Dominaria United Collation

Dominaria United is a large set with 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 60 rares, 20 mythic rares, and four variations of each standard basic land. This is the normal size for a large set of this era.

Dominaria United was sold in 15 card draft booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Draft booster boxes have 36 packs. Draft boosters in English are printed in the USA, Belgium, and Japan. Foil cards are included in draft booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 45 cards.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with simple two-run 101 common collation. Each pack contains exactly one (non-foil) legendary creature.

Packs are front-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a basic land and an ad card. There are 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the rare, displacing a common.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card

Each pack contains six cards from the A common run followed by four cards from the B run. Foils can displace a card from either run.

There are three uncommon runs. A and B each have 30 different cards. The remaining 20 cards are legendary creatures which appear in their own run. The first uncommon is always A, and the second is always B. In 3/4 of packs, the third uncommon is a legendary creature. In the other 1/4 of packs, the rare is a legendary creature and the third uncommon can be from either A or B (but not part of a sequence with the other A or B uncommmon).

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice plus Vanquisher's Axe, the short-printed common. Other than Vanquisher's Axe, the cards appear in a repeating pattern of green, red, black, blue, white. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Urborg RepossessionTolarian TerrorBenalish SleeperFloriferous VinewallMeria's OutriderToxic AbominationImpulseTake Up the ShieldBroken WingsFurious BellowShadow Prophecy
Talas LookoutCharismatic VanguardSnarespinnerIn Thrall to the PitTattered ApparitionTidepool TurtleArtillery BlastLlanowar StalkerYavimaya SteelcrusherBone SplintersNegate
Heroic ChargeColossal GrowthJaya's FirenadoGibbering BarricadeHaunting FigmentArgivian PhalanxGaea's MightKeldon Strike TeamBattle-Rage BlessingAcademy WallStall for Time
Hexbane TortoiseViashino BranchriderSplatter GoblinVolshe TideturnerSamite HerbalistBite DownGhitu AmplifierWrithing NecromassVoda Sea ScavengerBenalish FaithbonderDeathbloom Gardener
Coalition WarbruteExtinguish the LightTimely InterferenceBenalish SleeperBarkweave CrusherMolten MonstrosityBattlefly SwarmPixie IllusionistGriffin ProtectorVineshaper ProdigyGoblin Picker
Aggressive SabotageImpede MomentumClockwork DrawbridgeYavimaya SojournerHammerhandUrborg RepossessionTolarian TerrorJuniper Order RootweaverVanquisher's AxeBroken WingsMeria's Outrider
Toxic AbominationImpulseTake Up the ShieldFloriferous VinewallFurious BellowShadow ProphecyHaunting FigmentCharismatic VanguardSnarespinnerIn Thrall to the PitTattered Apparition
Talas LookoutArtillery BlastLlanowar StalkerYavimaya SteelcrusherBone SplintersNegateHeroic ChargeColossal GrowthJaya's FirenadoGibbering BarricadeTidepool Turtle
Argivian PhalanxGaea's MightKeldon Strike TeamSplatter GoblinAcademy WallStall for TimeHexbane TortoiseViashino BranchriderBattle-Rage BlessingVolshe TideturnerSamite Herbalist
Bite DownGhitu AmplifierWrithing NecromassVoda Sea ScavengerBenalish FaithbonderBarkweave CrusherCoalition WarbruteBattlefly SwarmTimely InterferenceJuniper Order RootweaverDeathbloom Gardener
Molten MonstrosityExtinguish the LightPixie IllusionistClockwork DrawbridgeVineshaper ProdigyHammerhandAggressive SabotageImpede MomentumGriffin ProtectorYavimaya SojournerGoblin Picker

The B common run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times plus Vanquisher's Axe, the short-printed common. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Citizen's ArrestPhyrexian RagerWooded RidgelineLightning StrikeSmash to DustMesa CavalierEssence ScatterContaminated AquiferAutomatic LibrarianFlowstone InfusionHaunted Mire
MeteoriteTolarian GeyserShield-Wall SentinelMagnigoth SentryThrill of PossibilityIdyllic BeachfrontTribute to UrborgMolten TributarySalvaged ManaworkerSoaring DrakeRadiant Grove
Sunbathing RootwallaShore UpFlowstone KavuTangled IsletPhyrexian WarhorseSunlit MarshArgivian CavalierGeothermal BogPhyrexian VivisectorDestroy EvilElfhame Wurm
Captain's CallSacred PeaksBog BadgerCrystal GrottoPhyrexian EspionageScout the WildernessContaminated AquiferLightning StrikePhyrexian RagerSmash to DustEssence Scatter
Mesa CavalierWooded RidgelineCitizen's ArrestEerie SoultenderThrill of PossibilityAutomatic LibrarianFlowstone InfusionHaunted MireMeteoriteMagnigoth SentryShield-Wall Sentinel
Tolarian GeyserIdyllic BeachfrontPhyrexian WarhorseTangled IsletMolten TributaryTribute to UrborgShore UpSunbathing RootwallaRadiant GroveSoaring DrakeSalvaged Manaworker
Flowstone KavuElfhame WurmVanquisher's AxeArgivian CavalierSunlit MarshBog BadgerCrystal GrottoCaptain's CallSacred PeaksPhyrexian VivisectorScout the Wilderness
Geothermal BogLightning StrikeCitizen's ArrestWooded RidgelineMesa CavalierSmash to DustEssence ScatterEerie SoultenderAutomatic LibrarianPhyrexian RagerDestroy Evil
Phyrexian EspionageContaminated AquiferFlowstone InfusionMeteoriteIdyllic BeachfrontTolarian GeyserShield-Wall SentinelThrill of PossibilityMagnigoth SentryTribute to UrborgHaunted Mire
Flowstone KavuTangled IsletShore UpSunbathing RootwallaRadiant GroveSoaring DrakeSalvaged ManaworkerPhyrexian WarhorseMolten TributaryCrystal GrottoPhyrexian Vivisector
Geothermal BogArgivian CavalierScout the WildernessElfhame WurmCaptain's CallSacred PeaksBog BadgerSunlit MarshPhyrexian EspionageDestroy EvilEerie Soultender

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses sequential collation with simple two-run 101 common collation. Each pack contains exactly one (non-foil) legendary creature.

Packs are front-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a basic land and an ad card. There are 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the rare, displacing a common.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card

There are three common runs. The A run has 30 distinct cards each appearing four times. The B run has 36 distinct card each appearing three times and the C run has 35 distinct cards also each appearing three times. The cards with showcase versions appear in the A run with one of the four copies being the showcase version.

There are two uncommon runs. The A run has the 60 non-legendary uncommons. The B run has the 20 legendary uncommons. Packs contain 2-3 A uncommons followed by 0-1 B uncommons. Assuming all uncommons are equally likely to appear, B uncommons should appear in 3/4 of packs. (This is plausible.) Packs with legendary rare creatures are exactly those packs that do not contain a B uncommon.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice plus Vanquisher's Axe, the short-printed common. Other than Vanquisher's Axe, the cards appear in a repeating pattern of black, white, red, green, blue. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Haunting FigmentEerie SoultenderCharismatic VanguardMolten MonstrosityBroken WingsSoaring DrakeTattered ApparitionArtillery BlastMeria's OutriderElfhame WurmEssence Scatter
Writhing NecromassGriffin ProtectorYavimaya SteelcrusherHexbane TortoiseTolarian TerrorEerie SoultenderHeroic ChargeMolten MonstrosityBog BadgerImpede MomentumTribute to Urborg
Juniper Order RootweaverMeria's OutriderLlanowar StalkerPhyrexian EspionageBattlefly SwarmMesa CavalierHammerhandGaea's MightTalas LookoutShadow ProphecyCaptain's Call
Ghitu AmplifierMagnigoth SentryPixie IllusionistToxic AbominationBenalish SleeperFlowstone KavuDeathbloom GardenerVolshe TideturnerPhyrexian VivisectorStall for TimeLightning Strike
Broken WingsSoaring DrakeBattle-Rage BlessingArgivian CavalierGoblin PickerSunbathing RootwallaTidepool TurtleTattered ApparitionCitizen's ArrestGhitu AmplifierBite Down
Pixie IllusionistPhyrexian RagerCharismatic VanguardYavimaya SteelcrusherSnarespinnerTalas LookoutWrithing NecromassStall for TimeFlowstone InfusionYavimaya SojournerEssence Scatter
Battlefly SwarmGriffin ProtectorViashino BranchriderGaea's MightTolarian TerrorPhyrexian WarhorseArgivian PhalanxJaya's FirenadoSunbathing RootwallaImpulsePhyrexian Vivisector
Artillery BlastFlowstone KavuSnarespinnerTidepool TurtleVanquisher's AxeExtinguish the LightBenalish SleeperGoblin PickerMagnigoth SentryHaunting FigmentPhyrexian Rager
Mesa CavalierKeldon Strike TeamLlanowar StalkerImpede MomentumShadow ProphecyCaptain's CallViashino BranchriderElfhame WurmTolarian GeyserTribute to UrborgArgivian Phalanx
HammerhandBog BadgerVolshe TideturnerExtinguish the LightHeroic ChargeLightning StrikeYavimaya SojournerImpulsePhyrexian WarhorseJuniper Order RootweaverFlowstone Infusion
Deathbloom GardenerPhyrexian EspionageToxic AbominationArgivian CavalierJaya's FirenadoHexbane TortoiseTolarian GeyserBattle-Rage BlessingCitizen's ArrestKeldon Strike TeamBite Down

The B common run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times plus Vanquisher's Axe, the short-printed common. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

NegateSacred PeaksBarkweave CrusherShield-Wall SentinelBenalish FaithbonderIn Thrall to the PitContaminated AquiferFloriferous VinewallSalvaged ManaworkerSplatter GoblinTimely Interference
Destroy EvilHaunted MireTake Up the ShieldShore UpIdyllic BeachfrontColossal GrowthSmash to DustSunlit MarshVoda Sea ScavengerAutomatic LibrarianSalvaged Manaworker
Sacred PeaksFloriferous VinewallIdyllic BeachfrontThrill of PossibilityTimely InterferenceSamite HerbalistVanquisher's AxeMeteoriteFurious BellowCrystal GrottoGibbering Barricade
Clockwork DrawbridgeGeothermal BogCoalition WarbruteMolten TributaryScout the WildernessWooded RidgelineRadiant GroveFloriferous VinewallNegateHaunted MireAggressive Sabotage
Smash to DustTangled IsletBone SplintersShore UpColossal GrowthSacred PeaksThrill of PossibilityContaminated AquiferUrborg RepossessionSplatter GoblinClockwork Drawbridge
Automatic LibrarianVineshaper ProdigyShield-Wall SentinelAcademy WallTangled IsletBarkweave CrusherSunlit MarshSalvaged ManaworkerVoda Sea ScavengerContaminated AquiferBone Splinters
Clockwork DrawbridgeTimely InterferenceGeothermal BogCrystal GrottoBenalish FaithbonderAggressive SabotageFurious BellowTake Up the ShieldMeteoriteWooded RidgelineGibbering Barricade
Scout the WildernessSamite HerbalistHaunted MireSmash to DustBarkweave CrusherGeothermal BogDestroy EvilIdyllic BeachfrontIn Thrall to the PitWooded RidgelineAcademy Wall
Shield-Wall SentinelFurious BellowUrborg RepossessionShore UpTake Up the ShieldCoalition WarbruteRadiant GroveMeteoriteVoda Sea ScavengerSunlit MarshSplatter Goblin
Benalish FaithbonderColossal GrowthCrystal GrottoThrill of PossibilityUrborg RepossessionMolten TributaryNegateTangled IsletVineshaper ProdigyBone SplintersScout the Wilderness
Coalition WarbruteRadiant GroveSamite HerbalistAcademy WallAutomatic LibrarianIn Thrall to the PitAggressive SabotageDestroy EvilGibbering BarricadeMolten TributaryVineshaper Prodigy

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Balduvian BerserkerChoking MiasmaStrength of the CoalitionPhoenix ChickKnight of Dusk's ShadowWingmantle ChaplainMossbeard AncientWalking BulwarkSprouting GoblinBlight PileHero's Heirloom
Ertai's ScornWarhost's FrenzyYavimaya IconoclastBattlewing MysticRelic of LegendsDragon WhelpPhyrexian MissionaryBalduvian AtrocityJoint ExplorationCut DownRona's Vortex
Elvish HydromancerResolute ReinforcementsJodah's CodexPrayer of BindingCult ConscriptPilferTear AsunderBraids's Frightful ReturnCoalition SkyknightInscribed TabletHurler Cyclops
Monstrous War-LeechKnight of Dawn's LightCombat ResearchFires of VictorySlimefoot's SurveyJoin ForcesFounding the Third PathSengir ConnoisseurNishoba BrawlerRunic ShotCoral Colony
Djinn of the FountainHurloon Battle HymnCleaving SkyriderYotia Declares WarTail SwipeFrostfist StriderElectrostatic InfantryTwinfernoShalai's AcolyteLinebreaker BalothLove Song of Night and Day
Protect the NegotiatorsBalduvian BerserkerChoking MiasmaThe Weatherseed TreatySheoldred's RestorationKnight of Dusk's ShadowMicromancerCoalition SkyknightPhoenix ChickBlight PileJoin Forces
Sprouting GoblinWalking BulwarkHero's HeirloomPhyrexian MissionaryTerritorial MaroErtai's ScornShalai's AcolyteWarhost's FrenzyBalduvian AtrocityRelic of LegendsStrength of the Coalition
Wingmantle ChaplainDragon WhelpJoint ExplorationMossbeard AncientBattlewing MysticCleaving SkyriderResolute ReinforcementsCut DownRunic ShotYavimaya IconoclastPilfer
Rona's VortexPrayer of BindingElvish HydromancerInscribed TabletJodah's CodexCult ConscriptTear AsunderCombat ResearchBraids's Frightful ReturnSlimefoot's SurveyHurler Cyclops
Founding the Third PathNishoba BrawlerSengir ConnoisseurLove Song of Night and DayCoral ColonyDjinn of the FountainTail SwipeKnight of Dawn's LightYotia Declares WarLinebreaker BalothFires of Victory
Frostfist StriderTwinfernoThe Weatherseed TreatyHurloon Battle HymnMonstrous War-LeechProtect the NegotiatorsTerritorial MaroElectrostatic InfantryMicromancerSheoldred's Restoration

Japanese Pack Anatomy

The Japanese printing uses sequential collation probably with 112 card sheets (which is the usual for Japan). (Perhaps some 56 card sheets are also used.) Each pack contains exactly one (non-foil) legendary creature.

Packs are front-facing starting with the ad card, then the basic land, the rare, 3 uncommons, and 10 commons. If there is a foil, it will appear before the rare, displacing a common.

1 Ad Card1 Land1 Rare3 Uncommons10 Commons
1 Ad Card1 Land1 Foil1 Rare3 Uncommons10 Commons

There are 3 non-double-faced common runs: A, B, and C. A contains 27 distinct cards, and B and C each contain 37 distinct cards. Each pack gets 2 to 3 cards from A followed by 3 to 4 cards from B and 3 to 4 cards from C. This means packs are either 2-4-4, 3-3-4, or 3-4-3. The exact ratios may depend on the way foil collation works.


Foils displace a common. Packs with foils obey the normal ranges for A, B, and C cards which means they are 2-3-4, 2-4-3, or 3-3-3.

There are two uncommon runs with legendary creatures and three uncommon runs with non-legendary cards. The first legendary run contains the non-showcase version of each of the 20 uncommon legendary creatures. Each of these appears twice. There is also one copy of the showcase version of the first 16 uncommon legendary creatures. (This accounts for 56 slots.) The remaining 4 showcase cards are in a different run. These cards are: Tura Kennerüd, Skyknight; Uurg, Spawn of Turg; Vohar, Vodalian Desecrator; and Zar Ojanen, Scion of Efrava. Between the uncommon cards and the rare, there will always be exactly one legendary creatures. To ensure uncommons have equal rarity, an uncommon legendary creature should appear 3/4 of the time (and the main legendary uncommon run should appear 7/10 of the time).

The first non-legendary uncommon run, run A, contains four non-legendary cards: Battlewing Mystic, Djinn of the Fountain, Relic of Legends, and Walking Bulwark. These cards never appear in packs with a legendary uncommon. A card from this run should appear 3/20 of the time. It is slightly plausible that these cards and the four extra legendary showcase uncommons share the same run, but I doubt this somewhat because the special collation of legendary creatures must distinguish between legendary and non-legendary uncommons which is probably easier if they are in different hoppers. (The rest of the uncommon structure also distinguishes them.) (The as-fan of these cards is too low for me to easily confirm the structure of these runs, especially as there are not many distinct cards here.) The B and C non-legendary uncommon runs each has 28 distinct cards. Packs with a legendary creature from the main run have either 1 B followed by 1 C, or 2 B cards. Packs with an overflow showcase legendary always have 2 B cards. An A uncommon is always followed by 2 C cards. The remaining packs (which should account for 1/10 overall) have either 2 B followed by a C or a B followed by 2 C. It is plausible that these are equally likely (though the sample size is small); this would make it so that packs with a legendary creature from the main run should have 2 B cards 1/7 of the time (also plausible).

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing four times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Artillery BlastLightning StrikeArgivian PhalanxTribute to UrborgJuniper Order RootweaverMagnigoth SentryCharismatic VanguardExtinguish the Light
Samite HerbalistSunbathing RootwallaTake Up the ShieldPhyrexian RagerStall for TimeTalas LookoutHeroic ChargeFlowstone Infusion
Benalish SleeperPhyrexian VivisectorCaptain's CallWooded RidgelineMesa CavalierAutomatic LibrarianArgivian CavalierTangled Islet
Griffin ProtectorSacred PeaksCitizen's ArrestJuniper Order RootweaverExtinguish the LightTake Up the ShieldMagnigoth SentryCharismatic Vanguard
Phyrexian RagerSamite HerbalistTalas LookoutArtillery BlastTribute to UrborgArgivian PhalanxLightning StrikeBenalish Sleeper
Phyrexian VivisectorStall for TimeFlowstone InfusionHeroic ChargeSunbathing RootwallaCaptain's CallWooded RidgelineMesa Cavalier
Tangled IsletCitizen's ArrestSacred PeaksArgivian CavalierAutomatic LibrarianGriffin ProtectorCharismatic VanguardPhyrexian Rager
Samite HerbalistTalas LookoutHeroic ChargeTribute to UrborgBenalish SleeperMagnigoth SentryJuniper Order RootweaverFlowstone Infusion
Artillery BlastPhyrexian VivisectorTake Up the ShieldLightning StrikeStall for TimeSunbathing RootwallaArgivian PhalanxExtinguish the Light
Citizen's ArrestAutomatic LibrarianCaptain's CallTangled IsletArgivian CavalierSacred PeaksMesa CavalierWooded Ridgeline
Griffin ProtectorJuniper Order RootweaverTribute to UrborgArgivian PhalanxMagnigoth SentryArtillery BlastLightning StrikeSamite Herbalist
Phyrexian RagerTake Up the ShieldSunbathing RootwallaCharismatic VanguardExtinguish the LightHeroic ChargeTalas LookoutBenalish Sleeper
Phyrexian VivisectorStall for TimeFlowstone InfusionArgivian CavalierWooded RidgelineCaptain's CallSacred PeaksGriffin Protector
Automatic LibrarianCitizen's ArrestTangled IsletMesa Cavalier

The B common run consists of 37 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Shore UpPhyrexian WarhorseImpede MomentumSunlit MarshUrborg RepossessionTolarian TerrorNegateGibbering Barricade
Essence ScatterVoda Sea ScavengerSplatter GoblinTimely InterferenceEerie SoultenderDestroy EvilPixie IllusionistTattered Apparition
Haunting FigmentAcademy WallShadow ProphecyGeothermal BogVolshe TideturnerBattle-Rage BlessingShore UpVanquisher's Axe
Bone SplintersPhyrexian EspionageIdyllic BeachfrontAggressive SabotageImpede MomentumSalvaged ManaworkerPhyrexian WarhorseTolarian Terror
Writhing NecromassImpulseContaminated AquiferToxic AbominationTolarian GeyserRadiant GroveUrborg RepossessionTidepool Turtle
Battlefly SwarmSoaring DrakeSunlit MarshSplatter GoblinNegateEerie SoultenderTimely InterferenceTattered Apparition
Voda Sea ScavengerDestroy EvilShadow ProphecyPixie IllusionistGeothermal BogBattle-Rage BlessingVolshe TideturnerAcademy Wall
Gibbering BarricadePhyrexian EspionageImpulseWrithing NecromassSalvaged ManaworkerEssence ScatterBone SplintersHaunting Figment
Vanquisher's AxeAggressive SabotageTolarian GeyserTidepool TurtleToxic AbominationRadiant GroveImpede MomentumPhyrexian Warhorse
Idyllic BeachfrontShore UpBattlefly SwarmSunlit MarshSoaring DrakeSplatter GoblinTolarian TerrorContaminated Aquifer
Urborg RepossessionVoda Sea ScavengerPixie IllusionistEerie SoultenderHaunting FigmentNegateTattered ApparitionGeothermal Bog
Essence ScatterGibbering BarricadeAcademy WallBattle-Rage BlessingTimely InterferencePhyrexian EspionageShadow ProphecyDestroy Evil
Volshe TideturnerWrithing NecromassIdyllic BeachfrontSoaring DrakeBone SplintersVanquisher's AxeTidepool TurtleAggressive Sabotage
Salvaged ManaworkerTolarian GeyserToxic AbominationContaminated AquiferImpulseBattlefly SwarmRadiant Grove

The C common run consists of 37 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Coalition WarbruteYavimaya SojournerHammerhandBog BadgerBenalish FaithbonderYavimaya SteelcrusherBarkweave CrusherIn Thrall to the Pit
Scout the WildernessGhitu AmplifierShield-Wall SentinelBroken WingsMolten MonstrosityClockwork DrawbridgeHexbane TortoiseMeria's Outrider
Viashino BranchriderColossal GrowthKeldon Strike TeamMeteoriteDeathbloom GardenerGoblin PickerVineshaper ProdigyHaunted Mire
Jaya's FirenadoLlanowar StalkerSmash to DustSnarespinnerCrystal GrottoFurious BellowFloriferous VinewallThrill of Possibility
Gaea's MightFlowstone KavuYavimaya SojournerShield-Wall SentinelHammerhandScout the WildernessCoalition WarbruteBog Badger
Molten TributaryYavimaya SteelcrusherElfhame WurmIn Thrall to the PitBite DownBarkweave CrusherGhitu AmplifierBenalish Faithbonder
Hexbane TortoiseViashino BranchriderKeldon Strike TeamColossal GrowthMeteoriteMolten MonstrosityDeathbloom GardenerHaunted Mire
Meria's OutriderVineshaper ProdigyClockwork DrawbridgeJaya's FirenadoBroken WingsMolten TributaryFlowstone KavuSnarespinner
Thrill of PossibilityLlanowar StalkerYavimaya SojournerGoblin PickerFloriferous VinewallCrystal GrottoSmash to DustBite Down
HammerhandElfhame WurmBarkweave CrusherCoalition WarbruteGaea's MightBenalish FaithbonderFurious BellowBog Badger
Shield-Wall SentinelYavimaya SteelcrusherScout the WildernessMolten MonstrosityGhitu AmplifierHexbane TortoiseMeteoriteViashino Branchrider
Broken WingsIn Thrall to the PitColossal GrowthMeria's OutriderClockwork DrawbridgeVineshaper ProdigyJaya's FirenadoSnarespinner
Haunted MireKeldon Strike TeamDeathbloom GardenerSmash to DustLlanowar StalkerGoblin PickerCrystal GrottoFloriferous Vinewall
Flowstone KavuGaea's MightElfhame WurmThrill of PossibilityFurious BellowBite DownMolten Tributary

Uncommon Runs

The main legendary uncommon run contains two normal copies of each of the 20 uncommon legendary creatures. For the (alphabetically) first 16 of these, there is also one copy of the showcase version. (The excluded showcase cards are: Tura Kennerüd, Skyknight; Uurg, Spawn of Turg; Vohar, Vodalian Desecrator; and Zar Ojanen, Scion of Efrava. These cards appear in a different run.) The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Tori D'Avenant, Fury RiderGarna, Bloodfist of Keld (Showcase) (299)Baird, Argivian RecruiterZar Ojanen, Scion of EfravaRadha, Coalition WarlordRulik Mons, Warren Chief (Showcase) (316)Raff, Weatherlight StalwartLagomos, Hand of Hatred (Showcase) (304)
Tatyova, Steward of TidesBortuk Bonerattle (Showcase) (296)Garna, Bloodfist of KeldUurg, Spawn of TurgAron, Benalia's Ruin (Showcase) (292)Najal, the Storm RunnerQueen Allenal of Ruadach (Showcase) (309)Elas il-Kor, Sadistic Pilgrim
Nael, Avizoa Aeronaut (Showcase) (306)Rulik Mons, Warren ChiefBortuk BonerattleTura Kennerüd, SkyknightLagomos, Hand of HatredRona, Sheoldred's FaithfulTatyova, Steward of Tides (Showcase) (321)Aron, Benalia's Ruin
Elas il-Kor, Sadistic Pilgrim (Showcase) (297)Queen Allenal of RuadachRadha, Coalition Warlord (Showcase) (310)Balmor, Battlemage CaptainRaff, Weatherlight StalwartZar Ojanen, Scion of EfravaNael, Avizoa AeronautTori D'Avenant, Fury Rider
Najal, the Storm RunnerTatyova, Steward of TidesBaird, Argivian Recruiter (Showcase) (294)Radha, Coalition WarlordGarna, Bloodfist of KeldVohar, Vodalian DesecratorElas il-Kor, Sadistic PilgrimTori D'Avenant, Fury Rider (Showcase) (322)
Uurg, Spawn of TurgBalmor, Battlemage CaptainRona, Sheoldred's FaithfulLagomos, Hand of HatredRulik Mons, Warren ChiefRaff, Weatherlight Stalwart (Inverted) (Showcase)Baird, Argivian RecruiterNajal, the Storm Runner (Showcase) (307)
Tura Kennerüd, SkyknightAron, Benalia's RuinRona, Sheoldred's Faithful (Showcase) (315)Bortuk BonerattleQueen Allenal of RuadachNael, Avizoa AeronautVohar, Vodalian DesecratorBalmor, Battlemage Captain (Showcase) (295)

The B uncommon run consists of 28 different cards each appearing four times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Founding the Third PathMonstrous War-LeechTwinfernoCleaving SkyriderJoint ExplorationChoking MiasmaResolute ReinforcementsRona's Vortex
PilferHero's HeirloomCombat ResearchCult ConscriptCoral ColonyBlight PilePhoenix ChickFrostfist Strider
Yotia Declares WarMicromancerSheoldred's RestorationJodah's CodexErtai's ScornSengir ConnoisseurInscribed TabletBraids's Frightful Return
Founding the Third PathKnight of Dusk's ShadowProtect the NegotiatorsCleaving SkyriderJoint ExplorationCut DownTwinfernoBalduvian Atrocity
Coral ColonyMonstrous War-LeechResolute ReinforcementsChoking MiasmaHero's HeirloomPilferRona's VortexPhoenix Chick
Cult ConscriptCombat ResearchBlight PileYotia Declares WarSengir ConnoisseurFrostfist StriderKnight of Dusk's ShadowErtai's Scorn
Jodah's CodexSheoldred's RestorationCleaving SkyriderInscribed TabletBraids's Frightful ReturnProtect the NegotiatorsMonstrous War-LeechFounding the Third Path
Cut DownCombat ResearchBalduvian AtrocityMicromancerResolute ReinforcementsHero's HeirloomSheoldred's RestorationRona's Vortex
TwinfernoChoking MiasmaCoral ColonyCult ConscriptJoint ExplorationKnight of Dusk's ShadowPhoenix ChickBlight Pile
Ertai's ScornJodah's CodexPilferFrostfist StriderYotia Declares WarSengir ConnoisseurProtect the NegotiatorsBalduvian Atrocity
Founding the Third PathMonstrous War-LeechMicromancerInscribed TabletCut DownCombat ResearchCleaving SkyriderTwinferno
Braids's Frightful ReturnResolute ReinforcementsChoking MiasmaJoint ExplorationHero's HeirloomSheoldred's RestorationRona's VortexPilfer
Jodah's CodexCoral ColonyCult ConscriptPhoenix ChickBlight PileYotia Declares WarFrostfist StriderKnight of Dusk's Shadow
Ertai's ScornBraids's Frightful ReturnMicromancerCut DownProtect the NegotiatorsSengir ConnoisseurInscribed TabletBalduvian Atrocity

The C uncommon run consists of 28 different cards each appearing four times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Slimefoot's SurveyBalduvian BerserkerThe Weatherseed TreatyPrayer of BindingTear AsunderRunic ShotElvish HydromancerFires of Victory
Wingmantle ChaplainTail SwipeCoalition SkyknightSprouting GoblinKnight of Dawn's LightWarhost's FrenzyStrength of the CoalitionHurloon Battle Hymn
Linebreaker BalothLove Song of Night and DayMossbeard AncientElectrostatic InfantryNishoba BrawlerPhyrexian MissionaryTerritorial MaroHurler Cyclops
Slimefoot's SurveyShalai's AcolyteYavimaya IconoclastDragon WhelpTear AsunderJoin ForcesThe Weatherseed TreatyPrayer of Binding
Balduvian BerserkerRunic ShotSprouting GoblinCoalition SkyknightTail SwipeKnight of Dawn's LightFires of VictoryElvish Hydromancer
Wingmantle ChaplainHurloon Battle HymnLove Song of Night and DayStrength of the CoalitionWarhost's FrenzyLinebreaker BalothElectrostatic InfantryYavimaya Iconoclast
Hurler CyclopsSlimefoot's SurveyDragon WhelpTerritorial MaroPhyrexian MissionaryThe Weatherseed TreatyShalai's AcolyteNishoba Brawler
Runic ShotMossbeard AncientJoin ForcesTail SwipeWingmantle ChaplainElvish HydromancerLove Song of Night and DayTear Asunder
Prayer of BindingBalduvian BerserkerCoalition SkyknightFires of VictoryKnight of Dawn's LightHurloon Battle HymnStrength of the CoalitionWarhost's Frenzy
Linebreaker BalothSprouting GoblinYavimaya IconoclastElectrostatic InfantrySlimefoot's SurveyDragon WhelpTerritorial MaroPhyrexian Missionary
Hurler CyclopsNishoba BrawlerShalai's AcolyteMossbeard AncientPrayer of BindingThe Weatherseed TreatyJoin ForcesTear Asunder
Runic ShotTail SwipeBalduvian BerserkerWingmantle ChaplainElvish HydromancerFires of VictoryCoalition SkyknightWarhost's Frenzy
Strength of the CoalitionHurloon Battle HymnKnight of Dawn's LightSprouting GoblinLove Song of Night and DayElectrostatic InfantryLinebreaker BalothHurler Cyclops
Mossbeard AncientPhyrexian MissionaryTerritorial MaroShalai's AcolyteNishoba BrawlerDragon WhelpYavimaya IconoclastJoin Forces

Token Run

Most of the marketing cards in this set have a token or emblem on the front face. In addition, there is a card that has an advertisement for MTG Arena on both faces. Some tokens with the Dominaria United Commander set code and expansion system are included. These cards have unified numbering out of 26. The cards are printed in a 112 card run with items appearing different numbers of times.

SoldierSand WarriorBird (2)PowerstoneSoldierStangg TwinArena Ad CardPhyrexian
GoblinSoldierDragonBeastSoldierBird (2)PhyrexianSaproling
Arena Ad CardWurmSoldierOrnithopterPhyrexianSoldierBird (2)Elemental
Arena Ad CardMonkTreasureSoldierBadgerPhyrexianSoldierCat Warrior
Bird (2)Arena Ad CardZombieSaprolingSoldierKnightKobolds of Kher KeepSoldier
PhyrexianArena Ad CardInsectSoldierBird (6)Bird (2)SoldierAngel
GoblinSoldierDragonSoldierBeastMerfolkElementalArena Ad Card
SoldierMonkBird (2)SoldierZombieOrnithopterArena Ad CardSand Warrior
SoldierSaprolingSoldierGoblinJaya, Fiery Negotiator EmblemArena Ad CardSoldierBird (2)
Stangg TwinSoldierAngelInsectTreasureSoldierCat WarriorArena Ad Card
SoldierSaprolingBird (2)GoblinSoldierBird (6)KnightSoldier
MerfolkOrnithopterArena Ad CardZombieWurmSoldierPhyrexianElemental
Arena Ad CardAjani, Sleeper Agent EmblemSoldierBeastPhyrexianSoldierDragonBadger
Arena Ad CardBird (2)OrnithopterElementalSoldierPhyrexianKobolds of Kher KeepSaproling

Token Rarity
Ajani, Sleeper Agent EmblemAjani, Sleeper Agent Emblem × 1Jaya, Fiery Negotiator EmblemJaya, Fiery Negotiator Emblem × 1PowerstonePowerstone × 1
AngelAngel × 2BadgerBadger × 2Bird (6)Bird × 2
Cat WarriorCat Warrior × 2InsectInsect × 2KnightKnight × 2
Kobolds of Kher KeepKobolds of Kher Keep × 2MerfolkMerfolk × 2MonkMonk × 2
Sand WarriorSand Warrior × 2Stangg TwinStangg Twin × 2TreasureTreasure × 2
WurmWurm × 2BeastBeast × 3DragonDragon × 3
ZombieZombie × 3ElementalElemental × 4GoblinGoblin × 4
OrnithopterOrnithopter × 4SaprolingSaproling × 5PhyrexianPhyrexian × 8
Bird (2)Bird × 9Arena Ad CardArena Ad Card × 12SoldierSoldier × 28