Double Masters 2022

Double Masters 2022 is a large set with 92 commons, 80 uncommons, 120 rares and 40 mythic rares. Like the original Double Masters, there are more rares and fewer commons compared to a normal set.

Draft boosters of Double Masters 2022 have 16 cards (and an additional ad card). Draft booster boxes have 24 packs. Each draft booster has two foil cards. Draft boosters are printed in Japan.

Japanese Draft Booster Pack Anatomy

This printing uses sequential collation.

Packs are front-facing starting with the ad or placeholder card, then every pack has a copy of Cryptic Spires, then 2 foils, 2 rares, 3 uncommons, and 8 commons.

1 Ad or Placeholder CardCryptic Spires2 Foils2 Rares3 Uncommons8 Commons

There are three common runs: A, B, and C. A contains 18 different cards, B contains 36 different cards, and C contains 37 different cards. Each pack gets 1 to 2 cards from A followed by 3 to 4 cards from B and 3 to 4 cards from C. Mathematically, assuming commons from different runs have equal rarity, 2 A cards should appear 53/91 of the time, 4 B cards should appear 15/91 of the time, and 4 C cards should appear 23/91 of the time. (These rates are empirically plausible.) Commons with borderless treatments appear in B or C wherein one of three copies is the borderless version.

There are three uncommon runs, A, B, and C. A containts 18 different cards, B contains 26 different cards, and C contains 36 different cards. Each pack gets 0 to 1 cards from A followed by 0 to 1 cards from B and 1 to 2 cards from C. Mathematically, assuming uncommons from different runs have equal rarity, 0 A cards should appear 13/40 of the time, 0 B cards should appear 1/40 of the time, and 1 C card should appear 13/20 of the time. (These rates are empirically plausible.) Uncommons with borderless treatments appear in A or C wherein one third of the copies are the borderless versions.

There are four high as-fan rare runs. In order of decreasing rarity, I'll call them A, B, C, and D. A contains 6 rare cards and 16 mythic rare cards (which do not have borderless versions). B contains 18 rare cards and 20 mythic rare cards (which have borderless versions). C contains 28 rare cards (which do not have borderless versions). D contains 56 rare cards (which do not have borderless versions). The remaining cards are 12 rare cards (which have borderless versions), 4 mythic rare cards (which do not have borderless versions), and all the borderless cards.

Counting borderless versions as additional copies of the normal card, each rare card is equally rare and each mythic card appears half as often as an individual rare card. This means the mythic rate is 1/7. For a rare or mythic card with a borderless versions, 1/5 of the overall copies are the borderless version (but the borderless and normal versions are in different runs).

Only certain combinations of rare runs are possible. 30% of packs are C and D, 24% of packs are B and D, 18% of packs are A and D. (In these packs, the D card is always second.) In the remaining packs, the first card is one of the extra cards (not from A, B, C, or D; possibly a borderless card). 8% of packs have an extra card and a D card, 10% of packs have an extra card and a C card, 8% of packs have an extra card and a B card, and 2% of packs have an extra card and an A card.

There are two common foil runs. The A run contains 37 different cards and the B run contains the remaining 54 cards. All the commons with borderless versions are in the A run, and 1/3 of the copies of the card are the borderless versions (which appear in the run).

There are probably three uncommon foil runs. The A run contains the 21 cards that have borderless versions, and their borderless versions appear in the run where 1/3 of the copies are the borderless versions. The B run contains 56 cards. These leaves 3 cards that aren't in either of these runs (Dragon Arch, Firemind Vessel, and Livewire Lash).

In my sample of 1440 packs (60 boxes), there are 2063 commons, 677 uncommons, and 140 rares and mythic rares. Of the rares, 87 are normal rares, 27 are borderless rares, 17 mythic rares, and 9 are borderless mythic rares. This implies the rarities of individual borderless rare and mythic rare cards are on the same order as their normal versions. (This is different that what happens at lower rarities and also different than what happens for non-foil cards.)

The two foils are always from different runs. The order of runs as far as I've observed are borderless rares and mythic rares, normal rares and mythic rares, A uncommons, B uncommons, A commons, then B commons. The only double rare packs I've observed are thus a borderless rare followed by a normal rare. For the extra three uncommons, I haven't seen these in the same pack as other uncommons, but they appear after rares and before commons. It is possible to get two commons (A followed by B), or two uncommons (A followed by B). Rares can be followed by A commons, B common, A uncommons, B uncommons, or the extra uncommons. My sample of borderless rares is relatively small, but I've seen them followed by normal rares, A commons, and B commons; (but not by uncommons).

Note that Cryptic Spires does not have a foil version.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing six times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Izzet CharmGround AssaultSparkmage's GambitGlowspore ShamanBloodflow ConnoisseurChronicler of HeroesKasmina's TransmutationAgony Warp
Traveler's AmuletDreg ManglerBrindle ShoatDisfigureWinged CoatlGlowspore ShamanLast BreathGround Assault
Sparkmage's GambitWingsteed RiderMartial GloryBloodwater EntityBloodflow ConnoisseurChronicler of HeroesTraveler's AmuletSettle Beyond Reality
Brindle ShoatAgony WarpIzzet CharmWingsteed RiderWinged CoatlDisfigureKasmina's TransmutationBloodwater Entity
Sparkmage's GambitDreg ManglerBrindle ShoatSettle Beyond RealityMartial GloryAgony WarpBloodflow ConnoisseurGlowspore Shaman
Last BreathGround AssaultKasmina's TransmutationChronicler of HeroesIzzet CharmWingsteed RiderTraveler's AmuletDisfigure
Winged CoatlBloodwater EntityBrindle ShoatAgony WarpLast BreathDreg ManglerSparkmage's GambitGround Assault
Martial GlorySettle Beyond RealityBloodflow ConnoisseurChronicler of HeroesIzzet CharmWingsteed RiderKasmina's TransmutationGlowspore Shaman
Winged CoatlDisfigureLast BreathBloodwater EntityTraveler's AmuletSettle Beyond RealityBloodflow ConnoisseurDreg Mangler
Martial GloryWingsteed RiderSparkmage's GambitAgony WarpIzzet CharmDisfigureWinged CoatlGlowspore Shaman
Brindle ShoatGround AssaultKasmina's TransmutationDreg ManglerTraveler's AmuletChronicler of HeroesLast BreathBloodwater Entity
Martial GloryDisfigureIzzet CharmSettle Beyond RealityWinged CoatlAgony WarpSparkmage's GambitGlowspore Shaman
Bloodflow ConnoisseurGround AssaultKasmina's TransmutationChronicler of HeroesTraveler's AmuletWingsteed RiderBrindle ShoatBloodwater Entity
Last BreathDreg ManglerMartial GlorySettle Beyond Reality

The B common run consists of 36 different cards each appearing three times. For cards with borderless treatments, one of the copies is the borderless version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Hyena UmbraThought ScourEyeblight's EndingAnointer of ValorCapture SphereBalustrade SpyRelief CaptainMakeshift Mauler
UnearthSensor SplicerForbidden AlchemyStrands of UndeathMilitia BuglerAven InitiateSevered StrandsSeeker of the Way
Jeskai ElderSkeleton ArcherBattlefield PromotionDeranged AssistantLiliana's EliteDoomed TravelerSpell Pierce (Borderless)Supernatural Stamina
Gods WillingMana LeakBalustrade SpyHyena UmbraAdvanced StitchwingShadowborn ApostleAinok Bond-KinMakeshift Mauler
Vampire SovereignMomentary BlinkEel UmbraCarrier ThrallRelief CaptainForbidden AlchemyUnearth (Borderless)Sensor Splicer
Jeskai ElderLiliana's EliteSeeker of the WayDeranged AssistantSeekers' SquireAnointer of ValorThought Scour (Borderless)Supernatural Stamina
Knightly ValorAven InitiateSevered StrandsMilitia BuglerMakeshift MaulerSkeleton ArcherDoomed TravelerCapture Sphere
Vampire SovereignBattlefield PromotionMana LeakStrands of UndeathGods WillingAethersnipeEyeblight's EndingMomentary Blink
Advanced StitchwingCarrier ThrallAinok Bond-KinEel UmbraBalustrade SpyRelief CaptainForbidden AlchemyShadowborn Apostle
Knightly ValorThought ScourSeekers' SquireAnointer of ValorAven InitiateVampire SovereignHyena UmbraSpell Pierce
UnearthMilitia BuglerMana LeakSevered StrandsDoomed TravelerAethersnipeEyeblight's EndingSensor Splicer
Jeskai ElderLiliana's EliteSeeker of the Way (Borderless)Capture SphereStrands of UndeathGods WillingEel UmbraSupernatural Stamina
Momentary BlinkDeranged AssistantCarrier ThrallBattlefield PromotionAdvanced StitchwingSeekers' SquireKnightly ValorSpell Pierce
Skeleton ArcherAinok Bond-KinAethersnipeShadowborn Apostle

The C common run consists of 37 different cards each appearing three times. For cards with borderless treatments, one of the copies is the borderless version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Dark-Dweller OracleRampant GrowthFireblade ArtistPirate's PillageExperiment OneAuger SpreeMonastery SwiftspearGrapple with the Past
Deep AnalysisPurphoros's EmissaryArachnus WebTenth District LegionnaireLava CoilAnnoyed AltisaurCoiling OracleRift Bolt
Elvish RejuvenatorFireblade ArtistKruin StrikerGnarlback RhinoBurning-Tree Emissary (Borderless)Storm Fleet PyromancerAmbuscadeLyev Skyknight
Pirate's PillageDeadly RecluseQasali PridemageHero of the GamesMight of Old KrosaTenth District LegionnaireLiving LightningGnarlback Rhino
Coiling Oracle (Borderless)Hissing IguanarTuskguard CaptainDark-Dweller OracleAmbuscadeFiery FallGrapple with the PastRift Bolt
Call to the FeastWebweaver ChangelingMonastery SwiftspearGnarlback RhinoKruin StrikerBurning-Tree EmissaryAmbuscadeLava Coil
Deadly RecluseCoiling OracleHissing IguanarExperiment OneRift BoltElvish RejuvenatorCartel AristocratPurphoros's Emissary
Annoyed AltisaurLava CoilArachnus WebBurning-Tree EmissaryHissing IguanarRampant Growth (Borderless)Ingenious SkaabTitan's Strength
ThriveLyev SkyknightHero of the GamesMight of Old KrosaQasali Pridemage (Borderless)Fiery FallWebweaver ChangelingDeep Analysis
Dark-Dweller OracleGrapple with the PastCartel AristocratMonastery Swiftspear (Borderless)Deadly RecluseIngenious SkaabTitan's StrengthTuskguard Captain
Tenth District LegionnaireLiving LightningRampant GrowthAuger SpreeStorm Fleet PyromancerAnnoyed AltisaurCall to the FeastPirate's Pillage
Experiment OneDeep AnalysisKruin StrikerThriveFireblade ArtistPurphoros's EmissaryArachnus WebCartel Aristocrat
Titan's StrengthMight of Old KrosaLyev SkyknightFiery FallElvish RejuvenatorIngenious SkaabStorm Fleet PyromancerTuskguard Captain
Auger SpreeHero of the GamesWebweaver ChangelingQasali PridemageLiving LightningThriveCall to the Feast

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 18 different cards each appearing six times. One card, Inquisition of Kozilek, has a borderless treatment; two of its six copies are borderless. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Dreamshaper ShamanDevoted DruidSurreal MemoirInquisition of KozilekBreakthroughMyth RealizedSpider SpawningGoblin Banneret
Nephalia SmugglerScale BlessingScion of DarknessLabyrinth ChampionDragon ArchDevoted DruidBreakthroughStaggershock
Myth RealizedCentaur BattlemasterSurreal MemoirInquisition of KozilekNephalia SmugglerDreamshaper ShamanSummer BloomScale Blessing
Firemind VesselLabyrinth ChampionCivic SaberSpider SpawningBreakthroughGoblin BanneretScion of DarknessMyth Realized
StaggershockDevoted DruidDragon ArchSummer BloomNephalia SmugglerSurreal MemoirCentaur BattlemasterFiremind Vessel
Inquisition of Kozilek (Borderless)Civic SaberStaggershockBreakthroughDevoted DruidGoblin BanneretScale BlessingDragon Arch
Surreal MemoirScion of DarknessDreamshaper ShamanSpider SpawningMyth RealizedLabyrinth ChampionFiremind VesselCentaur Battlemaster
Nephalia SmugglerStaggershockInquisition of KozilekScale BlessingSummer BloomDreamshaper ShamanCivic SaberGoblin Banneret
Scion of DarknessCentaur BattlemasterDragon ArchLabyrinth ChampionFiremind VesselSpider SpawningMyth RealizedStaggershock
BreakthroughDevoted DruidSurreal MemoirInquisition of KozilekCivic SaberSummer BloomLabyrinth ChampionFiremind Vessel
Dreamshaper ShamanCentaur BattlemasterScion of DarknessGoblin BanneretScale BlessingNephalia SmugglerSpider SpawningDragon Arch
Surreal MemoirDevoted DruidCivic SaberInquisition of Kozilek (Borderless)BreakthroughStaggershockMyth RealizedSummer Bloom
Labyrinth ChampionFiremind VesselDreamshaper ShamanSpider SpawningDragon ArchScion of DarknessCentaur BattlemasterScale Blessing
Nephalia SmugglerGoblin BanneretSummer BloomCivic Saber

The B uncommon run consists of 26 different cards each appearing four times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Gloryscale ViashinoSultai SoothsayerRancorSprouting ThrinaxExtract from DarknessLotleth TrollAethermage's TouchScab-Clan Giant
Conclave MentorLivewire LashRiver HoopoeBant CharmLeague GuildmageAbzan CharmCrackling DoomBounty of the Luxa
Biogenic UpgradeTower GargoyleBear's CompanionPsychic SymbiontJeskai CharmTravel PreparationsOrzhov PontiffHeroic Reinforcements
Aethermage's TouchConclave MentorSultai SoothsayerColdsteel HeartBlazing HellhoundRancorSprouting ThrinaxGloryscale Viashino
Bant CharmLeague GuildmageBounty of the LuxaBiogenic UpgradeCrackling DoomScab-Clan GiantAbzan CharmBear's Companion
Lotleth TrollRiver HoopoeJeskai CharmTower GargoyleTravel PreparationsExtract from DarknessGloryscale ViashinoOrzhov Pontiff
RancorPsychic SymbiontHeroic ReinforcementsBlazing HellhoundSultai SoothsayerLivewire LashLotleth TrollAethermage's Touch
Scab-Clan GiantLeague GuildmageColdsteel HeartConclave MentorSprouting ThrinaxAbzan CharmCrackling DoomTower Gargoyle
Bounty of the LuxaBiogenic UpgradeJeskai CharmBant CharmExtract from DarknessOrzhov PontiffLivewire LashRiver Hoopoe
Bear's CompanionHeroic ReinforcementsPsychic SymbiontTravel PreparationsGloryscale ViashinoSultai SoothsayerColdsteel HeartBlazing Hellhound
Lotleth TrollScab-Clan GiantRancorSprouting ThrinaxAethermage's TouchExtract from DarknessConclave MentorLivewire Lash
River HoopoeJeskai CharmAbzan CharmCrackling DoomLeague GuildmageBiogenic UpgradeTower GargoyleBounty of the Luxa
Bant CharmOrzhov PontiffColdsteel HeartHeroic ReinforcementsTravel PreparationsBear's CompanionPsychic SymbiontBlazing Hellhound

The C uncommon run consists of 36 different cards each appearing three times. For cards with borderless treatments, one of the copies is the borderless version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

SkinrenderYoung PyromancerTerminate (Borderless)Body DoubleMistmeadow WitchFlickerwispAzorius ChanceryEternal Witness
Unburial RitesBloodbraid Elf (Borderless)Abzan FalconerRakdos Carnarium (Borderless)Mistfire AdeptSedraxis SpecterMentor of the Meek (Borderless)Gruul Turf
Lightning Bolt (Borderless)Vampiric RitesBoros Garrison (Borderless)DomesticationIzzet Boilerworks (Borderless)Arachnus SpinnerBlood ArtistWash Out
Lightning HelixSimic Growth Chamber (Borderless)Graveblade MarauderMulldrifterDimir AqueductYoung Pyromancer (Borderless)Path to ExileGolgari Rot Farm (Borderless)
Body DoubleMistmeadow WitchOrzhov BasilicaEternal Witness (Borderless)Mentor of the MeekSelesnya SanctuaryGo for the ThroatBloodbraid Elf
Abzan FalconerRakdos CarnariumSkinrenderGruul Turf (Borderless)Prophetic BoltIzzet BoilerworksTerminateUnburial Rites
Wall of OmensSedraxis SpecterMistfire AdeptLightning BoltAzorius Chancery (Borderless)FlickerwispLightning HelixVampiric Rites
MulldrifterBoros GarrisonFlickerwisp (Borderless)Blood ArtistSimic Growth ChamberArachnus SpinnerDomesticationOrzhov Basilica
Graveblade MarauderEternal WitnessMentor of the MeekSelesnya Sanctuary (Borderless)Go for the ThroatDimir AqueductBody DoublePath to Exile
Golgari Rot FarmLightning BoltRakdos CarnariumSkinrenderWash OutProphetic BoltVampiric RitesAbzan Falconer
Bloodbraid ElfYoung PyromancerLightning HelixUnburial RitesTerminateWall of Omens (Borderless)Boros GarrisonMulldrifter (Borderless)
Azorius ChanceryMistmeadow WitchMistfire AdeptGruul TurfPath to ExileIzzet BoilerworksDomesticationOrzhov Basilica (Borderless)
Graveblade MarauderSedraxis SpecterArachnus SpinnerSimic Growth ChamberBlood Artist (Borderless)Wash OutSelesnya SanctuaryGo for the Throat
Dimir Aqueduct (Borderless)Wall of OmensProphetic BoltGolgari Rot Farm

Rare Lists

High As-fan Rare A
  1. As Foretold
  2. Backdraft Hellkite
  3. Bitterblossom
  4. Divine Visitation
  5. Dragonlord Silumgar
  6. Ezuri, Claw of Progress
  7. Fiery Justice
  8. Figure of Destiny
  9. Firesong and Sunspeaker
  10. Food Chain
  11. Ghave, Guru of Spores
  12. Glen Elendra Liege
  13. Hellkite Overlord
  14. Kaalia of the Vast
  15. Karador, Ghost Chieftain
  16. Lord of Extinction
  17. Master of Cruelties
  18. Mizzix of the Izmagnus
  19. Necrotic Ooze
  20. Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh
  21. Uril, the Miststalker
  22. Warrior's Oath

High As-fan Rare B
  1. Aether Vial
  2. Allosaurus Shepherd
  3. Anger of the Gods
  4. Bloodforged Battle-Axe
  5. Cavern of Souls
  6. Chaos Warp
  7. City of Brass
  8. Concordant Crossroads
  9. Consecrated Sphinx
  10. Crucible of Worlds
  11. Dockside Extortionist
  12. Dragonlord Dromoka
  13. Elenda, the Dusk Rose
  14. Emiel the Blessed
  15. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
  16. Forbidden Orchard
  17. Gifts Ungiven
  18. Hardened Scales
  19. Imperial Seal
  20. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
  21. Liliana, the Last Hope
  22. Mana Drain
  23. Mana Vault
  24. Muldrotha, the Gravetide
  25. Oracle of Mul Daya
  26. Panharmonicon
  27. Phyrexian Altar
  28. Pithing Needle
  29. Seasoned Pyromancer
  30. Sedris, the Traitor King
  31. Sensei's Divining Top
  32. Supreme Verdict
  33. Surgical Extraction
  34. Teferi's Protection
  35. Thousand-Year Storm
  36. Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre
  37. Vedalken Orrery
  38. Wrenn and Six

High As-fan Rare C
  1. Abbot of Keral Keep
  2. Abzan Ascendancy
  3. Alesha, Who Smiles at Death
  4. Anguished Unmaking
  5. Arjun, the Shifting Flame
  6. Ashen Rider
  7. Ashenmoor Liege
  8. Atarka's Command
  9. Atla Palani, Nest Tender
  10. Balefire Liege
  11. Boartusk Liege
  12. Bring to Light
  13. Child of Alara
  14. Creakwood Liege
  15. Dack's Duplicate
  16. Dauntless Escort
  17. Deathbringer Liege
  18. Disciple of the Ring
  19. Doran, the Siege Tower
  20. Drogskol Reaver
  21. Dromoka's Command
  22. Elsha of the Infinite
  23. Empyrial Archangel
  24. Gravecrawler
  25. Green Sun's Zenith
  26. Kederekt Leviathan
  27. Leonin Arbiter
  28. Mikaeus, the Lunarch

High As-fan Rare D
  1. Bedlam Reveler
  2. Conqueror's Flail
  3. Darksteel Plate
  4. Greater Gargadon
  5. Guided Passage
  6. Hostage Taker
  7. Hydroid Krasis
  8. Impervious Greatwurm
  9. Intet, the Dreamer
  10. Jeskai Ascendancy
  11. Jodah, Archmage Eternal
  12. Judith, the Scourge Diva
  13. Kaervek the Merciless
  14. Kambal, Consul of Allocation
  15. Lavalanche
  16. Legion's Initiative
  17. Magister Sphinx
  18. Master Biomancer
  19. Mathas, Fiend Seeker
  20. Mayael's Aria
  21. Mindwrack Liege
  22. Murkfiend Liege
  23. Nim Deathmantle
  24. Ob Nixilis, Unshackled
  25. Oona's Prowler
  26. Phyrexian Tyranny
  27. Pillar of the Paruns
  28. Planar Bridge
  29. Prized Amalgam
  30. Pull from Tomorrow
  31. Rafiq of the Many
  32. Restoration Angel
  33. Reveillark
  34. Rishkar, Peema Renegade
  35. Roon of the Hidden Realm
  36. Ruric Thar, the Unbowed
  37. Shattergang Brothers
  38. Sidisi, Brood Tyrant
  39. Skullbriar, the Walking Grave
  40. Splinterfright
  41. Talrand, Sky Summoner
  42. Tariel, Reckoner of Souls
  43. Teneb, the Harvester
  44. Thistledown Liege
  45. Thraximundar
  46. Thrumming Stone
  47. Twinflame
  48. Ulasht, the Hate Seed
  49. Varina, Lich Queen
  50. Venser, Shaper Savant
  51. Villainous Wealth
  52. Wasitora, Nekoru Queen
  53. Weathered Wayfarer
  54. Wilt-Leaf Liege
  55. Yahenni, Undying Partisan
  56. Zur the Enchanter

Token Run

All of the marketing cards in this set have a token or emblem on the front face. The back faces also have tokens, but I don't have much information about the back faces. The cards are printed in a 112 card run with items appearing different numbers of times.

SpiderWormElementalWormZombieWormFaerie RogueSaproling
ZombieBoarZombieCat DragonBoarCat DragonDrakeSaproling
BoarSaprolingBearEggZombieSaprolingFaerie RogueElemental
Faerie RogueSaprolingLiliana, the Last Hope EmblemCat DragonFaerie RogueSaprolingEggElemental
EggBearZombieSaprolingEggFaerie RogueElementalSaproling
SaprolingBoarDrakeZombieFaerie RogueDrakeBearElemental
EggBearZombieBoarZombieFaerie RogueCat DragonDrake
SpiderFaerie RogueZombieEggBoarEggZombieWrenn and Six Emblem
ElementalSpiderSaprolingCat DragonBearSpiderBoarZombie
SaprolingSpiderBearCat DragonSaprolingBoarBearSaproling

Token Rarity
Liliana, the Last Hope EmblemLiliana, the Last Hope Emblem × 1Wrenn and Six EmblemWrenn and Six Emblem × 1Cat DragonCat Dragon × 6
DrakeDrake × 6WormWorm × 6EggEgg × 8
Faerie RogueFaerie Rogue × 8SpiderSpider × 8BearBear × 10
ElementalElemental × 10BoarBoar × 15SaprolingSaproling × 15
ZombieZombie × 18

Foil Common Runs

The A foil common run consists of 37 different cards each appearing three times. For cards with borderless treatments, one of the three copies is the borderless version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Seeker of the WayUnearth (Borderless)Traveler's AmuletRampant GrowthSparkmage's GambitAuger SpreeAnnoyed AltisaurStorm Fleet Pyromancer
Makeshift MaulerDreg ManglerVampire SovereignDeadly RecluseTitan's StrengthChronicler of HeroesSpell Pierce (Borderless)Skeleton Archer
Agony WarpBrindle ShoatJeskai ElderCartel AristocratWingsteed RiderKasmina's TransmutationMonastery SwiftspearCoiling Oracle
Mana LeakSupernatural StaminaBloodwater EntitySensor SplicerStrands of UndeathBurning-Tree EmissarySettle Beyond RealityRift Bolt
Qasali PridemageRelief CaptainThought ScourCall to the FeastArachnus WebUnearthSeeker of the WayCartel Aristocrat
Spell PierceBrindle ShoatAuger SpreeMonastery Swiftspear (Borderless)Makeshift MaulerBloodwater EntityRampant Growth (Borderless)Kasmina's Transmutation
Dreg ManglerSettle Beyond RealityTraveler's AmuletQasali PridemageAnnoyed AltisaurThought Scour (Borderless)Call to the FeastSkeleton Archer
Titan's StrengthRelief CaptainArachnus WebMana LeakCoiling OracleWingsteed RiderVampire SovereignAgony Warp
Sensor SplicerSparkmage's GambitStrands of UndeathChronicler of HeroesRift BoltSupernatural StaminaBurning-Tree Emissary (Borderless)Jeskai Elder
Deadly RecluseStorm Fleet PyromancerQasali Pridemage (Borderless)UnearthMakeshift MaulerCartel AristocratArachnus WebMana Leak
Call to the FeastTraveler's AmuletTitan's StrengthAuger SpreeKasmina's TransmutationSeeker of the Way (Borderless)Dreg ManglerStrands of Undeath
Rampant GrowthChronicler of HeroesSupernatural StaminaRelief CaptainBrindle ShoatBloodwater EntitySparkmage's GambitSettle Beyond Reality
Coiling Oracle (Borderless)Thought ScourAnnoyed AltisaurStorm Fleet PyromancerVampire SovereignDeadly RecluseSpell PierceMonastery Swiftspear
Sensor SplicerJeskai ElderSkeleton ArcherAgony WarpWingsteed RiderRift BoltBurning-Tree Emissary

The B foil common run consists of 54 different cards each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Purphoros's EmissaryEel UmbraLast BreathBalustrade SpyAmbuscadeGods WillingHero of the GamesCapture Sphere
Hyena UmbraFiery FallShadowborn ApostleMilitia BuglerIngenious SkaabCarrier ThrallKruin StrikerAven Initiate
Experiment OneKnightly ValorDeep AnalysisLyev SkyknightGnarlback RhinoDoomed TravelerSevered StrandsGround Assault
Advanced StitchwingLiliana's EliteLava CoilElvish RejuvenatorAnointer of ValorIzzet CharmGrapple with the PastBloodflow Connoisseur
Momentary BlinkAethersnipeSeekers' SquirePirate's PillageThriveFireblade ArtistForbidden AlchemyTuskguard Captain
Tenth District LegionnaireAinok Bond-KinWebweaver ChangelingHissing IguanarWinged CoatlMight of Old KrosaEyeblight's EndingDark-Dweller Oracle
Glowspore ShamanBalustrade SpyBattlefield PromotionLiving LightningDeranged AssistantDisfigureAmbuscadeLast Breath
Capture SpherePurphoros's EmissaryMartial GloryEel UmbraHyena UmbraHero of the GamesShadowborn ApostleGods Willing
Fiery FallCarrier ThrallMilitia BuglerIngenious SkaabExperiment OneKruin StrikerAven InitiateDoomed Traveler
Ground AssaultSevered StrandsDeep AnalysisKnightly ValorLyev SkyknightGnarlback RhinoAdvanced StitchwingAnointer of Valor
Liliana's EliteElvish RejuvenatorLava CoilMomentary BlinkGrapple with the PastBloodflow ConnoisseurIzzet CharmAethersnipe
Pirate's PillageThriveFireblade ArtistSeekers' SquireWebweaver ChangelingAinok Bond-KinForbidden AlchemyTenth District Legionnaire
Might of Old KrosaHissing IguanarEyeblight's EndingWinged CoatlTuskguard CaptainDeranged AssistantDark-Dweller OracleGlowspore Shaman
Battlefield PromotionLiving LightningMartial GloryDisfigure

Foil Uncommon Runs

The B foil uncommon run consists of 56 different cards each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Lightning HelixDevoted DruidCrackling DoomGoblin BanneretHeroic ReinforcementsSummer BloomWash OutGloryscale Viashino
Abzan FalconerSprouting ThrinaxBiogenic UpgradeNephalia SmugglerSultai SoothsayerGraveblade MarauderTravel PreparationsScab-Clan Giant
Scion of DarknessMyth RealizedBounty of the LuxaLabyrinth ChampionLotleth TrollSpider SpawningRiver HoopoeBreakthrough
Tower GargoylePath to ExileAbzan CharmVampiric RitesConclave MentorRancorLeague GuildmageGo for the Throat
StaggershockBant CharmDomesticationOrzhov PontiffCentaur BattlemasterProphetic BoltSurreal MemoirJeskai Charm
Civic SaberMistmeadow WitchDreamshaper ShamanPsychic SymbiontArachnus SpinnerMistfire AdeptExtract from DarknessScale Blessing
Sedraxis SpecterUnburial RitesBlazing HellhoundBody DoubleAethermage's TouchColdsteel HeartCrackling DoomDevoted Druid
Lightning HelixSkinrenderHeroic ReinforcementsSummer BloomBear's CompanionWash OutSprouting ThrinaxGoblin Banneret
Gloryscale ViashinoAbzan FalconerBiogenic UpgradeSultai SoothsayerGraveblade MarauderTravel PreparationsScab-Clan GiantNephalia Smuggler
Myth RealizedBounty of the LuxaLabyrinth ChampionScion of DarknessLotleth TrollBreakthroughRiver HoopoeSpider Spawning
Tower GargoyleVampiric RitesConclave MentorPath to ExileAbzan CharmGo for the ThroatLeague GuildmageStaggershock
Orzhov PontiffRancorBant CharmCentaur BattlemasterDomesticationPsychic SymbiontSurreal MemoirProphetic Bolt
Dreamshaper ShamanMistmeadow WitchArachnus SpinnerJeskai CharmCivic SaberExtract from DarknessScale BlessingSedraxis Specter
Mistfire AdeptUnburial RitesBlazing HellhoundColdsteel HeartAethermage's TouchBody DoubleBear's CompanionSkinrender