Onslaught Collation

Onslaught is a large set with 110 commons, 110 uncommons, 110 rares, and four variations of each standard basic land. This is the normal size for a large set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 70 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA and Belgium.

Onslaught was sold in 15 card booster packs. Booster boxes have 36 packs.

Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with 10 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing with commons, then uncommons, and the rare last. If a foil card appears, it will appear at the end of a pack, but displace a card of the same rarity. Foil basic lands will also displace a common, (but basic lands otherwise do not appear in booster packs).

11 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare

Tournament packs have 30 basic lands, 3 rares, 10 uncommons, 32 commons (in this order). Observed decks are back-facing with lands followed by rares, uncommons, and commons. There is a survey insert and a rules insert between the lands and the rares. (These inserts may appear in either order.) Packs have an outer seal, and some (but not all) have an inner seal.

If a foil card appears, it will be in front of the lands, displacing a card of the same rarity. (Here, foil basic lands displace basic lands, not commons.) It may only be possible to get a single foil per pack (although this is hard to confirm).

30 Lands3 Rares10 UncommonsSurvey and Rules Inserts32 Commons

There are four common runs. Two, A and B, have 30 cards (each twice) and two, C and D, have 25 cards (again, each twice). In booster packs, the A and C runs are appended together to form one long card run, AC, but in tournament packs, these are two separate runs. Each booster has 5-6 AC cards followed by 3 B cards and 2-3 D cards. Half of packs are 5+3+3 and the other half are 6+3+2. Foil commons will displace a B or D card. Foil basic lands will displace an AC card.

In tournament packs, commons appear in D-C-B-A order. Packs will be either 7+7+9+9 or 8+8+8+8. Foils can probably replace cards from any run.

There are two uncommon runs, A and B. Each has 55 different cards (with each card appearing twice). The names A and B are probably ambiguous, as the runs can appear in either order (although in my sample, A was first much more frequently). Boosters packs have 1-2 cards from one run followed by 1-2 from the other. Half of packs are 1+2 and the other half are 2+1. Within a box, the order between A and B will remain consistent. Foil uncommons will displace a card from whichever run appears first, and will appear in packs that would have had two cards from that run (so, packs with foil uncommons will still have one uncommon from each run).

In tournament packs, uncommon runs can also appear in either order. There will always be 5 cards from each run. (I don't have enough information to meaningfully comment about which card will be displaced by a foil.)

There are two rare runs. The A run has 60 different cards (with each card appearing once) and the B run has 50 different cards (each appearing once). (These are probably printed on the same sheet.) In booster packs, a foil can displace a rare from either run.

In tournament packs, rare runs can appear in either order. Packs can be either 1+2 or 2+1. It is possible for a foil to displace the only rare from a run.

Common Runs

Run AC contains 55 cards each twice. In tournament packs, the first 60 cards (30 different cards, each twice) make up the A run and the remaining 50 cards (25, each twice) make up the C run.

Haunted CadaverRenewed FaithWave of IndifferenceCrafty PathmageNaturalizeDirge of DreadGravel SlingerBattering CraghornSage AvenWirewood Savage
Shepherd of RotPiety CharmWave of IndifferenceSlipstream EelVitality CharmSevered LegionDaunting DefenderGoblin TaskmasterSage AvenCrown of Vigor
Shepherd of RotFoothill GuideErratic ExplosionRiptide BiologistVitality CharmSpined BasherDaunting DefenderFever CharmScreaming SeahawkCrown of Vigor
Dirge of DreadDaru CavalierBattering CraghornMistform WallNaturalizeHaunted CadaverFoothill GuideLavamancer's SkillRiptide BiologistWirewood Savage
Aphetto DredgingDaru CavalierErratic ExplosionSlipstream EelTreespring LorianSevered LegionRenewed FaithFever CharmMistform WallWirewood Herald
Spined BasherGravel SlingerLavamancer's SkillCrafty PathmageTreespring LorianAphetto DredgingPiety CharmGoblin TaskmasterScreaming SeahawkWirewood Herald
Fallen ClericBattlefield MedicPinpoint AvalancheBackslideBirchlore RangersProfane PrayersGrassland CrusaderGoblin SledderAirborne AidElvish Warrior
Festering GoblinBattlefield MedicLay WasteMistform MaskBirchlore RangersAnurid MurkdiverSandskinNosy GoblinMage's GuileWirewood Elf
Festering GoblinDaru HealerPinpoint AvalancheAirborne AidSymbiotic ElfFallen ClericSandskinCharging SlatebackMage's GuileTaunting Elf
Crown of SuspicionGlory SeekerNosy GoblinChoking TethersElvish WarriorProfane PrayersDaru HealerGoblin SledderMistform MaskSymbiotic Elf
Anurid MurkdiverGlory SeekerLay WasteBackslideWirewood ElfCrown of SuspicionGrassland CrusaderCharging SlatebackChoking TethersTaunting Elf

Run B also contains 30 cards each twice. It is probably printed on the same sheet as D. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Wretched AnuridGustcloak RunnerBrightstone RitualSea's ClaimElvish PioneerSyphon SoulUnified StrikeGoblin Sky RaiderCrown of AscensionElvish Pathcutter
Syphon MindDisciple of GraceBreak OpenInformation DealerWirewood PrideDisciple of MaliceDemystifyBrightstone RitualCrown of AscensionElvish Guidance
Wretched AnuridDefensive ManeuversSpurred WolverineTrickery CharmElvish PioneerDisciple of MaliceCrown of AweGoblin Sky RaiderSea's ClaimWellwisher
Syphon SoulDefensive ManeuversSkirk ProspectorIxidor's WillLeery FogbeastMisery CharmGustcloak RunnerCrown of FuryTrickery CharmElvish Guidance
Accursed CentaurDisciple of GraceSpurred WolverineSpy NetworkWirewood PrideSyphon MindDemystifyBreak OpenIxidor's WillWellwisher
Accursed CentaurUnified StrikeSkirk ProspectorSpy NetworkElvish PathcutterMisery CharmCrown of AweCrown of FuryInformation DealerLeery Fogbeast

Run D contains 25 cards each twice. It is probably printed on the same sheet as B. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Screeching BuzzardDive BomberSkirk CommandoAscending AvenTranquil ThicketBarren MoorDaru LancerShockDisruptive PitmageSpitting Gourna
Cruel RevivalGustcloak HarrierForgotten CaveAscending AvenKrosan TuskerNantuko HuskSecluded SteppeSolar BlastMistform DreamerBarkhide Mauler
SwatDive BomberSparksmithLonely SandbarSnarling UndorakNantuko HuskPacifismForgotten CaveImagecrafterKrosan Tusker
Cruel RevivalDaru LancerSparksmithDisruptive PitmageTranquil ThicketScreeching BuzzardSecluded SteppeShockImagecrafterSpitting Gourna
Barren MoorGustcloak HarrierSkirk CommandoMistform DreamerSnarling UndorakSwatPacifismSolar BlastLonely SandbarBarkhide Mauler

Uncommon Runs

Run A contains 55 cards each twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Cabal ExecutionerInspiritAirdrop CondorMistform StalkerSerpentine BasiliskInfestGustcloak SentinelChain of PlasmaMistform ShriekerTowering Baloth
Wirewood LodgeAphetto VultureAkroma's BlessingThreatenFleeting AvenCentaur GladeBlackmailInspiritEmbermage GoblinMistform Mutant
Towering BalothDaru EncampmentDeath PulseGustcloak SentinelCommando RaidFleeting AvenPrimal BoostBoneknitterCatapult SquadSnapping Thragg
DiscombobulateEverglove CourierStarlit SanctumSmotherDawning PuristFlamestick CourierMeddlePrimal BoostProwling PangolinCatapult Squad
ThreatenGhosthelm CourierElven RidersSeaside HavenCabal ExecutionerGustcloak SkirmisherChain of PlasmaComplicateSerpentine BasiliskCabal Archon
Improvised ArmorFlamestick CourierAven FateshaperWall of MulchGoblin BurrowsDeath PulsePearlspear CourierThunder of HoovesGhosthelm CourierEverglove Courier
InfestDawning PuristSlice and DiceMistform ShriekerTribal UnityWirewood LodgeFrightshroud CourierImprovised ArmorSnapping ThraggMistform Stalker
Venomspout BrackusSmotherCrude RampartAirdrop CondorComplicateSymbiotic BeastDaru EncampmentFrightshroud CourierPearlspear CourierSlice and Dice
DiscombobulateVenomspout BrackusProwling PangolinAven SoulgazerCommando RaidEssence FractureSymbiotic BeastStarlit SanctumBoneknitterAkroma's Blessing
AvaraxMistform MutantWall of MulchAphetto VultureCrude RampartThunder of HoovesAven FateshaperCentaur GladeSeaside HavenBlackmail
Aven SoulgazerAvaraxMeddleElven RidersCabal ArchonGustcloak SkirmisherEmbermage GoblinEssence FractureTribal UnityGoblin Burrows

Run B contains 55 cards each twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Chain of SmogChain of SilenceGoblin MachinistRiptide ChronologistBroodhatch NantukoFade from MemorySunfire BalmShaleskin BruiserRiptide ShapeshifterBloodline Shaman
Shade's BreathCrowd FavoritesAether ChargeAphetto GrifterKamahl's SummonsSoulless OneAstral SlideDwarven BlastminerDispersing OrbElvish Scrapper
HeadhunterRighteous CauseReckless OneChain of VaporOverwhelming InstinctWalking DesecrationDoubtless OneAether ChargeRiptide ShapeshifterElvish Scrapper
Soulless OneAura ExtractionCustody BattleRummaging WizardKrosan GroundshakerThrashing MudspawnChain of SilenceLightning RiftRiptide ChronologistRun Wild
HeadhunterShieldmage ElderSearing FleshAphetto AlchemistOverwhelming InstinctCabal SlaverRighteous CauseSkittish ValeskRummaging WizardChain of Acid
Feeding FrenzyDoubtless OneSpitfire HandlerNameless OneInvigorating BoonShade's BreathIronfist CrusherSearing FleshGraxiplonHeedless One
Fade from MemoryShieldmage ElderGoblin MachinistAnnexChain of AcidCabal SlaverAstral SlideThoughtbound PrimocAphetto AlchemistKamahl's Summons
Thrashing MudspawnNova ClericSpitfire HandlerAnnexExplosive VegetationGluttonous ZombieAura ExtractionDwarven BlastminerNameless OneRun Wild
Feeding FrenzyNova ClericSkittish ValeskReminisceBroodhatch NantukoWithering HexWhipcorderLightning RiftAphetto GrifterInvigorating Boon
Gluttonous ZombieSunfire BalmThoughtbound PrimocReminisceKrosan GroundshakerWalking DesecrationCrowd FavoritesCustody BattleDispersing OrbBloodline Shaman
Chain of SmogWhipcorderReckless OneGraxiplonExplosive VegetationWithering HexIronfist CrusherShaleskin BruiserChain of VaporHeedless One

Rare Runs

Run A contains 60 cards each once. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Silklash SpiderEbonblade ReaperRiptide EntrancerDoom CannonTrue BelieverVoice of the WoodsGoblin PiledriverEntrails FeasterRead the RunesWooded Foothills
Visara the DreadfulWords of WorshipGrand MeleeQuicksilver DragonWords of WildingStrongarm TacticsCatapult MasterBlistering FirecatVoidmage ProdigyKamahl, Fist of Krosa
Head GamesUnholy GrottoAven BrigadierRisky MoveStandardizeRavenous BalothRiptide ReplicatorFalse CureAkroma's VengeanceMana Echoes
Callous OppressorSymbiotic WurmGravespawn SovereignWindswept HeathMobilizationTephradermWords of WindGigapedeCover of DarknessOblation
Menacing OgreSupreme InquisitorTribal GolemElvish VanguardGangrenous GoliathPolluted DeltaWeathered WayfarerButcher OrggWheel and DealHystrodon
Endemic PlagueConvalescent CareRorix BladewingArtificial EvolutionWeird HarvestSilent SpecterAurificationContested CliffsGoblin PyromancerIxidor, Reality Sculptor

Run B contains 50 cards each once. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

CloneGrinning DemonInsurrectionAnimal MagnetismCircle of SolaceTrade SecretsDoomed NecromancerHarsh MercyDragon RoostSteely Resolve
Riptide LaboratoryGlarecasterTempting WurmWords of WarPatriarch's BiddingPeer PressureGustcloak SaviorDream ChiselMythic ProportionsGratuitous Violence
Oversold CemeteryArcanis the OmnipotentFlooded StrandJareth, Leonine TitanBiorhythmGoblin SharpshooterCryptic GatewayRotlung ReanimatorPsychic TranceExalted Angel
Krosan ColossusKaboom!Undead GladiatorFuture SightBloodstained MireAncestor's ProphetStag BeetleAggravated AssaultMistform SkyreaverDeath Match
Skirk Fire MarshalSilvos, Rogue ElementalSlate of AncestryShared TriumphBlatant ThieveryWords of WasteGrand ColiseumStarstormEnchantress's PresenceSigil of the New Dawn

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses striped collation with 10 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing and contain 3 uncommons, 1 rare, and 11 commons (in that order). Foil cards are inserted only between stripes (in other words, after a card on the left side of the sheet before moving all the way back to the right), displacing a card of the same rarity. It is possible to get multiple foil cards in the same pack. Foil basic lands can appear instead of a foil common. Non-foil basic lands do not appear in booster packs. (Note, I haven't seen an English language Belgian booster, but they are attested.)

3 Uncommons1 Rare11 Commons

Tournament packs have 3 rares, 10 uncommons, 32 commons, and 30 basic lands in addition to a rulebook. Observed packs are back-facing with lands followed by rares, uncommons, and then commons. There is a rules insert between the rares and uncommons, and a survey insert between the uncommons and commons. Packs I've observed have an inner seal.

Foil cards in tournament packs behave in the same way as foils in booster packs, except foil basic lands appear in the lands instead of in the commons.

30 Lands3 RaresRules Insert10 UncommonsSurvey Insert32 Commons

Common Sheet

There is a single sheet that prints each common once. The top is chosen so the deviation from the color pattern is in the bottom row.

Crown of SuspicionGravel SlingerWave of IndifferenceMistform WallBirchlore RangersSpined BasherFoothill GuideCrown of FuryDisruptive PitmageSpitting Gourna
BackslideCrown of VigorDirge of DreadDefensive ManeuversSparksmithRiptide BiologistNaturalizeAnurid MurkdiverDaru CavalierGoblin Sky Raider
Grassland CrusaderCharging SlatebackAirborne AidTranquil ThicketShepherd of RotDaru HealerBattering CraghornChoking TethersWirewood PrideFallen Cleric
Leery FogbeastMisery CharmDive BomberErratic ExplosionIxidor's WillElvish PioneerCruel RevivalDisciple of GraceLonely SandbarSea's Claim
ShockAscending AvenElvish PathcutterAphetto DredgingDaunting DefenderPinpoint AvalancheInformation DealerTreespring LorianHaunted CadaverGlory Seeker
Disciple of MaliceGustcloak RunnerSolar BlastTrickery CharmSnarling UndorakFestering GoblinDemystifySpurred WolverineMistform DreamerVitality Charm
Mage's GuileWirewood ElfScreeching BuzzardPacifismBrightstone RitualScreaming SeahawkWirewood SavageSwatCrown of AweSkirk Commando
Piety CharmLavamancer's SkillCrafty PathmageWellwisherBarren MoorSandskinGoblin SledderSpy NetworkBarkhide MaulerSyphon Mind
Elvish GuidanceNantuko HuskUnified StrikeGoblin TaskmasterCrown of AscensionWirewood HeraldWretched AnuridBattlefield MedicLay WasteSage Aven
Skirk ProspectorImagecrafterKrosan TuskerSyphon SoulDaru LancerFever CharmMistform MaskTaunting ElfSevered LegionGustcloak Harrier
Secluded SteppeBreak OpenSlipstream EelSymbiotic ElfProfane PrayersRenewed FaithNosy GoblinForgotten CaveElvish WarriorAccursed Centaur