Legends Collation

Legends is a large set with 75 commons, 114 uncommons, and 121 rares. The printing was done in Belgium.

Legends was sold in 15 card booster packs. Booster boxes had 36 packs.

Pack Anatomy

Legends uses striped collation with 11 × 11 sheets. Ordering can be either rare-uncommon-common or uncommon-rare-common. There is always a rule insert before the first card.

Rules Insert3 Uncommons1 Rare11 Commons
Rules Insert1 Rare3 Uncommons11 Commons

The uncommon sheet Legends is usually (or always) split two halves with the top six rows and the bottom five rows treated as separate sheets for the purposes of collation. In a single booster box, all the uncommons will usually (or always) be from the same half of the sheet. [1] Boxes that have uncommons from the top half of the sheet (including Mana Drain) are often called A boxes and boxes that have uncommons from the bottom half of the sheet (including Karakas) are often called B boxes. Stripe width for the uncommons is only 2 to 4.

Note that splitting sheets like the uncommon sheet here is not unusual in early sets. However, Legends boxes typically only have one independent sequence of uncommons whereas The Dark, for example, has two which may be from different halves of the sheet.

Common Sheet

There is a picture of the common sheet. [2] 29 commons appear on the sheet once (C1 rarity) and the other 46 appear twice (C2 rarity).

Zephyr FalconCrookshank KoboldsDurkwood BoarsDivine OfferingLost SoulWall of EarthEmerald DragonflyTundra WolvesGlyph of DoomBoomerangWall of Caltrops
Vampire BatsFlash CounterCrimson KoboldsMoss MonsterIndestructible AuraEnergy TapBlazing EffigyWolverine PackGlyph of LifeGhosts of the DamnedGlyph of Reincarnation
Keepers of the FaithWall of ShadowsFlash FloodKobolds of Kher KeepHornet CobraGiant SlugDevouring DeepActive VolcanoCat WarriorsD'Avenant ArcherVenarian Gold
ImmolationOsai VulturesWalking DeadGlyph of DelusionSubdueClergy of the Holy NimbusSyphon SoulRemove SoulGlyph of DestructionGiant TurtleDarkness
Aisling LeprechaunGaseous FormShelkin BrownieRemove EnchantmentsHell SwarmGiant StrengthRaging BullTransmutationEnchantment AlterationEquinoxWall of Heat
Enchanted BeingRustAlabaster PotionCyclopean MummyForce SpikePyrotechnicsFire SpritesAmrou KithkinPit ScorpionWall of VaporChain Lightning
Spirit ShackleWall of EarthEmerald DragonflyTundra WolvesGlyph of DoomBoomerangCrookshank KoboldsDurkwood BoarsDivine OfferingLost SoulZephyr Falcon
Psychic PurgeEnergy TapBlazing EffigyWolverine PackGlyph of LifeGhosts of the DamnedFlash CounterCrimson KoboldsMoss MonsterIndestructible AuraVampire Bats
FeintGiant SlugDevouring DeepActive VolcanoCat WarriorsD'Avenant ArcherWall of ShadowsFlash FloodKobolds of Kher KeepHornet CobraKeepers of the Faith
Barbary ApesClergy of the Holy NimbusSyphon SoulRemove SoulGlyph of DestructionGiant TurtleChain LightningAvoid FateGiant StrengthHoly DayAnti-Magic Aura
The BruteFire SpritesAmrou KithkinPit ScorpionWall of VaporRustAlabaster PotionCyclopean MummyForce SpikePyrotechnicsHeadless Horseman

C1 Rarity
  1. Aisling Leprechaun
  2. Anti-Magic Aura
  3. Avoid Fate
  4. Barbary Apes
  5. Darkness
  6. Enchanted Being
  7. Enchantment Alteration
  8. Equinox
  9. Feint
  10. Gaseous Form
  11. Glyph of Delusion
  12. Glyph of Reincarnation
  13. Headless Horseman
  14. Hell Swarm
  15. Holy Day
  16. Immolation
  17. Osai Vultures
  18. Psychic Purge
  19. Raging Bull
  20. Remove Enchantments
  21. Shelkin Brownie
  22. Spirit Shackle
  23. Subdue
  24. The Brute
  25. Transmutation
  26. Venarian Gold
  27. Walking Dead
  28. Wall of Caltrops
  29. Wall of Heat
C2 Rarity
  1. Active Volcano
  2. Alabaster Potion
  3. Amrou Kithkin
  4. Blazing Effigy
  5. Boomerang
  6. Cat Warriors
  7. Chain Lightning
  8. Clergy of the Holy Nimbus
  9. Crimson Kobolds
  10. Crookshank Kobolds
  11. Cyclopean Mummy
  12. D'Avenant Archer
  13. Devouring Deep
  14. Divine Offering
  15. Durkwood Boars
  16. Emerald Dragonfly
  17. Energy Tap
  18. Fire Sprites
  19. Flash Counter
  20. Flash Flood
  21. Force Spike
  22. Ghosts of the Damned
  23. Giant Slug
  24. Giant Strength
  25. Giant Turtle
  26. Glyph of Destruction
  27. Glyph of Doom
  28. Glyph of Life
  29. Hornet Cobra
  30. Indestructible Aura
  31. Keepers of the Faith
  32. Kobolds of Kher Keep
  33. Lost Soul
  34. Moss Monster
  35. Pit Scorpion
  36. Pyrotechnics
  37. Remove Soul
  38. Rust
  39. Syphon Soul
  40. Tundra Wolves
  41. Vampire Bats
  42. Wall of Earth
  43. Wall of Shadows
  44. Wall of Vapor
  45. Wolverine Pack
  46. Zephyr Falcon

Uncommon Sheet

There is a picture of the uncommon sheet. [2] Most uncommons appear only once on the sheet. The exceptions that appear twice are the five legendary lands, Relic Barrier, and Life Chisel. Of these, only Hammerheim appears on both halves of the sheet.

Rabid WombatSeekerSeafarer's QuayMountain YetiMarhault ElsdragonHeaven's GateEternal WarriorHammerheimMana DrainKry ShieldWall of Dust
Adventurers' GuildhouseTakklemaggotLord MagnusSpirit LinkShimian Night StalkerPuppet MasterCocoonSir Shandlar of EberynBackdraftUnderworld DreamsSivitri Scarzam
Hunding GjornersenFrost GiantSea Kings' BlessingFloral SpuzzemGreen Mana BatteryRamirez DePietroWall of Putrid FleshSilhouetteBlue Mana BatteryUnholy CitadelPresence of the Master
DeadfallRelic BarrierLand TaxTor WaukiSpectral CloakWall of TombstonesCathedral of SerraIvory GuardiansRadjan SpiritPrincess LucreziaBrine Hag
White Mana BatteryRelic BindArboriaGreat DefenderSylvan LibraryRelic BarrierPradesh GypsiesSunastian FalconerUndertowWall of LightBlight
Aerathi BerserkerKasimir the Lone WolfTouch of DarknessAzure DrakeStorm SeekerTolariaLife ChiselPrimordial OozeQuagmirePendelhavenLife Chisel
UrborgBackfireLady OrcaRed Mana BatteryDemonic TormentThe Lady of the MountainUntamed WildsKarakasGreat WallBarktooth WarbeardWhirling Dervish
Pavel MalikiEvil Eye of Orms-by-GoreGreater Realm of PreservationBlood LustResetFortified AreaCrevasseJerrard of the Closed FistSegovian LeviathanFallen AngelDwarven Song
Shield WallBeasts of BogardanIchneumon DruidHammerheimRighteous AvengersHorror of HorrorsTolariaKismetReincarnationBlack Mana BatteryPendelhaven
Kobold TaskmasterUrborgWinds of ChangeTorsten Von UrsusKobold Drill SergeantPart WaterJasmine BorealHyperion BlacksmithKarakasDream CoatRiven Turnbull
Wall of WonderJedit OjanenAbominationSylvan ParadiseMountain StrongholdMarble PriestCraw GiantInfernal MedusaTobias AndrionVisionsLesser Werewolf

A Uncommons
  1. Adventurers' Guildhouse
  2. Arboria
  3. Backdraft
  4. Blight
  5. Blue Mana Battery
  6. Brine Hag
  7. Cathedral of Serra
  8. Cocoon
  9. Deadfall
  10. Eternal Warrior
  11. Floral Spuzzem
  12. Frost Giant
  13. Great Defender
  14. Green Mana Battery
  15. Hammerheim
  16. Heaven's Gate
  17. Hunding Gjornersen
  18. Ivory Guardians
  19. Kry Shield
  20. Land Tax
  21. Lord Magnus
  22. Mana Drain
  23. Marhault Elsdragon
  24. Mountain Yeti
  25. Pradesh Gypsies
  26. Presence of the Master
  27. Princess Lucrezia
  28. Puppet Master
  29. Rabid Wombat
  30. Radjan Spirit
  31. Ramirez DePietro
  32. Relic Barrier
  33. Relic Bind
  34. Sea Kings' Blessing
  35. Seafarer's Quay
  36. Seeker
  37. Shimian Night Stalker
  38. Silhouette
  39. Sir Shandlar of Eberyn
  40. Sivitri Scarzam
  41. Spectral Cloak
  42. Spirit Link
  43. Sunastian Falconer
  44. Sylvan Library
  45. Takklemaggot
  46. Tor Wauki
  47. Undertow
  48. Underworld Dreams
  49. Unholy Citadel
  50. Wall of Dust
  51. Wall of Light
  52. Wall of Putrid Flesh
  53. Wall of Tombstones
  54. White Mana Battery
B Uncommons
  1. Abomination
  2. Aerathi Berserker
  3. Azure Drake
  4. Backfire
  5. Barktooth Warbeard
  6. Beasts of Bogardan
  7. Black Mana Battery
  8. Blood Lust
  9. Craw Giant
  10. Crevasse
  11. Demonic Torment
  12. Dream Coat
  13. Dwarven Song
  14. Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore
  15. Fallen Angel
  16. Fortified Area
  17. Great Wall
  18. Greater Realm of Preservation
  19. Hammerheim
  20. Horror of Horrors
  21. Hyperion Blacksmith
  22. Ichneumon Druid
  23. Infernal Medusa
  24. Jasmine Boreal
  25. Jedit Ojanen
  26. Jerrard of the Closed Fist
  27. Karakas
  28. Kasimir the Lone Wolf
  29. Kismet
  30. Kobold Drill Sergeant
  31. Kobold Taskmaster
  32. Lady Orca
  33. Lesser Werewolf
  34. Life Chisel
  35. Marble Priest
  36. Mountain Stronghold
  37. Part Water
  38. Pavel Maliki
  39. Pendelhaven
  40. Primordial Ooze
  41. Quagmire
  42. Red Mana Battery
  43. Reincarnation
  44. Reset
  45. Righteous Avengers
  46. Riven Turnbull
  47. Segovian Leviathan
  48. Shield Wall
  49. Storm Seeker
  50. Sylvan Paradise
  51. The Lady of the Mountain
  52. Tobias Andrion
  53. Tolaria
  54. Torsten Von Ursus
  55. Touch of Darkness
  56. Untamed Wilds
  57. Urborg
  58. Visions
  59. Wall of Wonder
  60. Whirling Dervish
  61. Winds of Change

Rare Sheet

I haven't seen a picture of the sheet, and I haven't collected enough data to reconstruct the sheet. However, comparing the English and Italian common and uncommon sheets reveals a pattern. The Italian sheets have the same layout as the English sheets with the five right-most columns moved to the left of the sheet. [2] The data I have collected is consistent with the transformation (and indeed this transformation can be detected). This isn't completely conclusive, as it's possible other cards could have been moved (and the top row can't be determined from the data).

Divine InterventionVoodoo DollElder Land WurmBronze HorseJovial EvilThe WretchedJacques le VertArena of the AncientsGreedLivonya SiloneSword of the Ages
Al-abara's CarpetDivine TransformationAlchor's TombThunder SpiritMirror UniverseDakkon BlackbladePlanar GateCosmic HorrorHazezon TamarHellfireSol'kanar the Swamp King
Forethought AmuletInfinite AuthorityGauntlets of ChaosLifebloodNorth StarRagnarHell's CaretakerGosta DirkSerpent GeneratorLady EvangelaMold Demon
Petra SphinxHorn of DeafeningRapid FireMana MatrixThe AbyssTriassic EggGabriel AngelfireImprisonHalfdaneNether VoidAdun Oakenshield
Knowledge VaultThe Tabernacle at Pendrell ValeLife MatrixSpiritual SanctuaryNova PentacleRubinia SoulsingerChains of MephistophelesRing of ImmortalsCarrion AntsSentinelXira Arien
Acid RainElven RidersAkron LegionnaireField of DreamsTyphoonStanggCaverns of DespairArcades SabbothTetsuo UmezawaCrimson ManticoreJohan
RevelationElder SpawnWood ElementalIn the Eye of ChaosAngelic VoicesFalling StarUr-DragoKobold OverlordTuknir DeathlockBoris DevilboonLand's Edge
Invoke PrejudiceLiving PlaneJuxtaposeEurekaRecallGwendlyn Di CorciFirestorm PhoenixKei TakahashiVaevictis AsmadiAll Hallow's EveAyesha Tanaka
MoatKiller BeesCleanseLand EquilibriumConcordant CrossroadsSpinal VillainNebuchadnezzarStorm WorldRamses OverdarkDisharmonyRasputin Dreamweaver
ReverberationWillow SatyrPsionic EntityMaster of the HuntTeleportLady CaleriaQuarum Trench GnomesRohgahh of Kher KeepGravity SphereBartel RuneaxeChromium
Winter BlastTelekinesisPixie QueenTime ElementalRebirthVoodoo DollAxelrod GunnarsonWall of OppositionAngus MackenzieNicol BolasTempest Efreet

[1] Wizards actually acknowledged the A vs B uncommon issue and offered an exchange program whereby customers could send in uncommons from one group and recieve uncommons from the other group. This offer was published in the Duelist #2, and a scan is provided by user berkumps on the Magic Librarities Forum.

[2] The "Compilation of Uncut Sheets" thread on the Magic Librarities Forum has picture of the common and uncommon sheets. There are also pictures of all the Italian language sheets.