You can support me financially on Patreon. This project is very time-consuming, and, theoretically, financial support will allow me to continue spending lots of time on it.

If you've noticed something wrong on the website, you can let me know.

You can open old or rare sealed product and record the results. If you don't want to record a video and upload it to YouTube, you can document the opening yourself and send me the results privately.

You can open new sealed products and do a better job. (Well, a better job for my purposes.) Then let me know so I can use your content instead.

When I watch an opening, I want to see all the cards including the commons, the basic land, and the token. (I do use videos without the commons too, as this is faster once the commons are locked in, but there is usually a greater supply of this kind of video.) I'd also like to see the back of the token. None of these things need to be belabored, but it saves a lot of time if I can read the card name and make a positive identifaction from the video (as opposed to having to make an identification from a sliver of art using a card database). If there are multiple variations of a card (e.g. in Unstable or Arabian Nights), it can help to take a little more care to ensure these variations can be distinguished. Opening full boxes is greatly preferred. It can also be useful to see the booster wrapper image and the original position of the pack in the box. (These things can help speed up analysis.)

Usually, I don't bother with anything less than a full box for new product, as it gives significantly more information than the same number of individual boosters. (There is an exception for specialty products that aren't sold in boxes.) If possible, cases are even more useful than boxes. (Note, this means boxes from the same case, not just six boxes.)

(If I'm not your main audience, of course I don't begrudge you for not doing any of these things.)