Judgment Collation

Judgment is a small set with 55 commons, 44 uncommons, and 44 rares. These numbers are normal for a small set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 70 cards. The set was printed in the USA and Belgium.

Torment was sold in 15 card booster packs. Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with 10 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing with commons, then uncommons, and the rare last. If a foil card appears, it will appear as the last card in the pack after the rare (if any), displacing a card of the same rarity. This means, for example, a foil rare will replace the regular rare. (It is not possible to get more than one foil in a pack.)

11 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare

There are two common runs, A and B. Run A contains 30 cards each twice, and run B contains 25 cards each twice. The first six commons are from A and the last five are from B. If there is a foil common, it can displace a card from either sequence. (Presumably, a card from A is displaced 6/11 of the time to ensure that A and B cards remain balanced.)

Common Runs

Run A contains 30 cards each twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Shieldmage AdvocateWormfang NewtGiant WarthogSpellgorger BarbarianBattlewise AvenTreacherous WerewolfNullmage AdvocateWormfang NewtLiberated DwarfPhantom Nomad
Wormfang DrakeHarvester DruidSuntail HawkCabal TraineeBattlefield ScroungerBattlewise AvenGoretusk FirebeastPhantom TigerHapless ResearcherShieldmage Advocate
Flaring PainNantuko TracerMirror WallCabal TraineeWormfang DrakeKrosan WayfarerDwarven ScorcherKeep WatchBenevolent BodyguardBattlefield Scrounger
Vigilant SentryFlaring PainTrained PronghornAnurid BarkripperKeep WatchPhantom NomadAven FogbringerBorder PatrolKrosan WayfarerBarbarian Bully
Treacherous WerewolfNantuko TracerHapless ResearcherLiberated DwarfNullmage AdvocateVigilant SentrySpellgorger BarbarianPhantom TigerSuntail HawkBarbarian Bully
Harvester DruidTrained PronghornDwarven ScorcherMirror WallGiant WarthogBorder PatrolGoretusk FirebeastBenevolent BodyguardAnurid BarkripperAven Fogbringer

Run B contains 25 cards each twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Ironshell BeetleSwirling SandstormCanopy ClawsLost in ThoughtRats' FeastSudden StrengthLead AstrayEmber ShotGrip of AmnesiaCentaur Rootcaster
Guided StrikeFolk MedicineEnvelopArcane TeachingsPrismatic StrandsToxic StenchRay of RevelationEarsplitting RatsMental NoteFuneral Pyre
Ironshell BeetleDefy GravityRay of RevelationBook BurningSudden StrengthFuneral PyreEmber ShotRats' FeastGrip of AmnesiaSwirling Sandstorm
Venomous VinesToxic StenchCagemailBook BurningCentaur RootcasterEnvelopGuided StrikeVenomous VinesMental NoteCanopy Claws
CagemailLava DartPrismatic StrandsLost in ThoughtFolk MedicineArcane TeachingsEarsplitting RatsDefy GravityLava DartLead Astray

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses striped collation with 10 × 11 sheets and 12 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing and contain 3 uncommons, 1 rare, and 11 commons (in that order). Foil cards are inserted only between stripes (in other words, after a card on the left side of the sheet before moving all the way back to the right), displacing a card of the same rarity.

3 Uncommons1 Rare11 Commons

Common Sheet

There is a single 10 × 11 common sheet that contains each common card twice. It has been reconstructed by observing pack openings. The choice of top row here is mostly arbitrary.

Sudden StrengthGrip of AmnesiaTrained PronghornMirror WallFlaring PainBattlefield ScroungerPhantom NomadWormfang NewtToxic StenchHarvester Druid
Mental NoteBarbarian BullyIronshell BeetlePrismatic StrandsPhantom TigerShieldmage AdvocateSpellgorger BarbarianSudden StrengthHapless ResearcherGuided Strike
Goretusk FirebeastGiant WarthogFuneral PyreWormfang DrakeCabal TraineeRats' FeastBarbarian BullySuntail HawkVenomous VinesGrip of Amnesia
Liberated DwarfDefy GravityAnurid BarkripperEmber ShotKeep WatchCentaur RootcasterLead AstrayPhantom TigerAven FogbringerEarsplitting Rats
Lost in ThoughtCagemailLava DartRay of RevelationGiant WarthogBorder PatrolWormfang DrakeGoretusk FirebeastFolk MedicineBenevolent Bodyguard
Prismatic StrandsArcane TeachingsCanopy ClawsBook BurningKrosan WayfarerGuided StrikeLiberated DwarfEmber ShotBattlewise AvenCanopy Claws
Treacherous WerewolfEnvelopSuntail HawkMirror WallLost in ThoughtFlaring PainHarvester DruidShieldmage AdvocateSpellgorger BarbarianToxic Stench
Nantuko TracerSwirling SandstormNullmage AdvocateWormfang NewtBenevolent BodyguardAnurid BarkripperDwarven ScorcherVenomous VinesHapless ResearcherBook Burning
Rats' FeastFuneral PyreAven FogbringerBattlefield ScroungerDefy GravityCagemailTrained PronghornKeep WatchNantuko TracerRay of Revelation
Phantom NomadCabal TraineeFolk MedicineVigilant SentryMental NoteArcane TeachingsBorder PatrolIronshell BeetleLava DartLead Astray
Krosan WayfarerBattlewise AvenDwarven ScorcherEarsplitting RatsNullmage AdvocateEnvelopSwirling SandstormTreacherous WerewolfCentaur RootcasterVigilant Sentry