Commander Legends Collation

Commander Legends is an extra-large set with 141 commons, 120 uncommons (40 of which are legendary creatures), 77 rares (25 of which are legendary creatures), 22 mythic rares (5 of which are legendary creatures or planeswalkers that can be your commander), and one card of special rarity (The Prismatic Piper). (An additional 32 reprinted legendary creatures can appear in draft boosters only with the foil-etched treatment.) Every pack contains a foil card. The set was printed in English in the USA and Belgium.

Commander Legends was sold in 20 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 24 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation.

Packs are front-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by two legendary cards, a foil, and an ad card. There are 13 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. The legendary cards may be additional uncommons, rares, or mythics. If The Prismatic Piper appears, it will appear after the foil, displacing a common.

13 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare2 Legends1 Foil1 Ad Card
12 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare2 Legends1 FoilThe Prismatic Piper1 Ad Card

There are three common runs: A, B, and C. Packs have 5-6 A cards followed by 5-6 B cards and 2 C cards. Ignoring Prismatic Pipers, half of packs have 5 A and 6 B, and the other half have 6 A and 5 B. Pipers can displace a card from any run. This will never result in 4 A cards or 4 B cards, but it can result in 1 C card.

The A and B runs each contain 60 distinct cards (each appearing twice), and the C run contains the remaining 21 commons. Without Prismatic Pipers, this makes C commons too likely. Assuming Pipers appear in 1/6 of packs (a claim discussed further in regard to the Belgian printing), 25/47 of Pipers should displace C cards (with the rest evenly divided between A and B) to ensure all commons are equally rare. The C common run appears to repeat after ever card appears once. (Because of this repetition, though, it is hard to confirm I have seen the full sheet.)

In a string of 22 consecutive packs, the A and B runs are likely to each go through exactly 120 cards plus one Prismatic Piper. This means they often repeat exactly on a pack boundary within the same box. In the same 22 packs, the C run is likely to go through 42 cards plus two Prismatic Pipers meaning it will also repeat at the same time. As a consequence, it is relatively common for the first two and last two packs in a box to have identical or nearly identical commons.

The 80 non-legendary uncommons are divided into an A run and a B run. Packs contain either two A followed by B or one A followed by two B.

The legendary slot collates uncommons, rares, and mythics separately. Uncommons come first followed by the mythic, and the rare is last. There can be at most 1 mythic (confirmed in a tweet by Gavin Verhey) (accompanied by either an uncommon or a rare). There can be two rares in the same pack (which appear to be consecutive cards from the same run). If there are two uncommons in the same pack, they will also be consecutive from the same run. Empirically, the average number of uncommons per pack in my observation was very close to 1.5 which makes these uncommons about as rare as the non-legendary uncommons.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Spontaneous MutationHowling GolemBrazen FreebooterAqueous FormCrow of Dark TidingsSkyraker GiantKitesail CorsairGift of ParadiseImpulsive PilfererGalestrikeBriarblade Adept
Dragon EggPrying EyesDispeller's CapsuleIvy Lane DenizenRenegade TacticsStrategic PlanningSpark HarvestRipscale PredatorScholar of StarsLifecrafter's GiftWelding Sparks
Flood of RecollectionCorpse ChurnSparktongue DragonScrapdiver SerpentCrushing VinesDragon MantleKitesail SkirmisherJalum TomeMakeshift MunitionsAven SurveyorAngelic Gift
Dhund OperativeUndying RageRun Away TogetherArmory of IroasWild CelebrantsProsperous PiratesBladebrandChampion of the FlameForceful DenialHaunted CloakCrimson Fleet Commodore
Aqueous FormDefiant SalvagerPortent of BetrayalTrove TrackerMolder BeastGoblin TrailblazerSailor of MeansDoomed TravelerValakut InvokerPreordainSoul's Might
Crow of Dark TidingsRummaging GoblinDeranged AssistantUniversal SolventBoarding PartyOmenspeakerInspiring RoarSkyraker GiantGalestrikeBriarblade AdeptBrazen Freebooter
Kitesail CorsairGift of ParadiseImpulsive PilfererPrying EyesHowling GolemDragon EggSpontaneous MutationDispeller's CapsuleCorpse ChurnRenegade TacticsScholar of Stars
Lifecrafter's GiftWelding SparksKitesail SkirmisherArmory of IroasRipscale PredatorStrategic PlanningSpark HarvestSparktongue DragonFlood of RecollectionIvy Lane DenizenDragon Mantle
Prosperous PiratesJalum TomeChampion of the FlameAven SurveyorAngelic GiftDhund OperativeUndying RageRun Away TogetherCrushing VinesPortent of BetrayalForceful Denial
Doomed TravelerMakeshift MunitionsTrove TrackerHaunted CloakWild CelebrantsScrapdiver SerpentMolder BeastGoblin TrailblazerPreordainBladebrandCrimson Fleet Commodore
Sailor of MeansSoul's MightBoarding PartyDeranged AssistantUniversal SolventDefiant SalvagerRummaging GoblinOmenspeakerInspiring RoarValakut Invoker

The B common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Bitter RevelationFiligree FamiliarRaise the AlarmAnnoyed AltisaurEyeblight AssassinFall from FavorKinsbaile CourierElvish VisionarySky DiamondExquisite HuntmasterSlith Ascendant
Fyndhorn ElvesFleshbag MarauderAnointer of ValorScrounging BandarMoss DiamondSanitarium SkeletonStonefurySeraph of DawnAncient AnimusSupernatural StaminaFire Diamond
Squad CaptainWildheart InvokerElvish DoomsayerAzure Fleet AdmiralNinth Bridge PatrolSentinel SpiderFoundry InspectorGhastly DemiseAngel of the DawnLys Alana BowmasterEyeblight Cullers
Kor CartographerSilverback ShamanSeer's LanternPhyrexian RagerFiery CannonadeSkywhaler's ShotFin-Clade FugitivesThorn of the Black RosePilgrim's EyeCage of HandsEntourage of Trest
Maalfeld TwinsSkaab GoliathCourt Street DenizenAmbush ViperMarble DiamondBitter RevelationPalace SentinelsFarhaven ElfEyeblight MassacreAncestral BladeFertilid
Charcoal DiamondViscera SeerSoul's FireKinsbaile CourierWildsizeEyeblight AssassinFiligree FamiliarCaptain's CallAnnoyed AltisaurSanitarium SkeletonFall from Favor
Slith AscendantElvish VisionarySky DiamondFleshbag MarauderRaise the AlarmFyndhorn ElvesMurderAnointer of ValorScrounging BandarMoss DiamondExquisite Huntmaster
Seraph of DawnStonefuryAncient AnimusSupernatural StaminaFire DiamondSquad CaptainWildheart InvokerElvish DoomsayerAzure Fleet AdmiralAngel of the DawnSentinel Spider
Foundry InspectorPhyrexian RagerNinth Bridge PatrolLys Alana BowmasterGhastly DemiseKor CartographerSilverback ShamanSeer's LanternEyeblight CullersFiery CannonadeSkywhaler's Shot
Fin-Clade FugitivesEyeblight MassacrePilgrim's EyeCage of HandsEntourage of TrestMaalfeld TwinsSkaab GoliathPalace SentinelsAmbush ViperMarble DiamondThorn of the Black Rose
Court Street DenizenFertilidMurderAncestral BladeWildsizeCharcoal DiamondViscera SeerSoul's FireCaptain's CallFarhaven Elf

The C common run consists of 21 different cards. It appears to repeat every 21 cards, though this is hard to confirm. I have observed one example of a skip from Path of Ancestry to Staunch Throneguard, but 2 missing cards don't seem to make sense with a normal sheet size. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Perilous MyrTerramorphic ExpanseIona's JudgmentLumengrid GargoyleArmillary SphereCommand TowerSpectral SearchlightMaelstrom ColossusCommander's SphereTrusty PackbeastPath of Ancestry
Workshop AssistantProphetic PrismStaunch ThroneguardOpal PalacePirate's CutlassBenevolent BlessingAmorphous AxeRupture SpireNatural ReclamationSisay's Ring

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 40 non-legendary uncommons each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Furnace CelebrationSiren StormtamerOpen the ArmoryGolem ArtisanCoastline MaraudersWarden of Evos IsleFencing AceVow of WildnessLightning-Rig CrewHorizon ScholarVow of Duty
Ingenuity EngineExplosion of RichesSupreme WillOrzhov AdvokistPennon BladeVow of LightningThirst for KnowledgeIntangible VirtueCodex ShredderHumble DefectorInterpret the Signs
Make a StandBurnished HartMeteoric MaceVow of FlightKangee's LieutenantMindless AutomatonBurning AngerSkilled AnimatorOpen the ArmoryGolem ArtisanFathom Fleet Swordjack
Scholar of the AgesReturn to DustVow of TormentFurnace CelebrationWarden of Evos IsleVow of DutyIngenuity EngineVolcanic DragonDaring SaboteurFirst ResponseNull Caller
Explosion of RichesSiren StormtamerFaith's FettersAngelic ArmamentsCoastline MaraudersThirst for KnowledgeMake a StandPennon BladeLightning-Rig CrewHorizon ScholarFencing Ace
Burnished HartVow of LightningSupreme WillOrzhov AdvokistVow of WildnessHumble DefectorInterpret the SignsIntangible VirtueCodex ShredderMeteoric MaceSkilled Animator
Open the ArmoryMindless AutomatonBurning AngerScholar of the AgesKangee's LieutenantGolem ArtisanFathom Fleet SwordjackVow of FlightReturn to DustVow of TormentFurnace Celebration
Warden of Evos IsleFirst ResponseAngelic ArmamentsVolcanic DragonSiren StormtamerVow of DutyIngenuity EngineExplosion of RichesDaring SaboteurFaith's FettersPennon Blade
Vow of LightningThirst for KnowledgeFencing AceNull CallerLightning-Rig CrewSupreme WillOrzhov AdvokistVow of WildnessCoastline MaraudersHorizon ScholarMake a Stand
Burnished HartHumble DefectorInterpret the SignsIntangible VirtueCodex ShredderMeteoric MaceSkilled AnimatorKangee's LieutenantMindless AutomatonBurning AngerVow of Flight
Return to DustVow of TormentFathom Fleet SwordjackScholar of the AgesFirst ResponseAngelic ArmamentsVolcanic DragonDaring SaboteurFaith's FettersNull Caller

The B uncommon run consists of 40 non-legendary uncommons each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Imperious PerfectPride of the PerfectGrafted WargearStingerfling SpiderDemonic LoreBrass HeraldVolcanic TorrentReclamation SageMask of MemoryGilt-Leaf WinnowerHero's Blade
Ordeal of NyleaSlaughter the StrongVictimizeArmorcraft JudgeGuildless CommonsDreamstone HedronFeast of SuccessionArcane SignetScaled BehemothConfiscateCuombajj Witches
Frenzied SaddlebruteMonstrous OnslaughtNadier's NightbladeLoreseeker's StoneStrength of the PackSunset PyramidNoxious DragonShimmer MyrSifter WurmMerchant RaidersSandstone Oracle
Cast DownImperious PerfectThought VesselHunter's InsightGilt-Leaf WinnowerGrafted WargearPatron of the ValiantThree VisitsRevenantBrass HeraldVolcanic Torrent
Reclamation SageMeteor GolemPride of the PerfectOrdeal of NyleaMask of MemoryFeast of SuccessionHero's BladeStingerfling SpiderDreamstone HedronDemonic LoreMonstrous Onslaught
Slaughter the StrongScaled BehemothLoreseeker's StoneVictimizeArcane SignetArmorcraft JudgeCuombajj WitchesSunset PyramidConfiscateSifter WurmShimmer Myr
Noxious DragonGuildless CommonsSandstone OracleGilt-Leaf WinnowerStrength of the PackFrenzied SaddlebruteThought VesselNadier's NightbladeHunter's InsightMerchant RaidersThree Visits
Meteor GolemCast DownGrafted WargearImperious PerfectRevenantBrass HeraldStingerfling SpiderPride of the PerfectMask of MemoryPatron of the ValiantReclamation Sage
Hero's BladeFeast of SuccessionArcane SignetOrdeal of NyleaVolcanic TorrentDemonic LoreMonstrous OnslaughtSlaughter the StrongGuildless CommonsVictimizeLoreseeker's Stone
Scaled BehemothConfiscateCuombajj WitchesDreamstone HedronArmorcraft JudgeNadier's NightbladeSunset PyramidStrength of the PackFrenzied SaddlebruteShimmer MyrNoxious Dragon
Sifter WurmMerchant RaidersSandstone OracleCast DownThree VisitsPatron of the ValiantHunter's InsightMeteor GolemRevenantThought Vessel

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses sequential collation.

Packs are front-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by two legendary cards, a foil, and an ad card. There are 13 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. The legendary cards may be additional uncommons, rares, or mythics. If The Prismatic Piper appears, it will appear after the foil, displacing a common.

13 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land2 Legends1 Foil1 Ad Card
12 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land2 Legends1 FoilThe Prismatic Piper1 Ad Card

There are three common runs: A, B1, and B2. Half of packs contain cards from A and B1 and the other half have A and B2. In either case, there are 5-6 cards from A followed by 7-8 card from B. Half of packs have 5 A cards and half have 6 A cards (independent of B1 versus B2). If The Prismatic Piper appears, it displaces a B card (which can be B1 or B2).

The A common run contains 60 different cards each appearing twice plus one copy of the short-printed common, Jalum Tome. The B1 common run contains 40 different cards each appearing three times plus one copy of Jalum Tome. The B2 common run contains an additional 40 different cards (and probably one filler). This makes Jalum Tome a 5/6 short print (which is the same short-printing rate that occurs in many 101 common printings).

If The Prismatic Piper appears in 1/6 of packs, a number given as (approximately) by official sources, and ignoring the short-printed common, all other commons are equally rare. Because the short-printed common appears in A and B1 but not B2, B2 cards should be a bit more common. (This could partly mitigated by putting more Pipers in B2 packs, but this is purely speculation.)

The 80 non-legendary uncommons are divided into an A run and a B run. Packs contain either two A followed by B or one A followed by two B.

Like the US printing, the legendary slot collates uncommons, rares, and mythics separately. Rares come first followed by uncommons, and the mythic is last. Otherwise, the behavior appears to be the same as the US printing (with different runs).

In the normal rare slot, mythics and rares appear to share sheets, so it seems likely that each rare appears twice as often as each mythic (which divides evenly into 121 card sheets).

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice plus Jalum Tome, the short-printed common. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Deranged AssistantImpulsive PilfererFin-Clade FugitivesExquisite HuntmasterArmory of IroasCage of HandsScrapdiver SerpentValakut InvokerElvish VisionaryBriarblade AdeptCaptain's Call
Strategic PlanningRummaging GoblinWildsizeDhund OperativeDispeller's CapsuleRun Away TogetherPortent of BetrayalGift of ParadiseSanitarium SkeletonDoomed TravelerSailor of Means
Renegade TacticsCrushing VinesViscera SeerInspiring RoarAven SurveyorUndying RageIvy Lane DenizenExquisite HuntmasterHaunted CloakKor CartographerPreordain
Portent of BetrayalLifecrafter's GiftSupernatural StaminaTrusty PackbeastFlood of RecollectionDragon EggHowling GolemAmbush ViperBladebrandCage of HandsProsperous Pirates
Renegade TacticsFertilidDefiant SalvagerArmory of IroasSquad CaptainDeranged AssistantUndying RageGift of ParadiseSpark HarvestBenevolent BlessingAqueous Form
Crushing VinesGoblin TrailblazerMaalfeld TwinsKor CartographerKitesail CorsairValakut InvokerFertilidDoomed TravelerDhund OperativeFoundry InspectorAqueous Form
Skyraker GiantSoul's MightDefiant SalvagerHowling GolemTrusty PackbeastRun Away TogetherDragon MantleAmbush ViperBriarblade AdeptRaise the AlarmPreordain
Impulsive PilfererFin-Clade FugitivesBladebrandSquad CaptainUniversal SolventSailor of MeansDragon EggLifecrafter's GiftMaalfeld TwinsAngelic GiftProsperous Pirates
Crimson Fleet CommodoreSoul's MightElvish DoomsayerBenevolent BlessingScrapdiver SerpentSkyraker GiantHaunted CloakWildsizeSupernatural StaminaInspiring RoarJalum Tome
Flood of RecollectionElvish VisionaryDragon MantleSanitarium SkeletonCaptain's CallStrategic PlanningFoundry InspectorGoblin TrailblazerNatural ReclamationSpark HarvestRaise the Alarm
Kitesail CorsairCrimson Fleet CommodoreUniversal SolventIvy Lane DenizenElvish DoomsayerDispeller's CapsuleAven SurveyorRummaging GoblinNatural ReclamationViscera SeerAngelic Gift

The B1 common run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times plus Jalum Tome, the short-printed common. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Pirate's CutlassEntourage of TrestPhyrexian RagerRupture SpireSparktongue DragonFall from FavorSkywhaler's ShotMolder BeastCharcoal DiamondCrow of Dark TidingsMoss Diamond
Brazen FreebooterFyndhorn ElvesForceful DenialAncestral BladeJalum TomeEyeblight AssassinSpectral SearchlightFiery CannonadeScrounging BandarFire DiamondSpontaneous Mutation
Anointer of ValorWorkshop AssistantCrow of Dark TidingsWelding SparksSky DiamondBitter RevelationFyndhorn ElvesScholar of StarsSkywhaler's ShotArmillary SphereFiery Cannonade
Seer's LanternSilverback ShamanOpal PalaceGhastly DemiseKitesail SkirmisherAncestral BladeSparktongue DragonMoss DiamondAncient AnimusEyeblight AssassinMaelstrom Colossus
Makeshift MunitionsForceful DenialAnointer of ValorPirate's CutlassEntourage of TrestCrow of Dark TidingsCharcoal DiamondBrazen FreebooterFall from FavorMolder BeastPalace Sentinels
Workshop AssistantEyeblight MassacreArmillary SphereStonefuryScrounging BandarSky DiamondScholar of StarsSkywhaler's ShotSpectral SearchlightPhyrexian RagerRupture Spire
Welding SparksFyndhorn ElvesFire DiamondSpontaneous MutationPalace SentinelsBitter RevelationMoss DiamondMakeshift MunitionsSilverback ShamanSeer's LanternGhastly Demise
Opal PalaceFall from FavorKinsbaile CourierSparktongue DragonAncient AnimusMaelstrom ColossusEyeblight AssassinPirate's CutlassBrazen FreebooterKitesail SkirmisherAncestral Blade
Molder BeastSpectral SearchlightEyeblight MassacreCharcoal DiamondWelding SparksEntourage of TrestForceful DenialAnointer of ValorRupture SpirePhyrexian RagerMakeshift Munitions
Sky DiamondScrounging BandarGhastly DemiseSpontaneous MutationKinsbaile CourierWorkshop AssistantStonefuryArmillary SphereSilverback ShamanSeer's LanternEyeblight Massacre
Scholar of StarsPalace SentinelsOpal PalaceFiery CannonadeMaelstrom ColossusAncient AnimusBitter RevelationFire DiamondKitesail SkirmisherKinsbaile CourierStonefury

The B2 common run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Path of AncestrySeraph of DawnChampion of the FlameAngel of the DawnPrying EyesMarble DiamondAnnoyed AltisaurCourt Street DenizenLumengrid GargoyleOmenspeakerBoarding Party
Eyeblight CullersPerilous MyrFarhaven ElfCorpse ChurnFiligree FamiliarGalestrikeSoul's FireSentinel SpiderMurderCommand TowerNinth Bridge Patrol
Commander's SphereSkaab GoliathAmorphous AxePilgrim's EyeRipscale PredatorThorn of the Black RoseStaunch ThroneguardSlith AscendantTerramorphic ExpanseTrove TrackerLys Alana Bowmaster
Prophetic PrismWild CelebrantsMurderIona's JudgmentMarble DiamondOmenspeakerWildheart InvokerSisay's RingSeraph of DawnPath of AncestrySoul's Fire
Fleshbag MarauderPrying EyesAnnoyed AltisaurLumengrid GargoyleCourt Street DenizenPerilous MyrGalestrikeChampion of the FlameAngel of the DawnSentinel SpiderStaunch Throneguard
Ninth Bridge PatrolFiligree FamiliarTrove TrackerFarhaven ElfBoarding PartyEyeblight CullersTerramorphic ExpanseSlith AscendantOmenspeakerPilgrim's EyeAmorphous Axe
Seraph of DawnWild CelebrantsFleshbag MarauderCommand TowerSkaab GoliathCommander's SphereWildheart InvokerSisay's RingNinth Bridge PatrolRipscale PredatorMurder
Path of AncestryAzure Fleet AdmiralLumengrid GargoyleAnnoyed AltisaurIona's JudgmentProphetic PrismChampion of the FlameFleshbag MarauderSkaab GoliathPerilous MyrFarhaven Elf
Slith AscendantTerramorphic ExpansePrying EyesSoul's FireThorn of the Black RoseSentinel SpiderFiligree FamiliarCorpse ChurnMarble DiamondGalestrikeLys Alana Bowmaster
Boarding PartyAngel of the DawnCourt Street DenizenStaunch ThroneguardAzure Fleet AdmiralAmorphous AxeProphetic PrismWild CelebrantsEyeblight CullersCommand TowerCorpse Churn
Trove TrackerPilgrim's EyeIona's JudgmentLys Alana BowmasterRipscale PredatorThorn of the Black RoseCommander's SphereAzure Fleet AdmiralSisay's RingWildheart Invoker

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 40 non-legendary uncommons each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Thirst for KnowledgeMonstrous OnslaughtMask of MemoryNadier's NightbladeVow of LightningSkilled AnimatorHunter's InsightVolcanic DragonVow of FlightFirst ResponseSandstone Oracle
Demonic LoreMake a StandInterpret the SignsRevenantCodex ShredderFathom Fleet SwordjackBrass HeraldLightning-Rig CrewOpen the ArmoryGolem ArtisanFurnace Celebration
Faith's FettersVow of WildnessGuildless CommonsThirst for KnowledgeNull CallerSunset PyramidScholar of the AgesReturn to DustMindless AutomatonCoastline MaraudersVow of Torment
Sifter WurmSkilled AnimatorMask of MemoryVow of DutyCast DownStrength of the PackAngelic ArmamentsFirst ResponseReclamation SageNadier's NightbladeGolem Artisan
Monstrous OnslaughtVow of FlightSandstone OracleHunter's InsightVow of LightningHero's BladeDemonic LoreFathom Fleet SwordjackSunset PyramidMake a StandDaring Saboteur
RevenantGuildless CommonsOpen the ArmoryFurnace CelebrationMask of MemoryReturn to DustCodex ShredderThirst for KnowledgeFaith's FettersNull CallerBrass Herald
Volcanic DragonVow of WildnessScholar of the AgesHero's BladeLightning-Rig CrewReclamation SageVow of DutySandstone OracleInterpret the SignsVow of TormentCoastline Marauders
Monstrous OnslaughtGolem ArtisanMake a StandSifter WurmDaring SaboteurAngelic ArmamentsNadier's NightbladeSkilled AnimatorGuildless CommonsVow of WildnessFaith's Fetters
Sunset PyramidCast DownFathom Fleet SwordjackVow of FlightMindless AutomatonDemonic LoreInterpret the SignsLightning-Rig CrewFirst ResponseNull CallerStrength of the Pack
Furnace CelebrationBrass HeraldRevenantVow of LightningHunter's InsightVolcanic DragonCodex ShredderScholar of the AgesSifter WurmReturn to DustVow of Torment
Coastline MaraudersHero's BladeOpen the ArmoryReclamation SageDaring SaboteurAngelic ArmamentsCast DownStrength of the PackMindless AutomatonVow of Duty

The B uncommon run consists of 40 non-legendary uncommons each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Pennon BladeIntangible VirtueImperious PerfectBurning AngerArcane SignetGilt-Leaf WinnowerSupreme WillFencing AceThought VesselScaled BehemothOrzhov Advokist
Loreseeker's StoneCuombajj WitchesHorizon ScholarStingerfling SpiderShimmer MyrExplosion of RichesSlaughter the StrongGrafted WargearSiren StormtamerVolcanic TorrentVictimize
Warden of Evos IsleFrenzied SaddlebruteThree VisitsIngenuity EngineMerchant RaidersIntangible VirtueHumble DefectorArmorcraft JudgeMeteoric MaceMeteor GolemKangee's Lieutenant
Scaled BehemothPride of the PerfectConfiscateBurning AngerBurnished HartNoxious DragonOrdeal of NyleaLoreseeker's StoneFencing AceFeast of SuccessionHorizon Scholar
Imperious PerfectGrafted WargearPatron of the ValiantThree VisitsDreamstone HedronVolcanic TorrentSupreme WillOrzhov AdvokistArmorcraft JudgeMeteoric MaceSlaughter the Strong
VictimizePennon BladeGilt-Leaf WinnowerSiren StormtamerIntangible VirtueMeteor GolemWarden of Evos IsleExplosion of RichesNoxious DragonIngenuity EngineHumble Defector
Stingerfling SpiderArcane SignetFrenzied SaddlebrutePatron of the ValiantCuombajj WitchesThought VesselMerchant RaidersShimmer MyrKangee's LieutenantImperious PerfectPride of the Perfect
Grafted WargearConfiscateScaled BehemothDreamstone HedronFeast of SuccessionBurning AngerOrzhov AdvokistLoreseeker's StoneHorizon ScholarThree VisitsSlaughter the Strong
Ordeal of NyleaArcane SignetVolcanic TorrentVictimizePennon BladeArmorcraft JudgeSupreme WillBurnished HartGilt-Leaf WinnowerShimmer MyrFrenzied Saddlebrute
Siren StormtamerThought VesselNoxious DragonExplosion of RichesFencing AceMeteor GolemWarden of Evos IslePride of the PerfectDreamstone HedronPatron of the ValiantCuombajj Witches
Ingenuity EngineMerchant RaidersMeteoric MaceKangee's LieutenantStingerfling SpiderBurning AngerHumble DefectorFeast of SuccessionOrdeal of NyleaConfiscate

The legendary uncommon run consists of 40 legendary uncommon creatures each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Siani, Eye of the StormDargo, the ShipwreckerGilanra, Caller of WirewoodNadier, Agent of the DuskenelKeleth, Sunmane FamiliarJuri, Master of the RevueGhost of Ramirez DePietroAlena, Kessig TrapperHalana, Kessig RangerFalthis, Shadowcat FamiliarAlharu, Solemn Ritualist
Reyav, Master SmithBrinelin, the Moon KrakenKediss, Emberclaw FamiliarSlurrk, All-IngestingAraumi of the Dead TideArmix, Filigree ThrasherArdenn, Intrepid ArchaeologistHamza, Guardian of ArashinGlacian, Powerstone EngineerBreeches, Brazen PlundererIch-Tekik, Salvage Splicer
Abomination of LlanowarTormod, the DesecratorPrava of the Steel LegionKangee, Sky WardenMalcolm, Keen-Eyed NavigatorToggo, Goblin WeaponsmithSlurrk, All-IngestingNadier, Agent of the DuskenelRebbec, Architect of AscensionTuya BearclawGhost of Ramirez DePietro
Rograkh, Son of RohgahhImoti, Celebrant of BountyGilanra, Caller of WirewoodMiara, Thorn of the GladeRadiant, Serra ArchangelThalisse, Reverent MediumEsior, Wardwing FamiliarDargo, the ShipwreckerNuma, Joraga ChieftainAbomination of LlanowarMiara, Thorn of the Glade
Alharu, Solemn RitualistKangee, Sky WardenBrinelin, the Moon KrakenAlena, Kessig TrapperCaptain Vargus WrathAnara, Wolvid FamiliarArmix, Filigree ThrasherKeleth, Sunmane FamiliarTuya BearclawSiani, Eye of the StormToggo, Goblin Weaponsmith
Halana, Kessig RangerHamza, Guardian of ArashinKeskit, the Flesh SculptorRadiant, Serra ArchangelThalisse, Reverent MediumGlacian, Powerstone EngineerKediss, Emberclaw FamiliarAnara, Wolvid FamiliarTormod, the DesecratorArdenn, Intrepid ArchaeologistJuri, Master of the Revue
Esior, Wardwing FamiliarBreeches, Brazen PlundererAraumi of the Dead TideHalana, Kessig RangerFalthis, Shadowcat FamiliarRebbec, Architect of AscensionImoti, Celebrant of BountyBrinelin, the Moon KrakenRograkh, Son of RohgahhGilanra, Caller of WirewoodNadier, Agent of the Duskenel
Ardenn, Intrepid ArchaeologistTuya BearclawSiani, Eye of the StormDargo, the ShipwreckerNuma, Joraga ChieftainReyav, Master SmithKeskit, the Flesh SculptorPrava of the Steel LegionAraumi of the Dead TideGhost of Ramirez DePietroRograkh, Son of Rohgahh
Slurrk, All-IngestingCaptain Vargus WrathMiara, Thorn of the GladeRebbec, Architect of AscensionJuri, Master of the RevueMalcolm, Keen-Eyed NavigatorKediss, Emberclaw FamiliarIch-Tekik, Salvage SplicerTormod, the DesecratorKeleth, Sunmane FamiliarAbomination of Llanowar
Malcolm, Keen-Eyed NavigatorAlena, Kessig TrapperCaptain Vargus WrathNuma, Joraga ChieftainFalthis, Shadowcat FamiliarPrava of the Steel LegionHamza, Guardian of ArashinGlacian, Powerstone EngineerBreeches, Brazen PlundererReyav, Master SmithIch-Tekik, Salvage Splicer
Keskit, the Flesh SculptorImoti, Celebrant of BountyAlharu, Solemn RitualistEsior, Wardwing FamiliarToggo, Goblin WeaponsmithThalisse, Reverent MediumAnara, Wolvid FamiliarArmix, Filigree ThrasherRadiant, Serra ArchangelKangee, Sky Warden

Token Run

The marketing cards in Commander Legends have a token (or Monarch card) on the front face. They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times.

The MonarchSoldierZombieSpiritThe MonarchSalamander WarriorCopyElf WarriorTreasureDragonCopy
TreasureElf WarriorThe MonarchZombieSoldierGolemThe MonarchAngelSpiritThe MonarchSoldier
CopyRockSpiritTreasureThrullZombieSalamander WarriorCopyElf WarriorThe MonarchTreasure
Elf WarriorSoldierSpiritThe MonarchGolemThe MonarchZombieCopySoldierTreasureElf Warrior
CopySpiritRockZombieTreasureDragonThe MonarchElf WarriorSalamander WarriorSoldierCopy
The MonarchElf WarriorCopyGolemZombieSoldierTreasureHorrorCopySpiritTreasure
The MonarchAngelElf WarriorSoldierThrullZombieSoldierCopySalamander WarriorCopyThe Monarch
TreasureCopyGolemTreasureElf WarriorThe MonarchZombieSoldierTreasureRockCopy
The MonarchSpiritTreasureCopyZombieCopyElf WarriorSoldierTreasureSpiritThe Monarch
ZombieSoldierSalamander WarriorThe MonarchThrullElf WarriorGolemThe MonarchRockCopyZombie
TreasureHorrorCopyElf WarriorTreasureSpiritSoldierThe MonarchZombieSoldierSoldier

Token Rarity
AngelAngel × 2DragonDragon × 2HorrorHorror × 2
ThrullThrull × 3RockRock × 4GolemGolem × 5
Salamander WarriorSalamander Warrior × 5SpiritSpirit × 9Elf WarriorElf Warrior × 12
ZombieZombie × 12SoldierSoldier × 15TreasureTreasure × 15
CopyCopy × 17The MonarchThe Monarch × 18

Tokens (With Reverse Side)
  1. The Monarch // Locator
  2. Soldier // MTGO
  3. Zombie // Ultra PRO
  4. Spirit // MTGO
  5. The Monarch // Locator
  6. Salamander Warrior // Locator
  7. Copy // FNM
  8. Elf Warrior // Ultra PRO
  9. Treasure // FNM
  10. Dragon // MTGO
  11. Copy // Ultra PRO
  12. Treasure // MTGO
  13. Elf Warrior // Locator
  14. The Monarch // Locator
  15. Zombie // FNM
  16. Soldier // Ultra PRO
  17. Golem // FNM
  18. The Monarch // Locator
  19. Angel // MTGO
  20. Spirit // Ultra PRO
  21. The Monarch // Locator
  22. Soldier // FNM
  23. Copy // MTGO
  24. Rock // Locator
  25. Spirit // FNM
  26. Treasure // Ultra PRO
  27. Thrull // FNM
  28. Zombie // MTGO
  29. Salamander Warrior // Ultra PRO
  30. Copy // FNM
  31. Elf Warrior // MTGO
  32. The Monarch // Locator
  33. Treasure // Ultra PRO
  34. Elf Warrior // FNM
  35. Soldier // MTGO
  36. Spirit // Ultra PRO
  37. The Monarch // Locator
  38. Golem // FNM
  39. The Monarch // Locator
  40. Zombie // MTGO
  41. Copy // Ultra PRO
  42. Soldier // FNM
  43. Treasure // MTGO
  44. Elf Warrior // Ultra PRO
  45. Copy // Locator
  46. Spirit // Ultra PRO
  47. Rock // Ultra PRO
  48. Zombie // MTGO
  49. Treasure // Locator
  50. Dragon // FNM
  51. The Monarch // Locator
  52. Elf Warrior // Ultra PRO
  53. Salamander Warrior // FNM
  54. Soldier // MTGO
  55. Copy // Ultra PRO
  56. The Monarch // Locator
  57. Elf Warrior // MTGO
  58. Copy // Locator
  59. Golem // FNM
  60. Zombie // FNM
  61. Soldier // Ultra PRO
  62. Treasure // FNM
  63. Horror // MTGO
  64. Copy // Ultra PRO
  65. Spirit // FNM
  66. Treasure // MTGO
  67. The Monarch // Locator
  68. Angel // Ultra PRO
  69. Elf Warrior // Ultra PRO
  70. Soldier // FNM
  71. Thrull // MTGO
  72. Zombie // FNM
  73. Soldier // MTGO
  74. Copy // Ultra PRO
  75. Salamander Warrior // MTGO
  76. Copy // Locator
  77. The Monarch // Locator
  78. Treasure // Ultra PRO
  79. Copy // Ultra PRO
  80. Golem // FNM
  81. Treasure // MTGO
  82. Elf Warrior // FNM
  83. The Monarch // Locator
  84. Zombie // MTGO
  85. Soldier // Ultra PRO
  86. Treasure // MTGO
  87. Rock // Locator
  88. Copy // FNM
  89. The Monarch // Locator
  90. Spirit // FNM
  91. Treasure // Ultra PRO
  92. Copy // FNM
  93. Zombie // MTGO
  94. Copy // Ultra PRO
  95. Elf Warrior // MTGO
  96. Soldier // Locator
  97. Treasure // Locator
  98. Spirit // FNM
  99. The Monarch // Locator
  100. Zombie // FNM
  101. Soldier // MTGO
  102. Salamander Warrior // Ultra PRO
  103. The Monarch // Locator
  104. Thrull // MTGO
  105. Elf Warrior // Locator
  106. Golem // FNM
  107. The Monarch // Locator
  108. Rock // Ultra PRO
  109. Copy // FNM
  110. Zombie // MTGO
  111. Treasure // FNM
  112. Horror // MTGO
  113. Copy // Ultra PRO
  114. Elf Warrior // MTGO
  115. Treasure // Locator
  116. Spirit // FNM
  117. Soldier // Ultra PRO
  118. The Monarch // Locator
  119. Zombie // FNM
  120. Soldier // MTGO
  121. Soldier // Ultra PRO