Antiquities Collation

Antiquities is a small set with 85 cards. Five of the (non-basic) lands have four different art variations, so the set can also be counted as 100 cards. There are many different rarities represented depending on the number of times each card is printed on the sheets. The rarities between different art variations of the same card may be different. The printing was done in Belgium.

Antiquities was sold in 8 card booster packs. Booster boxes had 60 packs.

Pack Anatomy

Antiquities uses striped collation with 11 × 11 sheets. There are two sheets, an uncommon sheet and a common sheet. But the actually rarity of a card doesn't just depend on which sheet it is printed on, it also depends on how many times the card is printed on that sheet. For the purposes of describing the collation, rarity just refers to the sheet the card is printed on. Packs can be either front-facing or back-facing and the uncommons can come before or after the commons.

6 Commons2 Uncommons
2 Uncommons6 Commons

Pictures of both Antiquities sheets exist. [1]

Common Sheet

The common sheet contains most cards either one time or four times. The exceptions are the Urza land cycle which have some variations that are printed two times, and are printed five or six times altogether. Also note that Mishra's Factory and Strip Mine have both common and uncommon art variations.

Drafna's RestorationUrza's Mine (B)OrnithopterArgivian BlacksmithOrcish MechanicsBattering RamArtifact PossessionCursed RackYotian SoldierReverse PolarityStrip Mine (A)
Clay StatuePhyrexian GremlinsUrza's Mine (D)OrnithopterArgivian BlacksmithOrcish MechanicsBattering RamArtifact PossessionMishra's Factory (A)Staff of ZegonReverse Polarity
AtogYotian SoldierPhyrexian GremlinsUrza's Mine (C)OrnithopterArgivian BlacksmithOrcish MechanicsBattering RamArtifact PossessionUrza's Power Plant (A)Staff of Zegon
CrumbleArtifact BlastYotian SoldierPhyrexian GremlinsUrza's Mine (A)OrnithopterArgivian BlacksmithOrcish MechanicsClay StatueArtifact PossessionFeldon's Cane
Tablet of EpityrCrumbleArtifact BlastYotian SoldierReconstructionUrza's Mine (C)Grapeshot CatapultArtifact WardAtogClay StatuePhyrexian Gremlins
Urza's Power Plant (C)Tablet of EpityrCrumbleArtifact BlastUrza's ChaliceReconstructionUrza's Mine (D)Grapeshot CatapultReverse PolarityAtogClay Statue
Sage of Lat-NamUrza's Tower (A)Tablet of EpityrCrumblePriest of YawgmothUrza's ChaliceReconstructionUrza's Power Plant (C)Grapeshot CatapultArgothian PixiesAtog
Dragon EngineSage of Lat-NamUrza's Tower (B)Tablet of EpityrArgothian TreefolkPriest of YawgmothUrza's ChaliceReconstructionUrza's Power Plant (B)Grapeshot CatapultArgothian Pixies
Artifact WardDragon EngineDrafna's RestorationUrza's Tower (D)Amulet of KroogArgothian TreefolkPriest of YawgmothUrza's ChaliceSage of Lat-NamUrza's Power Plant (A)Battering Ram
Argothian PixiesArtifact WardDragon EngineDrafna's RestorationUrza's Tower (C)Amulet of KroogArgothian TreefolkPriest of YawgmothStaff of ZegonReverse PolarityUrza's Power Plant (D)
Amulet of KroogArgothian PixiesArtifact WardDragon EngineDrafna's RestorationUrza's Tower (A)Amulet of KroogArgothian TreefolkArtifact BlastStaff of ZegonSage of Lat-Nam

C1 Rarity
  1. Cursed Rack
  2. Feldon's Cane
  3. Mishra's Factory (A)
  4. Strip Mine (A)
  5. Urza's Mine (A)
  6. Urza's Mine (B)
  7. Urza's Power Plant (B)
  8. Urza's Power Plant (D)
  9. Urza's Tower (B)
  10. Urza's Tower (C)
  11. Urza's Tower (D)
C2 Rarity
  1. Urza's Mine (C)
  2. Urza's Mine (D)
  3. Urza's Power Plant (A)
  4. Urza's Power Plant (C)
  5. Urza's Tower (A)
C4 Rarity
  1. Amulet of Kroog
  2. Argivian Blacksmith
  3. Argothian Pixies
  4. Argothian Treefolk
  5. Artifact Blast
  6. Artifact Possession
  7. Artifact Ward
  8. Atog
  9. Battering Ram
  10. Clay Statue
  11. Crumble
  12. Drafna's Restoration
  13. Dragon Engine
  14. Grapeshot Catapult
  15. Orcish Mechanics
  16. Ornithopter
  17. Phyrexian Gremlins
  18. Priest of Yawgmoth
  19. Reconstruction
  20. Reverse Polarity
  21. Sage of Lat-Nam
  22. Staff of Zegon
  23. Tablet of Epityr
  24. Urza's Chalice
  25. Yotian Soldier

Uncommon Sheet

The uncommon sheet contains cards either one, two, or three times. Tawnos's Weaponry has a variant printing where the circle behind the mana symbol in the text box is misplaced. [2] It is currently not known if this is specific to a certain printing, a certain location on the print sheet, or both.

RakaliteDamping FieldRocket LauncherDwarven WeaponsmithArmageddon ClockPowerleechOnuletEnergy FluxAshnod's TransmograntPower ArtifactMillstone
Gate to PhyrexiaMishra's War MachineDamping FieldWall of SpearsShatterstormWeakstonePowerleechArmageddon ClockStrip Mine (B)Jalum TomePower Artifact
Primal ClayGate to PhyrexiaSu-ChiDamping FieldJalum TomeDwarven WeaponsmithGolgothian SylexMishra's Factory (C)Urza's MiterStrip Mine (C)Ashnod's Transmogrant
Goblin ArtisansRakaliteYawgmoth DemonSu-ChiMartyrs of KorlisAshnod's AltarDwarven WeaponsmithObelisk of UndoingMishra's Factory (B)Candelabra of TawnosTransmute Artifact
TetravusDetonateRakaliteXenic PoltergeistSu-ChiGaea's AvengerAshnod's AltarGoblin ArtisansColossus of SardiaTitania's SongOnulet
Martyrs of KorlisMightstoneDetonatePrimal ClayXenic PoltergeistMillstoneStrip Mine (D)Urza's AvengerGoblin ArtisansOnuletTitania's Song
Ashnod's Battle GearArgivian ArchaeologistMightstoneDetonateCoral HelmXenic PoltergeistMillstoneCitanul DruidTriskelionAshnod's Battle GearRocket Launcher
Haunting WindTawnos's WeaponryMartyrs of KorlisBronze TabletPower ArtifactTawnos's WandMishra's WorkshopAshnod's TransmograntCitanul DruidWeakstoneWall of Spears
Ivory TowerHaunting WindShapeshifterCircle of Protection: ArtifactsThe RackEnergy FluxTawnos's WandCitanul DruidTawnos's CoffinTitania's SongRocket Launcher
Transmute ArtifactIvory TowerHaunting WindThe RackCircle of Protection: ArtifactsTawnos's WeaponryHurkyl's RecallTawnos's WandMishra's Factory (D)Clockwork AvianPowerleech
MightstoneTransmute ArtifactThe RackGate to PhyrexiaIvory TowerCircle of Protection: ArtifactsTawnos's WeaponryEnergy FluxPrimal ClayWall of SpearsWeakstone

U1 Rarity
  1. Argivian Archaeologist
  2. Bronze Tablet
  3. Candelabra of Tawnos
  4. Clockwork Avian
  5. Colossus of Sardia
  6. Coral Helm
  7. Gaea's Avenger
  8. Golgothian Sylex
  9. Hurkyl's Recall
  10. Mishra's Factory (B)
  11. Mishra's Factory (C)
  12. Mishra's Factory (D)
  13. Mishra's War Machine
  14. Mishra's Workshop
  15. Obelisk of Undoing
  16. Shapeshifter
  17. Shatterstorm
  18. Strip Mine (B)
  19. Strip Mine (C)
  20. Strip Mine (D)
  21. Tawnos's Coffin
  22. Tetravus
  23. Triskelion
  24. Urza's Avenger
  25. Urza's Miter
  26. Yawgmoth Demon
U2 Rarity
  1. Armageddon Clock
  2. Ashnod's Altar
  3. Ashnod's Battle Gear
  4. Jalum Tome
U3 Rarity
  1. Ashnod's Transmogrant
  2. Circle of Protection: Artifacts
  3. Citanul Druid
  4. Damping Field
  5. Detonate
  6. Dwarven Weaponsmith
  7. Energy Flux
  8. Gate to Phyrexia
  9. Goblin Artisans
  10. Haunting Wind
  11. Ivory Tower
  12. Martyrs of Korlis
  13. Mightstone
  14. Millstone
  15. Onulet
  16. Power Artifact
  17. Powerleech
  18. Primal Clay
  19. Rakalite
  20. Rocket Launcher
  21. Su-Chi
  22. Tawnos's Wand
  23. Tawnos's Weaponry
  24. The Rack
  25. Titania's Song
  26. Transmute Artifact
  27. Wall of Spears
  28. Weakstone
  29. Xenic Poltergeist

[1] The "Compilation of Uncut Sheets" thread on the Magic Librarities Forum has pictures of both sheets.

[2] The variant of Tawnos's Weaponry is catalogued on Scryfall.