Innistrad: Crimson Vow Collation

Crimson Vow is a large set with 100 commons (10 of which are double-faced), 83 uncommons (23 of which are double-faced), 64 rares (11 of which are double-faced), 20 mythic rares (5 of which are double-faced), and two variations of each standard basic land. These numbers are the same as the previous set, Midnight Hunt. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised rate of 33% of boosters. The set was printed in English in the USA, Belgium, and Japan.

Crimson Vow was sold in 15 card draft booster packs (which contain an additional ad card and double-faced card placeholder). Draft booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with non-standard common collation to account for the double-faced cards. (However, the collation scheme is different that the scheme used for Midnight Hunt.)

Packs are front-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a basic land, an ad card, and a placeholder card. There are 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. If there is a foil, it will displace a common and appear after the basic land. The last common is always double-faced. (This will not be replaced by a foil.) Additionally, there will be either one double-faced uncommon or the rare will be double-faced.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card1 Placeholder Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Foil1 Ad Card1 Placeholder Card

There are three non-double-faced common runs. The A run contains 40 distinct cards each appearing three times, the B run contains 30 distinct cards each appearing four times, and the C run has 20 distinct cards each appearing six times. The commons with showcase versions appear in A and C with one third of the copies being the showcase version. The vast majority of packs contain have 4 A cards followed by 3 B and 2 C. There are also a small number of packs with 4 B cards which can appear alongside either 3 A cards or 1 C card. From the perspective of balancing the commons, such packs are only acceptable is B cards are more likely to be displaced by foils, and this does seem to be the case, although cards from any of the runs can be displaced by a foil. No packs with 4 B cards also contain a foil. (So, perhaps an equivalent formulation is that foils always displace B cards and packs that have 3 A or 1 C card with a foil are 4 B packs where the fourth B card has been displaced.)

Each pack has an additional double-faced common after the other commons. Because the double-faced common is never displaced, double-faced commons should be slightly more common that non-double-faced commons.

There are two non-double-faced uncommon runs. The A run contains 40 distinct cards each appearing three times. The B run contains 20 distinct cards. Packs contains 1-2 A uncommons followed by 0-2 B uncommons totalling 2-3 cards. (So, 0+1 and 2+2 are not possible, but other combinations are.) In cases where there are only two such cards, there will be a double-faced uncommon. (There rare will be double-faced exactly when the third uncommon is not.)

Mathematically, to ensure all uncommons are equally uncommon, a double-faced uncommon should appear 69/83 of the time. This number is plausible, but I doubt it. The rare should be double-faced 27/148 of the time (as in Zendikar Rising) to ensure all rares are equally likely, and this number is close to the 14/83 given by uncommon math. (In fact, it is much closer than if there were 20 double-faced uncommons as in Zendikar Rising.)

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The cards are white, blue, and red. For cards with showcase versions, one of the three copies is the showcase version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Flame-Blessed BoltFear of DeathEstwald ShieldbasherReckless ImpulseScattered ThoughtsAdamant WillBlood Petal Celebrant (Showcase)Nebelgast BeguilerRepository SkaabNurturing PresenceFalkenrath Celebrants
Wretched ThrongHeron-Blessed GeistKessig FlamebreatherSteelclad SpiritVampire SlayerAbradeCradle of SafetyUnholy OfficiantLacerate FleshCruel WitnessPiercing Light
Belligerent GuestParish-Blade TraineeSkywarp SkaabHeron of HopeHungry RidgewolfDreadlight MonstrositySigarda's ImprisonmentSure StrikeWanderlight SpiritEstwald ShieldbasherLightning Wolf
Stitched AssistantSupernatural RescueAncestral AngerScattered ThoughtsFierce RetributionReckless ImpulseFear of DeathGryff RiderBloody BetrayalSerpentine AmbushNebelgast Beguiler
Flame-Blessed BoltAlchemist's RetrievalAdamant WillBlood Petal CelebrantRepository SkaabNurturing PresenceFalkenrath CelebrantsWretched ThrongHeron-Blessed GeistKessig FlamebreatherCradle of Safety
Vampire SlayerAbradeSteelclad SpiritPiercing LightLacerate FleshCruel WitnessUnholy OfficiantBelligerent Guest (Showcase)Heron of HopeSkywarp SkaabParish-Blade Trainee
Sure StrikeDreadlight MonstrositySigarda's ImprisonmentHungry RidgewolfStitched AssistantSupernatural RescueLightning WolfWanderlight SpiritFierce RetributionBloody BetrayalScattered Thoughts
Estwald ShieldbasherAncestral AngerSerpentine AmbushGryff RiderReckless ImpulseFear of DeathAdamant WillFlame-Blessed BoltAlchemist's RetrievalNebelgast BeguilerFalkenrath Celebrants (Showcase)
Repository SkaabVampire SlayerBlood Petal CelebrantWretched ThrongHeron-Blessed GeistKessig FlamebreatherSteelclad SpiritNurturing PresenceAbradeCradle of SafetyUnholy Officiant (Showcase)
Lacerate FleshCruel WitnessPiercing LightBelligerent GuestStitched AssistantSigarda's ImprisonmentSure StrikeDreadlight MonstrosityParish-Blade TraineeLightning WolfWanderlight Spirit
Heron of HopeHungry RidgewolfSkywarp SkaabFierce RetributionAncestral AngerSerpentine AmbushGryff RiderBloody BetrayalAlchemist's RetrievalSupernatural Rescue

The B common run consists of 30 different cards each appearing four times. The cards are green and black. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Blood FountainMassive MightPersistent SpecimenApprentice SharpshooterBleed DrySheltering BoughsGrisly RitualCrushing CanopyRot-Tide GargantuaSnarling WolfDoomed Dissenter
Witch's WebUnhallowed PhalanxWolf StrikeVampire's KissSporeback WolfMindleech GhoulToxic ScorpionCourier BatMulchUndying MaliceMoldgraf Millipede
Gift of FangsNature's EmbraceAim for the HeadBramble ArmorDiregraf ScavengerFlourishing HunterPersistent SpecimenRural RecruitPointed DiscussionSheltering BoughsBlood Fountain
Massive MightBleed DryCrushing CanopyGrisly RitualApprentice SharpshooterRot-Tide GargantuaSnarling WolfDoomed DissenterWitch's WebCourier BatSporeback Wolf
Unhallowed PhalanxMulchVampire's KissWolf StrikeAim for the HeadToxic ScorpionMindleech GhoulNature's EmbraceGift of FangsMoldgraf MillipedeUndying Malice
Flourishing HunterPointed DiscussionRural RecruitDiregraf ScavengerBramble ArmorPersistent SpecimenMassive MightBleed DryApprentice SharpshooterBlood FountainSheltering Boughs
Grisly RitualCrushing CanopyRot-Tide GargantuaSnarling WolfDoomed DissenterWitch's WebCourier BatSporeback WolfUnhallowed PhalanxToxic ScorpionVampire's Kiss
Wolf StrikeMindleech GhoulMulchAim for the HeadMoldgraf MillipedeUndying MaliceFlourishing HunterGift of FangsNature's EmbracePointed DiscussionBramble Armor
Diregraf ScavengerSheltering BoughsBlood FountainRural RecruitPersistent SpecimenMassive MightGrisly RitualApprentice SharpshooterBleed DryCrushing CanopyDoomed Dissenter
Witch's WebRot-Tide GargantuaSnarling WolfUnhallowed PhalanxMulchVampire's KissWolf StrikeMindleech GhoulSporeback WolfAim for the HeadToxic Scorpion
Courier BatNature's EmbraceUndying MaliceMoldgraf MillipedeGift of FangsFlourishing HunterDiregraf ScavengerBramble ArmorPointed DiscussionRural Recruit

The A common run consists of 20 different cards each appearing six times. For cards with showcase versions, two of the six copies are the showcase version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Evolving WildsPyre SpawnSyncopateBloodcrazed SocialiteDawnhart DiscipleSanctifyDaybreak CombatantsWedding InvitationChill of the GraveMilitia RallierVoldaren Epicure
Gluttonous Guest (Showcase)Blood ServitorSyphon EssenceSpore CrawlerTraveling MinisterHonored HeirloomSelhoff EntomberEvolving WildsEnd the FestivitiesCeremonial KnifeMilitia Rallier
SyncopateBloodcrazed SocialiteWedding InvitationPyre SpawnChill of the GraveSanctifyDaybreak CombatantsDawnhart DiscipleSyphon EssenceBlood ServitorVoldaren Epicure (Showcase)
Traveling MinisterCeremonial KnifeEnd the FestivitiesSelhoff EntomberSpore CrawlerHonored HeirloomGluttonous GuestPyre SpawnSyncopateBloodcrazed Socialite (Showcase)Evolving Wilds
SanctifyDaybreak CombatantsWedding InvitationDawnhart DiscipleChill of the GraveVoldaren EpicureMilitia RallierBlood ServitorSyphon EssenceGluttonous GuestTraveling Minister
Honored HeirloomSpore CrawlerSelhoff EntomberEnd the FestivitiesCeremonial KnifeSyncopatePyre SpawnMilitia RallierWedding InvitationEvolving WildsDaybreak Combatants
SanctifyBloodcrazed SocialiteChill of the GraveVoldaren EpicureDawnhart DiscipleBlood ServitorSyphon EssenceTraveling MinisterCeremonial KnifeEnd the FestivitiesGluttonous Guest (Showcase)
Selhoff EntomberHonored HeirloomSpore CrawlerPyre SpawnSyncopateEvolving WildsBloodcrazed SocialiteSanctifyDaybreak CombatantsDawnhart DiscipleWedding Invitation
Chill of the GraveMilitia RallierVoldaren Epicure (Showcase)Blood ServitorGluttonous GuestSyphon EssenceTraveling MinisterSpore CrawlerHonored HeirloomSelhoff EntomberEnd the Festivities
Ceremonial KnifeEvolving WildsSyncopatePyre SpawnMilitia RallierWedding InvitationBloodcrazed Socialite (Showcase)Daybreak CombatantsSanctifyDawnhart DiscipleChill of the Grave
Voldaren EpicureTraveling MinisterBlood ServitorSyphon EssenceGluttonous GuestCeremonial KnifeEnd the FestivitiesSelhoff EntomberSpore CrawlerHonored Heirloom