The purpose of the project is to gather information about the way that Magic: The Gathering cards (or, theoretically, other kinds of trading cards) are inserted into packs.

The method used is primarily to watch lots of YouTube videos of pack openings and analyze the results. There are also other sources of data, like photographs of uncut print sheets.

I believe that documenting this information is an important part of preserving the history of the game.

This work has many benefits.

Disclosing too much information about collation may be of benefit to box mappers. Box mappers are people who try to use this kind of information to identify packs that contain valuable rares or foils before opening them (often for their own gain). It is my intention to try to avoid publishing too much information that helps box mappers. For sets released in the last ten calendar years (including the current year), I will avoid giving much information about sequencing for rare, mthic, and foil cards. Information that is mostly of general interest, like sheet math and overall foil rates, may still be given.