Lorwyn Collation

Lorwyn is a large set with 121 commons, 80 uncommons, 80 rares, and four variations of each standard basic land. This is the normal size for a large set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 56 cards (or 1 : 51 cards for tournament packs). The set was printed in English in the USA. The existence of Belgian Lorwyn is unknown.

Lorwyn was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with 11 × 11 sheets.

Packs are back-facing and have 11 commons followed by 3 uncommons, an ad card, and a rare. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the rare card, displacing a common.

11 Commons3 Uncommons1 Ad Card1 Rare
10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Ad Card1 Rare1 Foil

There are four common runs. Two, A and B, have 33 cards (each twice) and two, C and D, have 27 cards (again, each twice) plus one copy each of Shimmering Grotto. Each booster pack contains 6 commons from A or 6 commons from B followed by 5 commons from C or 5 commons from D. All four combination of A and B with C and D are equally likely.

Common and basic land foils (which are printed on separate sheets) can displace either A or B cards; probably common foils only appear in AC or BD packs and basic land foils only appear in AD or BC packs. Uncommon and rare foils can displace either C or D cards; probably these only appear in AD or BC packs.

Uncommons are divided into two runs, A and B each with 40 distinct cards. Probably each has three copies of each card.

Tournament packs have 3 rares, 10 uncommons, 32 commons, and 30 basic lands in addition to a rules insert, and a pro tour player card. Observed packs are back-facing with commons, uncommons, and rares followed by the pro player card and the basic lands. The rules insert is between the rares and the pro player cards. If there is a foil, it will appear the basic lands, displacing a common. (According to the foil rate, some packs should have more than one foil, but I haven't observed any such packs, though I have seen packs with no foils.) Packs have both an inner and outer seal.

32 Commons10 Uncommons3 RaresPro CardRules Insert30 Lands

Tournament packs have commons from all four runs. I have seen packs in A, B, C, D order and packs in B, A, D, C order. Observed packs with no foil have 18 cards from A and B and 14 from B and C. In packs with foils, the observed split is 17+14. Split among A and B or among C and D is observed to be as even as possible. Observed packs have 5 A uncommons followed by 5 B uncommons. Lands have two sequences of 15.

Note that there is apparent symmetry between A and B commons and between C and D commons, so the labels here are a little bit arbitrary.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. This is the top half of a sheet that has the C commons on the bottom half. There is a picture of the Italian language version of this sheet. [1]

Streambed AquitectsStinkdrinker DaredevilNameless InversionBattlewand OakHurly-BurlyPlover KnightsPaperfin RascalDreamspoiler WitchesRuned StalactiteNath's EliteNeck Snap
Sentinels of Glen ElendraSmokebraiderGilt-Leaf AmbushMoonglove WinnowerKinsbaile BalloonistInner-Flame AcolytePeppersmokePaperfin RascalNath's EliteMoonglove ExtractBoggart Sprite-Chaser
Oaken BrawlerSmokebraiderStonybrook AnglerNameless InversionFertile GroundMoonglove WinnowerPlover KnightsWhirlpool WhelmLeaf GilderAdder-Staff BoggartWispmare
Streambed AquitectsConsuming BonfireBoggart LoggersLys Alana HuntmasterRuned StalactiteInner-Flame AcolyteNeck SnapPestermiteLeaf GilderBoggart Sprite-ChaserThieving Sprite
Kinsbaile BalloonistWhirlpool WhelmBoggart LoggersAdder-Staff BoggartFertile GroundMoonglove ExtractHillcomber GiantSentinels of Glen ElendraStinkdrinker DaredevilDreamspoiler WitchesBattlewand Oak
Oaken BrawlerPestermiteHurly-BurlyPeppersmokeLys Alana HuntmasterConsuming BonfireWispmareStonybrook AnglerThieving SpriteGilt-Leaf AmbushHillcomber Giant

The B common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Hornet HarasserDeeptread MerrowGoldmeadow HarrierFistful of ForceEyeblight's EndingSoulbright FlamekinGlimmerdust NapCloudcrown OakOblivion RingWanderer's TwigHornet Harasser
Axegrinder GiantWoodland ChangelingKithkin GreatheartFootbottom FeastMulldrifterLowland OafLignifyWeed StrangleKithkin HealerDeeptread MerrowLash Out
Kithkin DaggerdareHerbal PoulticeAvian ChangelingWarren PilferersLowland OafFistful of ForceAethersnipeQuill-Slinger BoggartSurge of ThoughtweftCloudcrown OakTarfire
Wanderer's TwigSilvergill DouserAvian ChangelingBog-Strider AshEyeblight's EndingMudbutton TorchrunnerSpringleaf DrumOakgnarl WarriorGoldmeadow HarrierGlimmerdust NapWarren Pilferers
Soulbright FlamekinKithkin DaggerdareSurge of ThoughtweftMulldrifterWeed StrangleMudbutton TorchrunnerWoodland ChangelingSpringleaf DrumKithkin HealerFootbottom FeastAxegrinder Giant
LignifySilvergill DouserOblivion RingQuill-Slinger BoggartBog-Strider AshAethersnipeTarfireHerbal PoulticeKithkin GreatheartOakgnarl WarriorLash Out

The C common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus one copy of Shimmering Grotto. This is the bottom half of a sheet that has the A commons on the top half. There is a picture of the Italian language version of this sheet. [1]

Goldmeadow DodgerFaerie TrickeryNightshade StingerBlades of Velis VelElvish HandservantDawnflukeBroken AmbitionsNath's BuffoonFaultgrinderRootgrappleGoldmeadow Dodger
Wings of Velis VelFlamekin BrawlerFacevaulterWarren-Scourge ElfBlades of Velis VelCenn's HeirRingskipperBlack Poplar ShamanShimmering GrottoElvish EulogistGiant's Ire
Lairwatch GiantSpellstutter SpriteSpiderwig BoggartFlamekin BrawlerTideshaper MysticRootgrappleTriclopean SightNightshade StingerFaultgrinderFaerie TrickeryWarren-Scourge Elf
Lairwatch GiantSpiderwig BoggartBoggart ForagerRingskipperHunt DownTriclopean SightNath's BuffoonCaterwauling BoggartTideshaper MysticElvish HandservantBroken Ambitions
Cenn's HeirBoggart ForagerFacevaulterHunt DownGiant's IreDawnflukeSpellstutter SpriteBlack Poplar ShamanElvish EulogistWings of Velis VelCaterwauling Boggart

The D common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus one copy of Shimmering Grotto. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Judge of CurrentsLace with MoongloveBlind-Spot GiantExiled BoggartPonderHeal the ScarsSkeletal ChangelingShields of Velis VelFire-Belly ChangelingElvish BranchbenderAmoeboid Changeling
Kinsbaile SkirmisherScarred VinebreederLace with MoongloveSpringjack KnightPonderBog HoodlumsProtective BubbleFire-Belly ChangelingSkeletal ChangelingAquitect's WillKinsbaile Skirmisher
Spring CleaningBlind-Spot GiantWellgabber ApothecaryGilt-Leaf SeerBoggart Birth RiteZephyr NetBog HoodlumsJudge of CurrentsInkfathom DiversNeedle DropSoaring Hope
Elvish BranchbenderWellgabber ApothecaryAquitect's WillMournwhelkZephyr NetScarred VinebreederGilt-Leaf SeerProtective BubbleIngot ChewerAmoeboid ChangelingSpring Cleaning
Exiled BoggartShields of Velis VelMournwhelkNeedle DropSpringjack KnightHeal the ScarsInkfathom DiversBoggart Birth RiteIngot ChewerSoaring HopeShimmering Grotto

Uncommon Lists

I haven't completed the uncommon runs, but I know which cards are in each run.

Uncommon A
  1. Battle Mastery
  2. Boggart Harbinger
  3. Boggart Shenanigans
  4. Burrenton Forge-Tender
  5. Captivating Glance
  6. Crib Swap
  7. Crush Underfoot
  8. Ego Erasure
  9. Elvish Harbinger
  10. Elvish Promenade
  11. Entangling Trap
  12. Faerie Tauntings
  13. Familiar's Ruse
  14. Flamekin Bladewhirl
  15. Flamekin Harbinger
  16. Giant Harbinger
  17. Glen Elendra Pranksters
  18. Goldmeadow Stalwart
  19. Hearthcage Giant
  20. Hoarder's Greed
  21. Hunter of Eyeblights
  22. Kithkin Harbinger
  23. Kithkin Mourncaller
  24. Lammastide Weave
  25. Lys Alana Scarblade
  26. Merrow Commerce
  27. Merrow Harbinger
  28. Nectar Faerie
  29. Prowess of the Fair
  30. Rebellion of the Flamekin
  31. Scattering Stroke
  32. Summon the School
  33. Sylvan Echoes
  34. Treefolk Harbinger
  35. Turtleshell Changeling
  36. Veteran of the Depths
  37. Vivid Crag
  38. Vivid Grove
  39. Vivid Meadow
  40. Woodland Guidance

Uncommon B
  1. Benthicore
  2. Briarhorn
  3. Ceaseless Searblades
  4. Changeling Berserker
  5. Changeling Hero
  6. Changeling Titan
  7. Cloudgoat Ranger
  8. Drowner of Secrets
  9. Ethereal Whiskergill
  10. Faerie Harbinger
  11. Fallowsage
  12. Final Revels
  13. Flamekin Spitfire
  14. Fodder Launch
  15. Ghostly Changeling
  16. Glarewielder
  17. Goatnapper
  18. Guardian of Cloverdell
  19. Harpoon Sniper
  20. Imperious Perfect
  21. Incremental Growth
  22. Inner-Flame Igniter
  23. Jagged-Scar Archers
  24. Knight of Meadowgrain
  25. Makeshift Mannequin
  26. Marsh Flitter
  27. Merrow Reejerey
  28. Pollen Lullaby
  29. Seedguide Ash
  30. Sentry Oak
  31. Shriekmaw
  32. Silvergill Adept
  33. Squeaking Pie Sneak
  34. Tar Pitcher
  35. Thorntooth Witch
  36. Thundercloud Shaman
  37. Vivid Creek
  38. Vivid Marsh
  39. Wizened Cenn
  40. Wren's Run Vanquisher

[1] A picture of the Italian language AC common sheet was available in the collection of Casey Petrillo. (This collection is no longer publicly accessible.)