Theros Beyond Death Collation

Theros Beyond Death is a large set with 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares, and one variations of each standard basic land. This is the normal size for a large set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 45 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA, Belgium, and Japan.

Theros Beyond Death was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with C1/C2 common collation.

Packs have back-facing cards with common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a basic land and ad card. If there is a foil, it will displace a common and appear after the rare.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card

Packs are evenly split between C1 commons and C2 commons. C1 packs will contain 2×A + 2×B + 6×C or 3×A + 2×B + 5×C. C2 packs will contains 4×A + 2×B + 4×C or 4×A + 3×B + 3×C or 4×A + 4×B + 2×C.


When a foil appears in a pack, it will displace a common card. Common foils (including basic lands) displace A commons. Uncommon foils can appear in both C1 and C2 packs (probably at equal rates) and displace B commons. Rare foils displace C2 commons. Foil showcase cards displace C1 commons. (This is at least true for uncommon foil showcase cards. I don't have data for other rarities yet.)

The data is consistent with a common foil rate of 1/6 and an uncommon foil rate of 1/12.

There are two uncommon runs, A and B, each with 40 different cards appearing three times each. Half of packs have two A cards followed by a B, and half have one A card followed by two B cards. For cards that have showcase variants, one of the copies on the sheet is the showcase variant.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. These cards are white, blue, and red (appearing in that order). The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Stampede RiderNyxborn CourserVexing GullAspect of ManticoreSunmane PegasusNyxborn SeaguardThrill of PossibilityTriumphant SurgeSleep of the DeadIncendiary OracleOmen of the Sun
Triton WaveriderUnderworld Rage-HoundLeonin of the Lost PrideNaiad of Hidden CovesHero of the GamesIndomitable WillStern DismissalNyxborn BruteHeliod's PilgrimStarlit MantleOread of Mountain's Blaze
Karametra's BlessingElite InstructorFinal FlareTranscendent EnvoyRiptide TurtleThrill of PossibilityNyxborn CourserIchthyomorphosisWrap in FlamesGlory BearersNyxborn Seaguard
Portent of BetrayalSunmane PegasusSleep of the DeadAspect of ManticoreOmen of the SunDeny the DivineNyxborn BruteSentinel's EyesVexing GullStampede RiderTriumphant Surge
Starlit MantleHero of the GamesLeonin of the Lost PrideTriton WaveriderIncendiary OracleIndomitable WillNaiad of Hidden CovesUnderworld Rage-HoundHeliod's PilgrimElite InstructorOread of Mountain's Blaze
Transcendent EnvoyStern DismissalFinal FlareGlory BearersIchthyomorphosisPortent of BetrayalKarametra's BlessingDeny the DivineWrap in FlamesSentinel's EyesRiptide Turtle

The B common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The cards alternate between black and green. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Nylea's ForerunnerAspect of LampreyNyxborn ColossusTemple ThiefSetessan TrainingLampad of Death's VigilSkola GrovedancerSoulreaper of MogisNexus WardensUnderworld ChargerPlummet
Omen of the DeadOmen of the HuntDiscordant PiperLoathsome ChimeraRage-Scarred BerserkerGift of StrengthBlight-Breath CatoblepasRelentless PursuitNyxborn MarauderMoss ViperScavenging Harpy
Skola GrovedancerAspect of LampreySetessan TrainingLampad of Death's VigilNexus WardensTemple ThiefNylea's ForerunnerSoulreaper of MogisOmen of the HuntOmen of the DeadNyxborn Colossus
Scavenging HarpyLoathsome ChimeraUnderworld ChargerPlummetDiscordant PiperGift of StrengthRage-Scarred BerserkerMoss ViperBlight-Breath CatoblepasRelentless PursuitNyxborn Marauder
Setessan TrainingAspect of LampreyNexus WardensTemple ThiefSkola GrovedancerOmen of the DeadNylea's ForerunnerLampad of Death's VigilNyxborn ColossusSoulreaper of MogisOmen of the Hunt
Scavenging HarpyMoss ViperRage-Scarred BerserkerPlummetNyxborn MarauderRelentless PursuitBlight-Breath CatoblepasLoathsome ChimeraDiscordant PiperGift of StrengthUnderworld Charger

The C1 common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus Bronze Sword, the short-printed common. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Voracious TyphonSkophos WarleaderMire's GraspTowering-Wave MysticDaybreak ChimeraIlysian CaryatidOmen of the SeaFlicker of FateInfuriateThaumaturge's FamiliarVenomous Hierophant
Chain to MemoryHyrax Tower ScoutSatyr's CunningHero of the PrideTraveler's AmuletGrim PhysicianThirst for MeaningSetessan SkirmisherIroas's BlessingFuneral RitesDreadful Apathy
Eidolon of PhilosophyVoracious TyphonWings of HubrisSkophos WarleaderMire's GraspRumbling SentryWitness of TomorrowsIlysian CaryatidTowering-Wave MysticDaybreak ChimeraTraveler's Amulet
InfuriateGrim PhysicianOmen of the SeaThaumaturge's FamiliarVenomous HierophantBronze SwordSatyr's CunningHero of the PrideChain to MemoryPharika's LibationHyrax Tower Scout
Wings of HubrisFlicker of FateThirst for MeaningFuneral RitesEidolon of PhilosophyDreadful ApathySetessan SkirmisherIroas's BlessingPharika's LibationWitness of TomorrowsRumbling Sentry

The C2 common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times plus Bronze Sword, the short-printed common. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Brine GiantFruit of TizerusReturn to NatureOmen of the ForgeBronze SwordRevoke ExistenceArena TricksterWarbriar BlessingUnknown ShoresMemory DrainFlummoxed Cyclops
Altar of the PantheonNylea's HuntmasterInspire AweBrine GiantIrreverent RevelersFinal DeathFruit of TizerusReturn to NatureFlummoxed CyclopsMogis's FavorCaptivating Unicorn
Pious WayfarerWarbriar BlessingArena TricksterRevoke ExistenceMemory DrainUnknown ShoresOmen of the ForgeAltar of the PantheonNylea's HuntmasterFruit of TizerusCaptivating Unicorn
Irreverent RevelersBrine GiantMogis's FavorRevoke ExistenceInspire AweFlummoxed CyclopsUnknown ShoresFinal DeathReturn to NatureMemory DrainWarbriar Blessing
Arena TricksterPious WayfarerCaptivating UnicornInspire AweFinal DeathAltar of the PantheonOmen of the ForgeMogis's FavorNylea's HuntmasterPious WayfarerIrreverent Revelers

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. For cards that have showcase variants, one of the copies on the sheet is the showcase variant. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Mischievous ChimeraShoal KrakenSkophos Maze-WardenDawn EvangelPharika's SpawnSlaughter-Priest of MogisGray Merchant of AsphodelChainweb AracnirReverent HopliteHeroes of the RevelBanishing Light
Nyx HeraldStaggering InsightCallaphe, Beloved of the SeaOne with the StarsMystic RepealMire TritonAlseid of Life's BountyFurious RiseRenata, Called to the HuntAcolyte of AfflictionImpending Doom
Agonizing RemorseDrag to the UnderworldEntrancing LyrePhalanx TacticsDreamstalker ManticoreElspeth's NightmareHero of the NyxbornPheres-Band BrawlerLagonna-Band StorytellerFateful EndShimmerwing Chimera
Setessan PetitionerDevourer of MemoryAnax, Hardened in the Forge (Showcase)Alirios, EnrapturedSkophos Maze-WardenWolfwillow HavenDawn EvangelFurious RiseBanishing LightNyx HeraldReverent Hoplite
Mischievous ChimeraArchon of Falling StarsHeroes of the RevelPharika's SpawnLagonna-Band StorytellerEntrancing LyreCallaphe, Beloved of the Sea (Showcase)Mystic RepealPhalanx TacticsOne with the StarsGray Merchant of Asphodel
Dreamstalker ManticoreMire TritonRenata, Called to the Hunt (Showcase)Whirlwind DenialImpending DoomStaggering InsightChainweb AracnirFateful EndHero of the NyxbornShoal KrakenAlseid of Life's Bounty
Agonizing RemorseAnax, Hardened in the ForgeAcolyte of AfflictionPheres-Band BrawlerAlirios, EnrapturedElspeth's NightmareSlaughter-Priest of MogisDrag to the UnderworldSetessan PetitionerSkophos Maze-WardenDawn Evangel
Whirlwind DenialDevourer of MemoryShimmerwing ChimeraPharika's SpawnMischievous ChimeraBanishing LightFurious RiseWolfwillow HavenMire TritonImpending DoomGray Merchant of Asphodel
Shoal KrakenArchon of Falling StarsMystic RepealStaggering InsightOne with the StarsAlseid of Life's BountyEntrancing LyreCallaphe, Beloved of the SeaNyx HeraldSlaughter-Priest of MogisReverent Hoplite
Renata, Called to the HuntAgonizing RemorseHeroes of the RevelAcolyte of AfflictionAlirios, EnrapturedHero of the NyxbornChainweb AracnirDreamstalker ManticorePhalanx TacticsDrag to the UnderworldPheres-Band Brawler
Elspeth's NightmareAnax, Hardened in the ForgeDevourer of MemorySetessan PetitionerWhirlwind DenialLagonna-Band StorytellerArchon of Falling StarsShimmerwing ChimeraFateful EndWolfwillow Haven

The B uncommon run also consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. For cards that have showcase variants, one of the copies on the sheet is the showcase variant. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Siona, Captain of the PyleasHateful EidolonBlood AspirantNessian WandererHeliod's PunishmentMirror ShieldCling to DustGlimpse of FreedomField of RuinKlothys's DesignThundering Chariot
Escape VelocityDaxos, Blessed by the SunEutropia the Twice-FavoredSage of MysteriesTymaret, Chosen from DeathHydra's GrowthThe Triumph of AnaxMinion's ReturnStinging LionfishDestiny SpinnerRise to Glory
Dreamshaper ShamanSoul-Guide LanternSea God's ScornFavored of IroasInevitable EndThe Binding of the TitansThe Birth of MeletisCareless CelebrantUnderworld DreamsMedomai's ProphecyThundering Chariot
Sweet OblivionNessian HornbeetleBlood AspirantHeliod's PunishmentMirror ShieldEnemy of EnlightenmentStinging LionfishHateful EidolonThe Triumph of AnaxHero of the WindsWarden of the Chained
Threnody SingerDreamshaper ShamanMinion's ReturnHydra's GrowthGlimpse of FreedomCommanding PresenceUnderworld FiresCling to DustNessian WandererSiona, Captain of the PyleasSage of Mysteries
Eutropia the Twice-FavoredDaxos, Blessed by the Sun (Showcase)Escape VelocityKlothys's DesignSoul-Guide LanternTymaret, Chosen from Death (Showcase)Favored of IroasField of RuinSea God's ScornThe Birth of MeletisRise to Glory
Destiny SpinnerCareless CelebrantUnderworld DreamsMedomai's ProphecyWarden of the ChainedHeliod's PunishmentSweet OblivionInevitable EndThe Binding of the TitansBlood AspirantEnemy of Enlightenment
Mirror ShieldHero of the WindsNessian WandererThe Triumph of AnaxMinion's ReturnThrenody SingerSiona, Captain of the PyleasUnderworld FiresCommanding PresenceThundering ChariotNessian Hornbeetle
Daxos, Blessed by the SunEscape VelocityHateful EidolonStinging LionfishHydra's GrowthEutropia the Twice-FavoredField of RuinGlimpse of FreedomKlothys's DesignCling to DustRise to Glory
Sage of MysteriesFavored of IroasDestiny SpinnerTymaret, Chosen from DeathSoul-Guide LanternDreamshaper ShamanThe Birth of MeletisSweet OblivionInevitable EndThe Binding of the TitansSea God's Scorn
Hero of the WindsCareless CelebrantUnderworld DreamsMedomai's ProphecyNessian HornbeetleCommanding PresenceUnderworld FiresWarden of the ChainedEnemy of EnlightenmentThrenody Singer

Token Run

Most of the marketing cards in Theros Beyond Death have a token on the front face. In addition, there is a card that has an advertisement for MTG Arena on the front face. (The front has an ESRB rating and the back has PEGI, so I'm not aware of any region differences.) They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times.

Arena Ad CardSatyrHuman SoldierPegasusWolfHuman SoldierArena Ad CardWallHuman SoldierGoatZombie
Human SoldierArena Ad CardSpiderHuman SoldierReflectionSatyrHuman SoldierArena Ad CardGoatHuman SoldierGold
SatyrHuman SoldierArena Ad CardTentacleHuman SoldierSatyrWallHuman SoldierGoatArena Ad CardHuman Soldier
SatyrReflectionSpiderHuman SoldierArena Ad CardSatyrHuman SoldierWolfHuman SoldierElementalArena Ad Card
SatyrWallZombieHuman SoldierSatyrArena Ad CardHuman SoldierGoldTentacleHuman SoldierReflection
Arena Ad CardHuman SoldierGoatWolfHuman SoldierSatyrArena Ad CardHuman SoldierPegasusGoatHuman Soldier
SatyrArena Ad CardHuman SoldierKrakenWallSatyrHuman SoldierArena Ad CardGoatWolfHuman Soldier
SatyrNightmareArena Ad CardZombieSpiderHuman SoldierSatyrHuman SoldierArena Ad CardGoatWall
Human SoldierSatyrKrakenArena Ad CardReflectionSatyrHuman SoldierWolfGoatArena Ad CardPegasus
SatyrHuman SoldierGoldArena Ad CardElementalSatyrHuman SoldierNightmareGoatHuman SoldierArena Ad Card
SatyrHuman SoldierWolfReflectionHuman SoldierArena Ad CardGoatHuman SoldierSatyrTentacleHuman Soldier

Token Rarity
ElementalElemental × 2KrakenKraken × 2NightmareNightmare × 2
GoldGold × 3PegasusPegasus × 3SpiderSpider × 3
TentacleTentacle × 3ZombieZombie × 3ReflectionReflection × 5
WallWall × 5WolfWolf × 6GoatGoat × 10
SatyrSatyr × 19Arena Ad CardArena Ad Card × 20Human SoldierHuman Soldier × 35

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses sequential collation with simple two-run 101 common collation.

Packs are front-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a basic land and an ad card. There are 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the land, displacing a common.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Foil1 Ad Card

Each pack contains four cards from the A common run followed by six cards from the B run. Foils can displace a card from either run.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times plus Bronze Sword, the short-printed common. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Indomitable WillMoss ViperMemory DrainThaumaturge's FamiliarStampede RiderOmen of the HuntPious WayfarerDiscordant PiperEidolon of PhilosophyThrill of PossibilityPlummet
Sunmane PegasusWrap in FlamesDeny the DivineFruit of TizerusReturn to NatureKarametra's BlessingRage-Scarred BerserkerSleep of the DeadWings of HubrisHero of the GamesOmen of the Hunt
Flicker of FateAspect of ManticoreLampad of Death's VigilEidolon of PhilosophyNexus WardensTraveler's AmuletIndomitable WillFruit of TizerusDeny the DivineStampede RiderIlysian Caryatid
Bronze SwordUnknown ShoresDiscordant PiperMemory DrainThrill of PossibilityOmen of the HuntFlicker of FateBlight-Breath CatoblepasChain to MemoryThaumaturge's FamiliarAspect of Manticore
Moss ViperRumbling SentryPharika's LibationWrap in FlamesSentinel's EyesTowering-Wave MysticInspire AweKarametra's BlessingWings of HubrisGrim PhysicianNaiad of Hidden Coves
Portent of BetrayalPious WayfarerBlight-Breath CatoblepasNexus WardensLampad of Death's VigilTowering-Wave MysticTraveler's AmuletRage-Scarred BerserkerHero of the GamesMoss ViperRumbling Sentry
Wings of HubrisPlummetChain to MemoryArena TricksterLampad of Death's VigilAltar of the PantheonIndomitable WillGrim PhysicianNaiad of Hidden CovesStampede RiderIlysian Caryatid
Pious WayfarerSleep of the DeadThaumaturge's FamiliarPharika's LibationThrill of PossibilityReturn to NatureFlicker of FateDiscordant PiperUnknown ShoresChain to MemoryHero of the Games
Nexus WardensSunmane PegasusRage-Scarred BerserkerEidolon of PhilosophyArena TricksterPlummetSentinel's EyesPharika's LibationTowering-Wave MysticPortent of BetrayalAltar of the Pantheon
Inspire AweSunmane PegasusFruit of TizerusSleep of the DeadAspect of ManticoreTraveler's AmuletReturn to NatureKarametra's BlessingMemory DrainPortent of BetrayalIlysian Caryatid
Sentinel's EyesUnknown ShoresBlight-Breath CatoblepasDeny the DivineArena TricksterInspire AweRumbling SentryNaiad of Hidden CovesWrap in FlamesAltar of the PantheonGrim Physician

The B common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice plus Bronze Sword, the short-printed common. Other than Bronze Sword, the cards appear in a repeating pattern of blue, red, green, white, black. I've chosen to put Bronze Sword at the end to emphasize the pattern.

Riptide TurtleUnderworld Rage-HoundNylea's HuntmasterHero of the PrideUnderworld ChargerBrine GiantSkophos WarleaderSetessan SkirmisherCaptivating UnicornFuneral RitesStarlit Mantle
Irreverent RevelersVoracious TyphonTriumphant SurgeSoulreaper of MogisOmen of the SeaOread of Mountain's BlazeLoathsome ChimeraHero of the PrideScavenging HarpyElite InstructorOmen of the Forge
Nyxborn ColossusTranscendent EnvoyOmen of the DeadThirst for MeaningFinal FlareHyrax Tower ScoutRevoke ExistenceVenomous HierophantStern DismissalIncendiary OracleGift of Strength
Leonin of the Lost PrideMire's GraspRiptide TurtleFlummoxed CyclopsRelentless PursuitCaptivating UnicornUnderworld ChargerVexing GullSkophos WarleaderWarbriar BlessingOmen of the Sun
Funeral RitesWitness of TomorrowsInfuriateSkola GrovedancerDaybreak ChimeraTemple ThiefTriton WaveriderIroas's BlessingSetessan TrainingDreadful ApathyMogis's Favor
IchthyomorphosisSatyr's CunningLoathsome ChimeraHeliod's PilgrimFinal DeathNyxborn SeaguardOmen of the ForgeSetessan SkirmisherGlory BearersVenomous HierophantTriton Waverider
Incendiary OracleNyxborn ColossusRevoke ExistenceAspect of LampreyStern DismissalInfuriateSkola GrovedancerNyxborn CourserOmen of the DeadOmen of the SeaNyxborn Brute
Hyrax Tower ScoutLeonin of the Lost PrideNyxborn MarauderElite InstructorIroas's BlessingNylea's HuntmasterGlory BearersTemple ThiefThirst for MeaningUnderworld Rage-HoundSetessan Training
Transcendent EnvoyFinal DeathVexing GullOread of Mountain's BlazeGift of StrengthDaybreak ChimeraSoulreaper of MogisNyxborn SeaguardFlummoxed CyclopsNylea's ForerunnerHeliod's Pilgrim
Scavenging HarpyWitness of TomorrowsSatyr's CunningVoracious TyphonTriumphant SurgeMire's GraspStarlit MantleFinal FlareWarbriar BlessingOmen of the SunAspect of Lamprey
Brine GiantNyxborn BruteNylea's ForerunnerNyxborn CourserNyxborn MarauderIchthyomorphosisIrreverent RevelersRelentless PursuitDreadful ApathyMogis's FavorBronze Sword

Japanese Pack Anatomy

The Japanese printing uses sequential collation with (probably) 112 card sheets (which seems to be the usual for Japan). The dimensions of the sheets are not known.

Packs are front-facing starting with the ad card and a basic land, then the rare, 3 uncommons, and 10 commons. If there is a foil, it will appear between the land and the rare, displacing a common.

1 Ad Card1 Land1 Rare3 Uncommons10 Commons
1 Ad Card1 Land1 Foil1 Rare3 Uncommons9 Commons

There are 3 common runs: A, B, and C. A contains 27 distinct cards, and B and C each contain 37 distinct cards. Each pack gets 2 to 3 cards from A followed by 3 to 4 cards from B and 3 to 4 cards from C. This means packs are either 2-4-4, 3-3-4, or 3-4-3. The exact ratios may depend on the way foil collation works.


Foils displace a common. As far as I've seen, there will still be at least 2 A commons, 3 B commons, and 3 C commons, and I have seen all three possibilities for common distribution given a foil.

There are three uncommon runs, A, B, and C. The A run contains 6 distinct cards (probably repeated a large number of times). The B and C run each contain 37 distinct cards each repeated three times. The cards with showcase versions appear only in runs B and C where the showcase version takes up one of the card's three slots in the run. Packs contain either one each of A followed by B followed by C (which should be mathematically appear 9/40 of the time), two B followed by a C, or one B followed by two C.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing four times (which would leave 4 fillers on a 112 card sheet). The cards are mostly red. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Irreverent RevelersNyxborn ColossusArena TricksterSatyr's CunningGlory BearersOread of Mountain's BlazeWings of HubrisSkophos Warleader
Setessan SkirmisherThrill of PossibilityIncendiary OracleTranscendent EnvoyWrap in FlamesTriton WaveriderFinal FlareAltar of the Pantheon
Nyxborn BruteNyxborn CourserPortent of BetrayalStampede RiderTraveler's AmuletAspect of ManticoreRiptide TurtleStampede Rider
Irreverent RevelersTranscendent EnvoyOread of Mountain's BlazePortent of BetrayalAltar of the PantheonSkophos WarleaderFinal FlareUnknown Shores
Hero of the GamesWings of HubrisUnderworld Rage-HoundGlory BearersArena TricksterNyxborn ColossusWrap in FlamesNyxborn Courser
Thrill of PossibilityThaumaturge's FamiliarSatyr's CunningTriton WaveriderAspect of ManticoreSetessan SkirmisherIncendiary OracleTraveler's Amulet
Nyxborn BruteSetessan SkirmisherArena TricksterWings of HubrisIncendiary OracleTranscendent EnvoyHero of the GamesSkophos Warleader
Unknown ShoresWrap in FlamesAltar of the PantheonOread of Mountain's BlazeGlory BearersThrill of PossibilityStampede RiderNyxborn Courser
Final FlareNyxborn ColossusAspect of ManticoreSatyr's CunningRiptide TurtlePortent of BetrayalThaumaturge's FamiliarNyxborn Brute
Triton WaveriderUnderworld Rage-HoundTraveler's AmuletIrreverent RevelersThaumaturge's FamiliarIncendiary OracleOread of Mountain's BlazeAltar of the Pantheon
Skophos WarleaderIrreverent RevelersTranscendent EnvoyUnderworld Rage-HoundWings of HubrisSatyr's CunningNyxborn CourserHero of the Games
Wrap in FlamesSetessan SkirmisherStampede RiderRiptide TurtleArena TricksterUnknown ShoresNyxborn BruteGlory Bearers
Final FlareTriton WaveriderThrill of PossibilityTraveler's AmuletPortent of BetrayalNyxborn ColossusAspect of ManticoreThaumaturge's Familiar
Hero of the GamesRiptide TurtleUnderworld Rage-HoundUnknown Shores

The B common run consists of 37 different cards each appearing three times (which would leave 1 filler on a 112 card sheet). The cards are mostly white and blue. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

InfuriateStarlit MantleKarametra's BlessingWarbriar BlessingSleep of the DeadSunmane PegasusIroas's BlessingVexing Gull
Revoke ExistenceMire's GraspElite InstructorLeonin of the Lost PrideFlummoxed CyclopsNaiad of Hidden CovesSentinel's EyesNylea's Huntmaster
Sleep of the DeadHero of the PrideFinal DeathDeny the DivineIndomitable WillOmen of the SeaFinal DeathKarametra's Blessing
IchthyomorphosisOmen of the ForgeHero of the PrideElite InstructorVoracious TyphonOmen of the SunThirst for MeaningRevoke Existence
Naiad of Hidden CovesHyrax Tower ScoutCaptivating UnicornStern DismissalIroas's BlessingHeliod's PilgrimOmen of the SeaNylea's Huntmaster
Sentinel's EyesNyxborn SeaguardFlummoxed CyclopsDaybreak ChimeraStarlit MantleVenomous HierophantTriumphant SurgeWitness of Tomorrows
Warbriar BlessingSunmane PegasusBrine GiantInfuriateLeonin of the Lost PrideVexing GullMire's GraspDreadful Apathy
Deny the DivineRevoke ExistenceThirst for MeaningKarametra's BlessingOmen of the SeaFlummoxed CyclopsIndomitable WillElite Instructor
Venomous HierophantHero of the PrideWitness of TomorrowsHyrax Tower ScoutHeliod's PilgrimNyxborn SeaguardFinal DeathTriumphant Surge
Vexing GullIroas's BlessingDaybreak ChimeraSleep of the DeadNylea's HuntmasterDreadful ApathyNaiad of Hidden CovesInfuriate
Omen of the SunBrine GiantLeonin of the Lost PrideVoracious TyphonStern DismissalSunmane PegasusMire's GraspDeny the Divine
Sentinel's EyesOmen of the ForgeIchthyomorphosisCaptivating UnicornWarbriar BlessingStarlit MantleDaybreak ChimeraCaptivating Unicorn
Brine GiantOmen of the ForgeIndomitable WillIchthyomorphosisVoracious TyphonHeliod's PilgrimWitness of TomorrowsStern Dismissal
Triumphant SurgeVenomous HierophantThirst for MeaningOmen of the SunHyrax Tower ScoutNyxborn SeaguardDreadful Apathy

The C common run consists of 37 different cards each appearing three times (which would leave 1 filler on a 112 card sheet). The cards are mostly black and green. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Fruit of TizerusRelentless PursuitMogis's FavorFlicker of FateSkola GrovedancerUnderworld ChargerNyxborn MarauderInspire Awe
Bronze SwordRage-Scarred BerserkerIlysian CaryatidFuneral RitesMemory DrainNexus WardensPharika's LibationReturn to Nature
Blight-Breath CatoblepasInspire AweFuneral RitesPious WayfarerNylea's ForerunnerNyxborn MarauderScavenging HarpyNexus Wardens
Chain to MemoryGrim PhysicianIlysian CaryatidTemple ThiefEidolon of PhilosophyPlummetAspect of LampreySoulreaper of Mogis
Setessan TrainingFruit of TizerusTowering-Wave MysticRelentless PursuitRage-Scarred BerserkerDiscordant PiperLoathsome ChimeraRumbling Sentry
Omen of the DeadMoss ViperMemory DrainUnderworld ChargerSkola GrovedancerLampad of Death's VigilFlicker of FateOmen of the Hunt
Mogis's FavorBronze SwordGift of StrengthPharika's LibationMemory DrainNylea's ForerunnerAspect of LampreyFlicker of Fate
PlummetOmen of the DeadRelentless PursuitScavenging HarpyLampad of Death's VigilMoss ViperRumbling SentryPharika's Libation
Skola GrovedancerBlight-Breath CatoblepasTowering-Wave MysticGift of StrengthSoulreaper of MogisMogis's FavorReturn to NatureDiscordant Piper
Eidolon of PhilosophyLoathsome ChimeraFruit of TizerusIlysian CaryatidRage-Scarred BerserkerPious WayfarerNexus WardensFuneral Rites
Nyxborn MarauderSetessan TrainingBronze SwordUnderworld ChargerInspire AweTemple ThiefChain to MemoryOmen of the Hunt
Grim PhysicianScavenging HarpyPlummetBlight-Breath CatoblepasChain to MemoryMoss ViperOmen of the DeadLoathsome Chimera
Aspect of LampreyRumbling SentryNylea's ForerunnerSoulreaper of MogisTowering-Wave MysticReturn to NatureGrim PhysicianGift of Strength
Temple ThiefPious WayfarerSetessan TrainingLampad of Death's VigilDiscordant PiperOmen of the HuntEidolon of Philosophy