Exodus Collation

Exodus is a small set with 55 commons, 44 uncommons, and 44 rares. This is the normal size for a small set of this era. The set was printed in the USA and Belgium.

Exodus was sold in 15 card booster packs. Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with 10 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing. The commons are split into two sections. First there are 6 commons, then 3 uncommons, then the rare, then the last 5 commons.

6 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare5 Commons

There are two common runs, A and B. Run A contains 30 cards each twice, and run B contains 25 cards each twice. The cards at the beginning of the pack are from A and the cards at the end are from B.

Common Runs

Run A contains 30 cards each twice. Cards are in a repeating color pattern of white, black, green, blue, red. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

NauseaWood ElvesWhiptongue FrogMage il-VecKor ChantDauthi JackalAvenging DruidFade AwayReckless OgreShield Mate
Vampire HoundsRootwater AlligatorMerfolk LooterManiacal RageSoltari VisionaryThrull SurgeonRabid WolverinesFade AwayAnarchistShackles
Cat BurglarPygmy TrollThalakos ScoutOnslaughtStanding TroopsDauthi JackalPlated RootwallaWhiptongue FrogSonic BurstShield Mate
NauseaRootwater AlligatorWayward SoulAnarchistKor ChantGrollubRabid WolverinesCunningReckless OgreSoul Warden
Vampire HoundsWood ElvesMerfolk LooterOnslaughtSoltari VisionaryCat BurglarPlated RootwallaCunningMage il-VecShackles
Thrull SurgeonAvenging DruidThalakos ScoutManiacal RageStanding TroopsGrollubPygmy TrollWayward SoulSonic BurstSoul Warden

Run B contains 25 cards each twice. Cards are in a repeating color pattern of white, black, green, blue, red. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Cursed FleshBequeathalRootwater MysticShattering PulseCharging PaladinCarnophageReclaimRobe of MirrorsDizzying GazeWelkin Hawk
Death's DuetBequeathalSchool of PiranhaRaging GoblinAngelic BlessingCursed FleshPredatory HungerAether TideFurnace BroodCharging Paladin
Death's DuetJackalope HerdRobe of MirrorsCinder CrawlerAllayCulling the WeakElvish BerserkerTheft of DreamsRaging GoblinWelkin Hawk
Scare TacticsReclaimRootwater MysticDizzying GazeReaping the RewardsCulling the WeakJackalope HerdSchool of PiranhaShattering PulseAngelic Blessing
Scare TacticsElvish BerserkerAether TideCinder CrawlerReaping the RewardsCarnophagePredatory HungerTheft of DreamsFurnace BroodAllay

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses striped collation with 10 × 11 sheets and (presumably) 12 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing and contain 3 uncommons, 1 rare, and 11 commons (in that order).

3 Uncommons1 Rare11 Commons

Common Sheet

The common sheet contains 55 cards each twice. The choice of top row prevents blue cards from showing up next to each other on the sheet.

Vampire HoundsBequeathalDizzying GazeMerfolk LooterAngelic BlessingCursed FleshElvish BerserkerSonic BurstSchool of PiranhaAllay
Cinder CrawlerCunningKor ChantScare TacticsRootwater AlligatorFurnace BroodTheft of DreamsShield MateDeath's DuetWood Elves
Standing TroopsCulling the WeakPygmy TrollMage il-VecWhiptongue FrogReaping the RewardsVampire HoundsJackalope HerdShattering PulseThalakos Scout
Avenging DruidAnarchistAether TideSoul WardenNauseaBequeathalReckless OgreRobe of MirrorsStanding TroopsCarnophage
Merfolk LooterShacklesDauthi JackalPlated RootwallaRaging GoblinWayward SoulWelkin HawkCat BurglarReclaimManiacal Rage
Reaping the RewardsThrull SurgeonOnslaughtRootwater MysticPredatory HungerSoltari VisionaryScare TacticsMage il-VecSchool of PiranhaRootwater Alligator
GrollubTheft of DreamsElvish BerserkerKor ChantShattering PulseCarnophageCunningPlated RootwallaAngelic BlessingAnarchist
Rabid WolverinesCharging PaladinCinder CrawlerDeath's DuetThalakos ScoutWood ElvesShield MateOnslaughtNauseaWhiptongue Frog
Dizzying GazeCursed FleshWayward SoulJackalope HerdAllayReckless OgreCulling the WeakRootwater MysticPygmy TrollCharging Paladin
Fade AwayReclaimWelkin HawkSonic BurstDauthi JackalAether TideRabid WolverinesShacklesManiacal RageCat Burglar
Soul WardenFurnace BroodThrull SurgeonRobe of MirrorsAvenging DruidSoltari VisionaryRaging GoblinGrollubFade AwayPredatory Hunger