Shadowmoor Collation

Shadowmoor is a large set with 121 commons, 80 uncommons, 80 rares, and four variations of each standard basic land. This is the normal size for a large set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 56 cards (or 1 : 51 cards for tournament packs). The set was printed in English in the USA. The existence of Belgian Shadowmoor is unknown.

Shadowmoor was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with 11 × 11 sheets.

Packs are back-facing and have 11 commons followed by 3 uncommons, a rare, and an ad card. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the ad card, displacing a common.

11 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Ad Card
10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Ad Card1 Foil

There are four common runs. Two, A and B, have 33 cards (each twice) and two, C and D, have 27 cards (again, each twice) plus one copy each of Pili-Pala. Each booster pack contains 6 commons from A or 6 commons from B followed by 5 commons from C or 5 commons from D. All four combination of A and B with C and D are equally likely.

Common and basic land foils (which are printed on separate sheets) can displace either A or B cards; probably common foils only appear in AC or BD packs and basic land foils only appear in AD or BC packs. Uncommon and rare foils can displace either C or D cards; probably these only appear in AD or BC packs.

Uncommons are divided into two runs, A and B each with 40 distinct cards. Probably each has three copies of each card.

Tournament packs have 3 rares, 10 uncommons, 32 commons, and 30 basic lands in addition to a rules insert, and a pro tour player card. Observed packs are back-facing with commons, uncommons, and rares followed by the pro player card and the basic lands. The rules insert is between the rares and the pro player cards. If there is a foil, it will appear the basic lands, displacing a common. (According to the foil rate, some packs should have more than one foil. I haven't confirmed this, but I did see one pack with 30 commons where the second-to-last card was unrevealed.) Packs have both an inner and outer seal.

32 Commons10 Uncommons3 RaresPro CardRules Insert30 Lands

Tournament packs have commons from all four runs. I have seen packs in A, B, C, D order and packs in B, A, D, C order. Observed packs with one foil have 17 cards from A and B and 14 from B and C. The the pack with 30 commons, the observed split is 17+13. Split among A and B or among C and D is observed to be as even as possible. Observed packs have 5 A uncommons followed by 5 B uncommons. Lands have two sequences of 15.

Note that there is apparent symmetry between A and B commons and between C and D commons, so the labels here are a little bit arbitrary.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Safehold DuoScuttlemuttMedicine RunnerGhastly DiscoveryWildslayer ElvesGloomlancePuncture BoltMorselhoarderChainbreakerLast BreathBriarberry Cohort
SootwalkersBlistering DieflynPresence of GondShield of the OversoulKinscaer HarpoonistCultbrand CinderMudbrawler CohortFarhaven ElfLast BreathWanderbrine RootcuttersSootwalkers
Safehold SentryPuncture BoltSafehold DuoWingrattle ScarecrowOld GhastbarkGhastly DiscoveryOona's GatewardenBurn TrailWildslayer ElvesCinderhaze WretchSilkbind Faerie
Wanderbrine RootcuttersScarBoggart ArsonistsPresence of GondBriarberry CohortSafehold SentryConsign to DreamCultbrand CinderBlistering DieflynMorselhoarderWingrattle Scarecrow
Shield of the OversoulMerrow WavebreakersGloomlanceBoggart ArsonistsRaven's Run DragoonRunes of the DeusMedicine RunnerKinscaer HarpoonistCinderhaze WretchBurn TrailFarhaven Elf
ScuttlemuttOld GhastbarkMerrow WavebreakersScarMudbrawler CohortRaven's Run DragoonChainbreakerSilkbind FaerieConsign to DreamOona's GatewardenRunes of the Deus

The B common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Rune-Cervin RiderJuvenile GloomwidowTattermunge DuoSickle RipperTorpor DustBlight SickleSomnomancerCrabapple CohortAethertowGravelgill AxesharkSootstoke Kindler
Steel of the GodheadSafehold EliteNurturer InitiateMudbrawler RaidersTortureTorpor DustWatchwing ScarecrowBarrenton CragtreadsScuzzback MaraudersFaerie MacabreTraitor's Roar
Curse of ChainsSomnomancerRattleblaze ScarecrowDevoted DruidThistledown DuoFists of the DemigodHelm of the GhastlordGravelgill DuoRune-Cervin RiderScuzzback MaraudersPower of Fire
Disturbing PlotParapet WatchersWatchwing ScarecrowBallynock CohortBarkshell BlessingSootstoke KindlerFaerie MacabreCurse of ChainsHelm of the GhastlordThistledown DuoJuvenile Gloomwidow
Power of FireGravelgill AxesharkSteel of the GodheadRattleblaze ScarecrowBarrenton CragtreadsDevoted DruidTattermunge DuoDisturbing PlotNurturer InitiateAethertowSafehold Elite
Barkshell BlessingMudbrawler RaidersSickle RipperParapet WatchersBlight SickleBallynock CohortCrabapple CohortTraitor's RoarGravelgill DuoTortureFists of the Demigod

The C common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus one copy of Pili-Pala. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Thornwatch ScarecrowMine ExcavationSpell SyphonInescapable BruteFoxfire OakSplitting HeadacheWoeleecherPrismwake MerrowCrimson WispsViridescent WispsCinderbones
Mine ExcavationBlazethorn ScarecrowSpell SyphonRustrazor ButcherAphotic WispsKithkin ShielddareFate TransferPoison the WellGleeful SabotageAshenmoor CohortApothecary Initiate
WhimwaderToil to RenownThornwatch ScarecrowRustrazor ButcherSafewright QuestAphotic WispsWoeleecherMemory SluiceGiantbaitingBlazethorn ScarecrowEmberstrike Duo
Gleeful SabotageKithkin ShielddarePrismwake MerrowInescapable BruteSafewright QuestSplitting HeadacheBarrenton MedicMemory SluicePoison the WellFoxfire OakPili-Pala
CinderbonesApothecary InitiateFate TransferCrimson WispsToil to RenownEmberstrike DuoBarrenton MedicWhimwaderGiantbaitingViridescent WispsAshenmoor Cohort

The D common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus one copy of Pili-Pala. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Smash to SmithereensSmolder InitiateScrapbasketStrip BareDrowner InitiateScarscale RitualIntimidator InitiateSinking FeelingInquisitor's SnareGloomwidow's FeastManaforge Cinder
Scuzzback ScrapperElvish HexhunterGoldenglow MothZealous GuardianLoch KorriganEmber GaleNiveous WispsLoamdragger GiantDrowner InitiatePili-PalaBloodshed Fever
ManamorphoseTurn to MistScarscale RitualElsewhere FlaskCerulean WispsEmber GaleSmolder InitiateGloomwidow's FeastSinking FeelingGoldenglow MothSmash to Smithereens
Hungry SprigganLoch KorriganScrapbasketScuzzback ScrapperRite of ConsumptionInquisitor's SnarePut AwayManaforge CinderManamorphoseCerulean WispsStrip Bare
Hungry SprigganIntimidator InitiateElsewhere FlaskNiveous WispsZealous GuardianRite of ConsumptionBloodshed FeverLoamdragger GiantPut AwayTurn to MistElvish Hexhunter

Uncommon Lists

I haven't completed the uncommon runs, but I know which cards are in each run.

Uncommon A
  1. Armored Ascension
  2. Ashenmoor Gouger
  3. Biting Tether
  4. Boggart Ram-Gang
  5. Corrupt
  6. Faerie Swarm
  7. Firespout
  8. Flame Javelin
  9. Flourishing Defenses
  10. Glamer Spinners
  11. Gloomwidow
  12. Gnarled Effigy
  13. Grief Tyrant
  14. Howl of the Night Pack
  15. Illuminated Folio
  16. Incremental Blight
  17. Inkfathom Infiltrator
  18. Jaws of Stone
  19. Kitchen Finks
  20. Kulrath Knight
  21. Leech Bonder
  22. Mistmeadow Witch
  23. Murderous Redcap
  24. Plumeveil
  25. Prison Term
  26. Puresight Merrow
  27. Repel Intruders
  28. River's Grasp
  29. Seedcradle Witch
  30. Spectral Procession
  31. Tatterkite
  32. Tattermunge Maniac
  33. Tattermunge Witch
  34. Thoughtweft Gambit
  35. Torrent of Souls
  36. Tower Above
  37. Trip Noose
  38. Wasp Lancer
  39. Wicker Warcrawler
  40. Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers

Uncommon B
  1. Advice from the Fae
  2. Beseech the Queen
  3. Bloodmark Mentor
  4. Blowfly Infestation
  5. Corrosive Mentor
  6. Crowd of Cinders
  7. Cursecatcher
  8. Dawnglow Infusion
  9. Deepchannel Mentor
  10. Dream Salvage
  11. Drove of Elves
  12. Flow of Ideas
  13. Fossil Find
  14. Guttural Response
  15. Heap Doll
  16. Hollowsage
  17. Horde of Boggarts
  18. Inkfathom Witch
  19. Kithkin Rabble
  20. Leechridden Swamp
  21. Lockjaw Snapper
  22. Lurebound Scarecrow
  23. Madblind Mountain
  24. Mercy Killing
  25. Merrow Grimeblotter
  26. Mistmeadow Skulk
  27. Mistveil Plains
  28. Moonring Island
  29. Pale Wayfarer
  30. Pyre Charger
  31. Raking Canopy
  32. Reknit
  33. Resplendent Mentor
  34. Revelsong Horn
  35. Roughshod Mentor
  36. Sapseep Forest
  37. Slinking Giant
  38. Spiteflame Witch
  39. Umbral Mantle
  40. Wild Swing