Fallen Empires Collation

Fallen Empires is a small set with 102 cards. There are many different rarities represented depending on the number of times each card is printed on the sheets. Cards appearing on the common sheet have a different art variation for each time they appear on the sheet. The printing was done in Belgium.

Fallen Empires was sold in 8 card booster packs. Booster boxes had 60 packs.

Pack Anatomy

Fallen Empires uses striped collation with 11 × 11 sheets. There are two print sheets: a common sheet with C4, C3, and C1 cards, and an uncommon sheet with U3, U2, and U1 cards. Each pack gets 6 cards from the common sheet and 2 cards from the uncommon sheet. Cards are back-facing. Sometimes commons are first and sometimes uncommons are first.

2 Uncommons6 Commons
6 Commons2 Uncommons

In packs (boxes) where commons appear first, the commons are two independant three-card runs (still pulling from the whole sheet).

Pictures of the both sheets exist. [1]

The uncommon sheet may or may not be split depending on the box. Both cases have been observed. Split uncommons can occur in boxes that have only one independent sequence, but some boxes have more than one. I haven't observed any packs with split commons. (This doesn't mean they don't exist.)

Common Sheet

20 commons appear as C3 and 15 as C4. The last slot is taken by Delif's Cone which appears only once (equivalent to U3).

Mindstab Thrull (C)Icatian Moneychanger (C)Elvish Scout (C)Farrel's Zealot (C)Orcish Spy (B)Basal Thrull (B)Merseine (D)Combat Medic (B)Dwarven Soldier (A)Icatian Scout (C)Goblin War Drums (C)
Spore Cloud (A)High Tide (C)Necrite (C)Homarid Warrior (C)Delif's ConeThallid (B)Brassclaw Orcs (C)Hymn to Tourach (D)Thorn Thallid (C)Armor Thrull (B)Homarid (C)
Icatian Javelineers (C)Dwarven Soldier (C)Order of Leitbur (C)Goblin Chirurgeon (B)Combat Medic (D)Homarid (D)Icatian Infantry (C)Orcish Veteran (C)Vodalian Soldiers (C)Goblin Grenade (A)Icatian Moneychanger (B)
Thallid (C)Merseine (C)Elvish Hunter (A)Vodalian Soldiers (D)Thorn Thallid (D)Armor Thrull (A)Elven Fortress (D)Order of the Ebon Hand (C)Farrel's Zealot (B)Initiates of the Ebon Hand (B)Night Soil (C)
Orcish Veteran (A)Basal Thrull (D)Icatian Infantry (D)Brassclaw Orcs (A)Hymn to Tourach (C)Icatian Scout (B)Goblin War Drums (D)Orcish Spy (C)Elvish Scout (A)Vodalian Mage (A)Tidal Flats (C)
High Tide (A)Dwarven Soldier (B)Spore Cloud (B)Homarid Warrior (A)Necrite (A)Icatian Infantry (A)Brassclaw Orcs (D)Vodalian Soldiers (A)Hymn to Tourach (B)Goblin War Drums (A)Icatian Scout (A)
Elven Fortress (A)Icatian Javelineers (A)Mindstab Thrull (A)Goblin Chirurgeon (C)Elvish Hunter (C)Merseine (A)Basal Thrull (A)Combat Medic (C)Thorn Thallid (A)Homarid (A)Armor Thrull (C)
Vodalian Soldiers (B)Brassclaw Orcs (B)Thorn Thallid (B)Homarid (B)Order of Leitbur (A)Orcish Veteran (D)Thallid (A)Vodalian Mage (B)Order of the Ebon Hand (B)Icatian Infantry (B)Orcish Veteran (B)
Basal Thrull (C)Combat Medic (A)Hymn to Tourach (A)Goblin War Drums (B)Armor Thrull (D)Initiates of the Ebon Hand (A)Farrel's Zealot (A)Orcish Spy (A)Elvish Scout (B)Merseine (B)Thallid (D)
Goblin Chirurgeon (A)Tidal Flats (B)Night Soil (A)Icatian Scout (D)Elven Fortress (C)Night Soil (B)Tidal Flats (A)Mindstab Thrull (B)Icatian Javelineers (B)Necrite (B)Order of Leitbur (B)
Elvish Hunter (B)Initiates of the Ebon Hand (C)Goblin Grenade (C)Order of the Ebon Hand (A)Vodalian Mage (C)Icatian Moneychanger (A)Goblin Grenade (B)Spore Cloud (C)High Tide (B)Elven Fortress (B)Homarid Warrior (B)

C1 Rarity
  1. Delif's Cone
C3 Rarity
  1. Dwarven Soldier
  2. Elvish Hunter
  3. Elvish Scout
  4. Farrel's Zealot
  5. Goblin Chirurgeon
  6. Goblin Grenade
  7. High Tide
  8. Homarid Warrior
  9. Icatian Javelineers
  10. Icatian Moneychanger
  11. Initiates of the Ebon Hand
  12. Mindstab Thrull
  13. Necrite
  14. Night Soil
  15. Orcish Spy
  16. Order of Leitbur
  17. Order of the Ebon Hand
  18. Spore Cloud
  19. Tidal Flats
  20. Vodalian Mage
C4 Rarity
  1. Armor Thrull
  2. Basal Thrull
  3. Brassclaw Orcs
  4. Combat Medic
  5. Elven Fortress
  6. Goblin War Drums
  7. Homarid
  8. Hymn to Tourach
  9. Icatian Infantry
  10. Icatian Scout
  11. Merseine
  12. Orcish Veteran
  13. Thallid
  14. Thorn Thallid
  15. Vodalian Soldiers

Uncommon Sheet

25 uncommons appear three times (U3), five appear twice (U2), and 36 appear once (U1).

Farrelite PriestEbon PraetorOrcish CaptainSpirit ShieldThrull RetainerConch HornSand SilosDeep SpawnIcatian LieutenantSpore FlowerZelyon Sword
Raiding PartyDwarven RuinsHeroismThelonite DruidFarrel's MantleTidal InfluenceSoul ExchangeFeral ThallidSvyelunite TempleGoblin KitesHomarid Spawning Bed
Homarid ShamanThelon's ChantDwarven HoldSvyelunite PriestThelonite MonkHand of JusticeDwarven LieutenantRing of RenewalTourach's ChantThrull ChampionIcatian Priest
Thrull RetainerFarrelite PriestRaiding PartyFarrel's MantleEbon StrongholdHomarid Spawning BedBreeding PitSpore FlowerDeep SpawnRuins of TrokairOrcish Captain
SeasingerAeolipileThrull WizardBalm of RestorationDwarven CatapultThelonite DruidOrggIcatian PhalanxHollow TreesThallid DevourerDraconian Cylix
DerelorThelon's ChantDwarven ArmorerSvyelunite PriestRainbow ValeIcatian TownDwarven LieutenantVodalian War MachineTourach's ChantFungal BloomIcatian Priest
Thrull WizardIcatian PhalanxHavenwood BattlegroundThallid DevourerGoblin KitesTidal InfluenceFeral ThallidHeroismDwarven RuinsSeasingerDwarven Catapult
Orcish CaptainElvish FarmerThrull RetainerTourach's GateFarrelite PriestSoul ExchangeElven LyreDeep SpawnGoblin WarrensSpore FlowerIcatian Skirmishers
Homarid Spawning BedImplements of SacrificeBreeding PitHavenwood BattlegroundThrull WizardFarrel's MantleThelonite DruidBreeding PitBottomless VaultRaiding PartySvyelunite Temple
Delif's CubeThelon's ChantGoblin FlotillaSvyelunite PriestThelon's CurseRiver MerfolkDwarven LieutenantIcatian StoreTourach's ChantVodalian KnightsIcatian Priest
Goblin KitesTidal InfluenceRuins of TrokairSoul ExchangeHeroismFeral ThallidIcatian PhalanxThallid DevourerDwarven CatapultEbon StrongholdSeasinger

U1 Rarity
  1. Aeolipile
  2. Balm of Restoration
  3. Bottomless Vault
  4. Conch Horn
  5. Delif's Cube
  6. Derelor
  7. Draconian Cylix
  8. Dwarven Armorer
  9. Dwarven Hold
  10. Ebon Praetor
  11. Elven Lyre
  12. Elvish Farmer
  13. Fungal Bloom
  14. Goblin Flotilla
  15. Goblin Warrens
  16. Hand of Justice
  17. Hollow Trees
  18. Homarid Shaman
  19. Icatian Lieutenant
  20. Icatian Skirmishers
  21. Icatian Store
  22. Icatian Town
  23. Implements of Sacrifice
  24. Orgg
  25. Rainbow Vale
  26. Ring of Renewal
  27. River Merfolk
  28. Sand Silos
  29. Spirit Shield
  30. Thelon's Curse
  31. Thelonite Monk
  32. Thrull Champion
  33. Tourach's Gate
  34. Vodalian Knights
  35. Vodalian War Machine
  36. Zelyon Sword
U2 Rarity
  1. Dwarven Ruins
  2. Ebon Stronghold
  3. Havenwood Battleground
  4. Ruins of Trokair
  5. Svyelunite Temple
U3 Rarity
  1. Breeding Pit
  2. Deep Spawn
  3. Dwarven Catapult
  4. Dwarven Lieutenant
  5. Farrel's Mantle
  6. Farrelite Priest
  7. Feral Thallid
  8. Goblin Kites
  9. Heroism
  10. Homarid Spawning Bed
  11. Icatian Phalanx
  12. Icatian Priest
  13. Orcish Captain
  14. Raiding Party
  15. Seasinger
  16. Soul Exchange
  17. Spore Flower
  18. Svyelunite Priest
  19. Thallid Devourer
  20. Thelon's Chant
  21. Thelonite Druid
  22. Thrull Retainer
  23. Thrull Wizard
  24. Tidal Influence
  25. Tourach's Chant

[1] The "Compilation of Uncut Sheets" thread on the Magic Librarities Forum has pictures of both sheets.