Conspiracy: Take the Crown Collation

Conspiracy: Take the Crown is a medium set with 80 commons, 60 uncommons, 42 rares, 12 mythic rares, 12 conspiracy cards, and 15 cards with draft-related abilities. This is an unusual size, similar to the original Conspiracy. (But note, unlike Conspiracy, the draft-related cards are collated with the normal cards.) Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 67 cards. The set was printed in the USA. [1]

Conspiracy: Take the Crown was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

Pack Anatomy

Conspiracy: Take the Crown uses sequential collation.

Packs are back-facing and have only 10 commons followed by 3 uncommons, a rare, a conspiracy, and an ad card. Foil conspiracies displace the conspiracy (and appear in the same place in the pack). Otherwise, the foil will displace a common and appear immediately after the rare. Almost certainly it is not possible for two foils to appear in the same pack.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Conspiracy1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Conspiracy1 Ad Card
10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil Conspiracy1 Ad Card

There are 4 common runs: A, B, C1, and C2. A contains 33 cards each twice, and B contains 22 cards each twice. (These are probably printed on the same 110 card sheet.) C1 contains 16 cards each four times with two copies of Evolving Wilds and C2 contains 13 cards each four times plus another two copies of Evolving Wilds. (These are probably printed with a filler on a 121 card sheet.) Packs contain A cards followed by B cards followed by either C1 or C2 cards. Half of packs have C1 and half have C2. C1 packs (as far as I've observed) have 3-4 A cards, 2-3 B cards and 3-4 C cards. C2 packs have 3-4 A cards, 2-4 B cards, and 3-4 C cards. The only C2 packs with 3 A cards I've observed also have 4 B cards (although I don't think I've observed enough to say this is the only possibility for certain).


For the normal foils that displace common cards, foil commons displace B commons, foil uncommons displace C1 commons, and foil rares and mythic rares displace C2 commons.

Conspiracy foils are printed on a different sheet than the other foils. Cards of all rarities appear to be collated in the same slot, so they may all be on one sheet.

Uncommons are divided into two runs: A and B. The A run has 25 cards each four times (perhaps on a 10 by 10 sheet). The B run has 40 cards each three times (probably a 11 by 11 sheet with one filler). Packs have either 1 A followed by 2 B or 2 A followed by 1 B. Packs with 2 A cards appear at quite a low rate. Mathematically, this rate should be 2/13.

The common and uncommon conspiracy cards are printed on one sheet. Each common appears 21 times and each uncommon appears 8 times. (This adds up to 121.) The rares and mythics are printed on another sheet. I don't have detailed data about the layout of this sheet, but based on my empiracal data, it is plausible that the rares appear twice as often as the mythics. The conspiracy will be rare or mythic in 1/6 of packs. This 1/6 includes foils; foils will not replace or displace rare conspiracies. Note that conspiracies are significantly more common than non-conspiracy cards of the same rarity (at least for non-foils).

Kaya, Ghost Assassin has an alternate artwork when she appears in foil, numbered 222/221. Despite the number, this foil can appear in normal packs, and all Kaya foils will have the alternate art.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. The cards are alternating blue, red, and black. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Shambling GoblinFleeting DistractionGoblin RacketeerBlood-Toll HarpyTraumatic VisionsTormenting VoiceRegicideJeering HomunculusEmber BeastChild of NightNegate
Kiln FiendAltar's ReapCloaked SirenGoblin TunnelerStromkirk PatrolMnemonic WallFiery FallRaise DeadCaller of GalesCrown-Hunter HirelingGarrulous Sycophant
Illusionary InformantTrumpet BlastAbsorb VisTraumatic VisionsHurly-BurlyDriver of the DeadOmenspeakerIll-Tempered CyclopsShambling GoblinCanal CourierGoblin Racketeer
Blood-Toll HarpyBonds of QuicksilverGoblin Balloon BrigadeRegicideFleeting DistractionTormenting VoiceFestergloomMnemonic WallGoblin TunnelerChild of NightCloaked Siren
Fiery FallStromkirk PatrolJeering HomunculusKiln FiendAltar's ReapNegateEmber BeastAbsorb VisIllusionary InformantCrown-Hunter HirelingFestergloom
Caller of GalesHurly-BurlyGarrulous SycophantOmenspeakerTrumpet BlastDriver of the DeadCanal CourierIll-Tempered CyclopsRaise DeadBonds of QuicksilverGoblin Balloon Brigade

The B common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing twice. This cards are alternating white and green. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Custodi PeacekeeperEntourage of TrestGleam of ResistanceStrength in NumbersGhostly PossessionPlummetDoomed TravelerMenagerie LiberatorDisenchantLay of the LandThrone Warden
Lace with MoongloveZealous StrikeFade into AntiquityBallot BrokerOrchard ElementalReviving DoseStrength in NumbersGods WillingLeovold's OperativeRaise the AlarmCopperhorn Scout
Gleam of ResistanceBorderland ExplorerCustodi PeacekeeperLay of the LandGhostly PossessionEntourage of TrestDoomed TravelerPlummetDisenchantOrchard ElementalThrone Warden
Fade into AntiquityZealous StrikeMenagerie LiberatorBallot BrokerLace with MoongloveReviving DoseBorderland ExplorerGods WillingCopperhorn ScoutRaise the AlarmLeovold's Operative

The C1 common run consists of 16 cards each four times with two copies of Evolving Wilds. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Death WindBronze SableMessenger JaysNetcaster SpiderWings of the GuardSylvan BountyWild GriffinUnnerveDivinationTwin BoltLieutenants of the Guard
Ravenous LeucrocotaHexplate GolemVaporkinMurderWings of the GuardEvolving WildsMessenger JaysDeputized ProtesterBronze SableDeath WindDivination
UnnerveSylvan BountyNetcaster SpiderWild GriffinTwin BoltHexplate GolemVaporkinMurderRavenous LeucrocotaLieutenants of the GuardDeputized Protester
Wings of the GuardBronze SableDeath WindNetcaster SpiderMessenger JaysSylvan BountyWild GriffinTwin BoltUnnerveDivinationRavenous Leucrocota
Lieutenants of the GuardHexplate GolemMurderVaporkinDeputized ProtesterEvolving WildsNetcaster SpiderDeath WindSylvan BountyMessenger JaysTwin Bolt
Wings of the GuardBronze SableUnnerveDivinationRavenous LeucrocotaHexplate GolemWild GriffinMurderVaporkinDeputized ProtesterLieutenants of the Guard

The C2 common run consists of 13 cards each four times with two copies of Evolving Wilds. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Ogre SentrySkittering CrustaceanKill ShotEvolving WildsThorn of the Black RosePrey UponFlame SlashOpaline UnicornGarbage FireVoyaging SatyrSinuous Vermin
KitesailRepulsePalace SentinelsOgre SentrySkittering CrustaceanSinuous VerminKill ShotOpaline UnicornPrey UponThorn of the Black RoseGarbage Fire
KitesailVoyaging SatyrFlame SlashOgre SentryKill ShotThorn of the Black RoseRepulseEvolving WildsPalace SentinelsSkittering CrustaceanGarbage Fire
Opaline UnicornSinuous VerminKill ShotKitesailPrey UponFlame SlashThorn of the Black RoseOgre SentryRepulseVoyaging SatyrPalace Sentinels
Garbage FirePrey UponOpaline UnicornSinuous VerminSkittering CrustaceanPalace SentinelsKitesailFlame SlashVoyaging SatyrRepulse

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 25 different cards each appearing four times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Spire PhantasmBurn AwayBrushstriderDeadly DesignsRogue's PassageAscended LawmageCustodi SoulcallerDismissStoneshock GiantNessian Asp
Farbog BoneflingerAkroan HopliteWindborne ChargeSerum VisionsPyretic HunterExplosive VegetationMausoleum TurnkeyShipwreck SingerSpire PhantasmBesmirch
Fang of the PackPublic ExecutionPharika's MenderAffa Guard HoundMerfolk SkyscoutRogue's PassageBurn AwayBrushstriderFarbog BoneflingerAscended Lawmage
Hail of ArrowsSerum VisionsStoneshock GiantNessian AspDeadly DesignsShipwreck SingerCustodi SoulcallerDismissPyretic HunterExplosive Vegetation
Mausoleum TurnkeyAkroan HopliteWindborne ChargeRogue's PassageAffa Guard HoundMerfolk SkyscoutBesmirchFang of the PackPublic ExecutionPharika's Mender
Custodi SoulcallerSpire PhantasmPyretic HunterBrushstriderFarbog BoneflingerAscended LawmageWindborne ChargeSerum VisionsStoneshock GiantNessian Asp
Deadly DesignsAkroan HopliteHail of ArrowsDismissBurn AwayExplosive VegetationMausoleum TurnkeyShipwreck SingerAffa Guard HoundSpire Phantasm
BesmirchFang of the PackPublic ExecutionRogue's PassagePharika's MenderWindborne ChargeMerfolk SkyscoutPyretic HunterBrushstriderDeadly Designs
Akroan HopliteCustodi SoulcallerDismissBurn AwayExplosive VegetationFarbog BoneflingerAscended LawmageHail of ArrowsSerum VisionsStoneshock Giant
Nessian AspMausoleum TurnkeyShipwreck SingerAffa Guard HoundMerfolk SkyscoutBesmirchFang of the PackPublic ExecutionPharika's MenderHail of Arrows

The B uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Spectral GraspSulfurous BlastInto the VoidOverrunKeepsake GorgonStormchaser ChimeraGhostly PrisonGuttersnipeIllusion of ChoiceBeast WithinSmuggler Captain
Juniper Order RangerDread StatuaryHollowhenge SpiritHavengul VampireDeceiver ExarchAnimus of PredationFleshbag MarauderKnights of the Black RosePalace JailerSpy KitMerfolk Looter
ManaplasmMarchesa's DecreeGruul War ChantShimmering GrottoNoble BanneretCoordinated AssaultVertigo SpawnIrresistible PreyInfestJuniper Order RangerSpectral Grasp
Gang of DevilsCoveted PeacockDomesticated HydraDiabolic TutorCoiling OracleRuned ServitorGuardian of the GatelessGrenzo's RuffiansInto the VoidHollowhenge SpiritSulfurous Blast
Dread StatuaryBeast WithinKeepsake GorgonKnights of the Black RosePalace JailerGuttersnipeMerfolk LooterAnimus of PredationMarchesa's DecreeCarnage GladiatorSpy Kit
Noble BanneretHavengul VampireIllusion of ChoiceOverrunSmuggler CaptainStormchaser ChimeraGhostly PrisonCoordinated AssaultDeceiver ExarchManaplasmDiabolic Tutor
Gruul War ChantShimmering GrottoSpectral GraspGang of DevilsVertigo SpawnDomesticated HydraFleshbag MarauderCoiling OracleGuardian of the GatelessGrenzo's RuffiansInto the Void
Irresistible PreyInfestJuniper Order RangerRuned ServitorPalace JailerSulfurous BlastCoveted PeacockOverrunKeepsake GorgonKnights of the Black RoseHollowhenge Spirit
GuttersnipeIllusion of ChoiceBeast WithinSmuggler CaptainCarnage GladiatorDread StatuaryGhostly PrisonGrenzo's RuffiansDeceiver ExarchDomesticated HydraFleshbag Marauder
Stormchaser ChimeraSpy KitHavengul VampireVertigo SpawnAnimus of PredationMarchesa's DecreeCoiling OracleShimmering GrottoNoble BanneretGang of DevilsMerfolk Looter
Irresistible PreyInfestCarnage GladiatorGuardian of the GatelessCoordinated AssaultCoveted PeacockManaplasmDiabolic TutorGruul War ChantRuned Servitor

Conspiracy Runs

The first conspiracy run contains each common 21 times and each uncommon 8 times.

Hired HeistSummoner's BondAssemble the Rank and VileIncendiary DissentAdriana's ValorNatural UnityAssemble the Rank and VileHired HeistEchoing BoonAdriana's ValorIncendiary Dissent
Natural UnityAssemble the Rank and VileIncendiary DissentHired HeistAdriana's ValorSummoner's BondNatural UnityHired HeistIncendiary DissentAdriana's ValorAssemble the Rank and Vile
Natural UnityEchoing BoonHired HeistIncendiary DissentAdriana's ValorAssemble the Rank and VileNatural UnityHired HeistIncendiary DissentSummoner's BondAssemble the Rank and Vile
Adriana's ValorNatural UnityIncendiary DissentAssemble the Rank and VileHired HeistEchoing BoonAdriana's ValorAssemble the Rank and VileNatural UnityIncendiary DissentHired Heist
Assemble the Rank and VileAdriana's ValorSummoner's BondNatural UnityIncendiary DissentHired HeistAdriana's ValorNatural UnityIncendiary DissentAssemble the Rank and VileEchoing Boon
Hired HeistAdriana's ValorIncendiary DissentAssemble the Rank and VileNatural UnityHired HeistAdriana's ValorSummoner's BondNatural UnityIncendiary DissentHired Heist
Assemble the Rank and VileAdriana's ValorIncendiary DissentEchoing BoonNatural UnityHired HeistAdriana's ValorAssemble the Rank and VileNatural UnityIncendiary DissentHired Heist
Summoner's BondAdriana's ValorAssemble the Rank and VileNatural UnityIncendiary DissentHired HeistAdriana's ValorEchoing BoonNatural UnityIncendiary DissentAssemble the Rank and Vile
Hired HeistAdriana's ValorNatural UnityAssemble the Rank and VileSummoner's BondIncendiary DissentHired HeistAdriana's ValorAssemble the Rank and VileIncendiary DissentNatural Unity
Echoing BoonHired HeistIncendiary DissentAssemble the Rank and VileAdriana's ValorNatural UnityHired HeistAdriana's ValorSummoner's BondAssemble the Rank and VileNatural Unity
Incendiary DissentAssemble the Rank and VileHired HeistAdriana's ValorEchoing BoonNatural UnityHired HeistIncendiary DissentAssemble the Rank and VileAdriana's ValorNatural Unity

Token Run

All of the marketing cards in Conspiracy: Take the Crown have a token, emblem, or tip on the front face. They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

The MonarchInsectLizardZombieThe MonarchSoldierAssassinThe MonarchConstructSoldierSpirit
The MonarchInsectThe MonarchZombieThe MonarchBeastGoblinThe MonarchConstructSoldierSoldier
The MonarchInsectDragonZombieThe MonarchSoldierAssassinThe MonarchConstructSoldierSpirit
The MonarchInsectLizardZombieThe MonarchBeastAssassinThe MonarchConstructSoldierSpirit
The MonarchInsectDragonZombieThe MonarchSoldierAssassinThe MonarchConstructSoldierSoldier
The MonarchGoblinLizardZombieThe MonarchBeastAssassinThe MonarchZombieSoldierSpirit
The MonarchInsectDragonZombieThe MonarchSoldierGoblinThe MonarchConstructSoldierSpirit
The MonarchInsectDragonZombieThe MonarchBeastAssassinThe MonarchConstructSoldierSoldier
The MonarchGoblinLizardZombieThe MonarchSoldierAssassinThe MonarchConstructSoldierSpirit
The MonarchGoblinDragonZombieThe MonarchBeastGoblinThe MonarchConstructSoldierSpirit
The MonarchInsectDragonZombieThe MonarchBeastAssassinThe MonarchConstructSoldierSoldier

Token Rarity
LizardLizard × 4SoldierSoldier × 4BeastBeast × 6
DragonDragon × 6GoblinGoblin × 6SpiritSpirit × 7
AssassinAssassin × 8InsectInsect × 8ConstructConstruct × 10
ZombieZombie × 12SoldierSoldier × 16The MonarchThe Monarch × 34

[1] The "Compilation of Manufacture Information for MTG Products" thread on the Magic Librarities Forum lists Belgian-printed Conspiracy: Take the Crown as uncertain. Considering this is a supplemental set that is only printed in a few languages, I think the existence of Belgian product is unlikely. (I also did not find any during my research.)