Special thanks to Tavis King for originating the idea of reconstructing print sheets by observing pack openings (plus ongoing interest and support).

Special thanks to Medussa from the MTG Salvation forums for a great deal of prior work on collation and piquing my interest in the topic.

Great thanks to my patrons.

Thanks to everybody on the MTG Librarities Forum who has helped me with this project.

Thanks to Scryfall for making available the card images used on this website (and providing a nice API for card data). (Note that Scryfall is not affiliated with me in any way, and this statement should not be taken to mean that they endorse me or my work.)

Tip card images are taken from Deckmaster, used with permission.

Thanks to everybody who makes product opening videos. What follows is a (hopefully complete) list of people whose videos (or other data) I have used in the creation of this project.