Time Spiral Remastered Collation

Time Spiral Remastered is an extra-large set with 121 commons, 100 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares, and 121 "timeshifted" reprints (appearing for the first time with the old border). Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised rate of 33% of boosters. The set was printed in English in the USA. (I haven't yet confirmed the regions of additional printings.)

Time Spiral Remastered was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with a novel collation method (in consideration of its unusual size).

Packs are front-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a timeshifted card and an ad card. There are 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. If there is a foil, it will displace a common and appear after the timeshifted card.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Timeshifted1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Timeshifted1 Foil1 Ad Card

There are four common runs: A, B, C1 and C2. (Due to apparent symmetry, the names C1 and C2 are chosen arbitrarily.) A and B each have 33 distinct cards with each card appearing twice. C1 and C2 each have 27 distinct cards with each of these cards appearing twice plus one copy each of Rift Elemental. Packs contains 2-3 A cards, 2-3 B cards, and 4-5 C cards. Half of packs have cards from C1 and half have cards from C2. Packs with foils always have two A cards. (They can be 2+3+4 or 2+2+5.) To ensure all common cards have the same rarity, the rate of 2A packs should be 4/11 which is 1/33 above the 1/3 foil rate; so 2+3+5 packs with no foil do appear. (As far as I've observed, such packs are C2.)

The uncommons are divided into an A run and a B run. The A run has 60 distinct cards each appearing twice and the B run has 40 distinct cards each appearing three times. 3/5 of packs have three consecutive cards from the A run and the other 2/5 have three from the B run.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. These cards are red and blue, mostly alternating. (True alternation is not possible with an odd number of cards.) The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Mogg War MarshalDrifter il-DalNeedlepeak SpiderTolarian SentinelStingscourgerGossamer PhantasmSlipstream SerpentSkirk ShamanSarcomite MyrGrinning IgnusPrimal Plasma
ForeseeKeldon HalberdierLogic KnotBattering SliverSnapbackTwo-Headed SliverThink TwiceGrapeshotErratic MutationRiddle of LightningPiracy Charm
Homing SliverReality AcidBonesplitter SliverVeiling OdditySimian Spirit GuideGossamer PhantasmSkirk ShamanCoral TricksterGrinning IgnusDream StalkerEmpty the Warrens
Spiketail DrakelingBrute ForceDrifter il-DalKeldon HalberdierForeseeCoal StokerLogic KnotMogg War MarshalTolarian SentinelStingscourgerSlipstream Serpent
Two-Headed SliverSarcomite MyrGrapeshotErratic MutationNeedlepeak SpiderThink TwiceHoming SliverPrimal PlasmaEmpty the WarrensReality AcidBonesplitter Sliver
Piracy CharmBattering SliverSnapbackBrute ForceVeiling OdditySimian Spirit GuideCoral TricksterCoal StokerDream StalkerRiddle of LightningSpiketail Drakeling

The B common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. These cards are black and green, mostly alternating. (True alternation is not possible with an odd number of cards.) The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Deepcavern ImpUtopia VowSangrophageThrill of the HuntCorpulent CorpseReflex SliverStrength in NumbersDeadly GrubThallid GerminatorDark WitheringGreenseeker
Search for TomorrowAssassinateEdge of AutumnFeeblenessCitanul WoodreadersMindstabVirulent SliverPit KeeperThornweald ArcherDeathspore ThallidUtopia Vow
BlightspeakerEvolution CharmGrave ScrabblerNantuko ShamanGorgon RecluseSpinneret SliverCutthroat il-DalKavu PrimarchUrborg Syphon-MageUktabi DrakeRidged Kusite
Thallid Shell-DwellerSangrophageReflex SliverDeepcavern ImpThallid GerminatorDeadly GrubStrength in NumbersDark WitheringThrill of the HuntAssassinateSearch for Tomorrow
FeeblenessEdge of AutumnGrave ScrabblerCitanul WoodreadersCorpulent CorpseVirulent SliverDeathspore ThallidThornweald ArcherPit KeeperGreenseekerBlightspeaker
Evolution CharmGorgon RecluseNantuko ShamanCutthroat il-DalSpinneret SliverRidged KusiteUktabi DrakeUrborg Syphon-MageKavu PrimarchMindstabThallid Shell-Dweller

The C1 common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus Rift Elemental. The cards are mostly white. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Sinew SliverPenumbra SpiderIvory GiantStrangling SootBewilderJudge UnworthyReckless WurmErrant DoomsayersRift BoltAmrou SeekersGemhide Sliver
Ancient GrudgeShade of TrokairIchor SlickLooter il-KorAmrou ScoutDead // GonePrismatic LensBound in SilenceSeal of PrimordiumCastle RaptorsFathom Seer
Aven RiftwatcherTerramorphic ExpanseBenalish CavalryTemporal IsolationBewilderIvory GiantRathi TrapperSinew SliverPenumbra SpiderJudge UnworthyStrangling Soot
Ancient GrudgeAmrou SeekersRift BoltErrant DoomsayersLooter il-KorShade of TrokairReckless WurmSeal of PrimordiumAmrou ScoutBound in SilenceIchor Slick
Castle RaptorsFathom SeerTerramorphic ExpanseTemporal IsolationPrismatic LensAven RiftwatcherGemhide SliverDead // GoneBenalish CavalryRathi TrapperRift Elemental

The C2 common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus Rift Elemental. The cards are mostly white. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Lymph SliverTrespasser il-VecPallid MycodermDreamscape ArtistJhoira's TimebugSunlanceGiant DustwaspSidewinder SliverOrcish CannonadePsychotic EpisodeChromatic Star
FortifyDurkwood BalothCrookclaw TransmuterMana TitheTendrils of CorruptionBlade of the Sixth PrideErrant EphemeronWhitemane LionChildren of KorlisTrespasser il-VecMomentary Blink
Sporoloth AncientWatcher SliverMass of GhoulsInfiltrator il-KorKnight of SursiLymph SliverGathan RaidersPsychotic EpisodePallid MycodermGiant DustwaspSidewinder Sliver
SunlanceJhoira's TimebugDreamscape ArtistFortifyOrcish CannonadeDurkwood BalothMana TitheChromatic StarCrookclaw TransmuterBlade of the Sixth PrideTendrils of Corruption
Children of KorlisErrant EphemeronWhitemane LionGathan RaidersMomentary BlinkMass of GhoulsSporoloth AncientKnight of SursiWatcher SliverInfiltrator il-KorRift Elemental

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Might of Old KrosaSaltcrusted SteppeThick-Skinned GoblinTromp the DomainsMuck DrubbSudden ShockCelestial CrusaderPendelhaven ElderCautery SliverSaltfield RecluseNightshade Assassin
Sulfur ElementalGaea's AnthemAven MindcensorShivan Sand-MageEnslaveCareful ConsiderationDarkheart SliverMight SliverProdigal PyromancerYixlid JailerDreadship Reef
Duskrider PeregrineNecrotic SliverPhantom WurmPongifyFiremaw KavuStronghold RatsGriffin GuideDelaySliversmithBasalt GargoyleShaper Parasite
Outrider en-KorDread ReturnHenchfiend of UkorCloudseederSporesower ThallidLost AuramancersWhip-Spine DrakeSudden DeathFungal ReachesWipe AwayLightning Axe
Keen SenseBrine ElementalPremature BurialStormfront RidersUtopia MyconMuck DrubbThick-Skinned GoblinRiftwing CloudskateMire BoaBig Game HunterShivan Meteor
HarmonizePoultice SliverKor DirgeCryptic AnnelidRough // TumbleMight of Old KrosaSaltcrusted SteppeHaze of RageMinions' MurmursTromp the DomainsSudden Shock
DelayMight SliverDuskrider PeregrineBasalt GargoyleStronghold RatsNecrotic SliverCelestial CrusaderPhantom WurmDarkheart SliverEnslaveShivan Sand-Mage
PongifyCautery SliverGaea's AnthemGriffin GuideYixlid JailerFiremaw KavuAven MindcensorDreadship ReefPendelhaven ElderSulfur ElementalSaltfield Recluse
Careful ConsiderationProdigal PyromancerNightshade AssassinSliversmithShaper ParasiteOutrider en-KorDread ReturnHenchfiend of UkorSporesower ThallidCloudseederLost Auramancers
Sudden DeathWhip-Spine DrakeFungal ReachesLightning AxeKeen SenseWipe AwayPremature BurialStormfront RidersUtopia MyconMinions' MurmursBrine Elemental
HarmonizeShivan MeteorKor DirgeCryptic AnnelidRough // TumblePoultice SliverMire BoaHaze of RageBig Game HunterRiftwing Cloudskate

The B uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Riftmarked KnightArc BladeStreet WraithMycologistJodah's AvengerPrimal ForcemageCalcidermChar-RumblerSpell BurstParadise PlumeKnight of the Holy Nimbus
Mystical TeachingsYavimaya DryadConflagrateSmallpoxDormant SliverLlanowar MentorUrza's FactoryClockwork HydraStonecloakerTimebenderFirewake Sliver
Skittering MonstrosityCalciform PoolsKrosan GripSaltblastBonded FetchPhthisisStorm EntityScryb RangerRebuff the WickedDunerider OutlawRiptide Pilferer
Molten SlagheapRiftmarked KnightFury SliverHarmonic SliverFaceless DevourerStormcloud DjinnReturn to DustImperiosaurArc BladeJodah's AvengerStreet Wraith
MycologistYavimaya DryadDormant SliverChar-RumblerSpell BurstCalcidermParadise PlumePrimal ForcemageMystical TeachingsSmallpoxKnight of the Holy Nimbus
ConflagrateLlanowar MentorUrza's FactoryTimebenderStonecloakerFirewake SliverSkittering MonstrosityCalciform PoolsKrosan GripBonded FetchClockwork Hydra
SaltblastScryb RangerPhthisisStorm EntityRebuff the WickedMolten SlagheapRiptide PilfererDunerider OutlawReturn to DustHarmonic SliverImperiosaur
Riftmarked KnightFaceless DevourerStormcloud DjinnFury SliverMycologistJodah's AvengerArc BladeStreet WraithPrimal ForcemageCalcidermSpell Burst
Paradise PlumeChar-RumblerYavimaya DryadKnight of the Holy NimbusSmallpoxMystical TeachingsDormant SliverConflagrateUrza's FactoryFirewake SliverLlanowar Mentor
TimebenderStonecloakerSkittering MonstrosityClockwork HydraKrosan GripBonded FetchCalciform PoolsScryb RangerPhthisisSaltblastStorm Entity
Dunerider OutlawRebuff the WickedMolten SlagheapRiptide PilfererHarmonic SliverImperiosaurFaceless DevourerReturn to DustFury SliverStormcloud Djinn

Token Run

All of the marketing cards in Time Spiral Remastered have a token on the front face. They are printed in a 121 card run with items appearing different numbers of times. The first card has been chosen so the unbalance in the backs appears at the end of the sequence.

Llanowar ElvesGoblinKobolds of Kher KeepKnightMetallic SliverSaprolingAssembly-WorkerSpiderGoblinSoldierGriffin
Cloud SpriteSaprolingLlanowar ElvesApeGoblinAssembly-WorkerMetallic SliverInsectSaprolingSoldierSpider
GoblinKobolds of Kher KeepKnightCloud SpriteLlanowar ElvesSaprolingSoldierGoblinMetallic SliverApeAssembly-Worker
SaprolingInsectSpiderGoblinGriffinCloud SpriteLlanowar ElvesSaprolingKnightKobolds of Kher KeepGoblin
SoldierAssembly-WorkerMetallic SliverSaprolingInsectSpiderGoblinCloud SpriteApeLlanowar ElvesSaproling
GiantGriffinGoblinAssembly-WorkerBatKobolds of Kher KeepSaprolingInsectCloud SpriteSpiderGoblin
Metallic SliverLlanowar ElvesSaprolingSoldierKnightAssembly-WorkerGoblinSaprolingInsectApeLlanowar Elves
Cloud SpriteSpiderGoblinMetallic SliverSoldierSaprolingGriffinAssembly-WorkerKobolds of Kher KeepGoblinLlanowar Elves
BatSaprolingCloud SpriteMetallic SliverSpiderGoblinInsectAssembly-WorkerSaprolingSoldierApe
GriffinGoblinLlanowar ElvesGiantCloud SpriteSaprolingMetallic SliverSpiderGoblinInsectAssembly-Worker
KnightSaprolingKobolds of Kher KeepSoldierApeGoblinMetallic SliverCloud SpriteSaprolingSpiderInsect

Token Rarity
BatBat × 2GiantGiant × 2GriffinGriffin × 5
KnightKnight × 5ApeApe × 6Kobolds of Kher KeepKobolds of Kher Keep × 6
InsectInsect × 8SoldierSoldier × 8Assembly-WorkerAssembly-Worker × 9
Cloud SpriteCloud Sprite × 9Llanowar ElvesLlanowar Elves × 9Metallic SliverMetallic Sliver × 9
SpiderSpider × 9GoblinGoblin × 17SaprolingSaproling × 17

Tokens (With Reverse Side)
  1. Llanowar Elves // MTGO
  2. Goblin // Locator
  3. Kobolds of Kher Keep // FNM
  4. Knight // MTGO
  5. Metallic Sliver // Locator
  6. Saproling // FNM
  7. Assembly-Worker // MTGO
  8. Spider // Locator
  9. Goblin // FNM
  10. Soldier // MTGO
  11. Griffin // Locator
  12. Cloud Sprite // FNM
  13. Saproling // MTGO
  14. Llanowar Elves // Locator
  15. Ape // FNM
  16. Goblin // MTGO
  17. Assembly-Worker // Locator
  18. Metallic Sliver // FNM
  19. Insect // MTGO
  20. Saproling // Locator
  21. Soldier // FNM
  22. Spider // MTGO
  23. Goblin // Locator
  24. Kobolds of Kher Keep // FNM
  25. Knight // MTGO
  26. Cloud Sprite // Locator
  27. Llanowar Elves // FNM
  28. Saproling // MTGO
  29. Soldier // Locator
  30. Goblin // FNM
  31. Metallic Sliver // MTGO
  32. Ape // Locator
  33. Assembly-Worker // FNM
  34. Saproling // MTGO
  35. Insect // Locator
  36. Spider // FNM
  37. Goblin // MTGO
  38. Griffin // Locator
  39. Cloud Sprite // FNM
  40. Llanowar Elves // MTGO
  41. Saproling // Locator
  42. Knight // FNM
  43. Kobolds of Kher Keep // MTGO
  44. Goblin // Locator
  45. Soldier // FNM
  46. Assembly-Worker // MTGO
  47. Metallic Sliver // Locator
  48. Saproling // FNM
  49. Insect // MTGO
  50. Spider // Locator
  51. Goblin // FNM
  52. Cloud Sprite // MTGO
  53. Ape // Locator
  54. Llanowar Elves // FNM
  55. Saproling // MTGO
  56. Giant // Locator
  57. Griffin // FNM
  58. Goblin // MTGO
  59. Assembly-Worker // Locator
  60. Bat // FNM
  61. Kobolds of Kher Keep // MTGO
  62. Saproling // Locator
  63. Insect // FNM
  64. Cloud Sprite // Locator
  65. Spider // MTGO
  66. Goblin // FNM
  67. Metallic Sliver // MTGO
  68. Llanowar Elves // Locator
  69. Saproling // FNM
  70. Soldier // MTGO
  71. Knight // Locator
  72. Assembly-Worker // FNM
  73. Goblin // MTGO
  74. Saproling // Locator
  75. Insect // FNM
  76. Ape // MTGO
  77. Llanowar Elves // Locator
  78. Cloud Sprite // FNM
  79. Spider // MTGO
  80. Goblin // Locator
  81. Metallic Sliver // FNM
  82. Soldier // MTGO
  83. Saproling // Locator
  84. Griffin // FNM
  85. Assembly-Worker // MTGO
  86. Kobolds of Kher Keep // Locator
  87. Goblin // FNM
  88. Llanowar Elves // MTGO
  89. Bat // Locator
  90. Saproling // FNM
  91. Cloud Sprite // MTGO
  92. Metallic Sliver // Locator
  93. Spider // FNM
  94. Goblin // MTGO
  95. Insect // Locator
  96. Assembly-Worker // FNM
  97. Saproling // MTGO
  98. Soldier // Locator
  99. Ape // FNM
  100. Griffin // MTGO
  101. Goblin // Locator
  102. Llanowar Elves // FNM
  103. Giant // MTGO
  104. Cloud Sprite // Locator
  105. Saproling // FNM
  106. Metallic Sliver // MTGO
  107. Spider // Locator
  108. Goblin // FNM
  109. Insect // MTGO
  110. Assembly-Worker // Locator
  111. Knight // FNM
  112. Saproling // MTGO
  113. Kobolds of Kher Keep // Locator
  114. Soldier // FNM
  115. Ape // MTGO
  116. Goblin // Locator
  117. Metallic Sliver // FNM
  118. Cloud Sprite // MTGO
  119. Saproling // Locator
  120. Spider // FNM
  121. Insect // FNM

Classic US Pack Anatomy

There is a second printing that uses more traditional collation using the same print runs (mostly reversed). The easiest way to distinguish these packs is that the cards are back-facing.

Packs still contains 2-3 A cards, 2-3 B cards, and 4-5 C commons, with half of packs having C1 and half having C2. Foil interaction with commons is different (but similar to older US foil collation). Common foils displace A commons (and, as far as I've seen appear in packs that would have had 3 A cards, so they end up with 2). Uncommon foils displace B commons (which can result in only one B card remaining). Rare foils displace C2 commons and timeshifted foils displace C1 commons. The common runs are reversed compared to the other US printing.

Packs have 1-2 A uncommons followed by 1-2 B uncommons. (Of course, more packs have 2 A uncommons.) The uncommons runs are also reversed compared to the other US printing.

Token runs are not reversed compared to the other US printing.

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses sequential collation with a novel collation method that is basicly the analogue of the usual Belgian two common run collation to 121 commons.

Packs are front-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a timeshifted card and an ad card. There are 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. If there is a foil, it will displace a common and appear after the timeshifted card.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Timeshifted1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Timeshifted1 Foil1 Ad Card

There are two common runs. Each run has 60 cards each appearing twice plus one copy of Jhoira's Timebug. Each pack contains five cards from the A common run followed by five cards from the B run. Foils can displace a card from either run.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice plus Jhoira's Timebug. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Tendrils of CorruptionCoral TricksterSunlanceStrength in NumbersMogg War MarshalTrespasser il-VecPiracy CharmTemporal IsolationUktabi DrakeGathan RaidersFeebleness
Looter il-KorIvory GiantPenumbra SpiderRiddle of LightningCutthroat il-DalInfiltrator il-KorErrant DoomsayersJhoira's TimebugThallid Shell-DwellerReckless WurmUrborg Syphon-Mage
Dreamscape ArtistAven RiftwatcherGiant DustwaspGrinning IgnusDeathspore ThallidCrookclaw TransmuterCastle RaptorsGemhide SliverSimian Spirit GuideTrespasser il-VecErratic Mutation
Temporal IsolationCitanul WoodreadersRift BoltGorgon RecluseTolarian SentinelBound in SilenceSearch for TomorrowBrute ForceFeeblenessFathom SeerBenalish Cavalry
Durkwood BalothBonesplitter SliverStrangling SootForeseeSidewinder SliverSporoloth AncientStingscourgerRathi TrapperSnapbackMomentary BlinkThallid Germinator
Orcish CannonadeUrborg Syphon-MageLooter il-KorSinew SliverEdge of AutumnDead // GoneRidged KusiteInfiltrator il-KorCastle RaptorsPenumbra SpiderSimian Spirit Guide
Ichor SlickCoral TricksterKnight of SursiStrength in NumbersBonesplitter SliverTendrils of CorruptionSnapbackSunlanceThallid Shell-DwellerGathan RaidersMindstab
Dreamscape ArtistIvory GiantGiant DustwaspMogg War MarshalCutthroat il-DalErrant EphemeronErrant DoomsayersGemhide SliverRiddle of LightningStrangling SootPiracy Charm
Bound in SilenceCitanul WoodreadersReckless WurmDeathspore ThallidErratic MutationKnight of SursiSearch for TomorrowDead // GoneMindstabCrookclaw TransmuterMomentary Blink
Thallid GerminatorGrinning IgnusRathi TrapperTolarian SentinelBenalish CavalryDurkwood BalothStingscourgerIchor SlickForeseeAven RiftwatcherUktabi Drake
Orcish CannonadeRidged KusiteErrant EphemeronSinew SliverEdge of AutumnRift BoltGorgon RecluseFathom SeerSidewinder SliverSporoloth AncientBrute Force

The B common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice plus Jhoira's Timebug. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

GrapeshotKavu PrimarchAssassinateVeiling OddityMana TithePrismatic LensBlightspeakerDrifter il-DalWhitemane LionAncient GrudgeUtopia Vow
Grave ScrabblerDream StalkerWatcher SliverRift ElementalSpinneret SliverDeepcavern ImpSlipstream SerpentPallid MycodermSkirk ShamanSeal of PrimordiumDark Withering
Logic KnotLymph SliverCoal StokerReflex SliverDeadly GrubTerramorphic ExpanseThink TwiceBlade of the Sixth PrideKeldon HalberdierVirulent SliverMass of Ghouls
Spiketail DrakelingShade of TrokairNeedlepeak SpiderThornweald ArcherSangrophagePrimal PlasmaPallid MycodermBattering SliverNantuko ShamanPit KeeperReality Acid
Children of KorlisHoming SliverEvolution CharmAssassinateSlipstream SerpentJudge UnworthyChromatic StarAncient GrudgeGreenseekerBlightspeakerGossamer Phantasm
Amrou ScoutTwo-Headed SliverSeal of PrimordiumGrave ScrabblerDrifter il-DalAmrou SeekersGrapeshotThrill of the HuntPsychotic EpisodeLogic KnotWhitemane Lion
Empty the WarrensUtopia VowCorpulent CorpseBewilderFortifyPrismatic LensNeedlepeak SpiderGreenseekerDeadly GrubSarcomite MyrLymph Sliver
Keldon HalberdierKavu PrimarchMass of GhoulsVeiling OddityBlade of the Sixth PrideSpinneret SliverDream StalkerMana TitheBattering SliverSpiketail DrakelingReflex Sliver
Amrou SeekersJhoira's TimebugHoming SliverDeepcavern ImpPrimal PlasmaWatcher SliverRift ElementalVirulent SliverDark WitheringThink TwiceFortify
Skirk ShamanThornweald ArcherCorpulent CorpseBewilderShade of TrokairTerramorphic ExpanseEmpty the WarrensEvolution CharmSangrophageGossamer PhantasmAmrou Scout
Coal StokerThrill of the HuntPsychotic EpisodeReality AcidJudge UnworthyChromatic StarTwo-Headed SliverNantuko ShamanPit KeeperSarcomite MyrChildren of Korlis