War of the Spark Collation

War of the Spark is a large set with 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares, and three variations of each standard basic land. This is the normal size for a large set of this era. Foil cards are included in booster packs with advertised odds of 1 : 67 cards. The set was printed in English in the USA and Belgium.

War of the Spark was sold in 15 card booster packs (which contain an additional ad card). Booster boxes have 36 packs.

US Pack Anatomy

The US printing uses sequential collation with C1/C2 common collation. Every pack contains exactly one non-foil planeswalker. (An additional foil planeswalker can appear as well.) This complicates uncommon and rare collation somewhat compared to other sets. This works in essentially the same way as Dominaria's legendary creatures.

Packs are back-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a basic land and an ad card. There are 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the rare, displacing a common. Unlike Dominaria, the special planeswalker collation is mostly invisible to casual observation.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Foil1 Land1 Ad Card

Packs are evenly split between C1 commons and C2 commons. C1 packs will contain 2×A + 2×B + 6×C or 3×A + 2×B + 5×C. C2 packs will contains 4×A + 2×B + 4×C or 4×A + 3×B + 3×C or 4×A + 4×B + 2×C.


When a foil appears in a pack, it will displace a common card. The common foil sheet includes the 15 basic land variations (probably) each once in addition to each common. The rares and mythic rares are also printed on the same sheet with each rare appearing twice.

Common foils appear only in C2 packs and displace an A common. Uncommon foils can appear both in C1 and C2 packs (at equal rates) and displace B commons. Rare and mythic rare foils appear only in C2 packs and displace a C2 common. Nothing in War of the Spark displaces C1 commons. Common foils appear 1 in every 8 packs. The uncommon and rare rates are not known exactly.

There are 20 uncommon planeswalkers. The remaining 60 uncommons are divided into a 27 card A run and a 33 card B run. Each of these runs contains each of its cards twice, so they are probably printed on the same sheet with a filler. In 3/4 of packs, there will be an uncommon planeswalker. In this case, there will be an A card followed by a B card followed by the planeswalker, or two B cards followed by the planeswalker. Otherwise, there will be two A followed by one B, or one A followed by two B.

The rare card will be a planeswalker 1/4 of the time (exactly when there is no uncommon planeswalker). This means that rare and mythic rare planeswalkers are slightly more common than other cards of the same rarity. (I don't know the exact sheet arrangement for rares, but presumably the planeswalkers are printed on their own sheet.)

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. These cards are white, blue, and red (appearing in that order). The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Kasmina's TransmutationGoblin Assault TeamIronclad KrovodSpellkeeper WeirdAhn-Crop InvaderWar ScreecherAshiok's SkulkerInvading ManticoreBulwark GiantKiora's DambreakerRaging Kronch
Gideon's SacrificeTeferi's Time TwistGrim InitiateMartyr for the CauseContentious PlanBlindblastBattlefield PromotionCrush DissentChainwhip CyclopsTeyo's LightshieldNo Escape
Turret OgreIronclad KrovodAshiok's SkulkerHonor the God-PharaohRising PopulaceStealth MissionGoblin Assault TeamPouncing LynxSky Theater StrixGoblin AssailantMakeshift Battalion
Kasmina's TransmutationSamut's SprintWar ScreecherTeferi's Time TwistAhn-Crop InvaderBulwark GiantCrush DissentInvading ManticoreGideon's SacrificeNaga EternalRaging Kronch
Battlefield PromotionSky Theater StrixBlindblastLoxodon SergeantKiora's DambreakerChainwhip CyclopsTeyo's LightshieldSpellkeeper WeirdTurret OgrePouncing LynxStealth Mission
Honor the God-PharaohRising PopulaceNo EscapeGrim InitiateMakeshift BattalionContentious PlanSamut's SprintMartyr for the CauseNaga EternalGoblin AssailantLoxodon Sergeant

The B common run consists of 22 different cards each appearing three times. The cards alternate between black and green. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Return to NatureShriekdiverSnarespinnerToll of the InvasionKraul StingerLazotep BehemothWardscale CrocodileDuskmantle OperativeVivien's GrizzlySpark ReaperCourage in Crisis
Sorin's ThirstForced LandingVampire OpportunistSteady AimAid the FallenReturn to NatureCharity ExtractorNew HorizonsToll of the InvasionPrimordial WurmLazotep Behemoth
Kronch WranglerKaya's GhostformSnarespinnerTithebearer GiantWardscale CrocodileSpark ReaperForced LandingShriekdiverCourage in CrisisSorin's ThirstKraul Stinger
Vampire OpportunistVivien's GrizzlyDuskmantle OperativeSnarespinnerToll of the InvasionKronch WranglerAid the FallenSteady AimCharity ExtractorPrimordial WurmLazotep Behemoth
Return to NatureKaya's GhostformNew HorizonsTithebearer GiantVivien's GrizzlySpark ReaperCourage in CrisisShriekdiverWardscale CrocodileDuskmantle OperativeForced Landing
Sorin's ThirstKraul StingerVampire OpportunistSteady AimCharity ExtractorKronch WranglerTithebearer GiantNew HorizonsAid the FallenPrimordial WurmKaya's Ghostform

The C1 common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice plus Iron Bully, the short-printed common. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Saheeli's SilverwingBloom HulkCharmed StrayAven EternalBurning ProphetOb Nixilis's CrueltyJaya's GreetingTotally LostCentaur NurturerIron BullyErratic Visionary
Enforcer GriffinLazotep ReaverDemolishLaw-Rune EnforcerDefiant StrikeMana GeodeThunder DrakeCharmed StrayVraska's FinisherHeartfirePollenbright Druid
Guild GlobeChandra's PyrohelixDavriel's ShadowfugueWanderer's StrikeRelentless AdvanceEnforcer GriffinJaya's GreetingUnlikely AidAven EternalSarkhan's CatharsisBloom Hulk
Saheeli's SilverwingOb Nixilis's CrueltyTotally LostLaw-Rune EnforcerBurning ProphetRelentless AdvanceCentaur NurturerDemolishLazotep ReaverDefiant StrikeErratic Visionary
Guild GlobeChandra's PyrohelixUnlikely AidWanderer's StrikeHeartfireMana GeodePollenbright DruidDavriel's ShadowfugueThunder DrakeSarkhan's CatharsisVraska's Finisher

The C2 common run consists of 18 different cards each appearing three times plus Iron Bully, the short-printed common. It includes cards of all colors and colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Spellgorger WeirdArboreal GrazerHerald of the DreadhordePrismiteGiant GrowthSpark HarvestArboreal GrazerDivine ArrowWall of RunesArlinn's WolfIron Bully
Callous DismissalNahiri's StonebladesBand TogetherPrismiteHerald of the DreadhordeThundering CeratokWall of RunesSpark HarvestTopple the StatueGiant GrowthSpellgorger Weird
Tamiyo's EpiphanyBanehoundGateway PlazaBand TogetherTrusted PegasusArlinn's WolfNahiri's StonebladesCallous DismissalArboreal GrazerDivine ArrowThundering Ceratok
Spellgorger WeirdTopple the StatueHerald of the DreadhordeGateway PlazaTamiyo's EpiphanyTrusted PegasusBanehoundGiant GrowthTopple the StatueCallous DismissalGateway Plaza
Arlinn's WolfWall of RunesDivine ArrowPrismiteSpark HarvestThundering CeratokNahiri's StonebladesTamiyo's EpiphanyBanehoundTrusted PegasusBand Together

Uncommon Runs

The A uncommon run consists of 27 different cards each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Evolution SageMerfolk SkydiverEternal SkylordCruel CelebrantBond of PassionDeathsproutAjani's PridemateMayhem DevilParadise DruidChandra's TriumphRubblebelt Rioters
Bond of DisciplineHuatli's RaptorDreadmalkinLeyline ProwlerRal's OutburstAugur of BolasTibalt's RagerDesparkSunblade AngelBleeding EdgeMerfolk Skydiver
Storm the CitadelDomri's AmbushVizier of the ScorpionCruel CelebrantJace's TriumphPrison RealmMayhem DevilCyclops ElectromancerAjani's PridemateDeathsproutDreadmalkin
Rubblebelt RiotersEvolution SageBond of PassionEternal SkylordHuatli's RaptorBleeding EdgeTibalt's RagerLeyline ProwlerParadise DruidRal's OutburstBond of Discipline
Vizier of the ScorpionChandra's TriumphAugur of BolasStorm the CitadelSunblade AngelDomri's AmbushJace's TriumphCyclops ElectromancerDesparkPrison Realm

The B uncommon run also consists of 33 different cards each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Emergence ZoneFiremind VesselNeoformDevouring HellionRally of WingsGleaming OverseerBolt BendUgin's ConjurantPrice of BetrayalElite GuardmageDreadhorde Twins
Lazotep PlatingTenth District LegionnaireChallenger TrollRescuer SphinxInterplanar BeaconTyrant's ScornEternal TaskmasterMowu, Loyal CompanionDovin's VetoGrateful ApparitionAngrath's Rampage
Emergence ZoneLiliana's TriumphBond of FlourishingHeartwarming RedemptionNissa's TriumphBond of InsightPledge of UnityFiremind VesselBond of RevivalChallenger TrollInvade the City
Flux ChannelerEternal TaskmasterGod-Pharaoh's StatueGideon's TriumphNeoformDevouring HellionGleaming OverseerUgin's ConjurantRally of WingsRescuer SphinxTenth District Legionnaire
Dovin's VetoMowu, Loyal CompanionPrice of BetrayalElite GuardmageLazotep PlatingHeartwarming RedemptionBolt BendBond of InsightInterplanar BeaconTyrant's ScornBond of Flourishing
Bond of RevivalGrateful ApparitionFlux ChannelerDreadhorde TwinsNissa's TriumphInvade the CityLiliana's TriumphAngrath's RampageGod-Pharaoh's StatueGideon's TriumphPledge of Unity

Token Run

All of the marketing cards in War of the Spark have a token or emblem on the front face. They are printed on an 11 × 11 sheet with different items appearing different numbers of times.

Zombie ArmyZombieServoZombie ArmyZombie ArmyAssassinWizardWallZombie ArmyDevilZombie Army
Zombie ArmyGoblinSpiritZombie ArmyZombie ArmyZombie ArmyAssassinWolfZombie ArmyServoZombie Army
Zombie ArmyWizardSoldierZombie ArmyZombie ArmyZombie ArmyServoWallZombie ArmyAngelDevil
Zombie ArmyZombie ArmyCitizenZombie ArmyZombie ArmyZombie ArmyAssassinWizardZombie ArmyZombieZombie Army
Zombie ArmyServoSpiritNissa, Who Shakes the World EmblemZombie ArmyZombie ArmyGoblinWallZombie ArmyDevilZombie Army
Zombie ArmyWolfWizardZombie WarriorZombie ArmyAssassinSoldierServoZombie ArmyGoblinZombie Army
Zombie ArmyAngelWallZombie ArmyZombie ArmyZombie ArmyWizardAssassinZombie ArmyDevilDragon
Zombie ArmyServoSpiritWolfZombie ArmyCitizenSoldierVoja, Friend to ElvesZombie ArmyGoblinDevil
Zombie ArmyWizardWallAssassinZombie ArmyZombieZombie WarriorServoZombie ArmyWolfDragon
Zombie ArmySpiritDevilZombie ArmyZombie ArmyAngelVoja, Friend to ElvesWallZombie ArmyGoblinCitizen
Zombie ArmyServoSoldierWolfZombie ArmyZombie ArmyAssassinWizardZombie ArmyWolfWolf

Token Rarity
Nissa, Who Shakes the World EmblemNissa, Who Shakes the World Emblem × 1DragonDragon × 2Voja, Friend to ElvesVoja, Friend to Elves × 2
Zombie WarriorZombie Warrior × 2AngelAngel × 3CitizenCitizen × 3
ZombieZombie × 3SoldierSoldier × 4SpiritSpirit × 4
GoblinGoblin × 5DevilDevil × 6WallWall × 6
AssassinAssassin × 7WizardWizard × 7WolfWolf × 7
ServoServo × 8Zombie ArmyZombie Army × 17Zombie ArmyZombie Army × 17
Zombie ArmyZombie Army × 17

Foil Uncommon Sheet

There is a picture of the foil uncommon sheet available. [1] There is probably a second complementary so that each card appears three times between the two sheets. The sequence is expected to mostly repeat.

Bond of FlourishingAngrath, Captain of ChaosUgin's ConjurantAugur of BolasAngrath's RampageSaheeli, Sublime ArtificerBleeding EdgeGleaming OverseerTeyo, the ShieldmageBolt BendNeoform
Challenger TrollAshiok, Dream RenderAjani's PridemateBond of InsightCruel CelebrantSamut, Tyrant SmasherInterplanar BeaconHeartwarming RedemptionThe WandererBond of PassionPledge of Unity
Evolution SageDovin, Hand of ControlBond of DisciplineEternal SkylordDeathsproutVraska, Swarm's EminenceDreadmalkinHuatli's RaptorKasmina, Enigmatic MentorChandra's TriumphRal's Outburst
Mowu, Loyal CompanionHuatli, the Sun's HeartGideon's TriumphGod-Pharaoh's StatueDesparkTibalt, Rakish InstigatorEternal TaskmasterInvade the CityNarset, Parter of VeilsCyclops ElectromancerRubblebelt Rioters
Nissa's TriumphKaya, Bane of the DeadGrateful ApparitionJace's TriumphDomri's AmbushArlinn, Voice of the PackLiliana's TriumphLeyline ProwlerDavriel, Rogue ShadowmageDevouring HellionTenth District Legionnaire
Paradise DruidKiora, Behemoth BeckonerPrison RealmLazotep PlatingDovin's VetoJiang Yanggu, WildcrafterPrice of BetrayalMayhem DevilOb Nixilis, the Hate-TwistedDreadhorde TwinsTyrant's Scorn
Storm the CitadelNahiri, Storm of StoneRally of WingsRescuer SphinxElite GuardmageFlux ChannelerVizier of the ScorpionMerfolk SkydiverJaya, Venerated FiremageTibalt's RagerFiremind Vessel
Bond of RevivalEmergence ZoneSunblade AngelBond of InsightCruel CelebrantSamut, Tyrant SmasherInterplanar BeaconHeartwarming RedemptionThe WandererBond of PassionPledge of Unity
Evolution SageDovin, Hand of ControlBond of DisciplineEternal SkylordDeathsproutVraska, Swarm's EminenceDreadmalkinHuatli's RaptorKasmina, Enigmatic MentorChandra's TriumphRal's Outburst
Mowu, Loyal CompanionHuatli, the Sun's HeartGideon's TriumphGod-Pharaoh's StatueDesparkTibalt, Rakish InstigatorEternal TaskmasterInvade the CityNarset, Parter of VeilsCyclops ElectromancerRubblebelt Rioters
Nissa's TriumphKaya, Bane of the DeadGrateful ApparitionJace's TriumphDomri's AmbushArlinn, Voice of the PackLiliana's TriumphLeyline ProwlerDavriel, Rogue ShadowmageDevouring HellionTenth District Legionnaire

Foil Rare Sheet

There is a picture of the foil rare sheet available. [1] Each rare card appears twice, and each mythic rare card appears once.

Tomik, Distinguished AdvokistAwakening of Vitu-GhaziFinale of DevastationLiving TwisterAjani, the GreatheartedSilent SubmersibleCommence the EndgameNiv-Mizzet RebornNeheb, Dreadhorde ChampionNissa, Who Shakes the WorldEnter the God-Eternals
Vivien, Champion of the WildsBioessence HydraFinale of EternityMassacre GirlChandra, Fire ArtisanSingle CombatDeliver Unto EvilVivien's ArkbowOath of KayaRal, Storm ConduitFblthp, the Lost
Widespread BrutalityBlast ZoneFinale of GloryMizzium TankDomri, Anarch of BolasSolar BlazeDreadhorde ArcanistGideon BlackbladeParhelion IISarkhan the MasterlessFeather, the Redeemed
Ugin, the IneffableBolas's CitadelFinale of PromiseMobilized DistrictJace, Wielder of MysteriesSoul DivinerDreadhorde ButcherTime WipePlanewide CelebrationSorin, Vengeful BloodlordIgnite the Beacon
Storrev, Devkarin LichCasualties of WarFinale of RevelationNarset's ReversalKarn, the Great CreatorSpark DoubleDreadhorde InvasionTolsimir, Friend to WolvesRavnica at WarTamiyo, Collector of TalesKarn's Bastion
The ElderspellCommand the DreadhordeGod-Eternal BontuEnter the God-EternalsNissa, Who Shakes the WorldLiliana, Dreadhorde GeneralAwakening of Vitu-GhaziTomik, Distinguished AdvokistRole ReversalTeferi, Time RavelerKrenko, Tin Street Kingpin
Time WipeCommence the EndgameGod-Eternal KefnetFblthp, the LostRal, Storm ConduitNeheb, Dreadhorde ChampionBioessence HydraStorrev, Devkarin LichSilent SubmersibleAjani, the GreatheartedLiving Twister
Tolsimir, Friend to WolvesDeliver Unto EvilGod-Eternal OketraFeather, the RedeemedSarkhan the MasterlessOath of KayaBlast ZoneThe ElderspellSingle CombatChandra, Fire ArtisanMassacre Girl
Vivien, Champion of the WildsDreadhorde ArcanistGod-Eternal RhonasIgnite the BeaconSorin, Vengeful BloodlordParhelion IIBolas's CitadelRoalesk, Apex HybridSolar BlazeDomri, Anarch of BolasMizzium Tank
Vivien's ArkbowDreadhorde ButcherIlharg, the Raze-BoarKarn's BastionTamiyo, Collector of TalesPlanewide CelebrationCasualties of WarUgin, the IneffableSoul DivinerJace, Wielder of MysteriesMobilized District
Role ReversalDreadhorde InvasionWidespread BrutalityKrenko, Tin Street KingpinTeferi, Time RavelerRavnica at WarCommand the DreadhordeNicol Bolas, Dragon-GodSpark DoubleKarn, the Great CreatorNarset's Reversal

Belgian Pack Anatomy

The Belgian printing uses sequential collation with simple two-run 101 common collation. As with the US printing, every pack contains exactly one non-foil planeswalker.

Packs are front-facing and have common-uncommon-rare ordering followed by a basic land and an ad card. There are 10 commons, 3 uncommons, and 1 rare. If there is a foil card, it will appear after the land, displacing a common.

10 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Ad Card
9 Commons3 Uncommons1 Rare1 Land1 Foil1 Ad Card

Each pack contains four cards from the A common run followed by six cards from the B run. Foils can displace a card from either run.

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 40 different cards each appearing three times plus Demolish, the short-printed common (which is different than the US short print). There are cards of all colors plus colorless cards. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Charmed StrayRaging KronchGideon's SacrificeGuild GlobeIronclad KrovodDemolishTeferi's Time TwistKronch WranglerLoxodon SergeantBanehoundSamut's Sprint
PrismiteCharmed StrayKronch WranglerGateway PlazaInvading ManticoreWall of RunesKaya's GhostformPouncing LynxVivien's GrizzlyIron BullyTopple the Statue
ShriekdiverBurning ProphetCrush DissentReturn to NatureDavriel's ShadowfugueSaheeli's SilverwingKiora's DambreakerKraul StingerTithebearer GiantTotally LostGuild Globe
Sarkhan's CatharsisCourage in CrisisBlindblastTopple the StatueSorin's ThirstRelentless AdvanceLoxodon SergeantSamut's SprintArboreal GrazerNo EscapeMakeshift Battalion
Wardscale CrocodileCrush DissentBanehoundSarkhan's CatharsisNo EscapeIron BullyKraul StingerWall of RunesInvading ManticoreKaya's GhostformGideon's Sacrifice
Gateway PlazaNahiri's StonebladesSorin's ThirstRelentless AdvanceWardscale CrocodileRaging KronchDavriel's ShadowfuguePrismiteTithebearer GiantKronch WranglerBurning Prophet
Totally LostReturn to NatureTeferi's Time TwistIronclad KrovodInvading ManticoreArboreal GrazerSaheeli's SilverwingPouncing LynxCharity ExtractorKiora's DambreakerNahiri's Stoneblades
PrismiteIronclad KrovodWardscale CrocodileCrush DissentTopple the StatueKaya's GhostformBlindblastGateway PlazaMakeshift BattalionTotally LostCourage in Crisis
ShriekdiverGuild GlobeBurning ProphetCharmed StraySorin's ThirstVivien's GrizzlyRaging KronchGideon's SacrificeBanehoundTeferi's Time TwistSaheeli's Silverwing
Charity ExtractorSarkhan's CatharsisArboreal GrazerPouncing LynxTithebearer GiantNo EscapeCourage in CrisisNahiri's StonebladesShriekdiverRelentless AdvanceLoxodon Sergeant
Kraul StingerWall of RunesSamut's SprintCharity ExtractorMakeshift BattalionVivien's GrizzlyDavriel's ShadowfugueBlindblastKiora's DambreakerReturn to NatureIron Bully

The B common run consists of 60 different cards each appearing twice plus Demolish, the short-printed common. The cards are almost all mono-colored following a repeating color pattern. I've placed the irregularity on the sheet boundary.

Primordial WurmAid the FallenLaw-Rune EnforcerTamiyo's EpiphanyToll of the InvasionThundering CeratokGoblin AssailantBattlefield PromotionCallous DismissalLazotep BehemothBloom Hulk
Chandra's PyrohelixEnforcer GriffinNaga EternalVampire OpportunistCentaur NurturerHonor the God-PharaohWar ScreecherErratic VisionaryUnlikely AidNew HorizonsChainwhip Cyclops
Trusted PegasusSky Theater StrixVraska's FinisherSnarespinnerChandra's PyrohelixTeyo's LightshieldContentious PlanHerald of the DreadhordeForced LandingSpellgorger WeirdMana Geode
War ScreecherCallous DismissalLazotep ReaverSteady AimDemolishDefiant StrikeThunder DrakeUnlikely AidThundering CeratokHeartfireTrusted Pegasus
Aven EternalDuskmantle OperativeNew HorizonsJaya's GreetingRising PopulaceKasmina's TransmutationSpark ReaperGiant GrowthTurret OgreWanderer's StrikeAshiok's Skulker
Ob Nixilis's CrueltyForced LandingGrim InitiateMartyr for the CauseSky Theater StrixSpark HarvestPollenbright DruidGoblin Assault TeamDivine ArrowNaga EternalLazotep Behemoth
Bloom HulkChainwhip CyclopsDefiant StrikeTamiyo's EpiphanyLazotep ReaverSteady AimAhn-Crop InvaderLaw-Rune EnforcerSpellkeeper WeirdAid the FallenPrimordial Wurm
Mana GeodeSpellgorger WeirdTeyo's LightshieldStealth MissionHerald of the DreadhordePollenbright DruidHonor the God-PharaohBulwark GiantContentious PlanSpark HarvestSnarespinner
Goblin AssailantWanderer's StrikeAven EternalSpark ReaperArlinn's WolfHeartfireEnforcer GriffinKasmina's TransmutationToll of the InvasionBand TogetherJaya's Greeting
Rising PopulaceThunder DrakeDuskmantle OperativeGiant GrowthTurret OgreMartyr for the CauseAshiok's SkulkerVraska's FinisherArlinn's WolfGrim InitiateBattlefield Promotion
Stealth MissionVampire OpportunistBand TogetherGoblin Assault TeamBulwark GiantSpellkeeper WeirdOb Nixilis's CrueltyCentaur NurturerAhn-Crop InvaderDivine ArrowErratic Visionary

Japanese Pack Anatomy

This section is based on Japanese language packs. This printing uses sequential collation with (probably) 112 card sheets (which seems to be the usual for Japan). The dimensions of the sheets are not known. As with the English printings, every pack contains exactly one non-foil planeswalker. Each planeswalker has two art variations. One is the normal internationally avaiable art, and the other is unique to the Japanese printing.

Packs are front-facing starting with the ad card and a basic land, then the rare, 3 uncommons, and 10 commons. If there is a foil, it will appear between the land and the rare, displacing a common.

1 Ad Card1 Land1 Rare3 Uncommons10 Commons
1 Ad Card1 Land1 Foil1 Rare3 Uncommons9 Commons

There are 3 common runs: A, B, and C. A contains 27 distinct cards, and B and C each contain 37 distinct cards. Each pack gets 2 to 3 cards from A followed by 3 to 4 cards from B and 3 to 4 cards from C. This means packs are either 2-4-4, 3-3-4, or 3-4-3. The exact ratios may depend on the way foil collation works.


Foils displace a common. As far as I've seen, there will still be at least 2 A commons, 3 B commons, and 3 C commons, and I have seen all three possibilities for common distribution given a foil.

There are probably three uncommon runs. There is an A run, a B run, and a planeswalker run. Packs contain either an A uncommon or an uncommon planeswalker followed by two B uncommons. The B uncommon run has 53 distinct cards each appearing twice. This means the cards from this run are slightly overrepressented (53 is slightly less than two thirds of 80).

Common Runs

The A common run consists of 27 different cards each appearing four times (which would leave 4 fillers on a 112 card sheet). These cards are mostly white. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Forced LandingBattlefield PromotionIronclad KrovodLazotep BehemothTopple the StatueCourage in CrisisGideon's SacrificeKiora's Dambreaker
Teyo's LightshieldPrismiteWar ScreecherDavriel's ShadowfuguePouncing LynxBulwark GiantIron BullyRising Populace
BanehoundMakeshift BattalionGuild GlobeCharmed StraySaheeli's SilverwingEnforcer GriffinMartyr for the CauseLazotep Behemoth
Pouncing LynxArboreal GrazerLoxodon SergeantKiora's DambreakerDefiant StrikeGideon's SacrificeGateway PlazaTopple the Statue
Courage in CrisisBattlefield PromotionForced LandingIronclad KrovodSaheeli's SilverwingMartyr for the CauseArboreal GrazerRising Populace
Enforcer GriffinGuild GlobeDefiant StrikeBanehoundLoxodon SergeantPrismiteTopple the StatueForced Landing
Bulwark GiantIronclad KrovodGateway PlazaMakeshift BattalionDavriel's ShadowfuguePouncing LynxIron BullyBattlefield Promotion
Gideon's SacrificeKiora's DambreakerTeyo's LightshieldLazotep BehemothMartyr for the CauseBanehoundEnforcer GriffinSaheeli's Silverwing
War ScreecherCourage in CrisisCharmed StrayLoxodon SergeantGuild GlobeDefiant StrikeArboreal GrazerMakeshift Battalion
Gateway PlazaTopple the StatuePrismiteTeyo's LightshieldBulwark GiantIron BullyRising PopulaceDavriel's Shadowfugue
War ScreecherForced LandingCharmed StrayGideon's SacrificeLazotep BehemothTeyo's LightshieldCourage in CrisisIronclad Krovod
Kiora's DambreakerBattlefield PromotionPrismitePouncing LynxBanehoundWar ScreecherEnforcer GriffinSaheeli's Silverwing
Martyr for the CauseDavriel's ShadowfugueBulwark GiantGuild GlobeCharmed StrayGateway PlazaLoxodon SergeantDefiant Strike
Iron BullyMakeshift BattalionArboreal GrazerRising Populace

The B common run consists of 37 different cards each appearing three times (which would leave 1 filler on a 112 card sheet). The cards are red and blue, mostly alternating. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Chainwhip CyclopsAshiok's SkulkerNahiri's StonebladesHonor the God-PharaohTamiyo's EpiphanyBlindblastTotally LostGrim Initiate
Stealth MissionChandra's PyrohelixNaga EternalSarkhan's CatharsisRelentless AdvanceSamut's SprintThunder DrakeAhn-Crop Invader
Wall of RunesBurning ProphetCallous DismissalInvading ManticoreTeferi's Time TwistGoblin Assault TeamErratic VisionaryChainwhip Cyclops
Contentious PlanDemolishNo EscapeSpellgorger WeirdSpellkeeper WeirdHonor the God-PharaohCrush DissentJaya's Greeting
Kasmina's TransmutationTurret OgreSky Theater StrixRaging KronchAven EternalSamut's SprintNaga EternalDemolish
Grim InitiateCallous DismissalGoblin AssailantWall of RunesHeartfireAshiok's SkulkerJaya's GreetingRelentless Advance
Sarkhan's CatharsisStealth MissionBlindblastTamiyo's EpiphanyInvading ManticoreTotally LostAhn-Crop InvaderThunder Drake
Goblin Assault TeamTeferi's Time TwistGoblin AssailantErratic VisionaryBurning ProphetKasmina's TransmutationNahiri's StonebladesCrush Dissent
Jaya's GreetingNo EscapeTurret OgreSpellkeeper WeirdSpellgorger WeirdContentious PlanHonor the God-PharaohSky Theater Strix
Chainwhip CyclopsAven EternalRaging KronchStealth MissionNahiri's StonebladesHeartfireCallous DismissalBlindblast
Totally LostSamut's SprintAshiok's SkulkerChandra's PyrohelixNaga EternalSarkhan's CatharsisTeferi's Time TwistInvading Manticore
Thunder DrakeAhn-Crop InvaderWall of RunesGoblin AssailantErratic VisionaryGrim InitiateRelentless AdvanceRaging Kronch
Tamiyo's EpiphanyGoblin Assault TeamKasmina's TransmutationDemolishCrush DissentSpellgorger WeirdSpellkeeper WeirdHeartfire
Contentious PlanChandra's PyrohelixNo EscapeTurret OgreSky Theater StrixBurning ProphetAven Eternal

The C common run consists of 37 different cards each appearing three times (which would leave 1 filler on a 112 card sheet). The cards are mostly green and black. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Pollenbright DruidToll of the InvasionLaw-Rune EnforcerSnarespinnerVraska's FinisherNew HorizonsSorin's ThirstCentaur Nurturer
Vampire OpportunistTrusted PegasusReturn to NatureSpark HarvestKraul StingerTithebearer GiantBloom HulkUnlikely Aid
Divine ArrowKronch WranglerHerald of the DreadhordeVivien's GrizzlyLazotep ReaverWardscale CrocodileOb Nixilis's CrueltyPrimordial Wurm
Wanderer's StrikeVampire OpportunistArlinn's WolfCharity ExtractorGiant GrowthDuskmantle OperativeThundering CeratokShriekdiver
Law-Rune EnforcerSteady AimVraska's FinisherSnarespinnerKaya's GhostformBand TogetherSorin's ThirstMana Geode
Return to NatureSpark HarvestNew HorizonsAid the FallenPollenbright DruidTithebearer GiantTrusted PegasusVivien's Grizzly
Duskmantle OperativeCentaur NurturerToll of the InvasionBloom HulkUnlikely AidDivine ArrowWardscale CrocodileOb Nixilis's Cruelty
Kraul StingerLazotep ReaverPrimordial WurmHerald of the DreadhordeKronch WranglerWanderer's StrikeCharity ExtractorBand Together
Spark ReaperThundering CeratokKaya's GhostformArlinn's WolfShriekdiverLaw-Rune EnforcerSteady AimSpark Reaper
Pollenbright DruidAid the FallenGiant GrowthVampire OpportunistTrusted PegasusSnarespinnerSpark HarvestVivien's Grizzly
Sorin's ThirstCentaur NurturerToll of the InvasionMana GeodeWardscale CrocodileVraska's FinisherNew HorizonsDuskmantle Operative
Bloom HulkTithebearer GiantDivine ArrowReturn to NatureLazotep ReaverKronch WranglerOb Nixilis's CrueltyKraul Stinger
Herald of the DreadhordePrimordial WurmWanderer's StrikeShriekdiverThundering CeratokAid the FallenBand TogetherSpark Reaper
Arlinn's WolfUnlikely AidMana GeodeSteady AimCharity ExtractorGiant GrowthKaya's Ghostform

Uncommon Runs

The B uncommon run consists of 53 different cards each appearing twice. The choice of first card is mostly arbitrary.

Paradise DruidBond of InsightTenth District LegionnairePrison RealmRescuer SphinxAngrath's RampagePrice of BetrayalChallenger Troll
Elite GuardmageLazotep PlatingDreadmalkinTyrant's ScornMowu, Loyal CompanionGrateful ApparitionInterplanar BeaconUgin's Conjurant
Ral's OutburstAugur of BolasTibalt's RagerNeoformEternal TaskmasterStorm the CitadelInvade the CityJace's Triumph
Rally of WingsGleaming OverseerFiremind VesselDeathsproutBolt BendBond of FlourishingGod-Pharaoh's StatueRubblebelt Rioters
Ajani's PridemateBond of RevivalCruel CelebrantChandra's TriumphNissa's TriumphDesparkDevouring HellionEternal Skylord
Dovin's VetoDreadhorde TwinsBond of DisciplineBleeding EdgeCyclops ElectromancerGideon's TriumphFlux ChannelerDomri's Ambush
Liliana's TriumphEvolution SageHuatli's RaptorSunblade AngelEmergence ZoneVizier of the ScorpionGrateful ApparitionParadise Druid
Ugin's ConjurantPrison RealmLazotep PlatingAngrath's RampageChallenger TrollDreadmalkinElite GuardmageInterplanar Beacon
Bond of InsightPledge of UnityMowu, Loyal CompanionAugur of BolasPrice of BetrayalRescuer SphinxRal's OutburstFiremind Vessel
Invade the CityStorm the CitadelJace's TriumphNeoformBond of PassionEternal TaskmasterEternal SkylordDeathsprout
Rally of WingsBolt BendGleaming OverseerAjani's PridemateBond of FlourishingBond of DisciplineRubblebelt RiotersBond of Revival
Cyclops ElectromancerCruel CelebrantBleeding EdgeNissa's TriumphGideon's TriumphChandra's TriumphDesparkLiliana's Triumph
Dreadhorde TwinsDovin's VetoEvolution SageDevouring HellionDomri's AmbushFlux ChannelerSunblade AngelHuatli's Raptor
Vizier of the ScorpionEmergence Zone

[1] A picture of the US foil uncommon and rare sheets was posted on Twitter by Victoria CaƱa.