Ixalan Collation

Ixalan is a large set with 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares, four variations of each standard basic land, and 10 double-faced cards. Not counting the double-faced cards, this is the normal size for a large set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 67 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA and Belgium.

Ixalan was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with C1/C2 common collation.

Packs are back-facing and have 10 commons followed by 3 uncommons, a rare, a basic land or checklist, and an ad card. If a double-faced card appears, it replaces the rare. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the rare, or if there is a double-faced card, the foil will appear before the double-faced card. The foil displaces a common. If there is a double-faced card (including foils), there will always be a checklist in the same pack, but checklists can also appear in other packs.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Checklist1 Ad Card
10 Commons3 Uncommons1 DFC1 Checklist1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Checklist1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Foil1 DFC1 Checklist1 Ad Card

Packs are evenly split between C1 commons and C2 commons. C1 packs have 2-3 A cards, 2 B, and 4-5 C. C2 packs have 4 A cards, 2 or 4 B, and 2 or 4 C.


When a foil appears in a pack, it will displace a common card. Common foils displace A commons and only appear in C1 packs. Uncommon foils displace B commons. Rare and double-faced foils displace C2 commons. Common foils appear 1 in every 8 packs. (This seems to be true even though there are additional double-faced cards as those seem to eat into the rare rate.) The uncommon and rare rates are not known exactly.

As normal, uncommons are split into equal A and B runs with one or two A cards and one or two B cards appearing in each pack.

It is hard to determine the exact rate for double-faced cards from collation patterns, but Mark Rosewater has stated that they have the exact same rarity as other rares (meaning each rare is 2/141 and each mythic is 1/141). [1] This is plausible.

Basic lands and checklists appear to be printed on different sheets. The rate of checklist appearance is hard to pin down, but besides the checklists that occur with double-faced cards, it is probably between 1/32 and 2/32. (Here, the 32 includes packs with double-faced cards.)

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. The cards are alternating white, black, and red. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Fathom Fleet FirebrandLegion ConquistadorDire Fleet HoarderTilonalli's KnightLooming AltisaurQueen's AgentBrazen BuccaneersLegion's JudgmentSkulduggeryFrenzied RaptorPterodon Knight
Queen's Bay SoldierRummaging GoblinBishop's SoldierMarch of the DrownedRileShining AerosaurFathom Fleet CutthroatNest RobberSunrise SeekerDesperate CastawaysSun-Crowned Hunters
Vampire's ZealDeadeye TormentorSure StrikeLegion's JudgmentSkittering HeartstopperFathom Fleet FirebrandSkyblade of the LegionDire Fleet HoarderDual ShotLegion ConquistadorMark of the Vampire
Frenzied RaptorSlash of TalonsQueen's AgentBrazen BuccaneersLooming AltisaurQueen's Bay SoldierFire Shrine KeeperPterodon KnightBlight KeeperTilonalli's KnightQueen's Commission
SkulduggeryRileBishop's SoldierMarch of the DrownedNest RobberShining AerosaurDeadeye TormentorRummaging GoblinSunrise SeekerFathom Fleet CutthroatSun-Crowned Hunters
Vampire's ZealDesperate CastawaysFire Shrine KeeperSkyblade of the LegionSkittering HeartstopperDual ShotSlash of TalonsMark of the VampireSure StrikeQueen's CommissionBlight Keeper

The B common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The cards are alternating blue and green. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

One With the WindCrash the RampartsSiren LookoutJade GuardianShaper ApprenticeNew HorizonsShipwreck LooterIxalli's KeeperShore KeeperRavenous DaggertoothDepths of Desire
Commune with DinosaursSailor of MeansSpike-Tailed CeratopsPirate's PrizeIxalli's DivinerOptBlossom DryadStorm SculptorRiver Heralds' BoonProsperous PiratesDeeproot Warrior
Shore KeeperJade GuardianOne With the WindIxalli's KeeperSiren LookoutRavenous DaggertoothShaper ApprenticeNew HorizonsSailor of MeansCrash the RampartsShipwreck Looter
Commune with DinosaursStorm SculptorBlossom DryadDepths of DesireRiver Heralds' BoonPirate's PrizeSpike-Tailed CeratopsOptIxalli's DivinerProsperous PiratesDeeproot Warrior
Siren LookoutRavenous DaggertoothShaper ApprenticeNew HorizonsOne With the WindCrash the RampartsShipwreck LooterCommune with DinosaursSailor of MeansIxalli's KeeperOpt
Jade GuardianShore KeeperRiver Heralds' BoonProsperous PiratesBlossom DryadStorm SculptorSpike-Tailed CeratopsPirate's PrizeIxalli's DivinerDepths of DesireDeeproot Warrior

The C1 common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus Ritual of Rejuvenation, the short-printed common. It contains cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Spreading RotCostly PlunderHeadwater SentriesHierophant's ChaliceTerritorial HammerskullDire Fleet InterloperSwashbucklingSiren's RuseUnknown ShoresRun AgroundAnointed Deacon
Pirate's CutlassVanquish the WeakJungle DelverAncient BrontodonTishana's WayfinderPrying BladeHeadstrong BruteKinjalli's CallerStorm Fleet PyromancerSpreading RotRaptor Companion
Cobbled WingsSpell PierceTerritorial HammerskullWind StriderHierophant's ChaliceCostly PlunderFirecannon BlastDire Fleet InterloperEncampment KeeperRun AgroundUnknown Shores
SwashbucklingHeadwater SentriesVanquish the WeakPirate's CutlassAnointed DeaconStorm Fleet PyromancerSiren's RuseJungle DelverRaptor CompanionAncient BrontodonPounce
Prying BladeHeadstrong BruteKinjalli's CallerTishana's WayfinderEncampment KeeperCobbled WingsPounceSpell PierceRitual of RejuvenationWind StriderFirecannon Blast

The C2 common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times plus Ritual of Rejuvenation, the short-printed common. It contains cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

DemolishSkymarch BloodletterDemystifyGrazing WhiptailGilded SentinelUnfriendly FireCancelColossal DreadmawDemystifyContract KillingHijack
Watertrap WeaverBlinding FogPaladin of the BloodstainedGilded SentinelThrash of RaptorsCrushing CanopySkymarch BloodletterDive DownPious InterdictionDemolishGrazing Whiptail
DuressUnfriendly FireRitual of RejuvenationCancelColossal DreadmawHijackContract KillingBlinding FogPaladin of the BloodstainedGilded SentinelThrash of Raptors
DuressPious InterdictionCrushing CanopyUnfriendly FireDive DownGrazing WhiptailDemystifySkymarch BloodletterDemolishPaladin of the BloodstainedBlinding Fog
Contract KillingCancelWatertrap WeaverHijackPious InterdictionCrushing CanopyWatertrap WeaverDuressThrash of RaptorsDive DownColossal Dreadmaw

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Wildgrowth WalkerStorm Fleet AerialistRaiders' WakeSleek SchoonerMakeshift MunitionsKumena's SpeakerInspiring ClericSiren StormtamerDusk Legion DreadnoughtStorm Fleet ArsonistEmergent Growth
Sheltering LightFavorable WindsKitesail FreebooterSentinel TotemWily GoblinVineshaper MysticSteadfast ArmasaurGrim Captain's CallElaborate FirecannonTrove of TemptationVerdant Rebirth
Rallying RoarPerilous VoyageVicious ConquistadorBelligerent BrontodonLightning-Rig CrewWildgrowth WalkerStorm Fleet AerialistWanted ScoundrelsField of RuinDinosaur StampedeSlice in Twain
Duskborne SkymarcherDeeproot WatersRuthless KnavePillar of OriginsStorm Fleet ArsonistKumena's SpeakerNavigator's RuinHeartless PillageSleek SchoonerMakeshift MunitionsVineshaper Mystic
Imperial LancerLookout's DispersalGrim Captain's CallElaborate FirecannonRigging RunnerVerdant RebirthSiren StormtamerRaiders' WakeDusk Legion DreadnoughtWily GoblinEmergent Growth
Steadfast ArmasaurFavorable WindsKitesail FreebooterSentinel TotemLightning-Rig CrewWildgrowth WalkerPerilous VoyageWanted ScoundrelsField of RuinTrove of TemptationKumena's Speaker
Rallying RoarStorm Fleet AerialistVicious ConquistadorBelligerent BrontodonDinosaur StampedeInspiring ClericDeeproot WatersRuthless KnavePillar of OriginsStorm Fleet ArsonistSlice in Twain
Duskborne SkymarcherNavigator's RuinHeartless PillageSentinel TotemLightning-Rig CrewSheltering LightFavorable WindsKitesail FreebooterSleek SchoonerMakeshift MunitionsVineshaper Mystic
Imperial LancerLookout's DispersalGrim Captain's CallElaborate FirecannonRigging RunnerSteadfast ArmasaurSiren StormtamerHeartless PillageField of RuinWily GoblinEmergent Growth
Inspiring ClericDeeproot WatersWanted ScoundrelsPillar of OriginsDinosaur StampedeSheltering LightNavigator's RuinRuthless KnaveDusk Legion DreadnoughtTrove of TemptationVerdant Rebirth
Rallying RoarPerilous VoyageRaiders' WakeBelligerent BrontodonSlice in TwainDuskborne SkymarcherLookout's DispersalVicious ConquistadorRigging RunnerImperial Lancer

The B uncommon run also consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Lurking ChupacabraBright ReprisalDeadeye QuartermasterDrover of the MightyDeadeye PlunderersAdanto VanguardRaging SwordtoothBishop of the BloodstainedAir ElementalSnapping SailbackLightning Strike
Seekers' SquireBellowing AegisaurThundering SpinebackEmissary of SunriseShapers of NatureRaptor HatchlingSky TerrorDark NourishmentTempest CallerMerfolk BranchwalkerOtepec Huntmaster
Walk the PlankGlorifier of DuskChart a CourseAtzocan ArcherDire Fleet CaptainBonded HorncrestIxalan's BindingDeathless AncientStorm Fleet SpyRanging RaptorsCharging Monstrosaur
Lurking ChupacabraBright ReprisalRiver SneakSavage StompMarauding LooterFiery CannonadeImperial AerosaurBishop of the BloodstainedDeadeye QuartermasterDrover of the MightyLightning Strike
Seekers' SquireBellowing AegisaurAir ElementalSnapping SailbackRaging SwordtoothRaptor HatchlingAdanto VanguardCall to the FeastTempest CallerThundering SpinebackOtepec Huntmaster
Dark NourishmentUnclaimed TerritoryStorm Fleet SpyAtzocan ArcherDeadeye PlunderersBonded HorncrestIxalan's BindingSky TerrorChart a CourseMerfolk BranchwalkerCharging Monstrosaur
Deathless AncientEmissary of SunriseRiver SneakRanging RaptorsShapers of NatureFiery CannonadeImperial AerosaurLurking ChupacabraDeadeye QuartermasterSavage StompOtepec Huntmaster
Walk the PlankGlorifier of DuskStorm Fleet SpyDrover of the MightyCall to the FeastRaptor HatchlingAdanto VanguardBishop of the BloodstainedAir ElementalSnapping SailbackRaging Swordtooth
Dark NourishmentBellowing AegisaurTempest CallerMerfolk BranchwalkerDire Fleet CaptainLightning StrikeBright ReprisalSeekers' SquireShapers of NatureThundering SpinebackMarauding Looter
Unclaimed TerritoryEmissary of SunriseChart a CourseAtzocan ArcherDeadeye PlunderersBonded HorncrestIxalan's BindingDeathless AncientSky TerrorCharging MonstrosaurDire Fleet Captain
Glorifier of DuskUnclaimed TerritoryRanging RaptorsCall to the FeastImperial AerosaurMarauding LooterWalk the PlankRiver SneakSavage StompFiery Cannonade

Token Run

All of the marketing cards in Ixalan have a token on the front face. They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Treasure (9)VampireTreasure (8)DinosaurTreasure (10)Treasure (7)VampireTreasure (9)VampireTreasure (8)Illusion
Treasure (10)Treasure (7)VampirePirateMerfolkTreasure (9)VampireTreasure (8)DinosaurTreasure (10)Treasure (7)
MerfolkTreasure (9)VampireTreasure (8)DinosaurTreasure (10)Treasure (7)VampirePirateIllusionTreasure (9)
VampireTreasure (8)DinosaurTreasure (10)Treasure (7)PirateTreasure (9)VampireTreasure (8)DinosaurTreasure (10)
Treasure (7)VampireIllusionMerfolkTreasure (9)VampireTreasure (8)DinosaurTreasure (10)Treasure (7)Vampire
PlantPirateTreasure (9)VampireTreasure (8)DinosaurTreasure (10)Treasure (7)MerfolkTreasure (9)Vampire
Treasure (8)DinosaurTreasure (10)Treasure (7)VampireMerfolkPirateTreasure (9)VampireTreasure (8)Plant
Treasure (10)Treasure (7)PirateTreasure (9)VampireTreasure (8)Treasure (10)IllusionTreasure (7)MerfolkTreasure (9)
VampireTreasure (8)DinosaurTreasure (10)Treasure (7)VampirePirateMerfolkTreasure (9)VampireTreasure (8)
DinosaurTreasure (10)Treasure (7)PirateTreasure (9)VampireTreasure (8)DinosaurTreasure (10)Treasure (7)Vampire
MerfolkPlantTreasure (9)VampireTreasure (8)DinosaurTreasure (10)Treasure (7)VampireMerfolkPlant

Token Rarity
IllusionIllusion × 4PlantPlant × 4PiratePirate × 8
MerfolkMerfolk × 9DinosaurDinosaur × 12Treasure (7)Treasure × 15
Treasure (8)Treasure × 15Treasure (9)Treasure × 15Treasure (10)Treasure × 15
VampireVampire × 24

Foil Common Sheet

There is a picture of the foil common sheet available. [2] Each common and land variation appears once.

DemystifyProsperous PiratesSpreading RotPounceBrazen BuccaneersCommune with DinosaursHierophant's ChalicePious InterdictionPlains (260)Queen's AgentStorm Fleet Pyromancer
Kinjalli's CallerSailor of MeansDuressIsland (265)Dual ShotCrash the RampartsEncampment KeeperSpell PierceSwamp (270)Queen's Bay SoldierThrash of Raptors
Legion's JudgmentShipwreck LooterAnointed DeaconMountain (275)Fathom Fleet FirebrandIxalli's DivinerRitual of RejuvenationCancelForest (276)Skittering HeartstopperFirecannon Blast
Looming AltisaurShore KeeperBlight KeeperPlains (262)Fire Shrine KeeperIxalli's KeeperGilded SentinelTerritorial HammerskullIsland (266)SkulduggeryUnfriendly Fire
Queen's CommissionSiren's RuseCostly PlunderSwamp (268)Frenzied RaptorNew HorizonsLegion ConquistadorDive DownMountain (272)Skymarch BloodletterBlinding Fog
Raptor CompanionStorm SculptorDeadeye TormentorForest (279)Nest RobberRavenous DaggertoothPrying BladeDepths of DesirePlains (263)Contract KillingCrushing Canopy
Skyblade of the LegionShaper ApprenticeDesperate CastawaysIsland (264)RileRiver Heralds' BoonPterodon KnightHeadwater SentriesSwamp (269)Vanquish the WeakJungle Delver
Sunrise SeekerWind StriderDire Fleet HoarderMountain (273)Rummaging GoblinSpike-Tailed CeratopsCobbled WingsOne With the WindForest (278)DemolishAncient Brontodon
Vampire's ZealSiren LookoutDire Fleet InterloperPlains (261)Sun-Crowned HuntersDeeproot WarriorSlash of TalonsOptIsland (267)HijackBlossom Dryad
Bishop's SoldierRun AgroundFathom Fleet CutthroatSwamp (271)Sure StrikeJade GuardianPirate's CutlassPirate's PrizeMountain (274)SwashbucklingGrazing Whiptail
Shining AerosaurWatertrap WeaverMarch of the DrownedForest (277)Headstrong BruteColossal DreadmawPaladin of the BloodstainedMark of the VampireUnknown ShoresTilonalli's KnightTishana's Wayfinder

Foil Uncommon Sheet

There is a picture of the foil uncommon sheet available. [2] There is probably a second complementary so that each card appears three times between the two sheets. The sequence is expected to repeat.

Imperial LancerLookout's DispersalRuthless KnaveMakeshift MunitionsWildgrowth WalkerDeadeye PlunderersSentinel TotemEmissary of SunriseNavigator's RuinKitesail FreebooterEmergent Growth
Rallying RoarPerilous VoyageWanted ScoundrelsRigging RunnerRanging RaptorsDire Fleet CaptainPillar of OriginsGlorifier of DuskTempest CallerOtepec HuntmasterSlice in Twain
Duskborne SkymarcherRiver SneakDeathless AncientTrove of TemptationMerfolk BranchwalkerCall to the FeastDusk Legion DreadnoughtIxalan's BindingAir ElementalStorm Fleet ArsonistAtzocan Archer
Inspiring ClericSiren StormtamerSeekers' SquireBonded HorncrestSavage StompMarauding LooterElaborate FirecannonAdanto VanguardGrim Captain's CallRaptor HatchlingKumena's Speaker
Sheltering LightDeadeye QuartermasterBishop of the BloodstainedDinosaur StampedeSnapping SailbackRaging SwordtoothSleek SchoonerImperial AerosaurRaiders' WakeFiery CannonadeVerdant Rebirth
Steadfast ArmasaurStorm Fleet AerialistLurking ChupacabraLightning-Rig CrewThundering SpinebackSky TerrorField of RuinFavorable WindsVicious ConquistadorLightning StrikeVineshaper Mystic
Bellowing AegisaurChart a CourseDark NourishmentWily GoblinDrover of the MightyShapers of NatureUnclaimed TerritoryDeeproot WatersHeartless PillageCharging MonstrosaurBelligerent Brontodon
Bright ReprisalStorm Fleet SpyWalk the PlankImperial LancerLookout's DispersalRuthless KnaveMakeshift MunitionsWildgrowth WalkerDeadeye PlunderersSentinel TotemEmissary of Sunrise
Navigator's RuinKitesail FreebooterEmergent GrowthRallying RoarPerilous VoyageWanted ScoundrelsRigging RunnerRanging RaptorsDire Fleet CaptainPillar of OriginsGlorifier of Dusk
Tempest CallerOtepec HuntmasterSlice in TwainDuskborne SkymarcherRiver SneakDeathless AncientTrove of TemptationMerfolk BranchwalkerCall to the FeastDusk Legion DreadnoughtIxalan's Binding
Air ElementalStorm Fleet ArsonistAtzocan ArcherInspiring ClericSiren StormtamerSeekers' SquireBonded HorncrestSavage StompMarauding LooterElaborate FirecannonAdanto Vanguard

Foil Rare Sheet

There is a picture of the foil rare sheet available. [2] Each rare card appears twice, and each mythic rare card appears once.

Captivating CrewArcane AdaptationVerdant Sun's AvatarHostage TakerAxis of MortalitySanctum SeekerFleet SwallowerKinjalli's SunwingSorcerous SpyglassSunbird's InvocationBloodcrazed Paladin
Rampaging FerocidonDaring SaboteurWaker of the WildsRegisaur AlphaWakening Sun's AvatarAngrath's MaraudersGlacial FortressMavren Fein, Dusk ApostleVanquisher's BannerHuatli, Warrior PoetDeadeye Tracker
Deathgorge ScavengerDreamcaller SirenAshes of the AbhorrentFell FlagshipJace, Cunning CastawayBurning Sun's AvatarRootbound CragPriest of the Wakening SunDragonskull SummitSword-Point DiplomacyFathom Fleet Captain
Deeproot ChampionEntrancing MelodyBishop of RebirthShadowed CaravelOverflowing InsightCaptain Lannery StormSunpetal GroveRipjaw RaptorDrowned CatacombVona, Butcher of MaganSanguine Sacrament
Emperor's VanguardSpell SwindleGoring CeratopsRiver's RebukeBoneyard ParleySorcerous SpyglassArcane AdaptationShapers' SanctuaryTilonalli's SkinshifterKopala, Warden of WavesSettle the Wreckage
Old-Growth DryadsHerald of Secret StreamsRipjaw RaptorBloodcrazed PaladinDire Fleet RavagerVanquisher's BannerDaring SaboteurVraska's ContemptDeathgorge ScavengerFleet SwallowerTocatli Honor Guard
Revel in RichesKinjalli's SunwingShapers' SanctuaryDeadeye TrackerRowdy CrewDragonskull SummitDreamcaller SirenAshes of the AbhorrentDeeproot ChampionTishana, Voice of ThunderEntrancing Melody
Glacial FortressMavren Fein, Dusk ApostleAngrath's MaraudersFathom Fleet CaptainStar of ExtinctionDrowned CatacombHostage TakerBishop of RebirthEmperor's VanguardRuin RaiderRepeating Barrage
Rootbound CragPriest of the Wakening SunBurning Sun's AvatarVerdant Sun's AvatarCarnage TyrantSanguine SacramentRegisaur AlphaGoring CeratopsOld-Growth DryadsSanctum SeekerCaptivating Crew
Sunpetal GroveSunbird's InvocationCaptain Lannery StormWaker of the WildsAdmiral Beckett BrassSettle the WreckageFell FlagshipSpell SwindleSword-Point DiplomacyVraska, Relic SeekerRampaging Ferocidon
River's RebukeTilonalli's SkinshifterVraska's ContemptKopala, Warden of WavesGishath, Sun's AvatarTocatli Honor GuardShadowed CaravelRuin RaiderHerald of Secret StreamsRepeating BarrageRevel in Riches

[1] Mark Rosewater discusses the rarity of Ixalan's double-faced cards in this Blogatog post.

[2] All three US foil sheets were given away during Desert Bus for Hope 2017. I can't find any good image sources that are still online for the common sheet. The uncommon sheet is here and the rare sheet is in this video.