Stronghold Collation

Stronghold is a small set with 55 commons, 44 uncommons, and 44 rares. This is a new size for small sets, smaller than Visions and Weatherlight. The set was printed in the USA and Belgium. [1]

Stronghold was sold in 15 card booster packs. Booster boxes have 36 packs.

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses striped collation with 10 × 11 sheets and 12 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing and contain 3 uncommons, 1 rare, and 11 commons (in that order).

3 Uncommons1 Rare11 Commons

The use of 12 × 11 sheets to print uncommons (and probably rares) has been confirmed by reconstructing uncommon sheets from sets with 44 uncommons including this one and the one from Nemesis. (Note that US printings with sequential collation don't seem to use 12 × 11 sheets in this way, though.)

Common Sheet

The common sheet contains 55 cards each twice. The choice of top row prevents blue cards from showing up next to each other on the sheet.

Death StrokeSkyshroud ArcherShockTidal WarriorBandageDungeon ShadeMulchFlowstone ShamblerMana LeakHonor Guard
Mogg FlunkiesContemptConvictionBrush with DeathSpike WorkerFlingDream ProwlerSmiteRabid RatsOvergrowth
Venerable MonkCannibalizeLowland BasiliskMogg BombersLeapNomads en-KorLab RatsCrossbow AmbushDuct CrawlerSpindrift Drake
Spined WurmCraven GiantMind GamesSamite BlessingSerpent WarriorSkyshroud TroopersMob JusticeCloud SpiritChange of HeartFoul Imp
SiftYouthful KnightMorgue ThrullSpike ColonySeething AngerTidal SurgeSkyshroud FalconBrush with DeathSkyshroud ArcherShock
Spirit en-KorTortured ExistenceFlowstone BladeTidal WarriorLowland BasiliskBandageCannibalizeMogg BombersMana LeakEndangered Armodon
Death StrokeHammerhead SharkProvokeChange of HeartMogg FlunkiesDungeon ShadeContemptSpike ColonyHonor GuardFling
Skyshroud TroopersVenerable MonkFurnace SpiritTormentLeapSpined WurmSmiteSeething AngerMorgue ThrullSpindrift Drake
Mob JusticeRabid RatsDream ProwlerMulchYouthful KnightDuct CrawlerSerpent WarriorSiftSpike WorkerSamite Blessing
Mind GamesOvergrowthSkyshroud FalconFlowstone ShamblerTortured ExistenceTidal SurgeEndangered ArmodonConvictionCraven GiantLab Rats
Nomads en-KorFlowstone BladeFoul ImpCloud SpiritCrossbow AmbushSpirit en-KorFurnace SpiritTormentHammerhead SharkProvoke

Uncommon Sheet

The uncommon sheet contains 44 cards each three times. Note that the Corrupting Licid and Flowstone Hellion in the top row were not observed, so their positions are a guess. (I guessed that each column would have a monocolor card of every color.) Also, the choice of top row here is mostly arbitrary.

ContemplationConstant MistsMask of the MimicDauthi TrapperScapegoatFlowstone HellionCorrupting LicidRansackShifting WallTempting LicidWalking DreamBottomless Pit
Mogg ManiacLancers en-KorSpined SliverSpike SoldierWall of SoulsCrystalline SliverWall of EssenceConstant MistsFlowstone HellionReboundHeartstoneWall of Blossoms
Crystalline SliverWalking DreamMind PeelFlame WaveBullwhipTempting LicidHesitationCalming LicidMegrimSpined SliverHeat of BattleCalming Licid
Bottomless PitWall of RazorsPrimal RageTemperWall of TearsHibernation SliverSpike FeederFlame WaveGliding LicidLancers en-KorCorrupting LicidVictual Sliver
Shifting WallWall of BlossomsWall of EssenceGliding LicidDauthi TrapperScapegoatFanning the FlamesStronghold TaskmasterAcidic SliverWall of TearsPrimal RageFlowstone Hellion
RansackHibernation SliverHornet CannonElven RiteConvulsing LicidMind PeelWarrior en-KorRansackHeat of BattleDauthi TrapperContemplationMegrim
TemperMegrimHesitationAcidic SliverConstant MistsHeartstoneMask of the MimicVictual SliverSpike SoldierBullwhipFlame WaveSpike Feeder
Corrupting LicidElven RiteFanning the FlamesWalking DreamLancers en-KorElven RiteShifting WallWall of SoulsScapegoatWall of RazorsAcidic SliverMask of the Mimic
ReboundWarrior en-KorHeartstoneMogg ManiacStronghold TaskmasterSpined SliverConvulsing LicidTempting LicidMind PeelHesitationWarrior en-KorHornet Cannon
Convulsing LicidWall of TearsBottomless PitSpike FeederHeat of BattleContemplationReboundBullwhipSpike SoldierVictual SliverMogg ManiacWall of Essence
Wall of BlossomsWall of SoulsCalming LicidHibernation SliverHornet CannonGliding LicidPrimal RageWall of RazorsTemperStronghold TaskmasterCrystalline SliverFanning the Flames

[1] The "Compilation of Manufacture Information for MTG Products" thread on the Magic Librarities Forum confirms the existence of US-printed Stronghold, but I couldn't identify any US openings during my research.