Portal Collation

Portal is a small set with 85 commons, 55 uncommons, 55 rares, and four variations of each standard basic land. There are extra commons compared to a normal small set of this era. The set was printed in English in the USA. The existence of English Belgian-printed Portal is unknown. [1]

Portal was sold in 15 card booster packs that contain an additional tip card. Booster boxes have 36 packs.

Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation and 10 × 11 sheets. Packs are back-facing. The first eight cards in the pack will include the tip card, two basic lands, four commons, and one uncommon. The tip card can be at any position, but relative to the tip card, the other cards are always in the same order with the lands followed by commons followed by uncommon. This is cyclic, so, for example, if the eighth card is the tip card, the first two cards will be lands. These cards can come from one of five runs, each based around one of the five allied color combinations, so I refer to them as seeded cards.

After this 8 card run, there is a rare, then 2 uncommons, and 5 commons.

8 Seeded Cards1 Rare2 Uncommons5 Commons

There are pictures of all the sheets. [2]

The commons and uncommons that appear in the seeded runs are completely separate from the other commons and uncommons. Each seeded run has three commons and two uncommons of each color. These may appear different numbers of times. Also, the seeded runs are different lengths, and don't all appear equally. There are three sheets for the seeded runs. Two have two runs each — one in the top six rows and one in the bottom five rows. The longer runs here must be more likely to appear as they are printed at a higher rate. The last run is printed on its own sheet, so the relative rate is not known. (A reasonable guess it that this sheet is printed at half the rate of the sheets with two runs.)

There are 55 remaining commons. Each is printed twice in a single long common run.

There are 35 remaining uncommons. Most cards are printed three times, but a few cards are printed four times. One card is printed only twice (which is perhaps a mistake). Probably the sheet is just one long run, but I haven't been able to verify this.

The rarities of seeded cards are different than the rarities of other commons and uncommons. Assume that the run that appears on its own sheet (the red and black run) is indeed printed at half the rate of the other seeded sheets. Then we can call a card that appears once in this run S1 (making a card that appears once in one of the other seeded runs S2). Then S1 is 11/13 as likely as U1. This means S2, S3, and S4 uncommons are slightly rarer than U2, U3, and U4 respectively. For commons, S1 is 11/65 as likely as a common. This means S8, S9, and S10 commons are significantly more common than other commons.

The 55 rares are each printed twice on a sheet.

Note that some Portal cards have an alternate version. Many cards contained in the preconstructed starter decks have additional reminder text.

Seeded Runs

The white and green run, "The Horde," has length 56. It is printed on the top half of the same sheet that has the white and blue run. (Note that the tip card images are currently placeholders.)

FillerFillerFillerFillerThe Horde Tip Card 2PlainsForestMonstrous GrowthElvish RangerKnight Errant
Angelic BlessingCharging PaladinThe Horde Tip Card 1PlainsForestMonstrous GrowthElvish RangerWarrior's ChargeAngelic BlessingSeasoned Marshal
The Horde Tip Card 2PlainsForestMonstrous GrowthJungle LionKnight ErrantAngelic BlessingBee StingThe Horde Tip Card 1Plains
ForestMonstrous GrowthJungle LionKnight ErrantAngelic BlessingPlant ElementalThe Horde Tip Card 2PlainsForestJungle Lion
Elvish RangerWarrior's ChargeAngelic BlessingSeasoned MarshalThe Horde Tip Card 1PlainsForestJungle LionElvish RangerKnight Errant
Warrior's ChargeBee StingThe Horde Tip Card 2PlainsForestJungle LionElvish RangerKnight ErrantWarrior's ChargePlant Elemental

The white and blue run, "Air Superiority," has length 48. It is printed on the bottom half of the same sheet that has the white and green run.

FillerFillerAir Superiority Tip Card 2PlainsIslandPath of PeaceFoot SoldiersWind DrakeHorned TurtleWall of Swords
Air Superiority Tip Card 1PlainsIslandRegal UnicornFoot SoldiersWind DrakeOmenStarlit AngelAir Superiority Tip Card 2Plains
IslandPath of PeaceRegal UnicornWind DrakeOmenCloud SpiritAir Superiority Tip Card 1PlainsIslandRegal Unicorn
Foot SoldiersHorned TurtleOmenMystic DenialAir Superiority Tip Card 2PlainsIslandPath of PeaceFoot SoldiersHorned Turtle
OmenStarlit AngelAir Superiority Tip Card 1PlainsIslandPath of PeaceRegal UnicornWind DrakeHorned TurtleMystic Denial

The red and green run, "Gargantuans," has length 56. It is printed on the top half of the same sheet that has the blue and black run. (Note that the tip card variants are hard to make out in the sheet picture, so I have reconstructed what I could and assumed the remaining tip cards alternate as is the case in most of the other runs.)

FillerFillerFillerFillerGargantuans Tip Card 2MountainForestVolcanic HammerFire SnakeSpined Wurm
Nature's LoreWhiptail WurmGargantuans Tip Card 1MountainForestVolcanic HammerFire SnakeGiant SpiderSpined WurmWinter's Grasp
Gargantuans Tip Card 2MountainForestStone RainFire SnakeNature's LoreGiant SpiderHulking CyclopsGargantuans Tip Card 1Mountain
ForestStone RainFire SnakeGiant SpiderSpined WurmRain of SaltGargantuans Tip Card 2MountainForestStone Rain
Volcanic HammerNature's LoreGiant SpiderWhiptail WurmGargantuans Tip Card 1MountainForestVolcanic HammerSpined WurmGiant Spider
Stone RainWinter's GraspGargantuans Tip Card 2MountainForestStone RainVolcanic HammerSpined WurmNature's LoreHulking Cyclops

The blue and black run, "Card Domination," has length 48. It is printed on the bottom half of the same sheet that has the red and green run.

FillerFillerCard Domination Tip Card 2SwampIslandSerpent WarriorMind KnivesSnapping DrakeDéjà VuNoxious Toad
Card Domination Tip Card 1SwampIslandMind KnivesUndying BeastSymbol of UnsummoningSnapping DrakeAssassin's BladeCard Domination Tip Card 2Swamp
IslandUndying BeastSerpent WarriorDéjà VuSymbol of UnsummoningTheft of DreamsCard Domination Tip Card 1SwampIslandSerpent Warrior
Mind KnivesDéjà VuSymbol of UnsummoningMan-o'-WarCard Domination Tip Card 2SwampIslandUndying BeastSerpent WarriorSymbol of Unsummoning
Snapping DrakeAssassin's BladeCard Domination Tip Card 1SwampIslandMind KnivesUndying BeastSnapping DrakeDéjà VuMan-o'-War

The black and red run, "Fiery Doom," has length 104. It is printed on its own sheet.

FillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFiery Doom Tip Card 2MountainSwampSoul Shred
Hand of DeathSpitting EarthRaging MinotaurCharging BanditsFiery Doom Tip Card 2MountainSwampHand of DeathSkeletal SnakeRaging Minotaur
Craven GiantVampiric FeastFiery Doom Tip Card 2MountainSwampHand of DeathSkeletal SnakeCraven GiantSpitting EarthDesert Drake
Fiery Doom Tip Card 2MountainSwampSkeletal SnakeSoul ShredCraven GiantSpitting EarthBlazeFiery Doom Tip Card 2Mountain
SwampHand of DeathSoul ShredRaging MinotaurSpitting EarthCharging BanditsFiery Doom Tip Card 2MountainSwampSkeletal Snake
Hand of DeathRaging MinotaurSpitting EarthVampiric FeastFiery Doom Tip Card 1MountainSwampSoul ShredHand of DeathRaging Minotaur
Craven GiantDesert DrakeFiery Doom Tip Card 1SwampMountainSoul ShredHand of DeathRaging MinotaurCraven GiantBlaze
Fiery Doom Tip Card 1SwampMountainSkeletal SnakeSoul ShredCraven GiantSpitting EarthCharging BanditsFiery Doom Tip Card 1Swamp
MountainHand of DeathSkeletal SnakeSpitting EarthRaging MinotaurVampiric FeastFiery Doom Tip Card 1SwampMountainSoul Shred
Hand of DeathCraven GiantSpitting EarthDesert DrakeFiery Doom Tip Card 1SwampMountainSkeletal SnakeSoul ShredRaging Minotaur
Craven GiantBlazeFiery Doom Tip Card 1SwampMountainSkeletal SnakeSoul ShredSpitting EarthRaging MinotaurCharging Bandits

S2 Rarity
  1. Charging Paladin
  2. Cloud Spirit
  3. Noxious Toad
  4. Rain of Salt
  5. Theft of Dreams
  6. Wall of Swords
S3 Rarity
  1. Blaze
  2. Desert Drake
  3. Vampiric Feast
S4 Rarity
  1. Assassin's Blade
  2. Bee Sting
  3. Charging Bandits
  4. Hulking Cyclops
  5. Man-o'-War
  6. Mystic Denial
  7. Plant Elemental
  8. Seasoned Marshal
  9. Starlit Angel
  10. Whiptail Wurm
  11. Winter's Grasp
S8 Rarity
  1. Craven Giant
  2. Déjà Vu
  3. Fire Snake
  4. Foot Soldiers
  5. Horned Turtle
  6. Mind Knives
  7. Monstrous Growth
  8. Nature's Lore
  9. Omen
  10. Path of Peace
  11. Regal Unicorn
  12. Serpent Warrior
  13. Skeletal Snake
  14. Snapping Drake
  15. Symbol of Unsummoning
  16. Undying Beast
  17. Warrior's Charge
  18. Wind Drake
S9 Rarity
  1. Hand of Death
  2. Raging Minotaur
  3. Soul Shred
  4. Spitting Earth
S10 Rarity
  1. Angelic Blessing
  2. Elvish Ranger
  3. Giant Spider
  4. Jungle Lion
  5. Knight Errant
  6. Spined Wurm
  7. Stone Rain
  8. Volcanic Hammer

Common Sheet

The common sheet contains 55 cards each twice. The cards follows a repeating color pattern of white, red, blue, green, black.

Bog ImpBreath of LifeGoblin BullySorcerous SightStalking TigerCraven KnightFalse PeaceHulking GoblinStorm CrowElven Cache
PythonFleet-Footed MonkMinotaur WarriorTidal SurgeRedwood TreefolkMuck RatsDevoted HeroHighland GiantCloak of FeathersElite Cat Warrior
Bog RaidersSteadfastnessRaging CougarOwl FamiliarElven CacheBog ImpArmored PegasusRaging GoblinTouch of BrillianceRowan Treefolk
Howling FuryKeen-Eyed ArchersHighland GiantGiant OctopusMobilizeFeral ShadowSacred NectarHill GiantTime EbbGrizzly Bears
Raise DeadSacred KnightBurning CloakMerfolk of the Pearl TridentPanther WarriorsMind RotSpotted GriffinLizard WarriorCoral EelFruition
Skeletal CrocodileBorder GuardScorching SpearCloud PiratesWillow DryadVampiric TouchBorder GuardGoblin BullySorcerous SightStalking Tiger
Craven KnightFalse PeaceHulking GoblinStorm CrowFruitionPythonBreath of LifeMinotaur WarriorTidal SurgeRedwood Treefolk
Muck RatsDevoted HeroLava AxeCoral EelElite Cat WarriorBog RaidersSteadfastnessRaging CougarOwl FamiliarPanther Warriors
Vampiric TouchArmored PegasusRaging GoblinTouch of BrillianceRowan TreefolkHowling FuryKeen-Eyed ArchersLava AxeGiant OctopusMobilize
Feral ShadowSacred NectarHill GiantTime EbbGrizzly BearsRaise DeadSacred KnightBurning CloakMerfolk of the Pearl TridentGorilla Warrior
Mind RotSpotted GriffinLizard WarriorCloak of FeathersGorilla WarriorSkeletal CrocodileFleet-Footed MonkScorching SpearCloud PiratesWillow Dryad

Uncommon Run

The uncommon run contains 29 cards each three times, six cards each four times, and one card twice. The cards follows a repeating color pattern of white, black, red, blue, green.

Fire ImpFluxAnacondaVengeanceGravediggerLava FlowCommand of UnsummoningMoon SpriteStarlightVirtue's Ruin
Mountain GoatPersonal TutorAnacondaValorous ChargeRain of TearsFlashfiresDeep-Sea SerpentNeedle StormRenewing DawnBog Wraith
Scorching WindsIngenious ThiefNatural SpringStarlightArrogant VampireLava FlowPersonal TutorDeep WoodDefiant StandGravedigger
Fire ImpBaleful StareBull HippoVengeanceNature's RuinMountain GoatFluxUntamed WildsArdent MilitiaNature's Ruin
FlashfiresWithering GazeDeep WoodArdent MilitiaRain of TearsWall of GraniteCommand of UnsummoningMoon SpriteValorous ChargeBog Wraith
Boiling SeasIngenious ThiefMoon SpriteValorous ChargeDry SpellFire ImpBaleful StareBull HippoRenewing DawnDry Spell
Lava FlowFluxBull HippoRenewing DawnBog WraithScorching WindsWithering GazeUntamed WildsDefiant StandBog Wraith
Scorching WindsIngenious ThiefUntamed WildsDefiant StandArrogant VampireBoiling SeasIngenious ThiefNeedle StormStarlightArrogant Vampire
FlashfiresDeep-Sea SerpentDeep WoodVengeanceGravediggerBoiling SeasBaleful StareBull HippoVengeanceVirtue's Ruin
Wall of GraniteCommand of UnsummoningNatural SpringVenerable MonkVirtue's RuinLava FlowDeep-Sea SerpentNatural SpringVenerable MonkRain of Tears
Mountain GoatPersonal TutorUntamed WildsVenerable MonkNature's RuinWall of GraniteWithering GazeNeedle StormArdent MilitiaDry Spell

U2 Rarity
  1. Anaconda
U3 Rarity
  1. Ardent Militia
  2. Arrogant Vampire
  3. Baleful Stare
  4. Boiling Seas
  5. Command of Unsummoning
  6. Deep Wood
  7. Deep-Sea Serpent
  8. Defiant Stand
  9. Dry Spell
  10. Fire Imp
  11. Flashfires
  12. Flux
  13. Gravedigger
  14. Moon Sprite
  15. Mountain Goat
  16. Natural Spring
  17. Nature's Ruin
  18. Needle Storm
  19. Personal Tutor
  20. Rain of Tears
  21. Renewing Dawn
  22. Scorching Winds
  23. Starlight
  24. Valorous Charge
  25. Venerable Monk
  26. Virtue's Ruin
  27. Wall of Granite
  28. Withering Gaze
U4 Rarity
  1. Bog Wraith
  2. Bull Hippo
  3. Ingenious Thief
  4. Lava Flow
  5. Untamed Wilds
  6. Vengeance

Rare Sheet

The rare sheet contains 55 cards each two times.

Endless CockroachesBlessed ReversalCharging RhinoForked LightningCloud DragonKing's AssassinSpiritual GuardianAlluring ScentVolcanic DragonCruel Fate
Dread ReaperHarsh JusticeThundering WurmPyroclasmPhantom WarriorDread ChargeAlabaster DragonTreetop DefensePillaging HordeTaunt
Mercenary KnightArmageddonWood ElvesDevastationThing from the DeepCruel TutorArchangelSylvan TutorFire DragonExhaustion
Serpent AssassinWrath of GodPrimeval ForceFire TempestCapricious SorcererFinal StrikeStern MarshalSummer BloomThundermareAncestral Memories
Ebon DragonBlinding LightNatural OrderLast ChanceDjinn of the LampCruel BargainGift of EstatesHurricaneEarthquakeBalance of Power
King's AssassinTemporary TruceAlluring ScentWinds of ChangeCruel FateWicked PactBlessed ReversalNature's CloakForked LightningProsperity
Dread ChargeSpiritual GuardianTreetop DefenseVolcanic DragonTauntEndless CockroachesHarsh JusticeCharging RhinoPyroclasmCloud Dragon
Cruel TutorAlabaster DragonSylvan TutorPillaging HordeExhaustionDread ReaperArmageddonThundering WurmDevastationPhantom Warrior
Final StrikeArchangelSummer BloomFire DragonAncestral MemoriesMercenary KnightWrath of GodWood ElvesFire TempestThing from the Deep
Cruel BargainStern MarshalHurricaneThundermareBalance of PowerSerpent AssassinBlinding LightPrimeval ForceLast ChanceCapricious Sorcerer
Wicked PactGift of EstatesNature's CloakEarthquakeProsperityEbon DragonTemporary TruceNatural OrderWinds of ChangeDjinn of the Lamp

[1] The "Compilation of Manufacture Information for MTG Products" thread on the Magic Librarities Forum lists English Belgian-printed Portal as uncertain. I also did not find any during my research.

[2] The "Compilation of Uncut Sheets" thread on the Magic Librarities Forum has pictures of all the sheets.