Ravnica Allegiance Collation

Ravnica Allegiance is a large set with 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares, and five guildgate cards each with two variations. This is the normal size for a large set of this era except the basic lands have been replaced by guildgates. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 67 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA and Belgium.

Ravnica Allegiance was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with C1/C2 common collation.

Packs are back-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a guildgate and an ad card. There are 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the rare, displacing a common.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Guildgate1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Guildgate1 Ad Card

Packs are evenly split between C1 commons and C2 commons. C1 packs will contain 2×A + 2×B + 6×C or 3×A + 2×B + 5×C. C2 packs will contains 4×A + 2×B + 4×C or 4×A + 3×B + 3×C or 4×A + 4×B + 2×C.


When a foil appears in a pack, it will displace a common card. The common foil sheet includes the 10 guildgate variations (probably just once each, although this is not verified) in addition to each common. The rares and mythic rares are also printed on the same sheet with each rare appearing twice.

Common foils appear only in C2 packs and displace an A common. Uncommon foils can appear both in C1 and C2 packs (at equal rates) and displace B commons. Rare foils appear only in C2 packs and displace a C2 common. Nothing in Ravnica Allegiance displaces C1 commons. Common foils appear 1 in every 8 packs. The uncommon and rare rates are not known exactly.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. These cards are mostly white, blue, and red (appearing in that order). In contrast to Guilds of Ravnica, a few multicolored cards appear here in the spots for a monocolored card of one of their colors. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

SlimebindSavage SmashVizkopa VampireArrester's AdmonitionScorchmarkHaazda OfficerPersistent PetitionersRubblebelt RunnerProwling CaracalShimmer of PossibilityStorm Strike
Bring to TrialCoral CommandoFeral MaakaConcordia PegasusThought CollapseSpear SpewerTenth District VeteranFaerie DuelistGhor-Clan WreckerCivic StalwartQuench
Rubble SlingerImpassioned OratorHumongulusGravel-Hide GoblinVizkopa VampireSage's Row SavantRubblebelt RecluseKnight of SorrowsSlimebindSpikewheel AcrobatHaazda Officer
Arrester's AdmonitionSavage SmashTwilight PantherPersistent PetitionersScorchmarkBring to TrialThought CollapseRubblebelt RunnerTenth District VeteranPrying EyesSpear Spewer
Concordia PegasusQuenchRubble SlingerArrester's ZealShimmer of PossibilityFeral MaakaKnight of SorrowsCoral CommandoGravel-Hide GoblinProwling CaracalHumongulus
Storm StrikeCivic StalwartFaerie DuelistGhor-Clan WreckerImpassioned OratorPrying EyesSpikewheel AcrobatTwilight PantherSage's Row SavantRubblebelt RecluseArrester's Zeal

The B common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The cards mostly alternate between black and green. In contrast to Guilds of Ravnica, a few multicolored cards appear here in the spots for a monocolored card of one of their colors. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Gift of StrengthThirsting ShadeTerritorial BoarRakdos TrumpeterOpen the GatesCarrion ImpRampaging RendhornDead RevelsSauroform HybridUndercity ScavengerSagittars' Volley
Noxious GroodionSteeple CreeperRakdos RoustaboutStony StrengthUndercity's EmbraceTerritorial BoarPlague WightAxebane BeastRakdos TrumpeterGift of StrengthFootlight Fiend
Rampaging RendhornConsign to the PitOpen the GatesThirsting ShadeMammoth SpiderNoxious GroodionStony StrengthDead RevelsSauroform HybridUndercity ScavengerSagittars' Volley
Rakdos RoustaboutSylvan BrushstriderCarrion ImpSteeple CreeperUndercity's EmbraceGift of StrengthFootlight FiendOpen the GatesConsign to the PitTerritorial BoarPlague Wight
Axebane BeastDead RevelsRampaging RendhornRakdos TrumpeterMammoth SpiderUndercity ScavengerSylvan BrushstriderThirsting ShadeStony StrengthUndercity's EmbraceSauroform Hybrid
Rakdos RoustaboutSteeple CreeperCarrion ImpSagittars' VolleyNoxious GroodionSylvan BrushstriderPlague WightAxebane BeastFootlight FiendMammoth SpiderConsign to the Pit

The C1 common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus Senate Griffin, the short-printed common. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

DefaceGateway PlazaApplied BiomancyRoot SnareAzorius LocketSyndicate MessengerClear the MindRafter DemonSkewer the CriticsBladebrandTitanic Brawl
Growth SpiralExpose to DaylightGrotesque DemiseSphinx's InsightBurn BrightSenate CourierAzorius Knight-ArbiterGruul LocketFrenzied ArynxOrzhov LocketDeface
Skitter EelWrecking BeastScuttlegatorApplied BiomancyGateway PlazaDebtors' TransportSimic LocketGrasping ThrullSyndicate MessengerRoot SnareRafter Demon
Azorius LocketBladebrandSkewer the CriticsGrowth SpiralClear the MindSphinx's InsightGrotesque DemiseExpose to DaylightTitanic BrawlAzorius Knight-ArbiterBurn Bright
Grasping ThrullSkitter EelDebtors' TransportOrzhov LocketFrenzied ArynxGruul LocketWrecking BeastSenate CourierScuttlegatorSenate GriffinSimic Locket

The C2 common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times plus Senate Griffin, the short-printed common. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Justiciar's PortalGet the PointCatacomb CrocodileChillbringerRubble ReadingBlade JugglerWatchful GiantFinal PaymentIll-Gotten InheritanceBurning-Tree VandalAeromunculus
Rakdos LocketChillbringerRubble ReadingSummary JudgmentSaruli CaretakerLawmage's BindingGoblin GatheringBlade JugglerJusticiar's PortalFinal PaymentAct of Treason
Imperious OligarchIll-Gotten InheritanceGet the PointWatchful GiantAeromunculusGoblin GatheringSenate GriffinCatacomb CrocodileSummary JudgmentSaruli CaretakerChillbringer
Rubble ReadingLawmage's BindingRakdos LocketBurning-Tree VandalCatacomb CrocodileImperious OligarchAct of TreasonGet the PointJusticiar's PortalFinal PaymentRakdos Locket
Blade JugglerGoblin GatheringSummary JudgmentSaruli CaretakerAeromunculusIll-Gotten InheritanceLawmage's BindingAct of TreasonImperious OligarchWatchful GiantBurning-Tree Vandal

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Bankrupt in BloodPitiless PontiffSkatewing SpyRhythm of the WildEnraged CeratokSenate GuildmageArchway AngelSilhana WayfinderBolrac-Clan CrusherLight Up the StageGyre Engineer
Orzhov RacketeersMortifyWindstorm DrakeHackrobatBiogenic UpgradeGalloping LizrogScreaming ShieldGruul BeastmasterRakdos FirewheelerDagger CasterZhur-Taa Goblin
Vindictive VampireSharktocrabGateway SneakHigh AlertTrollbred GuardianConsecrate // ConsumeAngelic ExaltationDepose // DeploySilhana WayfinderClamor ShamanFrilled Mystic
Bankrupt in BloodEnraged CeratokSkatewing SpyRhythm of the WildMinistrant of ObligationPitiless PontiffGate ColossusClear the StageSphinx of New PrahvLight Up the StageGyre Engineer
Vindictive VampireSunder ShamanEyes EverywhereBolrac-Clan CrusherTrollbred GuardianBasilica Bell-HauntRally to BattleHackrobatGruul BeastmasterGalloping LizrogOrzhov Racketeers
High AlertBiogenic UpgradeGateway SneakZhur-Taa GoblinArchway AngelMortifyScreaming ShieldWindstorm DrakeSharktocrabDagger CasterFrilled Mystic
Clear the StageRakdos FirewheelerEyes EverywhereSenate GuildmageAngelic ExaltationSphinx of New PrahvGate ColossusRhythm of the WildSilhana WayfinderClamor ShamanDepose // Deploy
Vindictive VampireSunder ShamanGateway SneakGyre EngineerEnraged CeratokMinistrant of ObligationConsecrate // ConsumeTrollbred GuardianBolrac-Clan CrusherLight Up the StageBasilica Bell-Haunt
Bankrupt in BloodPitiless PontiffSkatewing SpyHackrobatRally to BattleSphinx of New PrahvScreaming ShieldGalloping LizrogArchway AngelDagger CasterHigh Alert
Orzhov RacketeersBiogenic UpgradeWindstorm DrakeFrilled MysticMinistrant of ObligationMortifyGruul BeastmasterSenate GuildmageSharktocrabClamor ShamanConsecrate // Consume
Clear the StageRakdos FirewheelerEyes EverywhereDepose // DeployRally to BattleSunder ShamanGate ColossusZhur-Taa GoblinAngelic ExaltationBasilica Bell-Haunt

The B uncommon run also consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Gates AblazeDovin's AcuityTin Street DodgerSphinx of the GuildpactCry of the CarnariumCult GuildmageWilderness ReclamationCode of ConstraintIncubation // IncongruityWall of Lost ThoughtsGatebreaker Ram
Smelt-Ward IgnusClan GuildmageJunktrollerSentinel's MarkDrill BitCarnival // CarnageCavalcade of CalamitySwirling TorrentSyndicate GuildmageRegenesisForbidding Spirit
Rumbling RuinFireblade ArtistScrabbling ClawsSpirit of the SpiresSpire ManglerAzorius SkyguardResolute WatchdogPteramanderKnight of the Last BreathTower DefenseCollision // Colossus
Flames of the Raze-BoarSphinx of the GuildpactMacabre MockerySentinel's MarkOrzhov EnforcerCult GuildmageJunktrollerEssence CaptureCombine GuildmageWilderness ReclamationCry of the Carnarium
Gates AblazeSyndicate GuildmageTin Street DodgerSky TetherSpire ManglerCarnival // CarnageBloodmist InfiltratorCode of ConstraintDovin's AcuityScrabbling ClawsGatebreaker Ram
Rumbling RuinClan GuildmageCavalcade of CalamityForbidding SpiritOrzhov EnforcerIncubation // IncongruityRegenesisSpirit of the SpiresFireblade ArtistWall of Lost ThoughtsSentinel's Mark
Smelt-Ward IgnusSwirling TorrentResolute WatchdogAzorius SkyguardDrill BitCollision // ColossusTin Street DodgerForbidding SpiritCult GuildmageTower DefenseSphinx of the Guildpact
Flames of the Raze-BoarPteramanderMacabre MockerySyndicate GuildmageSpire ManglerClan GuildmageWilderness ReclamationCode of ConstraintCombine GuildmageCavalcade of CalamityKnight of the Last Breath
Gates AblazeEssence CaptureJunktrollerIncubation // IncongruityCry of the CarnariumDovin's AcuityScrabbling ClawsSky TetherAzorius SkyguardRegenesisOrzhov Enforcer
Rumbling RuinPteramanderBloodmist InfiltratorCollision // ColossusFireblade ArtistFlames of the Raze-BoarWall of Lost ThoughtsSpirit of the SpiresCarnival // CarnageResolute WatchdogGatebreaker Ram
Smelt-Ward IgnusSwirling TorrentMacabre MockeryDrill BitKnight of the Last BreathBloodmist InfiltratorEssence CaptureCombine GuildmageTower DefenseSky Tether

Token Run

All of the marketing cards in Ravnica Allegiance have a token or emblem on the front face. They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times.

GoblinFrog LizardSpiritSphinxZombieOozeSpiritDomri, Chaos Bringer EmblemHumanBeastSpirit
SpiritGoblinFrog LizardIllusionSpiritOozeTreasureHumanSpiritBeastThopter
GoblinFrog LizardSpiritIllusionZombieOozeSpiritTreasureHumanBeastSpirit
GoblinFrog LizardCentaurSpiritZombieOozeTreasureSpiritHumanBeastThopter
GoblinFrog LizardSpiritSphinxZombieOozeSpiritDomri, Chaos Bringer EmblemHumanBeastSpirit

Token Rarity
Domri, Chaos Bringer EmblemDomri, Chaos Bringer Emblem × 2SphinxSphinx × 4CentaurCentaur × 5
Frog LizardFrog Lizard × 5IllusionIllusion × 5TreasureTreasure × 5
BeastBeast × 10ThopterThopter × 10ZombieZombie × 10
OozeOoze × 11GoblinGoblin × 12HumanHuman × 12
SpiritSpirit × 30

Foil Rare Sheet

There is a picture of the foil rare sheet available. [1] Each rare card appears twice, and each mythic rare card appears once.

Hero of Precinct OneCaptive AudienceHallowed FountainAbsorbBenthic BiomancerEthereal AbsolutionFont of AgoniesNikya of the Old WaysMirror MarchDomri, Chaos BringerEnd-Raze Forerunners
Simic AscendancyAwaken the ErstwhileTheater of HorrorsRampage of the ClansMass ManipulationAngel of GraceBlood CryptBedeck // BedazzleElectrodominanceTome of the GuildpactKaya's Wrath
GutterbonesGlass of the GuildpactDovin, Grand ArbiterBedevilGuardian ProjectGruul SpellbreakerPlaza of HarmonyDeputy of DetentionPrecognitive PerceptionLumbering BattlementSpawn of Mayhem
Thrash // ThreatPestilent SpiritSmothering TitheBiomancer's FamiliarGrowth-Chamber GuardianWarrant // WardenSphinx of ForesightEmergency PowersTithe TakerBreeding PoolLavinia, Azorius Renegade
Rix Maadi RevelerTeysa KarlovStomping GroundBenthic BiomancerKaya, Orzhov UsurperRepudiate // ReplicateIncubation DruidCindervinesImmolation ShamanPriest of Forgotten GodsRevival // Revenge
Hero of Precinct OneBiogenic OozeJudith, the Scourge DivaAwaken the ErstwhileZegana, Utopian SpeakerGodless ShrineAbsorbVerity CircleElectrodominanceRakdos, the ShowstopperSimic Ascendancy
Font of AgoniesBedeck // BedazzleEnd-Raze ForerunnersNikya of the Old WaysLumbering BattlementAmplifireRavager WurmMass ManipulationEthereal AbsolutionHallowed FountainBiomancer's Familiar
Unbreakable FormationKaya's WrathStomping GroundSkarrgan HellkiteGruul SpellbreakerGutterbonesBedevilRampage of the ClansSmothering TitheTheater of HorrorsPlaza of Harmony
Seraph of the ScalesGrowth-Chamber GuardianRevival // RevengeMirror MarchCindervinesPrecognitive PerceptionDeputy of DetentionPestilent SpiritHydroid KrasisBlood CryptThrash // Threat
Teysa KarlovSphinx of ForesightTome of the GuildpactRepudiate // ReplicateRix Maadi RevelerMesmerizing BenthidGuardian ProjectTithe TakerLavinia, Azorius RenegadeBreeding PoolImmolation Shaman
Warrant // WardenGlass of the GuildpactPrime Speaker VannifarIncubation DruidPriest of Forgotten GodsZegana, Utopian SpeakerGodless ShrineUnbreakable FormationVerity CircleAmplifireJudith, the Scourge Diva

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses sequential collation with simple two-run 101 common collation.

Packs are front-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a guildgate and an ad card. There are 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the guildgate, displacing a common.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Guildgate1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Guildgate1 Foil1 Ad Card

Each pack contains six cards from the A common run followed by four cards from the B run. The foil can displace a card from either run.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice plus Grasping Thrull, the short-printed common (which is different than the US short print). Unlike Guilds of Ravnica, the cards in this run are not all monocolored. However, they still have a basic repeating color pattern (white, black, red, blue, green) with multi-colored cards and lockets sometimes taking the place of a corresponding color. (The color pattern breaks down in one place because 5 doesn't go evenly into 121, but not with the short-printed card. I have put this at the end of the run as presented.)

Sage's Row SavantAxebane BeastImpassioned OratorRafter DemonBurning-Tree VandalSlimebindSimic LocketTenth District VeteranDead RevelsFrenzied ArynxArrester's Admonition
Gift of StrengthArrester's ZealCarrion ImpSkewer the CriticsQuenchSagittars' VolleyProwling CaracalThirsting ShadeRubble SlingerSenate CourierRampaging Rendhorn
Twilight PantherRakdos RoustaboutGhor-Clan WreckerAzorius LocketTitanic BrawlVizkopa VampireFootlight FiendSpear SpewerThought CollapseSauroform HybridCivic Stalwart
Undercity ScavengerStorm StrikeFaerie DuelistSylvan BrushstriderImpassioned OratorUndercity's EmbraceGravel-Hide GoblinSlimebindSimic LocketProwling CaracalPlague Wight
Ghor-Clan WreckerQuenchStony StrengthOrzhov LocketNoxious GroodionRubble SlingerPrying EyesSagittars' VolleyKnight of SorrowsThirsting ShadeFeral Maaka
Faerie DuelistOpen the GatesHaazda OfficerUndercity's EmbraceStorm StrikeSage's Row SavantTitanic BrawlCivic StalwartDead RevelsBurning-Tree VandalHumongulus
Axebane BeastConcordia PegasusNoxious GroodionSkewer the CriticsThought CollapseStony StrengthBring to TrialRakdos TrumpeterSpear SpewerSphinx's InsightTerritorial Boar
Knight of SorrowsCarrion ImpGravel-Hide GoblinShimmer of PossibilitySauroform HybridTenth District VeteranPlague WightScorchmarkHumongulusGift of StrengthTwilight Panther
Rakdos TrumpeterSpikewheel AcrobatSenate CourierMammoth SpiderGrasping ThrullConsign to the PitRubblebelt RecluseAzorius LocketTerritorial BoarBring to TrialUndercity Scavenger
Frenzied ArynxArrester's AdmonitionOpen the GatesConcordia PegasusRafter DemonRubblebelt ReclusePrying EyesRampaging RendhornVizkopa VampireFootlight FiendFeral Maaka
Sphinx's InsightSylvan BrushstriderArrester's ZealConsign to the PitSpikewheel AcrobatShimmer of PossibilityMammoth SpiderHaazda OfficerOrzhov LocketRakdos RoustaboutScorchmark

The B common run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times plus Grasping Thrull, the short-printed common. There are cards of all colors plus multicolored and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Senate GriffinClear the MindGoblin GatheringGrotesque DemiseGrowth SpiralDefaceSkitter EelJusticiar's PortalSenate GriffinBladebrandRubblebelt Runner
Debtors' TransportPersistent PetitionersGrotesque DemiseRoot SnareClear the MindGet the PointSteeple CreeperExpose to DaylightRubblebelt RunnerBladebrandImperious Oligarch
Root SnareBlade JugglerRubble ReadingWrecking BeastApplied BiomancyCatacomb CrocodileGoblin GatheringImperious OligarchGateway PlazaScuttlegatorSyndicate Messenger
Expose to DaylightAzorius Knight-ArbiterCatacomb CrocodileFinal PaymentGoblin GatheringCoral CommandoAzorius Knight-ArbiterBurn BrightBlade JugglerGruul LocketChillbringer
Ill-Gotten InheritanceSummary JudgmentSaruli CaretakerSenate GriffinPersistent PetitionersRakdos LocketSavage SmashIll-Gotten InheritanceSyndicate MessengerAct of TreasonLawmage's Binding
ScuttlegatorApplied BiomancyGruul LocketCoral CommandoRubblebelt RunnerBladebrandChillbringerGrowth SpiralBurn BrightSavage SmashDebtors' Transport
Imperious OligarchWatchful GiantGateway PlazaFinal PaymentRubble ReadingSaruli CaretakerSyndicate MessengerCoral CommandoCatacomb CrocodileBlade JugglerDeface
Wrecking BeastGet the PointRoot SnareAct of TreasonSkitter EelSteeple CreeperRakdos LocketSavage SmashDebtors' TransportExpose to DaylightSummary Judgment
Wrecking BeastAeromunculusWatchful GiantGruul LocketAzorius Knight-ArbiterSteeple CreeperDefaceLawmage's BindingJusticiar's PortalPersistent PetitionersGrotesque Demise
Clear the MindSummary JudgmentRubble ReadingApplied BiomancyWatchful GiantSkitter EelGrowth SpiralIll-Gotten InheritanceFinal PaymentSaruli CaretakerGet the Point
Act of TreasonChillbringerRakdos LocketAeromunculusJusticiar's PortalGateway PlazaLawmage's BindingScuttlegatorAeromunculusBurn BrightGrasping Thrull

Theme Booster Anatomy

Theme boosters for Ravnica Allegiance are associated with the 5 guilds of the set. Each pack contains 35 cards. There are either one or two rares at the end of the pack. The rest of the cards are commons and uncommons. After the rares, there is an ad card (not counted among the 35).

Each theme has a single 121 card sheet with the commons and uncommons using sequential collation. This is split into a 33 card A run, a 44 card B run, and a 44 card C run. Packs will contain 8-12 A cards followed by 9-14 B cards, then 9-14 C cards. Different cards may appear different numbers of times regardless of rarity. They may or may not appear in multiple runs or for multiple themes.

Only certain rares can appear in each theme. It is unknown whether monocolor cards can always appear in both associated guilds, but even monocolor cards with one guild's mechanic or flavor sometimes appear with the other guild. Colorless cards sometimes appear as well. Probably shock lands can not appear.

Some packs contain two rares. The rate is unknown, but Throne of Eldraine advertised a 10% rate which is plausible here. It is possible for the two rares to be the same. A mythic rate of around 1/8 is plausible.

Azorius Runs

The A run contains 33 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Azorius LocketImpassioned OratorLawmage's BindingAzorius Guildgate (244)Gateway SneakArrester's AdmonitionProwling CaracalLawmage's BindingCoral CommandoSenate CourierArchway Angel
Azorius LocketAzorius Guildgate (244)Azorius Knight-ArbiterSphinx's InsightArchway AngelAzorius Guildgate (243)Gate ColossusSenate CourierSenate GriffinProwling CaracalAzorius Locket
Arrester's ZealWatchful GiantSphinx's InsightJusticiar's PortalAzorius Guildgate (243)Impassioned OratorExpose to DaylightSenate CourierAzorius Knight-ArbiterConcordia PegasusSenate Griffin

The B run contains 44 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Senate CourierSlimebindFaerie DuelistCode of ConstraintArrester's ZealSage's Row SavantForbidding SpiritSummary JudgmentEssence CaptureArrester's AdmonitionSpirit of the Spires
Arrester's ZealRally to BattleWindstorm DrakeChillbringerSentinel's MarkClear the MindQuenchGateway SneakTenth District VeteranSummary JudgmentSwirling Torrent
Persistent PetitionersSky TetherSummary JudgmentArrester's AdmonitionEyes EverywhereFaerie DuelistSage's Row SavantSentinel's MarkCivic StalwartSpirit of the SpiresArrester's Zeal
HumongulusCode of ConstraintShimmer of PossibilitySky TetherSummary JudgmentPersistent PetitionersWindstorm DrakeArrester's AdmonitionChillbringerAngelic ExaltationHaazda Officer

The C run contains 44 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Senate GuildmageSphinx of New PrahvSenate GriffinScrabbling ClawsDepose // DeploySphinx's InsightAzorius SkyguardDovin's AcuityLawmage's BindingResolute WatchdogJunktroller
High AlertWall of Lost ThoughtsSenate GuildmageSphinx of New PrahvAzorius SkyguardPrying EyesSenate GriffinDepose // DeployScreaming ShieldDovin's AcuitySphinx's Insight
Lawmage's BindingHigh AlertAzorius Knight-ArbiterBring to TrialSenate GriffinLawmage's BindingSphinx of New PrahvSphinx of the GuildpactSenate GuildmageAzorius SkyguardSphinx's Insight
Depose // DeploySenate GriffinAzorius Knight-ArbiterSphinx's InsightDovin's AcuityAzorius Knight-ArbiterLawmage's BindingBring to TrialHigh AlertThought CollapseAzorius Knight-Arbiter

T1 Rarity
  1. Angelic Exaltation
  2. Civic Stalwart
  3. Clear the Mind
  4. Concordia Pegasus
  5. Coral Commando
  6. Essence Capture
  7. Expose to Daylight
  8. Eyes Everywhere
  9. Forbidding Spirit
  10. Gate Colossus
  11. Haazda Officer
  12. Humongulus
  13. Junktroller
  14. Justiciar's Portal
  15. Prying Eyes
  16. Quench
  17. Rally to Battle
  18. Resolute Watchdog
  19. Scrabbling Claws
  20. Screaming Shield
  21. Shimmer of Possibility
  22. Slimebind
  23. Sphinx of the Guildpact
  24. Swirling Torrent
  25. Tenth District Veteran
  26. Thought Collapse
  27. Wall of Lost Thoughts
  28. Watchful Giant
T2 Rarity
  1. Archway Angel
  2. Azorius Guildgate (243)
  3. Azorius Guildgate (244)
  4. Bring to Trial
  5. Chillbringer
  6. Code of Constraint
  7. Faerie Duelist
  8. Gateway Sneak
  9. Impassioned Orator
  10. Persistent Petitioners
  11. Prowling Caracal
  12. Sage's Row Savant
  13. Sentinel's Mark
  14. Sky Tether
  15. Spirit of the Spires
  16. Windstorm Drake
T3 Rarity
  1. Azorius Locket
  2. Azorius Skyguard
  3. Depose // Deploy
  4. Dovin's Acuity
  5. High Alert
  6. Senate Guildmage
  7. Sphinx of New Prahv
T4 Rarity
  1. Arrester's Admonition
  2. Arrester's Zeal
  3. Senate Courier
  4. Summary Judgment
T6 Rarity
  1. Azorius Knight-Arbiter
  2. Lawmage's Binding
  3. Senate Griffin
  4. Sphinx's Insight

Simic Runs

The A run contains 33 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Steeple CreeperSimic LocketChillbringerAeromunculusSage's Row SavantSkitter EelGrowth SpiralSimic Guildgate (258)QuenchGift of StrengthScuttlegator
Steeple CreeperChillbringerSimic LocketCoral CommandoAeromunculusSimic Guildgate (257)Gatebreaker RamSteeple CreeperGate ColossusSimic Guildgate (258)Applied Biomancy
Open the GatesSimic LocketSkitter EelScuttlegatorPersistent PetitionersGrowth SpiralRoot SnareOpen the GatesSimic Guildgate (257)Skitter EelApplied Biomancy

The B run contains 44 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Skatewing SpyTerritorial BoarSauroform HybridTitanic BrawlShimmer of PossibilityPteramanderPrying EyesSaruli CaretakerSagittars' VolleyEssence CaptureSylvan Brushstrider
HumongulusSkatewing SpyStony StrengthClear the MindAxebane BeastWilderness ReclamationSauroform HybridSylvan BrushstriderFaerie DuelistAeromunculusTrollbred Guardian
Sauroform HybridTitanic BrawlWindstorm DrakeSlimebindSaruli CaretakerPteramanderPrying EyesMammoth SpiderHumongulusEnraged CeratokFaerie Duelist
Gift of StrengthSkitter EelSauroform HybridTrollbred GuardianTerritorial BoarSteeple CreeperAxebane BeastTower DefenseThought CollapseShimmer of PossibilityStony Strength

The C run contains 44 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Applied BiomancyFrilled MysticGateway SneakAeromunculusCombine GuildmageSharktocrabGalloping LizrogBiogenic UpgradeScuttlegatorJunktrollerGrowth Spiral
Incubation // IncongruityApplied BiomancySwirling TorrentScuttlegatorAeromunculusRegenesisSharktocrabGalloping LizrogWall of Lost ThoughtsScuttlegatorGyre Engineer
Screaming ShieldGrowth SpiralFrilled MysticEyes EverywhereApplied BiomancyCombine GuildmageFrilled MysticGyre EngineerIncubation // IncongruityAeromunculusSphinx of the Guildpact
ScuttlegatorGyre EngineerGrowth SpiralCombine GuildmageSharktocrabGalloping LizrogApplied BiomancyScrabbling ClawsGrowth SpiralIncubation // IncongruitySilhana Wayfinder

T1 Rarity
  1. Biogenic Upgrade
  2. Clear the Mind
  3. Coral Commando
  4. Enraged Ceratok
  5. Essence Capture
  6. Eyes Everywhere
  7. Gate Colossus
  8. Gatebreaker Ram
  9. Gateway Sneak
  10. Junktroller
  11. Mammoth Spider
  12. Persistent Petitioners
  13. Quench
  14. Regenesis
  15. Root Snare
  16. Sage's Row Savant
  17. Sagittars' Volley
  18. Scrabbling Claws
  19. Screaming Shield
  20. Silhana Wayfinder
  21. Slimebind
  22. Sphinx of the Guildpact
  23. Swirling Torrent
  24. Thought Collapse
  25. Tower Defense
  26. Wall of Lost Thoughts
  27. Wilderness Reclamation
  28. Windstorm Drake
T2 Rarity
  1. Axebane Beast
  2. Chillbringer
  3. Faerie Duelist
  4. Gift of Strength
  5. Humongulus
  6. Open the Gates
  7. Prying Eyes
  8. Pteramander
  9. Saruli Caretaker
  10. Shimmer of Possibility
  11. Simic Guildgate (257)
  12. Simic Guildgate (258)
  13. Skatewing Spy
  14. Stony Strength
  15. Sylvan Brushstrider
  16. Territorial Boar
  17. Titanic Brawl
  18. Trollbred Guardian
T3 Rarity
  1. Combine Guildmage
  2. Frilled Mystic
  3. Galloping Lizrog
  4. Gyre Engineer
  5. Incubation // Incongruity
  6. Sharktocrab
  7. Simic Locket
T4 Rarity
  1. Sauroform Hybrid
  2. Skitter Eel
  3. Steeple Creeper
T6 Rarity
  1. Aeromunculus
  2. Applied Biomancy
  3. Growth Spiral
  4. Scuttlegator

Gruul Runs

The A run contains 33 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Gruul Guildgate (249)Frenzied ArynxWrecking BeastTerritorial BoarGruul LocketRubblebelt RunnerSpear SpewerRampaging RendhornSavage SmashStorm StrikeGruul Guildgate (250)
Sagittars' VolleyRubble SlingerWrecking BeastMammoth SpiderGruul LocketGruul Guildgate (250)Frenzied ArynxGates AblazeGate ColossusRampaging RendhornOpen the Gates
Gruul Guildgate (249)Rubblebelt RunnerWrecking BeastAxebane BeastSavage SmashGruul LocketRubble ReadingRubble SlingerRampaging RendhornGoblin GatheringGoblin Gathering

The B run contains 44 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Silhana WayfinderGift of StrengthCavalcade of CalamityScorchmarkFlames of the Raze-BoarBurn BrightGhor-Clan WreckerDagger CasterGravel-Hide GoblinRoot SnareBiogenic Upgrade
Burn BrightBurning-Tree VandalFeral MaakaTin Street DodgerGravel-Hide GoblinGruul BeastmasterGhor-Clan WreckerGift of StrengthSmelt-Ward IgnusBurning-Tree VandalRubblebelt Recluse
Clamor ShamanStony StrengthTitanic BrawlRegenesisRubblebelt RecluseGravel-Hide GoblinWilderness ReclamationSylvan BrushstriderRumbling RuinGhor-Clan WreckerGruul Beastmaster
Stony StrengthTitanic BrawlRhythm of the WildBurning-Tree VandalTower DefenseOpen the GatesEnraged CeratokDefaceGravel-Hide GoblinClamor ShamanSaruli Caretaker

The C run contains 44 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Clan GuildmageSunder ShamanRubble SlingerBolrac-Clan CrusherWrecking BeastSavage SmashScorchmarkRubblebelt RunnerAct of TreasonCollision // ColossusFrenzied Arynx
Savage SmashScrabbling ClawsRubble SlingerRhythm of the WildClan GuildmageZhur-Taa GoblinRampaging RendhornRubblebelt RunnerTerritorial BoarBolrac-Clan CrusherBurning-Tree Vandal
Sunder ShamanCollision // ColossusRubble SlingerFrenzied ArynxSavage SmashScreaming ShieldRhythm of the WildRubblebelt RunnerClan GuildmageGhor-Clan WreckerZhur-Taa Goblin
Bolrac-Clan CrusherSunder ShamanFrenzied ArynxSphinx of the GuildpactRubble SlingerCollision // ColossusRubblebelt RunnerFrenzied ArynxSavage SmashJunktrollerZhur-Taa Goblin

T1 Rarity
  1. Act of Treason
  2. Axebane Beast
  3. Biogenic Upgrade
  4. Cavalcade of Calamity
  5. Dagger Caster
  6. Deface
  7. Enraged Ceratok
  8. Feral Maaka
  9. Flames of the Raze-Boar
  10. Gate Colossus
  11. Gates Ablaze
  12. Junktroller
  13. Mammoth Spider
  14. Regenesis
  15. Root Snare
  16. Rubble Reading
  17. Rumbling Ruin
  18. Sagittars' Volley
  19. Saruli Caretaker
  20. Scrabbling Claws
  21. Screaming Shield
  22. Silhana Wayfinder
  23. Smelt-Ward Ignus
  24. Spear Spewer
  25. Sphinx of the Guildpact
  26. Storm Strike
  27. Sylvan Brushstrider
  28. Tin Street Dodger
  29. Tower Defense
  30. Wilderness Reclamation
T2 Rarity
  1. Burn Bright
  2. Clamor Shaman
  3. Gift of Strength
  4. Goblin Gathering
  5. Gruul Beastmaster
  6. Gruul Guildgate (249)
  7. Gruul Guildgate (250)
  8. Open the Gates
  9. Rubblebelt Recluse
  10. Scorchmark
  11. Stony Strength
  12. Territorial Boar
  13. Titanic Brawl
T3 Rarity
  1. Bolrac-Clan Crusher
  2. Clan Guildmage
  3. Collision // Colossus
  4. Gruul Locket
  5. Rhythm of the Wild
  6. Sunder Shaman
  7. Zhur-Taa Goblin
T4 Rarity
  1. Burning-Tree Vandal
  2. Ghor-Clan Wrecker
  3. Gravel-Hide Goblin
  4. Rampaging Rendhorn
  5. Wrecking Beast
T6 Rarity
  1. Frenzied Arynx
  2. Rubble Slinger
  3. Rubblebelt Runner
  4. Savage Smash

Rakdos Runs

The A run contains 33 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Spikewheel AcrobatNoxious GroodionRafter DemonRakdos LocketBlade JugglerSkewer the CriticsGet the PointRakdos TrumpeterPlague WightRakdos Guildgate (256)Feral Maaka
Footlight FiendSpikewheel AcrobatBlade JugglerRakdos RoustaboutRakdos LocketRakdos TrumpeterRakdos Guildgate (256)Rafter DemonGates AblazeGate ColossusRakdos Guildgate (255)
Spikewheel AcrobatFootlight FiendRakdos LocketBlade JugglerGet the PointSkewer the CriticsRakdos TrumpeterFeral MaakaRakdos RoustaboutPlague WightRakdos Guildgate (255)

The B run contains 44 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Smelt-Ward IgnusSpire ManglerDead RevelsSpear SpewerDefaceBankrupt in BloodLight Up the StageNoxious GroodionGoblin GatheringGoblin GatheringGoblin Gathering
Rumbling RuinCry of the CarnariumUndercity ScavengerSpear SpewerDead RevelsDrill BitScorchmarkCarrion ImpGrotesque DemiseDagger CasterClear the Stage
Undercity ScavengerBurn BrightDead RevelsVindictive VampireStorm StrikeThirsting ShadeTin Street DodgerIll-Gotten InheritanceDrill BitAct of TreasonCatacomb Crocodile
Consign to the PitDead RevelsLight Up the StageCarrion ImpBloodmist InfiltratorRubble ReadingThirsting ShadeBladebrandFlames of the Raze-BoarUndercity's EmbraceAct of Treason

The C run contains 44 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Cult GuildmageMacabre MockeryRafter DemonFootlight FiendFireblade ArtistCavalcade of CalamityHackrobatFireblade ArtistFootlight FiendRakdos FirewheelerScreaming Shield
Carnival // CarnageRakdos RoustaboutRafter DemonBlade JugglerCult GuildmageMacabre MockerySkewer the CriticsRafter DemonSphinx of the GuildpactGet the PointHackrobat
Rakdos FirewheelerGet the PointCarnival // CarnageSpikewheel AcrobatRakdos RoustaboutCult GuildmageMacabre MockeryGet the PointFootlight FiendJunktrollerFireblade Artist
Rafter DemonGet the PointRakdos TrumpeterHackrobatRakdos FirewheelerSkewer the CriticsRakdos RoustaboutCarnival // CarnageRakdos RoustaboutFootlight FiendScrabbling Claws

T1 Rarity
  1. Bankrupt in Blood
  2. Bladebrand
  3. Bloodmist Infiltrator
  4. Burn Bright
  5. Catacomb Crocodile
  6. Cavalcade of Calamity
  7. Clear the Stage
  8. Consign to the Pit
  9. Cry of the Carnarium
  10. Dagger Caster
  11. Deface
  12. Flames of the Raze-Boar
  13. Gate Colossus
  14. Gates Ablaze
  15. Grotesque Demise
  16. Ill-Gotten Inheritance
  17. Junktroller
  18. Rubble Reading
  19. Rumbling Ruin
  20. Scorchmark
  21. Scrabbling Claws
  22. Screaming Shield
  23. Smelt-Ward Ignus
  24. Sphinx of the Guildpact
  25. Spire Mangler
  26. Storm Strike
  27. Tin Street Dodger
  28. Undercity's Embrace
  29. Vindictive Vampire
T2 Rarity
  1. Act of Treason
  2. Carrion Imp
  3. Drill Bit
  4. Feral Maaka
  5. Light Up the Stage
  6. Noxious Groodion
  7. Plague Wight
  8. Rakdos Guildgate (255)
  9. Rakdos Guildgate (256)
  10. Spear Spewer
  11. Thirsting Shade
  12. Undercity Scavenger
T3 Rarity
  1. Carnival // Carnage
  2. Cult Guildmage
  3. Fireblade Artist
  4. Goblin Gathering
  5. Hackrobat
  6. Macabre Mockery
  7. Rakdos Firewheeler
  8. Rakdos Locket
T4 Rarity
  1. Blade Juggler
  2. Dead Revels
  3. Rakdos Trumpeter
  4. Skewer the Critics
  5. Spikewheel Acrobat
T6 Rarity
  1. Footlight Fiend
  2. Get the Point
  3. Rafter Demon
  4. Rakdos Roustabout

Orzhov Runs

The A run contains 33 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Knight of SorrowsOrzhov LocketHaazda OfficerFinal PaymentImperious OligarchImpassioned OratorUndercity ScavengerTwilight PantherTenth District VeteranOrzhov Guildgate (252)Vizkopa Vampire
Archway AngelOrzhov Guildgate (253)Orzhov LocketTwilight PantherSyndicate MessengerFinal PaymentImperious OligarchImpassioned OratorJusticiar's PortalOrzhov Guildgate (253)Undercity Scavenger
Debtors' TransportGrasping ThrullOrzhov LocketNoxious GroodionSyndicate MessengerVizkopa VampireThirsting ShadeCarrion ImpGate ColossusOrzhov Guildgate (252)Grasping Thrull

The B run contains 44 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Noxious GroodionSpire ManglerConcordia PegasusKnight of SorrowsOrzhov RacketeersForbidding SpiritSky TetherRally to BattleGrasping ThrullOrzhov EnforcerProwling Caracal
Twilight PantherBloodmist InfiltratorDebtors' TransportAngelic ExaltationCarrion ImpSpirit of the SpiresSyndicate MessengerUndercity's EmbraceOrzhov RacketeersGrotesque DemiseKnight of Sorrows
Vindictive VampireThirsting ShadeResolute WatchdogBladebrandBankrupt in BloodMinistrant of ObligationPlague WightDebtors' TransportTenth District VeteranSyndicate MessengerIll-Gotten Inheritance
Bring to TrialKnight of SorrowsOrzhov EnforcerTwilight PantherClear the StagePlague WightCry of the CarnariumBladebrandUndercity's EmbraceDebtors' TransportMinistrant of Obligation

The C run contains 44 cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Vizkopa VampireConsign to the PitImperious OligarchFinal PaymentIll-Gotten InheritanceMortifyGrasping ThrullVizkopa VampireScrabbling ClawsWatchful GiantGrasping Thrull
Syndicate GuildmageBasilica Bell-HauntImperious OligarchPitiless PontiffKnight of the Last BreathFinal PaymentConsecrate // ConsumeCatacomb CrocodileVizkopa VampireJunktrollerMortify
Civic StalwartBasilica Bell-HauntImperious OligarchPitiless PontiffKnight of the Last BreathConsecrate // ConsumeGrotesque DemiseGrasping ThrullConsecrate // ConsumeSyndicate GuildmageSphinx of the Guildpact
MortifyFinal PaymentImperious OligarchPitiless PontiffKnight of the Last BreathExpose to DaylightVizkopa VampireSyndicate GuildmageFinal PaymentScreaming ShieldBasilica Bell-Haunt

T1 Rarity
  1. Angelic Exaltation
  2. Archway Angel
  3. Bankrupt in Blood
  4. Bloodmist Infiltrator
  5. Bring to Trial
  6. Catacomb Crocodile
  7. Civic Stalwart
  8. Clear the Stage
  9. Concordia Pegasus
  10. Consign to the Pit
  11. Cry of the Carnarium
  12. Expose to Daylight
  13. Forbidding Spirit
  14. Gate Colossus
  15. Haazda Officer
  16. Junktroller
  17. Justiciar's Portal
  18. Prowling Caracal
  19. Rally to Battle
  20. Resolute Watchdog
  21. Scrabbling Claws
  22. Screaming Shield
  23. Sky Tether
  24. Sphinx of the Guildpact
  25. Spire Mangler
  26. Spirit of the Spires
  27. Vindictive Vampire
  28. Watchful Giant
T2 Rarity
  1. Bladebrand
  2. Carrion Imp
  3. Grotesque Demise
  4. Ill-Gotten Inheritance
  5. Impassioned Orator
  6. Ministrant of Obligation
  7. Noxious Groodion
  8. Orzhov Enforcer
  9. Orzhov Guildgate (252)
  10. Orzhov Guildgate (253)
  11. Orzhov Racketeers
  12. Plague Wight
  13. Tenth District Veteran
  14. Thirsting Shade
  15. Undercity Scavenger
  16. Undercity's Embrace
T3 Rarity
  1. Basilica Bell-Haunt
  2. Consecrate // Consume
  3. Knight of the Last Breath
  4. Mortify
  5. Orzhov Locket
  6. Pitiless Pontiff
  7. Syndicate Guildmage
T4 Rarity
  1. Debtors' Transport
  2. Knight of Sorrows
  3. Syndicate Messenger
  4. Twilight Panther
T6 Rarity
  1. Final Payment
  2. Grasping Thrull
  3. Imperious Oligarch
  4. Vizkopa Vampire

[1] A picture of the US foil rare sheet was posted on reddit.