Portal Second Age Collation

Portal Second Age is a small set with 70 commons, 45 uncommons, 35 rares, and three variations of each standard basic land. There are more commons, but fewer uncommons and rares compared to a normal small set. The set was printed in the USA and Belgium.

Portal Second Age was sold in 15 card booster packs. Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation and 10 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing. Each pack has 9 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 rare, and 2 basic lands (in that order).

9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare2 Lands

Common Run

The single common run has 110 cards (so it fills an entire sheet). There are 30 cards that appears once (C1) and 40 cards that appear twice (C2). The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Alaborn MusketeerDakmor BatNorwood RidersStone RainSleight of HandBreath of LifeMoaning SpiritNatural SpringAlaborn TrooperSwarm of Rats
Bear CubSpitting EarthTidal SurgeWild GriffinProwling NightstalkerGolden BearOgre WarriorDéjà VuTree MonkeyLava Axe
False SummoningTrokin High GuardMind RotNorwood WarriorTremorSteam FrigateAngelic WallRavenous RatsTalas Air ShipTown Sentry
Hand of DeathLynxGoblin MountaineerWind SailAlaborn GrenadierRaise DeadNature's LoreGoblin PikerPath of PeaceDakmor Scorpion
Ogre BerserkerSleight of HandBarbtooth WurmVolunteer MilitiaChorus of WoeGoblin RaiderFalse SummoningBear CubRaiding NightstalkerTidal Surge
Golden BearAngelic BlessingOgre WarriorMuck RatsTime EbbPlated WurmAlaborn MusketeerGoblin CavaliersSalvageBreath of Life
Spitting EarthMoaning SpiritScreeching DrakeMonstrous GrowthAlaborn TrooperStone RainSwarm of RatsTouch of BrillianceRaging GoblinChorus of Woe
Talas ExplorerNorwood WarriorFestival of TrokinGoblin PikerRavenous RatsWind SailSalvageAngelic WallTalas ScoutNature's Lore
Wild GriffinGoblin War StrikeRaise DeadSteam FrigateTree MonkeyTemple AcolyteLava AxeMuck RatsTrokin High GuardGoblin Glider
Lurking NightstalkerExtinguishNorwood ArchersRighteous ChargeVolcanic HammerHand of DeathTalas MerchantBarbtooth WurmMind RotMonstrous Growth
TremorTalas Air ShipTown SentryCruel EdictNorwood RangerGoblin RaiderExtinguishFestival of TrokinGoblin MountaineerDéjà Vu

C1 Rarity
  1. Alaborn Grenadier
  2. Angelic Blessing
  3. Cruel Edict
  4. Dakmor Bat
  5. Dakmor Scorpion
  6. Goblin Cavaliers
  7. Goblin Glider
  8. Goblin War Strike
  9. Lurking Nightstalker
  10. Lynx
  11. Natural Spring
  12. Norwood Archers
  13. Norwood Ranger
  14. Norwood Riders
  15. Ogre Berserker
  16. Path of Peace
  17. Plated Wurm
  18. Prowling Nightstalker
  19. Raging Goblin
  20. Raiding Nightstalker
  21. Righteous Charge
  22. Screeching Drake
  23. Talas Explorer
  24. Talas Merchant
  25. Talas Scout
  26. Temple Acolyte
  27. Time Ebb
  28. Touch of Brilliance
  29. Volcanic Hammer
  30. Volunteer Militia
C2 Rarity
  1. Alaborn Musketeer
  2. Alaborn Trooper
  3. Angelic Wall
  4. Barbtooth Wurm
  5. Bear Cub
  6. Breath of Life
  7. Chorus of Woe
  8. Déjà Vu
  9. Extinguish
  10. False Summoning
  11. Festival of Trokin
  12. Goblin Mountaineer
  13. Goblin Piker
  14. Goblin Raider
  15. Golden Bear
  16. Hand of Death
  17. Lava Axe
  18. Mind Rot
  19. Moaning Spirit
  20. Monstrous Growth
  21. Muck Rats
  22. Nature's Lore
  23. Norwood Warrior
  24. Ogre Warrior
  25. Raise Dead
  26. Ravenous Rats
  27. Salvage
  28. Sleight of Hand
  29. Spitting Earth
  30. Steam Frigate
  31. Stone Rain
  32. Swarm of Rats
  33. Talas Air Ship
  34. Tidal Surge
  35. Town Sentry
  36. Tree Monkey
  37. Tremor
  38. Trokin High Guard
  39. Wild Griffin
  40. Wind Sail