Urza's Saga Collation

Urza's Saga is a large set with 110 commons, 110 uncommons, 110 rares, and four variations of each standard basic land. This is the normal size for a large set of this era. The set was printed in the USA and Belgium.

Urza's Saga was sold in 15 card booster packs. Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with 10 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing and contain 11 commons, 1 rare, and 3 uncommons (in that order). Basic lands do not appear in booster packs.

11 Commons1 Rare3 Uncommons

Although they exist, I have not observed any US tournament packs. [1]

Commons have the same basic structure as Mirage and Tempest. There are four common runs. Two, A and B, have 30 cards (each twice) and two, C and D, have 25 cards (again, each twice). Each pack contains 6 commons from A and B followed by 5 from C and D. The A and B commons can be in A-B order or B-A order. Either way, the split will be either 3-3 or 4-2. (The observed rate of 4-2 packs is much lower than Mirage — around 1/10. The difference may just be a product of small sample size.) The C and D commons can also be in either order independently of the ordering of A and B. (It is possible that these ordering are correlated in the same box, but I haven't seen a booster box opening.) Their split will be 3-2 or 2-3.

Note that there is apparent symmetry between A and B and between C and D, so the labels here are arbitrary. (If there is correlation between ordering in starter decks, I reserve the right to rearrange the labels for consistency with Mirage and Tempest.)

Common Runs

Run A contains 30 cards each twice. Cards are in a repeating color pattern of white, black, green, blue, red. It is probably printed on the same sheet as either C or D. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Looming ShadeElvish HerderSandbar MerfolkScrapBrilliant HaloUnworthy DeadGorilla WarriorRescindViashino WeaponsmithCongregate
Looming ShadeCave TigerLaunchScrapSerra ZealotSkittering SkirgeLullCurfewGoblin MatronSilent Attendant
DespondencyWild DogsCatalogFiery MantleDisciple of GraceBlood VassalGorilla WarriorCurfewLay WasteSilent Attendant
CorruptHidden SpiderCoral MerfolkFiery MantleSerra ZealotBlood VassalLullSandbar MerfolkViashino WeaponsmithHealing Salve
CorruptWild DogsRescindGoblin RaiderCongregateUnworthy DeadCave TigerCoral MerfolkLay WasteDisciple of Grace
DespondencyElvish HerderLaunchGoblin RaiderBrilliant HaloSkittering SkirgeHidden SpiderCatalogGoblin MatronHealing Salve

Run B also contains 30 cards each twice. Cards are in a repeating color pattern of white, black, green, blue, red. This run also includes the common cycling lands, and they are treated as being the same color as the color of mana they produce for the purposes of sheet arrangement. This run is probably printed on the same sheet as either C or D. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Polluted MireBlanchwood TreefolkPendrell DrakeArc LightningDisenchantPhyrexian GhoulTreetop RangersRemote IsleGoblin SpelunkersPath of Peace
PestilenceSlippery KarstHorseshoe CrabHeat RayAngelic PageRavenous SkirgeWinding WurmWizard MentorSmoldering CraterPacifism
BefoulBlanchwood TreefolkRemote IsleViashino RunnerPath of PeacePhyrexian GhoulSymbiosisPendrell DrakeGoblin SpelunkersDrifting Meadow
PestilencePouncing JaguarHermetic StudyArc LightningPegasus ChargerPolluted MireWinding WurmPower SinkViashino RunnerDrifting Meadow
ExpungePouncing JaguarWizard MentorHeat RayDisenchantRavenous SkirgeSlippery KarstHermetic StudyViashino OutriderAngelic Page
ExpungeSymbiosisHorseshoe CrabSmoldering CraterPegasus ChargerBefoulTreetop RangersPower SinkViashino OutriderPacifism

Run C contains 25 cards each twice. Cards are in a repeating color pattern of white, black, green, blue, red. It is probably printed on the same sheet as either A or B. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

SickenAcridianVeiled SerpentDromosaurSanctum CustodianBreachArgothian SwinePendrell FluxGoblin PatrolOpal Caryatid
Bog RaidersHushVeil of BirdsGoblin War BuggyMonk RealistBreachFortitudeSpire OwlDromosaurOpal Gargoyle
Hollow DogsAcridianAnnulGoblin War BuggyDisciple of LawSickenArgothian SwineVeil of BirdsShower of SparksSanctum Custodian
Cackling FiendHushSpire OwlRetromancerDisciple of LawHollow DogsElvish LyristPendrell FluxShower of SparksOpal Gargoyle
Cackling FiendFortitudeVeiled SerpentGoblin PatrolMonk RealistBog RaidersElvish LyristAnnulRetromancerOpal Caryatid

Run D contains 25 cards each twice. Cards are in a repeating color pattern of white, black, green, blue, red. It is probably printed on the same sheet as either A or B. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

DuressVenomous FangsRewindFalterRune of Protection: WhiteDark RitualFertile GroundDisruptive StudentBravadoRune of Protection: Red
ExhumeGaea's BountyRewindRazeRune of Protection: BlackUnnerveRejuvenateTolarian WindsHeadlong RushRune of Protection: Green
Carrion BeetlesVenomous FangsCloak of MistsFalterRune of Protection: BlueDuressFertile GroundPower TaintReflexesRune of Protection: Black
Carrion BeetlesPriest of TitaniaCloak of MistsHeadlong RushRune of Protection: BlueDark RitualRejuvenatePower TaintBravadoRune of Protection: White
ExhumePriest of TitaniaTolarian WindsReflexesRune of Protection: RedUnnerveGaea's BountyDisruptive StudentRazeRune of Protection: Green

Rare Sheet

The rare sheet has one copy of each rare card. There is a picture of the sheet. [2]

Gaea's CradleWitch EngineVernal BloomWildfirePhyrexian ColossusEnergy FieldElite ArchersPersecuteSporogenesisCopper Gnomes
ElectryteSunderFaith HealerIll-Gotten GainsWhetstoneArgothian EnchantressBrandZephidCatastropheLifeline
Eastern PaladinHidden PredatorsBulwarkTime SpiralMetrognomeTolarian AcademyWorshipLurking EvilHidden HerdCitanul Flute
BedlamGilded DrakePariahTainted AetherChimeric StaffArgothian WurmGambleSomnophoreSoul SculptorMishra's Helix
ReprocessCitanul HierophantsAntagonismAttunementKarn, Silver GolemSerra's LiturgyDiscordant DirgeCitanul CentaursScoria WurmSmokestack
Thran QuarryGreat WhaleAngelic ChorusDark HatchlingWhirlwindSneak AttackMorphlingPlanar BirthSleeper AgentAbundance
Barrin's CodexOkkStroke of GeniusRune of Protection: LandsVebulidPurging ScytheExplorationShivan HellkiteVeiled CrocodileRemembrance
Lotus BlossomWestern PaladinGreater GoodRumbling CrescendoBarrin, Master WizardUmbilicusOpal TitanPhyrexian TowerYawgmoth's WillMidsummer Revel
Grafted SkullcapSulfuric VaporsDrifting DjinnIntrepid HeroOppressionTemporal ApertureChild of GaeaViashino SandswimmerShow and TellGlorious Anthem
Phyrexian ProcessorContaminationGreener PasturesLightning DragonBack to BasicsNoetic ScalesSerra AvatarDarkest HourHidden StagFault Line
Serra's SanctumImaginary PetHerald of SerraFluctuatorAbyssal HorrorShivan GorgeEndless WurmCrater HellionRecantationOpal Archangel

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses striped collation with 10 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing and contain 3 uncommons, 1 rare, and 11 commons (in that order). Basic lands do not appear in booster packs.

3 Uncommons1 Rare11 Commons

Starter decks have 3 rares, 10 uncommons, 32 commons, and 30 basic lands in addition to a rulebook. Observed decks are front-facing with lands followed by rares, uncommons, and commons. There is a tournament play insert between the rares and the uncommons and a rules insert between the uncommons and commons. Decks have both an inner and outer seal.

30 Lands3 RaresTournament Play Insert10 UncommonsRules Insert32 Commons

Common Sheet

There is a single sheet that prints each common once. The top row is chosen to prevent blue cards from appearing next to each other on the sheet.

ExhumeCave TigerArc LightningPower TaintPacifismCarrion BeetlesWinding WurmViashino WeaponsmithPower SinkRune of Protection: White
ScrapDisruptive StudentDrifting MeadowUnworthy DeadPriest of TitaniaHeat RayRewindOpal GargoyleHollow DogsRejuvenate
Sanctum CustodianPestilenceVenomous FangsGoblin RaiderPendrell FluxOpal CaryatidDuressGaea's BountyViashino RunnerWizard Mentor
Fertile GroundGoblin PatrolVeiled SerpentSerra ZealotCorruptLullDromosaurLaunchPath of PeaceSkittering Skirge
Pendrell DrakeCongregateBreachElvish LyristFalterRemote IsleSilent AttendantCackling FiendHushHeadlong Rush
Rune of Protection: BlueRavenous SkirgeShower of SparksVeil of BirdsTreetop RangersMonk RealistBefoulReflexesCatalogWild Dogs
SickenHermetic StudyHidden SpiderBrilliant HaloViashino OutriderDark RitualTolarian WindsBlanchwood TreefolkDisciple of LawSmoldering Crater
AcridianRune of Protection: RedGoblin War BuggyDespondencyRescindGorilla WarriorAngelic PageRazeExpungeSandbar Merfolk
Goblin MatronPhyrexian GhoulCloak of MistsSlippery KarstRune of Protection: GreenGoblin SpelunkersLooming ShadeAnnulElvish HerderHealing Salve
CurfewArgothian SwineDisenchantRetromancerUnnerveHorseshoe CrabFortitudeDisciple of GraceBravadoBog Raiders
Pegasus ChargerFiery MantleBlood VassalSpire OwlPouncing JaguarRune of Protection: BlackLay WastePolluted MireCoral MerfolkSymbiosis

Uncommon Sheet

There is a single sheet that prints each uncommon once. The top row is chosen to prevent blue cards from appearing next to each other on the sheet.

Diabolic ServitudeRetaliationGoblin CadetsVeiled ApparitionAbsolute LawDragon BloodSpreading AlgaeVug LizardHibernationShimmering Barrier
Hopping AutomatonZephid's EmbraceAbsolute GraceVictimizeHidden AncientsShivan RaptorWindfallCrystal ChimesVampiric EmbraceCradle Guard
Presence of the MasterPriest of GixCathodionDestructive UrgeLilting RefrainSeasoned MarshalParasitic BondBull HippoMeltdownPeregrine Drake
Titania's ChosenJagged LightningArcane LaboratoryHumbleReclusive WightGaea's EmbraceMobile FortDouseSerra's HymnWorn Powerstone
Voltaic KeyRedeemOrder of YawgmothHawkeater MothOutmaneuverSandbar SerpentClearSanguine GuardHidden GuerrillasSteam Blast
Voice of GraceBlasted LandscapeScaldFog BankThran TurbineSerra's EmbraceMana LeechTorch SongExhaustionTreefolk Seedlings
No Rest for the WickedStern ProctorCrosswindsSanctum GuardianGoblin OffensiveYawgmoth's EdictAcademy ResearchersUrza's ArmorSongstitcherShiv's Embrace
Titania's BoonVoice of LawPit TrapPlanar VoidTurnaboutBlanchwood ArmorOpal AcrolithDisorderFlesh ReaverVeiled Sentry
GumaSkirge FamiliarTelepathyAnacondaDefensive FormationFire AntsRain of FilthEndoskeletonFecundityWaylay
ConfiscateCarpet of FlowersWirecatThundering GiantBereavementWall of JunkAlbino TrollMonk IdealistAcidic SoilSpined Fluke
Claws of GixGoblin LackeyVile RequiemLingering MirageArgothian ElderRune of Protection: ArtifactsRain of SaltCrazed SkirgeEnchantment AlterationWar Dance

Rare Sheet

There is a picture of the rare sheet. [3] It contains each rare card once.

OppressionVernal BloomWhetstoneSomnophoreShivan GorgeLurking EvilKarn, Silver GolemAntagonismEnergy FieldSerra's Liturgy
Fault LineVeiled CrocodileFaith HealerTainted AetherChimeric StaffBrandStroke of GeniusSerra AvatarBarrin's CodexMidsummer Revel
Soul SculptorTemporal ApertureWhirlwindCrater HellionBack to BasicsWorshipContaminationTolarian AcademyOkkFluctuator
Greener PasturesScoria WurmSmokestackCatastropheWitch EngineHidden HerdPhyrexian ProcessorMorphlingPariahAbyssal Horror
Time SpiralGaea's CradleVebulidGreater GoodMishra's HelixRecantationAngelic ChorusReprocessEndless WurmRumbling Crescendo
Opal ArchangelLotus BlossomBedlamBarrin, Master WizardHidden StagIntrepid HeroPhyrexian ColossusGambleSunderExploration
Dark HatchlingGilded DrakeSporogenesisRune of Protection: LandsThran QuarryPersecuteAttunementMetrognomeRemembranceLightning Dragon
Purging ScytheGlorious AnthemViashino SandswimmerYawgmoth's WillShow and TellCitanul HierophantsOpal TitanWildfireWestern PaladinPhyrexian Tower
Sulfuric VaporsDiscordant DirgeUmbilicusArgothian WurmElite ArchersGrafted SkullcapSerra's SanctumGreat WhaleAbundanceNoetic Scales
Drifting DjinnArgothian EnchantressHerald of SerraElectryteIll-Gotten GainsImaginary PetCitanul CentaursCitanul FluteBulwarkEastern Paladin
Copper GnomesShivan HellkiteDarkest HourLifelineChild of GaeaPlanar BirthSneak AttackSleeper AgentZephidHidden Predators

[1] The "Compilation of Manufacture Information for MTG Products" thread on the Magic Librarities Forum confirms the existence of US tournament packs.

[2] A picture of the US rare sheet was posted on Magic Librarities Forum by user wizard1.

[3] A picture of the Belgian rare sheet is on WorthPoint (archiving an eBay listing).