Streets of New Capenna Collation

Streets of New Capenna is a large set with 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 60 rares, 20 mythic rares, and four variations of each standard basic land. This is the normal size for a large set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 45 cards.

Streets of New Capenna was sold in 15 card draft booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Draft booster boxes have 36 packs. Draft boosters in English are printed in the USA and Belgium. (Existence of Japanese draft boosters is uncertain.)

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with simple two-run 101 common collation.

Packs are front-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a basic land and an ad card. There are 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the rare, displacing a common.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card

Each pack contains six cards from the A common run followed by four cards from the B run. Foils can displace a card from either run. Cards with showcase versions appear in the B run where one of the three copies of the card is the showcase version.

There are two uncommon runs, A and B, each with 40 different cards appearing three times each. Half of packs have 3 A uncommons and the other half have 3 B uncommons. The cards with showcase versions are divided between the sheets. In either case, one of the three copies of such a card is the showcase version.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice plus Chrome Cat, the short-printed common. Other than Chrome Cat, the cards appear in a repeating pattern of red, green, black, blue, white. I've chosen to put Chrome Cat at the end to emphasize the pattern.

Witty RoastmasterWarm WelcomeDig Up the BodyMake DisappearBackup AgentWrecking CrewGlittermongerDeal Gone BadWitness ProtectionCelebrity FencerExhibition Magician
PrizefightExtract the TruthPsionic SnoopHold for RansomGoldhoundMost WantedDemon's DueExpendable LackeyBoon of SafetyAntagonizeSocial Climber
Join the MaestrosMajestic MetamorphosisGathering ThrongRiveteers InitiateRhox PummelerMurderObscura InitiateBuy Your SilenceJackhammerHigh-Rise SawjackIncriminate
Sewer CrocodileKill ShotReady to RumbleBroken WingsCorrupt Court OfficialRun Out of TownRevelation of PowerBig ScoreCapenna ExpressRevel RuinerDisdainful Stroke
Dapper ShieldmateLight 'Em UpCaldaia StrongarmCrooked CustodianCase the JointSpeakeasy ServerPlasma JockeyAttended SocialiteFake Your Own DeathBackstreet BruiserRaffine's Guidance
Witty RoastmasterCivic GardenerMaestros InitiateMake DisappearRaffine's InformantSticky FingersGlittermongerDig Up the BodyBrokers VeteranCelebrity FencerWrecking Crew
Warm WelcomeExtract the TruthPsionic SnoopBackup AgentExhibition MagicianMost WantedDeal Gone BadWitness ProtectionHold for RansomAntagonizePrizefight
Demon's DueExpendable LackeyBoon of SafetyGoldhoundSocial ClimberMurderMajestic MetamorphosisGathering ThrongRiveteers InitiateHigh-Rise SawjackJoin the Maestros
Obscura InitiateBuy Your SilenceJackhammerRhox PummelerIncriminateRun Out of TownDapper ShieldmateReady to RumbleBroken WingsCorrupt Court OfficialSewer Crocodile
Kill ShotLight 'Em UpCaldaia StrongarmRevel RuinerBackstreet BruiserRevelation of PowerPlasma JockeyCapenna ExpressCrooked CustodianCase the JointSpeakeasy Server
Big ScoreAttended SocialiteFake Your Own DeathDisdainful StrokeRaffine's GuidanceSticky FingersCivic GardenerMaestros InitiateBrokers VeteranRaffine's InformantChrome Cat

The B common run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times plus Chrome Cat, the short-printed common. For cards that have a showcase version, one of the three copies is the showcase version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Jewel ThiefMidnight AssassinSnooping NewsieBody DropperSkybridge TowersSpara's AdjudicatorsInspiring OverseerHalo ScarabCabaretti CourtyardGirder GoonsMaestros Theater
Brokers InitiateEcho InspectorRiveteers OverlookQuick-Draw DaggerStrangleRakish Revelers (Showcase)Botanical PlazaCelestial RegulatorSky CrierCabaretti InitiateRooftop Nuisance
Racers' Ring (Showcase)Security BypassGlamorous OutlawParagon of ModernityBrokers HideoutShattered SeraphCutthroat ContenderWaterfront DistrictMayhem PatrolFor the FamilyDaring Escape
Civil ServantGilded PinionsTramway Station (Showcase)Jetmir's FixerOminous ParcelSnooping NewsieJewel ThiefObscura StorefrontMidnight AssassinMasked BanditsSpara's Adjudicators
Skybridge Towers (Showcase)Body DropperBrokers InitiateCabaretti CourtyardEcho InspectorMaestros TheaterHalo ScarabInspiring OverseerRiveteers OverlookGirder GoonsQuick-Draw Dagger
Rakish RevelersStrangleCabaretti InitiateSky CrierCelestial RegulatorBotanical PlazaRooftop NuisanceSecurity BypassParagon of ModernityGlamorous OutlawBrokers Hideout
Cutthroat ContenderRacers' RingShattered SeraphMayhem PatrolOminous ParcelWaterfront District (Showcase)Jetmir's FixerFor the FamilyDaring EscapeCivil ServantGilded Pinions
Obscura StorefrontMidnight AssassinMasked Bandits (Showcase)Tramway StationJewel ThiefSnooping NewsieChrome CatBody DropperSkybridge TowersCabaretti CourtyardInspiring Overseer
Halo ScarabEcho InspectorSpara's Adjudicators (Showcase)Maestros TheaterBrokers InitiateGirder GoonsRakish RevelersRiveteers OverlookStrangleQuick-Draw DaggerCelestial Regulator
Botanical Plaza (Showcase)Rooftop NuisanceCabaretti InitiateSky CrierParagon of ModernityGlamorous Outlaw (Showcase)Racers' RingSecurity BypassShattered Seraph (Showcase)Brokers HideoutMayhem Patrol
Cutthroat ContenderJetmir's FixerWaterfront DistrictFor the FamilyDaring EscapeCivil ServantGilded PinionsTramway StationMasked BanditsOminous ParcelObscura Storefront

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. For cards with showcase versions, one of the copies is the showcase version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Brazen Upstart (Showcase)Public EnemyCabaretti CharmNight ClubberTorch BreathAngelic ObserverVenom ConnoisseurOut of the WayCement ShoesNimble LarcenistWhack
Tainted IndulgenceRiveteers DecoyMetropolis AngelBrass KnucklesCormela, Glamour ThiefKnockout BlowFaerie VandalLagrella, the MagpieUnlucky WitnessExotic PetsBouncer's Beatdown
Call In a ProfessionalRumor GathererFatal GrudgeRogues' GalleryStimulus PackageA Little ChatPatch UpQueza, Augur of AgoniesFreelance MuscleDusk ManglerPyre-Sledge Arsonist
Sleep with the FishesCitizen's CrowbarRocco, Cabaretti CatererInvoluntary EmploymentCourier's BriefcaseCrew CaptainGrisly SigilBrazen UpstartNight ClubberCabaretti CharmPublic Enemy
Angelic ObserverVenom ConnoisseurTorch BreathOut of the WayNimble Larcenist (Showcase)Cement ShoesTainted IndulgenceRiveteers DecoyWhackMetropolis AngelBrass Knuckles
Knockout BlowCormela, Glamour Thief (Showcase)Lagrella, the MagpieUnlucky WitnessFaerie VandalBouncer's BeatdownExotic PetsCall In a ProfessionalFatal GrudgeRogues' GalleryStimulus Package
Rumor GathererA Little ChatQueza, Augur of AgoniesPatch UpDusk ManglerFreelance MuscleSleep with the FishesPyre-Sledge ArsonistCourier's BriefcaseCitizen's CrowbarRocco, Cabaretti Caterer (Showcase)
Involuntary EmploymentBrazen UpstartGrisly SigilCrew Captain (Showcase)Public EnemyNight ClubberCabaretti Charm (Showcase)Angelic ObserverVenom ConnoisseurTorch BreathOut of the Way
Nimble LarcenistRiveteers DecoyWhackTainted IndulgenceCement ShoesMetropolis AngelKnockout BlowCormela, Glamour ThiefBrass KnucklesExotic PetsFaerie Vandal
Lagrella, the Magpie (Showcase)Unlucky WitnessFatal GrudgeBouncer's BeatdownCall In a ProfessionalRumor GathererRogues' GalleryStimulus PackageA Little ChatFreelance MusclePyre-Sledge Arsonist
Patch UpQueza, Augur of Agonies (Showcase)Sleep with the FishesDusk ManglerCitizen's CrowbarCourier's BriefcaseRocco, Cabaretti CatererGrisly SigilInvoluntary EmploymentCrew Captain

The B uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. For cards with showcase versions, one of the copies is the showcase version. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Scuttling ButlerAn Offer You Can't RefuseMaestros Charm (Showcase)Psychic PickpocketRiveteers RequisitionerRaffine's SilencerSwooping ProtectorElegant EntourageCeremonial GroundbreakerGlittering StockpileVampire Scrivener
Riveteers Charm (Showcase)Pugnacious PugilistGraveyard ShiftDarling of the MassesLuxurious LibationSecurity RhoxWingshield AgentIllicit ShipmentVoice of the VerminDisciplined DuelistTavern Swindler
Brokers Charm (Showcase)Suspicious BookcaseCleanup CrewIlluminator VirtuosoCorpse AppraiserRob the ArchivesSyndicate InfiltratorBallroom BrawlersArc SpitterForge BossTake to the Streets
Slip Out the BackMage's AttendantMr. Orfeo, the BoulderHypnotic GrifterRefuse to YieldObscura Charm (Showcase)Sizzling SoloistPsychic PickpocketScuttling ButlerMaestros CharmAn Offer You Can't Refuse
Riveteers RequisitionerElegant EntourageSwooping ProtectorCeremonial GroundbreakerRaffine's SilencerPugnacious PugilistRiveteers CharmGraveyard ShiftGlittering StockpileVampire ScrivenerSecurity Rhox
Luxurious LibationDarling of the MassesIllicit ShipmentWingshield AgentDisciplined Duelist (Showcase)Voice of the VerminBrokers CharmTavern SwindlerCleanup CrewCorpse AppraiserSuspicious Bookcase
Illuminator VirtuosoRob the ArchivesBallroom BrawlersSyndicate InfiltratorSlip Out the BackForge BossArc SpitterTake to the StreetsMr. Orfeo, the BoulderHypnotic GrifterMage's Attendant
Sizzling SoloistObscura CharmRefuse to YieldScuttling ButlerPsychic PickpocketMaestros CharmAn Offer You Can't RefuseRiveteers RequisitionerElegant EntourageRaffine's SilencerGlittering Stockpile
Swooping ProtectorCeremonial GroundbreakerPugnacious PugilistVampire ScrivenerRiveteers CharmLuxurious LibationGraveyard ShiftSecurity RhoxWingshield AgentVoice of the VerminDarling of the Masses
Illicit ShipmentDisciplined DuelistTavern SwindlerCleanup CrewSuspicious BookcaseBrokers CharmIlluminator VirtuosoSyndicate InfiltratorArc SpitterBallroom BrawlersCorpse Appraiser (Showcase)
Rob the ArchivesMage's AttendantSlip Out the BackTake to the StreetsForge BossRefuse to YieldMr. Orfeo, the Boulder (Showcase)Hypnotic GrifterSizzling SoloistObscura Charm

Token Run

Most of the marketing cards in this set have a token or emblem on the front face. In addition, there is a card that has an advertisement for MTG Arena on both faces. The cards are printed in a 121 card run with items appearing different numbers of times. Each of the Treasure tokens has a special back face featuring the name of the corresponding faction.

There are also punch cards that appear in about 1 out of every 8 packs. These are printed on a different sheet. There are two versions of the punch card. They are not equally likely. The card numbered 1 (2 on the back) appears about 3/4 or 4/5 of the time.

RogueWizardArena Ad CardCitizenRogueTreasure (16)Rhino WarriorCitizenTreasure (13)DevilTreasure (14)
FishCatCitizenArena Ad CardWizardOgre WarriorTreasure (15)RogueTreasure (17)Treasure (16)Angel
FishArena Ad CardCitizenTreasure (15)FishTreasure (17)FishTreasure (14)Arena Ad CardCitizenDog
Treasure (14)DevilWizardOgre WarriorCitizenDevilDevilCitizenFishDogCitizen
CatTreasure (14)Ogre WarriorCopyCitizenDevilTreasure (13)CitizenTreasure (16)Treasure (13)Treasure (16)
CitizenTreasure (15)Arena Ad CardCopyOgre WarriorCitizenDevilTreasure (15)CatOgre WarriorCitizen
RogueArena Ad CardFishTreasure (15)AngelOgre WarriorRhino WarriorCitizenFishSpiritRhino Warrior
Treasure (14)RogueTreasure (13)CitizenTreasure (17)Arena Ad CardSpiritFishRogueOgre WarriorWizard
CitizenTreasure (13)Treasure (15)Treasure (17)CitizenTreasure (17)FishTreasure (14)Arena Ad CardDogRogue
Treasure (13)Treasure (17)Ogre WarriorCitizenWizardArena Ad CardCopyTreasure (15)Treasure (13)Treasure (17)Citizen
Treasure (16)Ogre WarriorTreasure (16)Arena Ad CardFishCitizenTreasure (14)Treasure (16)FishRhino WarriorCitizen

Token Rarity
AngelAngel × 2SpiritSpirit × 2CatCat × 3
CopyCopy × 3DogDog × 3Rhino WarriorRhino Warrior × 4
WizardWizard × 5DevilDevil × 6RogueRogue × 7
Treasure (13)Treasure × 7Treasure (14)Treasure × 7Treasure (15)Treasure × 7
Treasure (16)Treasure × 7Treasure (17)Treasure × 7Ogre WarriorOgre Warrior × 9
Arena Ad CardArena Ad Card × 10FishFish × 11CitizenCitizen × 21