFracturePlumb the Forbidden
Killian, Ink DuelistDaemogoth Woe-EaterExplosive WelcomeExpressive IterationMercurial TransformationDecisive DenialDina, Soul SteeperDivide by ZeroLorehold ExcavationNecrotic FumesStonebinder's Familiar
Tend the PestsUmbral JukeAether HelixReduce to MemoryHonor TrollZimone, Quandrix ProdigySolve the EquationReturned PastcallerMaster SymmetristClever LumimancerPractical Research
Kelpie GuideClosing StatementGrinning IgnusDueling CoachHumiliateStorm-Kiln ArtistAccess TunnelFlunkSilverquill ApprenticeDetention VortexWitherbloom Apprentice
Igneous InspirationBrackish TrudgeDeadly BrewMascot InterceptionFractureGo BlankKillian, Ink DuelistPlumb the ForbiddenLorehold ExcavationMercurial TransformationDina, Soul Steeper
Necrotic FumesExpressive IterationStonebinder's FamiliarDaemogoth Woe-EaterExplosive WelcomeDivide by ZeroDecisive DenialHonor TrollUmbral JukeReturned PastcallerAether Helix
Master SymmetristReduce to MemoryTend the PestsSolve the EquationClever LumimancerZimone, Quandrix ProdigyFlunkAccess TunnelHumiliateGrinning IgnusSilverquill Apprentice
Kelpie GuideClosing StatementDueling CoachPractical ResearchStorm-Kiln ArtistWitherbloom ApprenticeIgneous InspirationPlumb the ForbiddenFractureLorehold ExcavationMascot Interception
Killian, Ink DuelistBrackish TrudgeDeadly BrewDetention VortexNecrotic FumesDivide by ZeroDecisive DenialMercurial TransformationExpressive IterationGo BlankExplosive Welcome
Daemogoth Woe-EaterStonebinder's FamiliarDina, Soul SteeperMaster SymmetristTend the PestsUmbral JukeHonor TrollReduce to MemoryReturned PastcallerSolve the Equation

The B uncommon run contains 40 cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Team PennantCreative OutburstWormhole SerpentHall MonitorFortifying DraughtSecret RendezvousQuandrix CultivatorZephyr BootsEmergent SequenceLorehold ApprenticeSnow Day
Karok WranglerStart from ScratchShadewing LaureateSymmetry SageSpell SatchelGolden RatioProfessor of SymbologyEyetwitchQuandrix ApprenticeArdent DustspeakerMentor's Guidance
Rootha, Mercurial ArtistThunderous OratorBookwurmReconstruct HistoryAcademic DisputeQuintorius, Field HistorianTenured InkcasterPrismari ApprenticeContainment BreachShow of ConfidenceMaelstrom Muse
Hall MonitorZephyr BootsWormhole SerpentMortality SpearTeam PennantOvergrown ArchRip ApartMage HunterReflective GolemDevouring TendrilsQuandrix Apprentice
Test of TalentsFortifying DraughtSecret RendezvousCreative OutburstSnow DayEmergent SequenceQuandrix CultivatorStart from ScratchMentor's GuidanceRootha, Mercurial ArtistSpell Satchel
EyetwitchSymmetry SageGolden RatioProfessor of SymbologyKarok WranglerShadewing LaureateArdent DustspeakerLorehold ApprenticeBookwurmShow of ConfidenceReconstruct History
Containment BreachMortality SpearTenured InkcasterAcademic DisputePrismari ApprenticeOvergrown ArchThunderous OratorQuintorius, Field HistorianReflective GolemTest of TalentsMaelstrom Muse
Mage HunterRip ApartDevouring TendrilsZephyr BootsLorehold ApprenticeTeam PennantEmergent SequenceCreative OutburstSnow DaySecret RendezvousHall Monitor
Quandrix CultivatorWormhole SerpentFortifying DraughtSpell SatchelGolden RatioKarok WranglerShadewing LaureateProfessor of SymbologyMentor's GuidanceQuandrix ApprenticeArdent Dustspeaker
Symmetry SageQuintorius, Field HistorianEyetwitchStart from ScratchRootha, Mercurial ArtistThunderous OratorReconstruct HistoryShow of ConfidenceTenured InkcasterPrismari ApprenticeContainment Breach
Academic DisputeMaelstrom MuseBookwurmTest of TalentsMortality SpearReflective GolemMage HunterOvergrown ArchRip ApartDevouring Tendrils

The uncommon Mystical Archive run contains 18 distinct cards each appearing five times. (Probably this is a gutter-cut sheet.) The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Negate (Borderless) (18)Duress (Borderless) (29)Opt (Borderless) (19)Infuriate (Borderless) (41)Divine Gambit (Borderless) (4)Snakeskin Veil (Borderless) (57)Thrill of Possibility (Borderless) (46)Whirlwind Denial (Borderless) (23)Village Rites (Borderless) (35)Defiant Strike (Borderless) (3)
Strategic Planning (Borderless) (20)Adventurous Impulse (Borderless) (49)Claim the Firstborn (Borderless) (37)Eliminate (Borderless) (30)Infuriate (Borderless) (41)Agonizing Remorse (Borderless) (24)Revitalize (Borderless) (9)Shock (Borderless) (44)Divine Gambit (Borderless) (4)Duress (Borderless) (29)
Defiant Strike (Borderless) (3)Thrill of Possibility (Borderless) (46)Village Rites (Borderless) (35)Negate (Borderless) (18)Snakeskin Veil (Borderless) (57)Infuriate (Borderless) (41)Revitalize (Borderless) (9)Opt (Borderless) (19)Agonizing Remorse (Borderless) (24)Shock (Borderless) (44)
Cultivate (Borderless) (51)Eliminate (Borderless) (30)Whirlwind Denial (Borderless) (23)Claim the Firstborn (Borderless) (37)Negate (Borderless) (18)Adventurous Impulse (Borderless) (49)Strategic Planning (Borderless) (20)Duress (Borderless) (29)Divine Gambit (Borderless) (4)Opt (Borderless) (19)
Village Rites (Borderless) (35)Thrill of Possibility (Borderless) (46)Cultivate (Borderless) (51)Whirlwind Denial (Borderless) (23)Eliminate (Borderless) (30)Negate (Borderless) (18)Snakeskin Veil (Borderless) (57)Defiant Strike (Borderless) (3)Claim the Firstborn (Borderless) (37)Adventurous Impulse (Borderless) (49)
Infuriate (Borderless) (41)Agonizing Remorse (Borderless) (24)Revitalize (Borderless) (9)Shock (Borderless) (44)Strategic Planning (Borderless) (20)Divine Gambit (Borderless) (4)Whirlwind Denial (Borderless) (23)Claim the Firstborn (Borderless) (37)Eliminate (Borderless) (30)Defiant Strike (Borderless) (3)
Village Rites (Borderless) (35)Thrill of Possibility (Borderless) (46)Snakeskin Veil (Borderless) (57)Duress (Borderless) (29)Revitalize (Borderless) (9)Duress (Borderless) (29)Adventurous Impulse (Borderless) (49)Opt (Borderless) (19)Cultivate (Borderless) (51)Shock (Borderless) (44)
Divine Gambit (Borderless) (4)Agonizing Remorse (Borderless) (24)Infuriate (Borderless) (41)Negate (Borderless) (18)Thrill of Possibility (Borderless) (46)Defiant Strike (Borderless) (3)Strategic Planning (Borderless) (20)Snakeskin Veil (Borderless) (57)Opt (Borderless) (19)Village Rites (Borderless) (35)
Shock (Borderless) (44)Whirlwind Denial (Borderless) (23)Agonizing Remorse (Borderless) (24)Revitalize (Borderless) (9)Cultivate (Borderless) (51)Eliminate (Borderless) (30)Adventurous Impulse (Borderless) (49)Claim the Firstborn (Borderless) (37)Strategic Planning (Borderless) (20)Cultivate (Borderless) (51)

Token Run

Most of the marketing cards in Strixhaven have a token or emblem on the front face. In addition, there is a card that has an advertisement for MTG Arena on the front face. They are printed in a 121 card run with items appearing different numbers of times.

Arena Ad CardTreasureInklingArena Ad CardTreasureFractalElementalArena Ad CardTreasureElementalArena Ad Card
TreasurePestInklingArena Ad CardElementalFractalSpiritElementalInklingArena Ad CardFractal
TreasureInklingElementalArena Ad CardFractalTreasureElementalArena Ad CardPestInklingSpirit
AvatarInklingSpiritPestArena Ad CardElementalPestTreasurePestSpiritArena Ad Card
InklingFractalPestSpiritElementalLukka, Wayward Bonder EmblemArena Ad CardFractalTreasureArena Ad CardSpirit
ElementalFractalPestSpiritArena Ad CardPestInklingTreasureElementalPestSpirit
Arena Ad CardPestLukka, Wayward Bonder EmblemElementalFractalArena Ad CardSpiritFractalRowan, Scholar of Sparks EmblemArena Ad CardSpirit
Arena Ad CardPestElementalFractalInklingSpiritFractalInklingArena Ad CardPestElemental
SpiritPestInklingSpiritElementalFractalPestElementalFractalArena Ad CardRowan, Scholar of Sparks Emblem
SpiritTreasureFractalAvatarArena Ad CardFractalTreasurePestElementalArena Ad CardSpirit
ElementalArena Ad CardPestFractalArena Ad CardTreasureSpiritInklingArena Ad CardFractalPest

Token Rarity
AvatarAvatar × 2Lukka, Wayward Bonder EmblemLukka, Wayward Bonder Emblem × 2Rowan, Scholar of Sparks EmblemRowan, Scholar of Sparks Emblem × 2
InklingInkling × 12TreasureTreasure × 12SpiritSpirit × 16
ElementalElemental × 17FractalFractal × 17PestPest × 17
Arena Ad CardArena Ad Card × 24

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses sequential collation.

Packs are front-facing. There are 9 commons followed by a common or rare lesson, three uncommons, a rare, a Mystical Archive card, and an ad or placeholder card. (Uncommon lessons are among the three uncommons when they appear.) If there is a foil, it will displace a (non-lesson) common and appear after the Mystical Archive card.

9 Commons1 Lesson3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Mystical Archive1 Ad or Placeholder Card
8 Commons1 Lesson3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Mystical Archive1 Foil1 Ad or Placeholder Card

There are three common runs. The A run contains 30 cards each appearing 4 times, and the B run contains 60 cards each appearing twice. The land run contains the six common non-basic lands. (The remaining 9 commons are lessons.) Packs contain 2-3 A cards followed by 0-1 lands, and 5-6 B cards. These numbers seem to remain true for packs with foils.

Uncommons are split into equal A and B runs with one or two A cards and one or two B cards appearing in each pack.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 30 different cards each appearing four times. It contains all the multicolor and (non-land) colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Witherbloom PledgemageMoldering KarokElemental MasterpieceRise of ExtusSpiteful SquadExcavated WallOwlin ShieldmageOggyar Battle-SeerStonebound MentorRise of ExtusBiblioplex Assistant
Exhilarating ElocutionQuandrix PledgemageThrilling DiscoveryMoldering KarokBiomathematicianPrismari PledgemageSquare UpLetter of AcceptanceEureka MomentStonebound MentorNeedlethorn Drake
Cogwork ArchivistSpiteful SquadExhilarating ElocutionRelic SlothBiblioplex AssistantMoldering KarokBlood ResearcherElemental MasterpieceBiomathematicianSquare UpMake Your Mark
Silverquill PledgemageEureka MomentOwlin ShieldmageElemental MasterpieceCampus GuideThrilling DiscoveryCogwork ArchivistNeedlethorn DrakeInfuse with VitalityExcavated WallThrilling Discovery
Witherbloom PledgemageLorehold PledgemageMake Your MarkInfuse with VitalitySpectacle MageStonebound MentorBlood ResearcherBiblioplex AssistantRelic SlothCampus GuideSpiteful Squad
Needlethorn DrakeSilverquill PledgemageTeach by ExampleQuandrix PledgemageExcavated WallLorehold PledgemageInfuse with VitalityBiomathematicianCampus GuideCram SessionRelic Sloth
Teach by ExamplePrismari PledgemageBlood ResearcherWitherbloom PledgemageSpiteful SquadSquare UpEureka MomentOwlin ShieldmageThrilling DiscoveryOggyar Battle-SeerSpectacle Mage
Campus GuideMake Your MarkOwlin ShieldmageExhilarating ElocutionSilverquill PledgemageWitherbloom PledgemageLetter of AcceptanceStonebound MentorSpectacle MageOggyar Battle-SeerCram Session
Lorehold PledgemageRise of ExtusTeach by ExamplePrismari PledgemageMoldering KarokLetter of AcceptanceNeedlethorn DrakeCogwork ArchivistExhilarating ElocutionBiblioplex AssistantRise of Extus
Cram SessionEureka MomentLetter of AcceptanceSpectacle MageSilverquill PledgemageOggyar Battle-SeerSquare UpCogwork ArchivistQuandrix PledgemageLorehold PledgemageTeach by Example
Elemental MasterpieceBiomathematicianInfuse with VitalityRelic SlothCram SessionMake Your MarkBlood ResearcherQuandrix PledgemagePrismari PledgemageExcavated Wall

The B common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice. It consists of all the mono-color cards appearing in alternating white, red, green, blue, black order. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Novice DissectorBeaming DefiancePigment StormLeyline InvocationSerpentine CurvePromising DuskmageDefend the CampusTwinscroll ShamanField TripCurateUnwilling Ingredient
Study BreakTome ShredderReckless AmplimancerVortex RunnerEssence InfusionStar PupilBlood Age GeneralProfessor of ZoomancyArcane SubtractionLash of MaliceEager First-Year
Dragon's ApproachSpined KarokCurateSpecter of the FensCombat ProfessorEnthusiastic StudyBayou GroffBury in BooksLeech FanaticStar PupilHeated Debate
Big PlayBurrog BefuddlerNovice DissectorPilgrim of the AgesDragon's ApproachField TripResculptUnwilling IngredientPillardrop RescuerPillardrop WardenTangletrap
RejectSpecter of the FensExpelFuming EffigyCharge ThroughFrost TricksterCrushing DisappointmentStudy BreakFirst Day of ClassScurrid ColonyPop Quiz
Mage Hunters' OnslaughtEager First-YearBlood Age GeneralProfessor of ZoomancySerpentine CurveHunt for SpecimensStonerise SpiritSudden BreakthroughSpringmane CervinVortex RunnerArrogant Poet
Pilgrim of the AgesIllustrious HistorianCharge ThroughSoothsayer AdeptEssence InfusionBeaming DefianceHeated DebateSpined KarokBury in BooksHunt for SpecimensPillardrop Rescuer
Sudden BreakthroughScurrid ColonyWaterfall AerialistProfessor's WarningAgeless GuardianEnthusiastic StudyBig PlayFrost TricksterLash of MaliceStonerise SpiritTome Shredder
TangletrapArcane SubtractionLeech FanaticGuiding VoicePillardrop WardenReckless AmplimancerWaterfall AerialistMage Hunters' OnslaughtAgeless GuardianIllustrious HistorianSpringmane Cervin
RejectProfessor's WarningExpelTwinscroll ShamanMage DuelSoothsayer AdeptCrushing DisappointmentDefend the CampusPigment StormBayou GroffBurrog Befuddler
Arrogant PoetGuiding VoiceFuming EffigyLeyline InvocationResculptPromising DuskmageCombat ProfessorFirst Day of ClassMage DuelPop Quiz

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Reflective GolemBrackish TrudgeSymmetry SageFortifying DraughtArdent DustspeakerContainment BreachGo BlankWormhole SerpentGrinning IgnusUmbral JukeBookwurm
Solve the EquationClever LumimancerKarok WranglerStart from ScratchSnow DayHall MonitorFractureKelpie GuideStorm-Kiln ArtistMercurial TransformationEyetwitch
Explosive WelcomeEmergent SequenceTenured InkcasterTeam PennantMentor's GuidanceMage HunterReflective GolemMascot InterceptionBrackish TrudgeDetention VortexOvergrown Arch
Necrotic FumesArdent DustspeakerSecret RendezvousGo BlankDueling CoachSymmetry SageUmbral JukeHonor TrollShow of ConfidenceEyetwitchAcademic Dispute
Fortifying DraughtHall MonitorStonebinder's FamiliarBookwurmTenured InkcasterGrinning IgnusKarok WranglerSolve the EquationStorm-Kiln ArtistReduce to MemoryMage Hunter
Detention VortexWormhole SerpentContainment BreachThunderous OratorFractureBrackish TrudgeTeam PennantClever LumimancerStart from ScratchEmergent SequenceMercurial Transformation
Explosive WelcomeDueling CoachReflective GolemSnow DaySecret RendezvousMascot InterceptionOvergrown ArchShow of ConfidenceHonor TrollSymmetry SageThunderous Orator
Kelpie GuideAcademic DisputeGo BlankClever LumimancerStonebinder's FamiliarFortifying DraughtSolve the EquationUmbral JukeDueling CoachNecrotic FumesMentor's Guidance
BookwurmReduce to MemoryArdent DustspeakerKarok WranglerGrinning IgnusEyetwitchContainment BreachHall MonitorTeam PennantWormhole SerpentFracture
Emergent SequenceStart from ScratchTenured InkcasterDetention VortexSnow DaySecret RendezvousStorm-Kiln ArtistMercurial TransformationMage HunterShow of ConfidenceOvergrown Arch
Explosive WelcomeThunderous OratorAcademic DisputeKelpie GuideNecrotic FumesHonor TrollStonebinder's FamiliarMentor's GuidanceReduce to MemoryMascot Interception

The B uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Shadewing LaureateQuandrix CultivatorQuandrix ApprenticeReconstruct HistoryPractical ResearchLorehold ApprenticeFlunkDecisive DenialMaelstrom MuseMaster SymmetristSpell Satchel
Aether HelixPlumb the ForbiddenDaemogoth Woe-EaterPrismari ApprenticeReturned PastcallerQuintorius, Field HistorianDeadly BrewRootha, Mercurial ArtistIgneous InspirationWitherbloom ApprenticeExpressive Iteration
Closing StatementQuandrix ApprenticeZephyr BootsKillian, Ink DuelistTend the PestsDevouring TendrilsAccess TunnelLorehold ApprenticeProfessor of SymbologyRip ApartMortality Spear
Shadewing LaureateGolden RatioMaelstrom MusePlumb the ForbiddenDina, Soul SteeperLorehold ExcavationHumiliateDivide by ZeroAether HelixFlunkCreative Outburst
Test of TalentsPractical ResearchQuandrix CultivatorReconstruct HistoryRootha, Mercurial ArtistMaster SymmetristSilverquill ApprenticeQuintorius, Field HistorianSpell SatchelDaemogoth Woe-EaterClosing Statement
Expressive IterationIgneous InspirationHumiliateZimone, Quandrix ProdigyKillian, Ink DuelistDeadly BrewCreative OutburstDevouring TendrilsZephyr BootsWitherbloom ApprenticeRootha, Mercurial Artist
Prismari ApprenticeDecisive DenialAccess TunnelMortality SpearGolden RatioReturned PastcallerRip ApartProfessor of SymbologyQuandrix ApprenticeLorehold ExcavationTend the Pests
FlunkDina, Soul SteeperDivide by ZeroPractical ResearchTest of TalentsLorehold ApprenticePlumb the ForbiddenSilverquill ApprenticeQuintorius, Field HistorianShadewing LaureateQuandrix Cultivator
Maelstrom MuseClosing StatementDaemogoth Woe-EaterReconstruct HistoryHumiliateKillian, Ink DuelistZimone, Quandrix ProdigyPrismari ApprenticeExpressive IterationDevouring TendrilsDecisive Denial
Golden RatioSpell SatchelMaster SymmetristAether HelixIgneous InspirationZephyr BootsReturned PastcallerLorehold ExcavationDeadly BrewDina, Soul SteeperProfessor of Symbology
Witherbloom ApprenticeAccess TunnelMortality SpearCreative OutburstRip ApartTest of TalentsSilverquill ApprenticeTend the PestsDivide by ZeroZimone, Quandrix Prodigy

Japanese Pack Anatomy

The Japanese printing uses sequential collation with 112 card sheets (which is the usual for Japan). Probably the sheets are 14 × 8.

Packs are front-facing starting with the ad or placeholder card and a Mystical Archive card, then the rare, 3 uncommons, a rare or common lesson, and 9 commons. If there is a foil, it will appear before the Mystical Archive card, displacing a common.

In Japanese language packs, the Mystical Archive card has a 50% chance to a special Japanese-only treatment. (However, there are also non-Japanese language packs printed in Japan that don't have this feature.)

1 Ad or Placeholder Card1 Foil1 Mystical Archive1 Rare3 Uncommons1 Lesson8 Commons
1 Ad or Placeholder Card1 Mystical Archive1 Rare3 Uncommons1 Lesson9 Commons

There are 3 common runs: A, B, and C. A contains 24 distinct cards, and B and C each contain 36 distinct cards. Each pack gets 2 to 3 cards from A followed by 3 to 4 cards from B and 3 to 4 cards from C. This means packs are either 3-3-3, 2-3-4, or 2-4-3. Foil packs are always 2-3-3. This means, including foil packs, the third A card appears 1/6 of the time, and the fourth B card and fourth C card each appear 1/4 of the time.


Common Runs

The A common run consists of 24 different cards each appearing four times. The cards are mostly blue. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Archway CommonsResculptElemental MasterpieceRejectEureka MomentSoothsayer AdeptLetter of AcceptanceBury in Books
Stonebound MentorVortex RunnerInfuse with VitalityPop QuizPrismari CampusArcane SubtractionCram SessionCurate
Thrilling DiscoveryFrost TricksterMoldering KarokBurrog BefuddlerLorehold PledgemageSerpentine CurveSilverquill CampusWaterfall Aerialist
Elemental MasterpieceResculptArchway CommonsRejectLetter of AcceptanceSoothsayer AdeptInfuse with VitalityBury in Books
Eureka MomentArcane SubtractionPrismari CampusVortex RunnerStonebound MentorPop QuizCram SessionFrost Trickster
Silverquill CampusBurrog BefuddlerThrilling DiscoveryCurateLorehold PledgemageSerpentine CurveMoldering KarokWaterfall Aerialist
Letter of AcceptanceResculptArchway CommonsRejectElemental MasterpieceSoothsayer AdeptEureka MomentBury in Books
Stonebound MentorArcane SubtractionInfuse with VitalityVortex RunnerCram SessionPop QuizPrismari CampusFrost Trickster
Thrilling DiscoveryBurrog BefuddlerSilverquill CampusCurateMoldering KarokSerpentine CurveLorehold PledgemageWaterfall Aerialist
Archway CommonsResculptElemental MasterpieceRejectLetter of AcceptanceSoothsayer AdeptEureka MomentBury in Books
Infuse with VitalityArcane SubtractionStonebound MentorVortex RunnerPrismari CampusPop QuizCram SessionFrost Trickster
Thrilling DiscoveryBurrog BefuddlerSilverquill CampusCurateMoldering KarokSerpentine CurveLorehold PledgemageWaterfall Aerialist

The B common run consists of 36 different cards each appearing three times. The cards are mostly black and green. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Hunt for SpecimensRelic SlothReckless AmplimancerNovice DissectorBiomathematicianLeyline InvocationLash of MaliceExhilarating Elocution
Charge ThroughMage Hunters' OnslaughtExcavated WallBayou GroffArrogant PoetNeedlethorn DrakeTangletrapProfessor's Warning
Quandrix PledgemageProfessor of ZoomancyLeech FanaticQuandrix CampusMage DuelSpecter of the FensSquare UpField Trip
Crushing DisappointmentRise of ExtusBig PlayUnwilling IngredientSpectacle MageSpined KarokNovice DissectorOwlin Shieldmage
Springmane CervinEssence InfusionWitherbloom PledgemageReckless AmplimancerHunt for SpecimensBiomathematicianScurrid ColonyPromising Duskmage
Relic SlothCharge ThroughArrogant PoetExcavated WallLeyline InvocationMage Hunters' OnslaughtQuandrix CampusTangletrap
Lash of MaliceNeedlethorn DrakeBayou GroffLeech FanaticQuandrix PledgemageField TripProfessor's WarningSquare Up
Mage DuelNovice DissectorExhilarating ElocutionProfessor of ZoomancyCrushing DisappointmentSpectacle MageSpringmane CervinSpecter of the Fens
Owlin ShieldmageBig PlayPromising DuskmageRise of ExtusSpined KarokHunt for SpecimensWitherbloom PledgemageCharge Through
Unwilling IngredientBiomathematicianReckless AmplimancerEssence InfusionRelic SlothBayou GroffLash of MaliceExcavated Wall
Scurrid ColonyArrogant PoetExhilarating ElocutionTangletrapMage Hunters' OnslaughtQuandrix PledgemageLeyline InvocationProfessor's Warning
Needlethorn DrakeMage DuelLeech FanaticSquare UpProfessor of ZoomancySpecter of the FensQuandrix CampusField Trip
Essence InfusionSpectacle MageBig PlayCrushing DisappointmentOwlin ShieldmageSpined KarokUnwilling IngredientRise of Extus
Springmane CervinPromising DuskmageWitherbloom PledgemageScurrid Colony

The C common run consists of 36 different cards each appearing three times. The cards are mostly red and white. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Beaming DefianceCampus GuideHeated DebateStudy BreakTeach by ExampleEnthusiastic StudyEager First-YearMake Your Mark
Illustrious HistorianAgeless GuardianLorehold CampusPillardrop WardenCombat ProfessorWitherbloom CampusFuming EffigyDefend the Campus
Prismari PledgemageDragon's ApproachPilgrim of the AgesSilverquill PledgemageTome ShredderStonerise SpiritCampus GuideTwinscroll Shaman
Star PupilCogwork ArchivistPigment StormEager First-YearBlood ResearcherFirst Day of ClassExpelSpiteful Squad
Blood Age GeneralPillardrop RescuerTeach by ExampleHeated DebateGuiding VoiceOggyar Battle-SeerEnthusiastic StudyBeaming Defiance
Biblioplex AssistantIllustrious HistorianCombat ProfessorPrismari PledgemageSudden BreakthroughAgeless GuardianMake Your MarkTome Shredder
Defend the CampusWitherbloom CampusDragon's ApproachStudy BreakLorehold CampusFuming EffigyPilgrim of the AgesCampus Guide
Pillardrop WardenPillardrop RescuerCogwork ArchivistFirst Day of ClassStonerise SpiritSilverquill PledgemagePigment StormStar Pupil
Spiteful SquadTwinscroll ShamanExpelOggyar Battle-SeerBlood Age GeneralEager First-YearBiblioplex AssistantHeated Debate
Beaming DefianceBlood ResearcherEnthusiastic StudyGuiding VoiceTeach by ExampleSudden BreakthroughCombat ProfessorLorehold Campus
Tome ShredderAgeless GuardianPrismari PledgemageIllustrious HistorianStudy BreakMake Your MarkDragon's ApproachDefend the Campus
Silverquill PledgemagePillardrop WardenPilgrim of the AgesCogwork ArchivistFuming EffigyStar PupilWitherbloom CampusTwinscroll Shaman
Pillardrop RescuerSpiteful SquadPigment StormStonerise SpiritOggyar Battle-SeerFirst Day of ClassGuiding VoiceBlood Researcher
Blood Age GeneralExpelBiblioplex AssistantSudden Breakthrough