The Dark Collation

The Dark is a small set with 119 cards. There are 40 commons (C3), 43 uncommons (U2), and 35 rares (U1). There is also one C1 card (Maze of Ith) which has rarity between C3 and U2 (equivalent to U3). The printing was done in Belgium.

The Dark was sold in 8 card booster packs. Booster boxes had 60 packs.

Pack Anatomy

The Dark uses striped collation with 11 × 11 sheets. There are two print sheets: a common sheet with C3 and C1 cards, and an uncommon sheet with U2 and U1 cards. Each pack gets 6 cards from the common sheet and 2 cards from the uncommon sheet. Cards are back-facing with uncommon-common ordering.

2 Uncommons6 Commons

Pictures of the both sheets exist. [1]

The common sheet may be split into the top 5 and bottom 6 rows (with stripes of width 2 to 4). Unlike Legends, a split box can still have commons from both halves of the sheet, as there are usually 2 or 3 independent sequences of commons in a box. Very rarely, a pack may contain cards from both halves of the sheet if there is a switch from one sequence to another midway through the pack. (The location of such splits doesn't seem to be related to the position on the sheet.) Not all boxes are split. In some cases of a non-split box, striped of width 7 were sometimes observed.

The uncommon sheet may or may not be split depending on the box. Both cases have been observed. In one of the boxes with an unsplit sheet, stripes of width 7 were somtimes observed. Uncommons usually have 2 independent sequences per box, so it is still possible to get uncommons from both halves of the sheet in a split box. Just because the commons are split in a box doesn't mean the uncommons are also split.

Common Sheet

40 commons appear on the sheet three times each, and the last slot is taken by Maze of Ith which appears only once.

Water WurmSavaen ElvesMarsh GasFissureDust to DustDrownedLand LeechesBog RatsGoblin Rock SledMiracle WorkerSunken City
Murk DwellersGoblins of the FlargSquireGiant SharkScavenger FolkBog ImpGoblin Digging TeamBrainwashRiptideDark Heart of the WoodMarsh Goblins
PikemenAshes to AshesCarnivorous PlantFestivalErosionHoly LightGaea's TouchGiant SharkDust to DustWord of BindingScarwood Goblins
Goblin CavesVenomDeep WaterWord of BindingGoblin HeroDark Heart of the WoodMarsh GoblinsFissureScavenger FolkErosionFestival
Ghost ShipMoraleGoblin ShrineGaea's TouchMurk DwellersScarwood GoblinsSunken CityMiracle WorkerMarsh GasGoblin HeroCarnivorous Plant
Marsh ViperInquisitionHoly LightGoblin Digging TeamSavaen ElvesWater WurmMoraleGoblin ShrineLand LeechesBrainwashRiptide
Dust to DustScavenger FolkBog ImpDrownedGoblins of the FlargSquireInquisitionMarsh ViperGhost ShipBog RatsGoblin Rock Sled
Marsh GasFissureVenomAshes to AshesMiracle WorkerSunken CityHoly LightBog ImpGoblin Digging TeamSavaen ElvesSquire
Giant SharkPikemenGoblin CavesDeep WaterDark Heart of the WoodMarsh GoblinsScarwood GoblinsDrownedGaea's TouchGoblins of the FlargMurk Dwellers
FestivalGoblin HeroLand LeechesGoblin Rock SledBog RatsVenomDeep WaterGoblin CavesInquisitionMoraleWater Wurm
Carnivorous PlantWord of BindingErosionBrainwashRiptideMaze of IthAshes to AshesPikemenMarsh ViperGhost ShipGoblin Shrine

Uncommon Sheet

43 uncommons appear on the sheet twice each (U2), and 35 appear only once (U1). Runesword has a variant printing where the an errant line (perhaps a hair) is visible in the text box. [2] It is currently not known if this is specific to a certain printing, a certain location on the print sheet, or both.

Dance of ManyCurse ArtifactReflecting MirrorMana ClashTormod's CryptSisters of the FlameDark SphereBlood MoonNecropolisThe FallenApprentice Wizard
Fire and BrimstoneScarwood HagMind BombRuneswordWhippoorwillMartyr's CryFountain of YouthWar BargeSpitting SlugCave PeopleEater of the Dead
Living ArmorNiall SilvainScarecrowTangle KelpBarl's CageFellwar StoneWorms of the EarthEater of the DeadAmnesiaLurkerNecropolis
Uncle IstvanTivadar's CrusadeBansheeCleansingAmnesiaThe FallenElves of Deep ShadowWitch HunterCoal GolemMerfolk AssassinElves of Deep Shadow
City of ShadowsWand of IthLeviathanFire DrakeFastingTrackerUncle IstvanOrc GeneralPsychic AllergyBansheeInferno
Fountain of YouthBall LightningRuneswordFire and BrimstoneGrave RobbersDiabolic MachineTivadar's CrusadeMana VortexWar BargeBlood of the MartyrSpitting Slug
Orc GeneralBook of RassSorrow's PathScarwood HagBone FluteElectric EelReflecting MirrorAngry MobSisters of the FlameExorcistStanding Stones
Scarwood BanditsTangle KelpDiabolic MachineGoblin WizardAngry MobPreacherBrothers of FireTower of CoireallElectric EelFellwar StoneRag Man
Tower of CoireallBlood of the MartyrWhippoorwillCurse ArtifactNameless RacePeople of the WoodsTormod's CryptSeason of the WitchBook of RassWormwood TreefolkBrothers of Fire
FloodEternal FlameWand of IthHidden PathSkull of OrmCave PeopleFrankenstein's MonsterFloodStanding StonesBone FluteScarecrow
People of the WoodsFastingFire DrakeDark SphereSafe HavenMerfolk AssassinCoal GolemLiving ArmorStone CalendarSkull of OrmKnights of Thorn

U1 Rarity
  1. Apprentice Wizard
  2. Ball Lightning
  3. Barl's Cage
  4. Blood Moon
  5. City of Shadows
  6. Cleansing
  7. Dance of Many
  8. Eternal Flame
  9. Exorcist
  10. Frankenstein's Monster
  11. Goblin Wizard
  12. Grave Robbers
  13. Hidden Path
  14. Inferno
  15. Knights of Thorn
  16. Leviathan
  17. Lurker
  18. Mana Clash
  19. Mana Vortex
  20. Martyr's Cry
  21. Mind Bomb
  22. Nameless Race
  23. Niall Silvain
  24. Preacher
  25. Psychic Allergy
  26. Rag Man
  27. Safe Haven
  28. Scarwood Bandits
  29. Season of the Witch
  30. Sorrow's Path
  31. Stone Calendar
  32. Tracker
  33. Witch Hunter
  34. Worms of the Earth
  35. Wormwood Treefolk
U2 Rarity
  1. Amnesia
  2. Angry Mob
  3. Banshee
  4. Blood of the Martyr
  5. Bone Flute
  6. Book of Rass
  7. Brothers of Fire
  8. Cave People
  9. Coal Golem
  10. Curse Artifact
  11. Dark Sphere
  12. Diabolic Machine
  13. Eater of the Dead
  14. Electric Eel
  15. Elves of Deep Shadow
  16. Fasting
  17. Fellwar Stone
  18. Fire Drake
  19. Fire and Brimstone
  20. Flood
  21. Fountain of Youth
  22. Living Armor
  23. Merfolk Assassin
  24. Necropolis
  25. Orc General
  26. People of the Woods
  27. Reflecting Mirror
  28. Runesword
  29. Scarecrow
  30. Scarwood Hag
  31. Sisters of the Flame
  32. Skull of Orm
  33. Spitting Slug
  34. Standing Stones
  35. Tangle Kelp
  36. The Fallen
  37. Tivadar's Crusade
  38. Tormod's Crypt
  39. Tower of Coireall
  40. Uncle Istvan
  41. Wand of Ith
  42. War Barge
  43. Whippoorwill

[1] The "Compilation of Uncut Sheets" thread on the Magic Librarities Forum has pictures of both sheets.

[2] The variant of Runesword is catalogued on Scryfall. Scryfall claims this variant affects one third of Runesword cards, but I don't know why they make this claim. (There are two on the sheet, after all.)