Rivals of Ixalan Collation

Rivals of Ixalan is a small set with 70 commons, 60 uncommons, 42 rares, 12 mythic rares, one variation of each standard basic land, and 7 double-faced cards. Not counting the double-faced cards, this is the normal size for a small set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 67 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA and Belgium.

Rivals of Ixalan was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation.

Packs are back-facing and have only 10 commons followed by 3 uncommons, a rare, a basic land or checklist, and an ad card. If there is a double-faced card, it will replace the rare and appear after the checklist. Packs with a double-faced card will always contain a checklist instead of a basic land (including double-faced foil cards). If there is a foil, it will displace a common and appear before the basic land or checklist.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Checklist1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Checklist1 Ad Card
10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Checklist1 DFC1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Foil1 Checklist1 DFC1 Ad Card

There are four common runs: A, B, C1, and C2. Half of packs have A, B, and C1 and half have A, B, and C2. Run A has 22 distinct cards each printed three times, and B has 18 cards each printed three times. These are probably on the same sheet. C1 has 16 cards each four times and two copies of Buccaneer's Bravado, and C2 has 13 cards each four times with the other two copies of Buccaneer's Bravado. These are probably also printed together on a sheet.

C1 packs have 3 A cards followed by 2-3 B cards and 4-5 C cards. C2 packs have 3-4 A cards followed by 2-3 B cards and 4 C cards.


When a foil appears in a pack, it will displace a common card. Common foils displace C2 commons. Uncommon foils displace B commons. Double-faced foils displace A commons. Rare foils displace C1 commons and always appear in the same pack as a (non-foil) double-faced card.

The common foil sheet includes copies of the all the basic lands that also have non-foil versions in this set.

The uncommons are split into an A and B run each with 30 distinct cards appearing four times each. Packs have either two A uncommons followed by a B or one A uncommon followed by two B uncommons.

Double-faced cards appear in 1/8 of packs.

The basic lands and checklists are apparently printed on separate sheets. Not counting the checklists that appear with double-faced cards, the rate of checklists is still at least 1/12. (I have seen rare only rare cases that don't fit the 1/12 pattern, so it shouldn't be much higher.) Besides the new Rivals of Ixalan lands, two of the classic Ixalan land variations are available for each land type. These are the two variations with the largest collectors' numbers. All three of these land variations are approximately equally likely.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The cards alternate between white, blue, and red. The exception is Fanatical Firebrand which appears once as a card of each color. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Goblin TrailblazerLegion ConquistadorSea LegsFrilled DeathspitterFanatical FirebrandMist-Cloaked HeraldSwaggering CorsairSanguine GlorifierCrashing TideStampeding HorncrestSun Sentinel
Sailor of MeansSun-Collared RaptorMoment of TriumphNegateOrazca RaptorRaptor CompanionSpire WinderBrazen FreebooterDivine VerdictRiver DarterFrilled Deathspitter
Sun-Crested PterodonMist-Cloaked HeraldGoblin TrailblazerSun SentinelFanatical FirebrandSwaggering CorsairSanguine GlorifierSea LegsSun-Collared RaptorLegion ConquistadorCrashing Tide
Stampeding HorncrestRaptor CompanionNegateBrazen FreebooterDivine VerdictSpire WinderOrazca RaptorMoment of TriumphSailor of MeansFrilled DeathspitterDivine Verdict
River DarterFanatical FirebrandSun-Crested PterodonSailor of MeansSwaggering CorsairLegion ConquistadorSea LegsStampeding HorncrestSanguine GlorifierSpire WinderBrazen Freebooter
Sun SentinelMist-Cloaked HeraldGoblin TrailblazerMoment of TriumphCrashing TideOrazca RaptorRaptor CompanionNegateSun-Collared RaptorSun-Crested PterodonRiver Darter

The B common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times. There are cards are alternating black and green. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Hunt the WeakVampire RevenantGiltgrove StalkerVoracious VampirePlummetRecoverJadecraft ArtisanDusk Legion ZealotKnight of the StampedeFathom Fleet BoarderHardy Veteran
Voracious VampireNaturalizeMoment of CravingAggressive UrgeCanal MonitorGiltgrove StalkerDinosaur HunterHunt the WeakVampire RevenantKnight of the StampedeRecover
PlummetDusk ChargerJadecraft ArtisanFathom Fleet BoarderOrazca FrillbackMoment of CravingNaturalizeDusk Legion ZealotHunt the WeakDinosaur HunterAggressive Urge
Canal MonitorHardy VeteranVampire RevenantKnight of the StampedeRecoverPlummetDusk ChargerGiltgrove StalkerVoracious VampireJadecraft ArtisanMoment of Craving
Orazca FrillbackFathom Fleet BoarderNaturalizeDusk Legion ZealotHardy VeteranDinosaur HunterAggressive UrgeCanal MonitorOrazca FrillbackDusk Charger

The C1 common run consists of 16 different cards each appearing four times plus two copies of Buccaneer's Bravado. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Grasping ScoundrelTilonalli's CrownExultant SkymarcherBuccaneer's BravadoShatterWaterknotGleaming BarrierStrider HarnessJungleborn PioneerGruesome FateDeadeye Rig-Hauler
MutinyCleansing RayWaterknotOrazca RelicSquire's DevotionSecrets of the Golden CityOvergrown ArmasaurGruesome FateExultant SkymarcherShatterTilonalli's Crown
Deadeye Rig-HaulerStrider HarnessJungleborn PioneerOrazca RelicGrasping ScoundrelOvergrown ArmasaurWaterknotSquire's DevotionMutinyShatterGleaming Barrier
Exultant SkymarcherCleansing RayJungleborn PioneerBuccaneer's BravadoGrasping ScoundrelSecrets of the Golden CityTilonalli's CrownStrider HarnessDeadeye Rig-HaulerGruesome FateMutiny
Gleaming BarrierCleansing RaySecrets of the Golden CityOrazca RelicGrasping ScoundrelOvergrown ArmasaurTilonalli's CrownSquire's DevotionDeadeye Rig-HaulerShatterGleaming Barrier
Exultant SkymarcherStrider HarnessWaterknotOrazca RelicGruesome FateSecrets of the Golden CityJungleborn PioneerCleansing RayMutinySquire's DevotionOvergrown Armasaur

The C2 common run consists of 13 different cards each appearing four times plus two copies of Buccaneer's Bravado. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Kitesail CorsairTraveler's AmuletEvolving WildsColossal DreadmawJade BearerBuccaneer's BravadoMartyr of DuskSworn GuardianColossal DreadmawLuminous BondsDark Inquiry
Soul of the RapidsImpaleSnubhorn SentryTraveler's AmuletEvolving WildsKitesail CorsairBombardJade BearerLuminous BondsColossal DreadmawDark Inquiry
Soul of the RapidsMartyr of DuskSworn GuardianImpaleEvolving WildsBuccaneer's BravadoBombardSnubhorn SentryColossal DreadmawKitesail CorsairJade Bearer
Traveler's AmuletMartyr of DuskDark InquirySoul of the RapidsEvolving WildsBombardLuminous BondsSworn GuardianTraveler's AmuletKitesail CorsairSnubhorn Sentry
Martyr of DuskImpaleJade BearerSoul of the RapidsDark InquiryLuminous BondsSworn GuardianImpaleBombardSnubhorn Sentry

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 30 different cards each appearing four times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Thunderherd MigrationSlippery ScoundrelStorm Fleet SwashbucklerAtzocan SeerHighland LakeSee RedEnter the UnknownSkymarcher AspirantCurious ObsessionMerfolk MistbinderWoodland Stream
Forerunner of the HeraldsRiverwise AugurImperial CeratopsRelentless RaptorStone QuarryMausoleum HarpyStrength of the PackBlazing HopeHornswogglePitiless PlundererFoul Orchard
Cherished HatchlingFlood of RecollectionForerunner of the LegionLegion LieutenantForsaken SanctuaryForerunner of the EmpireThunderherd MigrationSkymarcher AspirantRiverwise AugurAtzocan SeerHighland Lake
Forerunner of the HeraldsSlippery ScoundrelForerunner of the LegionJungle CreeperWoodland StreamReckless RageEnter the UnknownSkymarcher AspirantCurious ObsessionSee RedStone Quarry
Storm Fleet SwashbucklerHornswoggleImperial CeratopsMerfolk MistbinderMausoleum HarpyForerunner of the EmpireStrength of the PackBlazing HopeReckless RageForsaken SanctuaryForerunner of the Legion
Flood of RecollectionStorm Fleet SwashbucklerRelentless RaptorPitiless PlundererBlazing HopeCherished HatchlingMausoleum HarpyForerunner of the EmpireJungle CreeperWoodland StreamForerunner of the Heralds
Curious ObsessionSee RedAtzocan SeerHighland LakeImperial CeratopsEnter the UnknownPitiless PlundererRiverwise AugurLegion LieutenantFoul OrchardThunderherd Migration
Slippery ScoundrelReckless RageMerfolk MistbinderForsaken SanctuaryStrength of the PackBlazing HopeMausoleum HarpyFlood of RecollectionRelentless RaptorHighland LakeCherished Hatchling
Curious ObsessionSee RedLegion LieutenantStone QuarrySkymarcher AspirantEnter the UnknownPitiless PlundererHornswoggleAtzocan SeerFoul OrchardForerunner of the Heralds
Slippery ScoundrelForerunner of the EmpireJungle CreeperWoodland StreamImperial CeratopsThunderherd MigrationStorm Fleet SwashbucklerRiverwise AugurMerfolk MistbinderForsaken SanctuaryStrength of the Pack
HornswoggleReckless RageLegion LieutenantStone QuarryForerunner of the LegionCherished HatchlingRelentless RaptorFlood of RecollectionJungle CreeperFoul Orchard

The B uncommon run also consists of 30 different cards each appearing four times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Dire Fleet NeckbreakerSilvergill AdeptPride of ConquerorsGolden DemiseSiren ReaverNeedletooth RaptorReaver AmbushEverdawn ChampionSwift WardenForerunner of the CoalitionRaging Regisaur
Expel from OrazcaMajestic HeliopterusGolden DemiseAquatic IncursionShake the FoundationsRavenous ChupacabraCacophodonSiren ReaverPride of ConquerorsArterial FlowStorm Fleet Sprinter
Pirate's PillageCrested HerdcallerFamished PaladinSilvergill AdeptCharging TuskodonOathsworn VampireThrashing BrontodonDeadeye BrawlerBaffling EndSadistic SkymarcherDire Fleet Neckbreaker
Daring BuccaneerEverdawn ChampionReaver AmbushExpel from OrazcaNeedletooth RaptorForerunner of the CoalitionSwift WardenResplendent GriffinSilvergill AdeptRavenous ChupacabraStorm Fleet Sprinter
Shake the FoundationsCacophodonBaffling EndAquatic IncursionCharging TuskodonArterial FlowThrashing BrontodonRaging RegisaurMajestic HeliopterusSadistic SkymarcherDire Fleet Neckbreaker
Pirate's PillagePride of ConquerorsOathsworn VampireSiren ReaverDaring BuccaneerGolden DemiseCrested HerdcallerDeadeye BrawlerFamished PaladinReaver AmbushResplendent Griffin
Charging TuskodonCacophodonEverdawn ChampionExpel from OrazcaNeedletooth RaptorForerunner of the CoalitionSwift WardenStorm Fleet SprinterBaffling EndArterial FlowRaging Regisaur
Daring BuccaneerFamished PaladinRavenous ChupacabraSilvergill AdeptShake the FoundationsOathsworn VampireThrashing BrontodonDire Fleet NeckbreakerAquatic IncursionGolden DemiseDeadeye Brawler
Pirate's PillageCrested HerdcallerMajestic HeliopterusSiren ReaverNeedletooth RaptorSadistic SkymarcherSwift WardenResplendent GriffinPride of ConquerorsReaver AmbushRaging Regisaur
Shake the FoundationsEverdawn ChampionForerunner of the CoalitionExpel from OrazcaCharging TuskodonArterial FlowCacophodonStorm Fleet SprinterMajestic HeliopterusSadistic SkymarcherDeadeye Brawler
Daring BuccaneerCrested HerdcallerFamished PaladinAquatic IncursionPirate's PillageRavenous ChupacabraThrashing BrontodonResplendent GriffinBaffling EndOathsworn Vampire

Token Run

Most of the marketing cards in Rivals of Ixalan have a token or emblem on the front face. Some of the tokens are duplicates of Ixalan tokens including that expansion symbol, but not all Ixalan tokens appear here. In addition, there is a card that has an advertisement for a Magic-themed Minecraft addon on the front face. (The front has a PEGI rating and the back has ESRB, so I'm not aware of any region differences.) The cards are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

VampireDinosaurMinecraft Ad CardMerfolkCity's BlessingTreasure (10)Treasure (8)GolemSaprolingTreasure (7)Vampire
City's BlessingMerfolkTreasure (10)Minecraft Ad CardDinosaurSaprolingTreasure (8)Elemental (2)City's BlessingVampireElemental (1)
MerfolkGolemTreasure (9)SaprolingMinecraft Ad CardCity's BlessingDinosaurTreasure (7)VampireTreasure (8)Merfolk
City's BlessingTreasure (9)Treasure (10)SaprolingElemental (2)Minecraft Ad CardHuatli, Radiant Champion EmblemGolemVampireCity's BlessingMerfolk
DinosaurTreasure (9)Treasure (8)SaprolingTreasure (7)City's BlessingMinecraft Ad CardVampireTreasure (10)MerfolkDinosaur
Treasure (9)City's BlessingSaprolingElemental (1)Treasure (7)Treasure (8)VampireMinecraft Ad CardMerfolkCity's BlessingDinosaur
Treasure (10)SaprolingElemental (2)GolemHuatli, Radiant Champion EmblemVampireCity's BlessingMerfolkMinecraft Ad CardTreasure (7)Treasure (8)
Treasure (9)SaprolingCity's BlessingTreasure (10)VampireDinosaurMerfolkHuatli, Radiant Champion EmblemElemental (1)Minecraft Ad CardCity's Blessing
Treasure (7)Elemental (2)GolemVampireTreasure (8)MerfolkCity's BlessingDinosaurTreasure (10)Treasure (9)Minecraft Ad Card
SaprolingVampireCity's BlessingMerfolkTreasure (7)GolemDinosaurSaprolingTreasure (8)Elemental (2)City's Blessing
Minecraft Ad CardVampireElemental (1)MerfolkHuatli, Radiant Champion EmblemElemental (2)Treasure (9)Treasure (10)Treasure (7)SaprolingTreasure (9)

Token Rarity
Elemental (1)Elemental × 4Huatli, Radiant Champion EmblemHuatli, Radiant Champion Emblem × 4Elemental (2)Elemental × 6
GolemGolem × 6Treasure (7)Treasure × 8Treasure (8)Treasure × 8
Treasure (9)Treasure × 8Treasure (10)Treasure × 8DinosaurDinosaur × 9
Minecraft Ad CardMinecraft Ad Card × 10SaprolingSaproling × 11MerfolkMerfolk × 12
VampireVampire × 12City's BlessingCity's Blessing × 15

Foil Rare Sheet

There is a picture of the foil rare sheet available. [1] In the first 96 slots, each rare card appears twice, and each mythic rare card appears once. Then the sequence repeats. The repeated cards may be fillers or there may be additional complementary sheets. (For this to make sense, I think there would be four sheets with the 96 card sequence repeated five times and four fillers.)

Awakened AmalgamSlaughter the StrongProtean RaiderTrapjaw TyrantBishop of BindingTetzimoc, Primal DeathPaladin of AtonementTendershoot DryadKumena, Tyrant of OrazcaForm of the DinosaurNezahal, Primal Tide
Captain's HookSphinx's DecreeSiegehorn CeratopsTimestream NavigatorNezahal, Primal TideTomb RobberSlaughter the StrongWayward SwordtoothSilent GravestoneSilverclad FerocidonsRelease to the Wind
Tetzimoc, Primal DeathTemple AltisaurForm of the DinosaurTwilight ProphetRelease to the WindVona's HungerSphinx's DecreeWorld ShaperArch of OrazcaTilonalli's SummonerSeafloor Oracle
Tomb RobberZetalpa, Primal DawnSilverclad FerocidonsRekindling PhoenixSeafloor OracleBlood SunTemple AltisaurProtean RaiderZacama, Primal CalamityDeeproot EliteWarkite Marauder
Vona's HungerAdmiral's OrderTilonalli's SummonerPolyraptorWarkite MarauderBrass's BountyRadiant DestinySiegehorn CeratopsAwakened AmalgamGhalta, Primal HungerChampion of Dusk
Blood SunCrafty CutpurseDeeproot EliteAngrath, the Flame-ChainedChampion of DuskDire Fleet DaredevilAdmiral's OrderTendershoot DryadCaptain's HookJadelight RangerDead Man's Chest
Brass's BountyInduced AmnesiaGhalta, Primal HungerAzor, the LawbringerDead Man's ChestEtali, Primal StormCrafty CutpurseWayward SwordtoothThe Immortal SunPath of DiscoveryDire Fleet Poisoner
Dire Fleet DaredevilKumena's AwakeningJadelight RangerElenda, the Dusk RoseDire Fleet PoisonerSilent GravestoneInduced AmnesiaWorld ShaperBishop of BindingZetalpa, Primal DawnMastermind's Acquisition
Etali, Primal StormPaladin of AtonementPath of DiscoveryHuatli, Radiant ChampionMastermind's AcquisitionArch of OrazcaKumena's AwakeningRadiant DestinyAwakened AmalgamSlaughter the StrongProtean Raider
Trapjaw TyrantBishop of BindingTetzimoc, Primal DeathPaladin of AtonementTendershoot DryadKumena, Tyrant of OrazcaForm of the DinosaurNezahal, Primal TideCaptain's HookSphinx's DecreeSiegehorn Ceratops
Timestream NavigatorNezahal, Primal TideTomb RobberSlaughter the StrongWayward SwordtoothSilent GravestoneSilverclad FerocidonsRelease to the WindTetzimoc, Primal DeathTemple AltisaurForm of the Dinosaur

[1] A picture of the foil US rare sheet was posted in the Misprints facebook group by Tyler Thebeau.