Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate Collation

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate is an extra-large set with 141 commons, 120 uncommons (30 of which are legendary creatures), 77 rares (25 of which are legendary creatures), 22 mythic rares (5 of which are legendary creatures or planeswalkers that can be your commander), and one card of special rarity (Faceless One).

Draft boosters of Baldur's Gate have 20 cards (and an additional ad card). Draft booster boxes have 24 packs. Each draft booster has a background card, at least one legendary creature (or planeswalker that can be your commander), and a foil card. Draft boosters are printed in Belgium.

Belgian Draft Booster Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses sequential collation.

Packs are front-facing and start with 13 commons. Then, there are 2-3 non-legendary uncommons. Next are the legendary creatures, planeswalkers, and backgrounds. Uncommon and mythic legendaries come first, then backgrounds, then rare legendaries. There is always one background, but there can be 1-2 legendaries. There can be two uncommon legendaries; there can be a rare legendary with or without an uncommon legendary; or there can be a mythic legendary which (probably) cannot be in the same pack as another legendary. The background card can be of any rarity independent of the other legendaries. After these cards is a rare (that is not a legendary creature or planeswalker), a foil, and then an ad card. If Faceless One appears, it will appear as the last common. (If it is possible to get more than one (non-foil) rare and/or mythic rare legendary creature and/or planeswalker, I haven't observed it.)

13 Commons3 Uncommons1 U. Legendary1 Background1 Rare1 Foil1 Ad Card
13 Commons3 Uncommons1 Background1 R. Legendary1 Rare1 Foil1 Ad Card
13 Commons3 Uncommons1 M. Legendary1 Background1 Rare1 Foil1 Ad Card
13 Commons2 U.2 U. Legendary1 Background1 Rare1 Foil1 Ad Card
13 Commons2 U.1 U. Legendary1 Background1 R. Legendary1 Rare1 Foil1 Ad Card

There are three common runs. Both the A and C runs have 60 different cards (each appearing twice) plus one copy of a shared 61st card, Heap Gate. The B run has 15 different cards (each appearing eight times). Each pack contains 5-6 A cards followed by 1-2 B cards and 5-6 C cards. Additionally, packs will have 0-1 copies of Faceless One which acts like a D common run (although this card is probably not the same rarity as actual commons). Faceless One probably occurs in about 1/6 of packs (matching the assumed rarity of The Prismatic Piper in the original Commander Legends set). I have not recorded Faceless One in a pack with 2 B commons. Assuming these things hold and assuming symmetry between A and C (empirically plausible), then, mathematically, assuming common cards from different runs have equal rarities, in packs without Faceless One, 5 A packs should appear 663/2570 of the time, 1 B packs should appear 622/1285 of the time, and 5 C packs should appear 663/2570 of the time.

Commons with showcase treatments appear in the B run wherein 2 out of 8 copies are the showcase version.

There are two non-legendary uncommon runs. The A run has 60 different cards (each appearing twice) and the B run has 15 different cards (probably each appearing eight times). Each packs has 2-3 cards from A and B together which breaks down as 2-3 A cards followed by 0-1 B cards. The exact breakdown of cards in these slots is also interdependent with what happens in the legendary slots, so it can be complicated, but the empirical rate of 3 A packs is very low (31 observed out of 30 boxes), and it seems empirically plausible that uncommons from A and B have the same rarity (which means that B cards appear at a rate slightly above 1/2). Cards with showcase treatments appear here in the B run wherein (probably) 2 out of the 8 copies are the showcase version.

There is one run of legendary (non-background) uncommons. There are 30 cards in this run (with each appearing four times). Pack get 1-2 cards from this one (as part of 1-2 total legendary creatures and/or planeswalkers). It seems empirically implausible that these uncommons have the same rarity as non-legendary uncommons; probably their as-fan is a bit higher. The chance of a rare or mythic rare legendary creature or planeswalker is given by Wizards as 31% [1] (closely matching my empirical observation of 224/720 with 19 being mythic rare). Even with knowledge of this rate and a characterization of the non-legendary uncommons, there is still a gap to understanding the distribution of these cards because of correlations of the rarities of the legendary cards with the non-legendary runs. Mythic rare legendary creatures and planeswalkers seem to only appear in packs with a B uncommon. Rare legendary creatures can appear in all pack types (with a B uncommon, with 3 A uncommons, or with a legendary uncommon), so perhaps there is no correlation in this case.

AAAU. Legendary
AAAR. Legendary
AABU. Legendary
AABR. Legendary
AABM. Legendary
AAU. LegendaryU. Legendary
AAU. LegendaryR. Legendary

Each legendary uncommon has a showcase treatment that appears as one of its four copies.

The backgrounds of all rarities are mixed together in one run. This has ten copies of each of the five common backgrounds, four copies of each of the fifteen uncommon backgrounds, and two copies of each of the five rare backgrounds.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice plus one copy of Heap Gate. Other than Heap Gate, the cards appear in a repeating pattern of green, blue, black, white, red. I've chosen to put Heap Gate at the end to emphasize this pattern.

Nature's LorePsychic ImpetusAtrocious ExperimentBane's InvokerBhaal's InvokerScaled NurturerKenku ArtificerGhastly Death TyrantScouting HawkHoarding OgreAmbitious Dragonborn
Dream FractureMurderMinimus ContainmentEarth TremorSilvanus's InvokerGray Harbor MerfolkDeadly DisputeGreatsword of TyrYoung Red Dragon // Bathe in GoldBand TogetherYoung Blue Dragon // Sand Augury
Armor of ShadowsGuiding BoltFang Dragon // Forktail SweepEttercap // Web ShotTymora's InvokerGhastly Death TyrantBlessed Hippogriff // Tyr's BlessingShiny ImpetusScaled NurturerSword Coast Serpent // Capsizing WaveAtrocious Experiment
Greatsword of TyrPatron of the ArtsNature's LoreWinter EladrinGray Slaad // Entropic DecayRoving HarperHoarding OgreAvenging HunterDraconic LoreArmor of ShadowsIcewind Stalwart
Breath WeaponCircle of the Land DruidPsychic ImpetusVicious BattleragerFlaming Fist OfficerCarnelian Orb of DragonkindDruid of the Emerald GroveDream FractureArms of HadarMinimus ContainmentBhaal's Invoker
Avenging HunterYoung Blue Dragon // Sand AuguryDeadly DisputeBlessed Hippogriff // Tyr's BlessingReckless BarbarianCloakwood SwarmkeeperNimbleclaw AdeptMurderGoliath PaladinStirring BardCarefree Swinemaster
Contact Other PlaneZhentarim BanditIcewind StalwartPatron of the ArtsAmbitious DragonbornGray Harbor MerfolkMyrkul's InvokerTabaxi ToucaneersCoronation of ChaosBand TogetherNimbleclaw Adept
Gray Slaad // Entropic DecayAstral ConfrontationFang Dragon // Forktail SweepCircle of the Land DruidSword Coast Serpent // Capsizing WaveZhentarim BanditFlaming Fist OfficerCarnelian Orb of DragonkindDruid of the Emerald GroveContact Other PlaneChain Devil
Scouting HawkReckless BarbarianEttercap // Web ShotAarakocra SneakMyrkul's EdictTabaxi ToucaneersCoronation of ChaosJade Orb of DragonkindDraconic LoreArms of HadarGuiding Bolt
Stirring BardCarefree SwinemasterKenku ArtificerVicious BattleragerAstral ConfrontationShiny ImpetusSilvanus's InvokerTymora's InvokerMyrkul's InvokerRoving HarperEarth Tremor
Jade Orb of DragonkindAarakocra SneakMyrkul's EdictBane's InvokerYoung Red Dragon // Bathe in GoldCloakwood SwarmkeeperWinter EladrinChain DevilGoliath PaladinBreath WeaponHeap Gate

The B common run consists of 15 different cards each appearing eight times. For cards with a showcase treatment, two of the copies are the showcase version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Prophetic PrismMarble DiamondMarching DuodroneCloak of the BatFire DiamondGoggles of Night (Showcase)Decanter of Endless WaterMoss DiamondCloak of the BatCitadel GateSea Gate
Marble DiamondManor GateSky DiamondDecanter of Endless WaterFire Diamond (Showcase)Prophetic PrismSea GateCitadel GateSky DiamondLightning Bolt (Showcase)Prophetic Prism
Fire DiamondGoggles of NightMarching Duodrone (Showcase)Moss DiamondCliffgateProphetic PrismSea GateCharcoal DiamondCitadel GateSky Diamond (Showcase)Decanter of Endless Water
Lightning BoltMoss DiamondMarching DuodroneSea GateMarble Diamond (Showcase)Cloak of the BatCliffgateManor GateSky DiamondSea GateCloak of the Bat (Showcase)
Charcoal DiamondMarching DuodroneSky DiamondLightning BoltCliffgateGoggles of Night (Showcase)Citadel GateCharcoal DiamondManor GateProphetic PrismFire Diamond
Lightning BoltCharcoal DiamondMarching DuodroneDecanter of Endless Water (Showcase)Lightning BoltMoss DiamondCliffgateCitadel GateMarble DiamondProphetic PrismCharcoal Diamond (Showcase)
Cloak of the BatCliffgateSky DiamondGoggles of NightSea GateFire Diamond (Showcase)Cloak of the BatCharcoal DiamondCitadel GateManor GateCloak of the Bat
Lightning Bolt (Showcase)Fire DiamondCitadel GateCliffgateMarble DiamondMarching DuodroneMoss Diamond (Showcase)Prophetic PrismDecanter of Endless WaterManor GateMarble Diamond
Marching Duodrone (Showcase)Goggles of NightFire DiamondCliffgateCharcoal DiamondDecanter of Endless WaterManor GateCloak of the Bat (Showcase)Moss DiamondDecanter of Endless WaterGoggles of Night
Sky Diamond (Showcase)Sea GateMarble DiamondGoggles of NightLightning BoltDecanter of Endless Water (Showcase)Sky DiamondCitadel GateSea GateMoss DiamondGoggles of Night
Marble Diamond (Showcase)Manor GateProphetic PrismMoss Diamond (Showcase)CliffgateMarching DuodroneCharcoal Diamond (Showcase)Lightning BoltFire DiamondManor Gate

The c common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice plus one copy of Heap Gate. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Undercellar MyconidPseudodragon FamiliarHezrou // Demonic StenchDire MimicYou've Been Caught StealingBlurNavigation OrbColossal Badger // Dig DeepWyrm's Crossing PatrolClockwork FoxPoison the Blade
Stunning StrikeSummon UndeadPilgrim's EyeBlack Dragon GateDruidic RitualSea Hag // Aquatic IngressParasitic ImpetusPegasus Guardian // Rescue the FoalInsufferable BalladeerPredatory ImpetusBasilisk Gate
Mold FolkGuardian Naga // Banishing CoilsTiamat's FanaticsNimblewright SchematicRun Away TogetherUnderdark ExplorerDire MimicWarehouse ThiefCommand TowerDragonborn LooterGuildsworn Prowler
You're Confronted by RobbersUniversal SolventPredatory ImpetusStunning StrikeMold FolkJavelin of LightningLantern of RevealingBronze WalrusEvolving WildsSummon UndeadSteadfast Unicorn
Wayfarer's BaubleHeap GateMyconid Spore TenderLantern of RevealingNefarious ImpIngenious ArtilleristTrailblazer's TorchDread Linnorm // Scale DeflectionRun Away TogetherPrized StatueMarut
Pack AttackLurking Green DragonUniversal SolventChardalyn DragonRecruitment DriveNimblewright SchematicGenasi EnforcersOceanus DragonThieves' ToolsYour Temple Is Under AttackJavelin of Lightning
Undercellar MyconidLapis Orb of DragonkindStirgeGuardian Naga // Banishing CoilsYou've Been Caught StealingDawnbringer ClericDragonborn LooterTrailblazer's TorchDread Linnorm // Scale DeflectionWarehouse ThiefBlur
Command TowerNefarious ImpYour Temple Is Under AttackNavigation OrbMyconid Spore TenderSea Hag // Aquatic IngressHezrou // Demonic StenchYou're Confronted by RobbersGenasi EnforcersYou Meet in a TavernBasilisk Gate
StirgeMartial ImpetusDruidic RitualEvolving WildsWyrm's Crossing PatrolIngenious ArtilleristClockwork FoxColossal Badger // Dig DeepUnderdark ExplorerPrized StatueMarut
Recruitment DrivePack AttackYou Meet in a TavernLapis Orb of DragonkindThieves' ToolsPoison the BladePilgrim's EyeBronze WalrusPseudodragon FamiliarChardalyn DragonSteadfast Unicorn
Tiamat's FanaticsBlack Dragon GateParasitic ImpetusWayfarer's BaubleMartial ImpetusDawnbringer ClericLurking Green DragonOceanus DragonInsufferable BalladeerPegasus Guardian // Rescue the FoalGuildsworn Prowler

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 60 different non-legendary uncommons each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Juvenile Mist DragonThunderwaveGate ColossusIrenicus's Vile DuplicationSplit the SpoilsWild Magic SurgeGeode GolemCut a DealPatriar's SealOwlbear ShepherdDrillworks Mole
Saddle of the CavalierSigil of MyrkulDungeoneer's PackDraconic MuralistsManifold KeyPassageway SeerBloodboil SorcererIron MastiffGnoll War BandRug of SmotheringMeteor Golem
Inspired TinkeringCast DownCandlekeep InspirationCloudkillTwo-Handed Axe // Sweeping CleaveMind StoneContraband LivestockOverwhelming EncounterSkullwinderBag of HoldingAmethyst Dragon // Explosive Crystal
Bane's ContingencyBeckoning Will-o'-WispExplore the UnderdarkMystery KeyAmbition's CostEmerald Dragon // Dissonant WaveGithzerai MonkArcane EncyclopediaArcane SignetSwashbuckler ExtraordinaireCampfire
Treasure KeeperBanishmentFeywild CaretakerStoneskinSapphire Dragon // Psionic PulseNoble's PurseModify MemoryBurnished HartTopaz Dragon // Entropic CloudRescuer ChwingaGhost Lantern // Bind Spirit
Slaughter the StrongGond GateMoonshae Pixie // Pixie DustSwiftfoot BootsGate ColossusGeode GolemSplit the SpoilsThunderwaveVrockWild Magic SurgeSigil of Myrkul
Cut a DealPatriar's SealDrillworks MolePassageway SeerJuvenile Mist DragonSaddle of the CavalierIrenicus's Vile DuplicationMeteor GolemManifold KeyCandlekeep InspirationDungeoneer's Pack
Rug of SmotheringOwlbear ShepherdMind StoneDraconic MuralistsBloodboil SorcererCast DownIron MastiffCloudkillOverwhelming EncounterTwo-Handed Axe // Sweeping CleaveSkullwinder
Gnoll War BandBag of HoldingInspired TinkeringContraband LivestockAmethyst Dragon // Explosive CrystalBeckoning Will-o'-WispBane's ContingencyExplore the UnderdarkAmbition's CostArcane SignetGithzerai Monk
Mystery KeyEmerald Dragon // Dissonant WaveSwashbuckler ExtraordinaireFeywild CaretakerArcane EncyclopediaTreasure KeeperSapphire Dragon // Psionic PulseCampfireSlaughter the StrongMoonshae Pixie // Pixie DustBurnished Hart
StoneskinGhost Lantern // Bind SpiritBanishmentModify MemoryNoble's PurseVrockRescuer ChwingaSwiftfoot BootsTopaz Dragon // Entropic CloudGond Gate

The legendary uncommon run consists of 30 different legendary creatures each appearing four times. Each of these cards has a showcase treatment, and one of the four copies is the showcase version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Ellyn Harbreeze, BusybodyMahadi, Emporium MasterHalsin, Emerald ArchdruidLulu, Loyal HollyphantCommander Liara PortyrAmber Gristle O'Maul (Showcase)Gut, True Soul ZealotRilsa Rael, KingpinOji, the Exquisite BladeSkanos Dragonheart (Showcase)Viconia, Drow Apostate
Thrakkus the ButcherCadira, Caller of the SmallVhal, Candlekeep Researcher (Showcase)Lozhan, Dragons' LegacyKorlessa, Scale SingerImoen, Mystic TricksterKagha, Shadow Archdruid (Showcase)Safana, Calimport CutthroatLivaan, Cultist of TiamatGanax, Astral HunterSarevok, Deathbringer (Showcase)
Renari, Merchant of MarvelsRasaad yn BashirAlora, Merry ThiefEllyn Harbreeze, BusybodyErinis, Gloom Stalker (Showcase)Abdel Adrian, Gorion's WardWilson, Refined GrizzlyGut, True Soul ZealotSivriss, Nightmare Speaker (Showcase)Minthara, Merciless SoulRilsa Rael, Kingpin (Showcase)
Thrakkus the ButcherLulu, Loyal HollyphantAmber Gristle O'MaulMahadi, Emporium Master (Showcase)Oji, the Exquisite BladeViconia, Drow ApostateVhal, Candlekeep ResearcherCommander Liara PortyrLozhan, Dragons' LegacyRasaad yn Bashir (Showcase)Cadira, Caller of the Small
Wilson, Refined GrizzlyLivaan, Cultist of TiamatSarevok, DeathbringerGanax, Astral Hunter (Showcase)Halsin, Emerald ArchdruidKorlessa, Scale SingerErinis, Gloom StalkerRenari, Merchant of MarvelsGut, True Soul Zealot (Showcase)Skanos DragonheartKagha, Shadow Archdruid
Imoen, Mystic Trickster (Showcase)Ellyn Harbreeze, BusybodyRilsa Rael, KingpinAmber Gristle O'MaulViconia, Drow Apostate (Showcase)Minthara, Merciless SoulAbdel Adrian, Gorion's WardAlora, Merry ThiefLozhan, Dragons' Legacy (Showcase)Sivriss, Nightmare SpeakerLulu, Loyal Hollyphant (Showcase)
Thrakkus the ButcherLivaan, Cultist of TiamatSarevok, DeathbringerOji, the Exquisite BladeSafana, Calimport CutthroatHalsin, Emerald Archdruid (Showcase)Mahadi, Emporium MasterKorlessa, Scale SingerCommander Liara PortyrSkanos DragonheartRenari, Merchant of Marvels
Cadira, Caller of the SmallKagha, Shadow ArchdruidAlora, Merry Thief (Showcase)Ganax, Astral HunterVhal, Candlekeep ResearcherAbdel Adrian, Gorion's WardErinis, Gloom StalkerSivriss, Nightmare SpeakerEllyn Harbreeze, Busybody (Showcase)Amber Gristle O'MaulMinthara, Merciless Soul (Showcase)
Rasaad yn BashirViconia, Drow ApostateWilson, Refined GrizzlyImoen, Mystic TricksterLozhan, Dragons' LegacySafana, Calimport Cutthroat (Showcase)Mahadi, Emporium MasterCommander Liara Portyr (Showcase)Gut, True Soul ZealotLivaan, Cultist of Tiamat (Showcase)Skanos Dragonheart
Halsin, Emerald ArchdruidLulu, Loyal HollyphantKorlessa, Scale Singer (Showcase)Sarevok, DeathbringerKagha, Shadow ArchdruidOji, the Exquisite Blade (Showcase)Imoen, Mystic TricksterAlora, Merry ThiefCadira, Caller of the Small (Showcase)Safana, Calimport CutthroatRenari, Merchant of Marvels (Showcase)
Rilsa Rael, KingpinGanax, Astral HunterThrakkus the Butcher (Showcase)Vhal, Candlekeep ResearcherRasaad yn BashirErinis, Gloom StalkerAbdel Adrian, Gorion's Ward (Showcase)Sivriss, Nightmare SpeakerMinthara, Merciless SoulWilson, Refined Grizzly (Showcase)

[1] "Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate Product Overview" by Harless Snyder gives an official rate of 31% to get a legendary creature of planeswalker that is rare or mythic rare in a draft booster.